Friday, November 30, 2007

purple is my twin's fave colour! all "sober" now.

i've decided to put all those crappy emotions aside and study! cos in the end, what matters to me the most is to get freaking good marks and beat all my other classmates. hahaha

well, i guess i've been talking to so many ppl by now and different ppl have their own take on this issue. i must say, i'm happy to be getting all the support in the world. hehe

and what i cherish the most was when i told my sister about this issue. die dah laa laser...maka, dgn segera mengondem. welll nak buat mcm mana...

but then she said, "u have me to keep supporting u."

i was like ... wow. this is huge! mana pernah kitorang ckp sedemikian rupa.... huh! well who better to be by ur side other than ur own twin! and friends of cos.

after all we might have some telepathic thinking (according to some...hahaha). i wonder if that is true :D nevertheless, i know she understands me well. thanks sister~!!

love u sis....

toche~!! haha

i deleted my emotional post.
however, i want to thank you all for ur concern. u guys are the best!! love u guys to bits.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

dah jumpe dah

ek...dah reti ke sebut hambeygeyr??? lol :P

anyways, im now taking 5 minutes break from studying for my final lab exam tomorrow. it's the sedimentary and stratigraphy lab. i love that lab!! cos i always anticipate what Ian would wear that day! ahahaha.

right....dah jumpe dah korang

dah jumpe ape yg saye benci pasal UWO. huhu

i HATE the administration of this Uni. and also how international student is not getting a fair treatment despite we are paying triple of canadian student.
this hatred is not only experienced by me, but Izzy as well and pihak Petronas juga. so this is fair and i'm not being judgmental of ppl.

one: they have OLD clerks at the front desk. and as u might know, old ppl like to take things at a snail's pace. no offense, but they seriously do. it's not a bad thing, but it is a serious offense if u a in a hurry or the deadline is approaching. i hate when ppl are talking at work. duh! u r paid to work! or better yet, if u still want to talk, get ur hands to work! dont have to stop for freaking 5 minutes just to listen somebody is telling u "give this card to *** when he/she comes in". u have to be able to do multiple task at once! geram tahap kritikal dong....

two: kerenah birokrasi. i need to fill a form to postpone my exam because i had 3 exams in a row. so i have to postpone one or i wont be able to do well in all 3 exams, which wouldnt be fair on my side. so i went there to get the form. turns out, in order to fill up that form, i have to see a counsillor. i was like...whut??? so we waited freaking 1 hr to see her. the meeting was just a short one and we got our green paper (turns out u have to get that green paper first bfore the form). darn! then dah tunjuk the green paper to the counsillor, i get the form. and this took me like 7 days bfore i finally got my form. bile dah isi form n get the right ppl to sign...rupenye kene jmpe counsillor LAGI utk minta 1 more tandatangan. i was so frustrated. why do we have to see the counsillor 3 times? i find it totally ridiculous. as if they want everything to be valid n that we are not cheating to postpone our exam. arghhh!!!

three: November is the busiest time of the year. so ape kejadah nye the ONE and ONLY person who is in charge in exam thing pegi cuti 3 minggu? if so, patut ade laa pengganti nye. aduiihhh tak belahh nak rase marah. tak pasal2 kene jmpe counsillor smpai 3 kali. it's like so stupid dah.
dah laa smtimes counsillor ade sorang. belom masuk ppl nak jmpe counsillor for reasons that can be waited. like i want to change my major. duhh sweety....lain kali tukar laa dah akhir tahun dowhhh! cos that kinda issue will definitely take almost half an hour. sedangkan i need to see the counsillor for only 5 minutes. patut ade laa consideration sikit pihak administration. cos it's not only's so many other ppl. science is the biggest department. they should have known.

four: saye tahu saye bdak international. tp jgn laa meminggirkan saye. huhu sedih betol. this is to refer to the dispute that international student cannot be a part of the internship program. sedey je cos some uni boleh. whutever lahh...i told the lady, what if i do back home in msia? she said...u can, but it wont be a canadian experience (dgn muka sedeyh). i was like durhhh u dont give me a opportunity, ape kes nak sedih. adeihhh. however, kanak2 in u of T boleh plak. weird thing!

dah tu je kegeraman. pening kepala dah ni!
later ppl. salah bahasa, salah grammar...ignore. malas nak check~

Monday, November 19, 2007

hambeyrgeyr or whutever beyrgeyr

lol :P i guess only izyan would understand the title. cos i said that to her almost everyday! hahaha. if u are curious, u should watch pink panther and see the part where steve martin tries to pronounce it! seriously, it will burst ur stomach into pieces! im not kidding. it still makes me laugh until today!!!

it has been awhile since i last wrote sumthing here. i wasnt that busy and i do have a lot to write about but i just cant seem to find the time to sit down n type! i was more occupied with other things especially regarding my trip to florida. the idea was initiated by 2 people and now we have 4! fantabulous! and now lets count the days together.... :D (padahal tiket pon belom beli ahahha)

anyways, like all of u might have already known, last thursday was izzy's bday! i must say both of us had a great time eating our heart out. for only CAD11, u can eat all u want. anything except duh-uh the non halal food. nevertheless, the halal ones pon dah byk sgt.
the place is great, but during the lunch time...i think we were the only 2 who are below 25. few ppl are between 25 - 40 yrs old and the rest (almost 90%) are seniors! omg! i was starting to think i aged more than i should. haha. cos my mom was saying the other day...korang ni mcm org tua...buat open house n ajak aunty2 instead of friends of same age. i was beginning to think, this could be true. oh no!! im freaking out. hahaha nevermind. i still think like a young person. pegi florida, kite do things only kids would do! hahaha. i sooo cant wait. dont get jeles people. lol :P somehow i think i need a videocam. errrrrrrrrr.....

hummm u know what, somehow this midterms weeks had made me a little bit distant from friends. i dont talk to them like i normally do. even summer took most of our friendship away i think. once im in msia, the time difference made the gap even bigger! right now, although midterms are over for most of us, we are still not close like we are used too. plus, i do not want to bug ppl. i know this is the busiest time of the yr. and finals are coming up....i know i will be straining myself in few weeks...ooooooooooooooo i cant wait for that *sigh*. well, lets start fresh next yr, ok folks!

i just found out a scam! i got a msg from some uwo dude. i thought mcm sesama muslim message. so i just replied laa whutever he was saying. later he invited me twice for a "friendship coffee" which of course laa i declined. last friday leah asked me bout this guy so i told her all the stuff bout him. apparently, he's been inviting her roomate for a "friendship coffee" too. OMG! i cant believe my hears. rase mcm malu giler. it was a scam and die sah sah laa a scumbag! marah ni! kitorang dgr he is msging some other girl too. hah! kitorang komplot to tell her what this guy is up to. izyan punye baik cadangan: reply his msg ckp: im not interested in ur friendship coffee. tell him straight bfore he even invite her for one. hah! musnahkan scam die!!!!! emo ni.... why the hell do i always get weird guys to msg me. haihhh... and remember bout mamat perindu ape tah...?? he invited me to join online dating. OMG...drama drama....!! tahan je ler. at least im now friends with 2 very nice guys whom i got to know just by msging thru fster. hah. i guess, amazing ppl dont come around that often :(

so, signing out now....later! here are some pics from izzy's bday celebration ~
oh, the bday theme colour was purple. so got it why the text are purple??

a present from leah. we are in our sedimentology class

what i bought for izzy~

baru appetizer...follow up: sushi, fried rice, sayur2 many kinds, cod in some sauce, some soup, ice cream etc....

kebanggaan reti guna chopstick

izzy and chocs~!!

i looked, but i didnt buy~ typical laa tu

covent market....

i have a round face~ the one and only picture of us! how weird...

expensive place to buy veggies n fruits. avoid covent market~!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

this post has mixed stories~

Happy Birthday Ashley~!!
and she is coming tomorrow...weeeeee!!

and since it was short notice, i cant plan anything special! well, u know how i love bday surprises. and there is one bday coming up. it's the bday of u-know-who this 15th november. lol :P cant splash the details here. some maybe too celupar and spread the news.

right now, i'm supposed to read bout continental rift. im getting it now. but i dont want to memorise it just yet. i was so blurred when i first heard bout it. and now it all make sense. and hey. guess what....i didnt get the marks i wanted for geography. haha too bad. i have to study even harder urghhh i was hoping for geography to do all the work of pushing my average up. now i still have to depend on my earth science's courses for that. korup. i thought im good at geography. whut the hell went wrong. i was good at it back in high school hahahaha. guess that doesnt prove anything at all now.

like i said in my previous post, this is a wasting time weekend. cos im darn tired of studying every freaking weekend. i was goggling ppl's name just now for goodness sake! that's to prove im bored. hahaha and i came across some video by some fellow. he won first in some vid competition. i LOVE the vid. definitely first prize material. the vid was trying to convey some msg. the director may jsut use the same idea as everybody else: beautiful words, music n pictures but what makes it all different *i know this is rhetorical* was how it was put together to convey that very simple msg that all of us are already well-informed. i can feel the words, the song makes u feel it was beautiful. i love that vid. i simply do. haaaa

some of u might not know this, but i am most probably going to orlando, florida!! yey. im so excited. why switch from LA to orlando? cos in orlando, everything that we want is there in one stretch. seaworld + universal studio + disneyworld are all in that area. it's easy. and once we decided to go to LA, it will be just hollywood, dont bother to go to disney n kanak2 itu. those places are far from each other in LA. gotta find good deals now. but the hotel is what we have to book first. there will always be a flight to orlando, so no worries. but hotel, once it was booked. that's it! we were looking at so many reviews and most of the cheap hotels do get bad reviews. yea...basically...that is why they are cheap. lol :P so now, we are eyeing on hilton. not the 5 star hilton, mind u. dont want u saying farisa kaya. haha. or bdak pet kaya. cos we are not. this hilton is the sub sub hilton laa. hilton garden is what it was called i think. and since it is carrying the hilton name, i can expect the hotel to be nice. and no lipas, bedbug, stain on the carpet, dirty bathroom, rude staff etc like the reviews said bout some of the hotels. and im ecstatic~!! this is going to be great! and i love planning for trips too~!! but it could be stressful. haha this is what i've been doing for the past 5 days! im trying to persuade a friend in michigan to join us. keeping my fingers crossed beb....

im about to read bout pirates in straits of malacca. after so many days! omg....blame the midterm. i love the title of the article
The Strait of Malacca "Dark Passage" . . .
Pirates Haunt It, Sailors Fear It
Global Trade Depends On It

- somehow, i believe if Melaka zaman Parameswara were to stand until today, we are a proud nation today! cos straits of malacca is definitely the suez canal or panama canal of the East!!

kalau tuan memancing pintu, daun dedap di dalam perigi
kalau tuan hai kata begitu, akan sedap di dalam hati
......totally random...........

told u this post has mixed storied..............

Friday, November 2, 2007

sayang, sayang

i am waiting for dc++ to release ugly betty and survivor.
and im happy to say: this weekend, is a wasting time weekend. lol :P
for the past 4 weekends, i've been studying like crazy and never had a free weekend.

what did i do?
i chated with some friends.
i went shopping with izzy
and yea, i did a little bit of reading. haha
AND i watched videos at youtube. haha totally pointless.

and i came across a vid of the taerobic performance by the national taerobic team
fyi, taerobic = taekwondo + aerobic.
and so i watched the vid.
and i go damn~!!
they are super duper good!
and now i wished i didnt stop taerobic.
they were "dancing" to para para sakura which was freaking good.
i performed taerobic using the same song too. and for that performance, they change the choreography just a lil bit. i can still see the same choreography as when i performed. tp i missed it so bad!! i wish i can do it here. tp ye laa,, taekwondo is not a big thing here. tetibe nak start taerobic will be hard. haha. and im not that creative to choreograph the moves. hehe

arghhh miss sgt2!!

if u guys feel like watching the vid, type malaysia's taerobic. u will be damn impressed. i seriously tell u. especially if u like to dance like me~!! teheee... i dont know how to upload a youtube vid here. sorry babe.

had a funny conversation just now. my friend called me ciku. why? i seriously dont know. tp i find it funny. haha cos dah lama tak dgr perkataan ciku. i didnt even eat ciku when i was back in msia last june huh. nak ciku la pulakkk gedik................................

yea, takde kaitan pon dgn title. hahaha itu title lagu btw, just so u wont think of sum other thing :D