Sunday, February 28, 2010

Summer plans

Oh la la. Summer is coming and I spent more than 3 hours chatting with...none other than cik Yan about our summer getaway. Sorry lah Ariff, tak dapat join pegi trip Austin-Denver-Seattle-Vancouver <-- Mahal.
Instead, kami yang super gedixx who are madly and deeply "inspired" by that shallow, Oh-My-Gucci movie, Pisau Cukur decided to go on a cruise. Huh.

Here's what we found:
A 4-day All inclusive Cruise from Miami-Key West, Fl-Cozumel, Mexico-Miami for only $240. I think this is a good deal. I am trying to escape "we are going to Bahamas on a cruise" stereotype among Malaysian students. Oooops, did I just say that? haha. It's true. Everybody is going to the Bahamas, so Oh Com'on! Plus, I have a shot glass from HRC Nassau already, I guess I don't need to go there anymore ;)

Right after the cruise, we are staying for a bit in Miami (woooot!) and later head off to NYC! It is the only city I don't mind going back for the fourth time! Huh. Say whatever you want, Manhattan is my kinda city. I suggested to Izzy, lets stay at a fancy hotel in NYC for a night! Of course Izzy agreed to it; unfortunately, they are super pricey (more than $300) and I don't know now if I should. Sigh. I just love luxurious hotel, but as a student (and a Petronas Scholar, for that matter)...all I can tell myself is, "YOU! STOP DREAMING!"

Well, I would probably stay in NYC for a week. Get this, MegaBus goes to NYC everyday and their fare is quite cheap. I checked, a return ticket from Toronto to Manhattan on weekdays can be as cheap as $25. Huh. That is a 10 hour bus ride, mind you. London - TO on Greyhound is already $50. Seriously, Greyhound is way overpriced for a bus that looks worst than express buses in Malaysia.

Ok, I'm not throwing my anger at a bus company on a Sunday morning.

Then, I might stop over at Vancouver before I leave Canada for good sometime in end of June. The ticket to Vancouver is just way above my budget, so I think I would just stop over. I might change my mind, we'll see.

Ciao y'all. I have a cake that's baking right now. Gotta go check it out :p


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nak beli barang saye?

Everyday, I would stare at my closet and try to decide what to wear that day. I don't dress fancy to school, but I still have a hard time to decide! OMG. The thing is, I would meticulously remember what I wore so many weeks before that. So, I cannot wear the same outfit for at least 2 or 3 weeks later HAHA. Therefore, I'm bored wearing the same clothes over and over again. I think you get where I'm going with this (look at the title!!).

Well, that's my curse.
And please take me out from my curse.

I want to sell: I dont have all the items I want to sell yet, but these items...I really want to sell them.

1. GUESS Denim Cropped Jacket size S ($15)

I hardly wear it :(

2. Brown ELLE Belted Jacket

*Mata sepet gile*
Ok, this is the brown jacket. Humm, can you see it?
Err, I don't know how much I should sell it for.

3. Majora Fall jacket
4. Wet Seal black blazer.

Tshirts (FCUK, Zara, Guess etc),
Dressy top and more!
Accessories - necklace, belt, bracelet etc

One picture for teaser. I have more stuff and I should put up the photos and price list later cause now, I haven't finalize things yet (school comes first!!). One thing for sure, I'm selling them cheap.

I don't know. OK ke buat macam ini? Berminat tak?
I guess I just want to see some feedbacks. I plan to organize a garage sale this spring where I want to sell some items that I will not bring back to Malaysia. Of course, they are the big-i-can-buy-you-in-Malaysia items such as kettle, iron & ironing board, my huge mirror, blender, rice cooker etc... So, if nobody say anything here, I guess I will put my clothes up for sale here. Kalau ade orang bagi feedback, macam baru logik letak gamba and beriya and all tuh, kan?

Let me know!!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mencuri Kebahagian

Happiness is not in a box of chocolate, even if it is Ferrero Rocher. Actually, I is a temporary happiness 'cause it will be gone soon after you eat all 30 pieces. You can either go out and spend another $9 on another box or just sit home and wonder why did you eat that effing last piece. Whichever way, I crave for a longer "happiness".

So, here is my story...
"OK, one box of chocolate gone!". I had one piece everyday, but when stress kicks in (or hunger,LOL) I took another piece while trying to tell myself it's okay to have more than one that day. I was happy for awhile until I'm done with it. Huh, chocolate deprived? Hell no. Chocolate is fattening, so you should be thankful you finished that sinful box of chocolate and move on to eating carrots and hummus. Little that I know, I'm not done with it. It might be deprivation and what not, but I think that is the thing that keeps me happy and so, I want to have it all the time. You know, like it is mine! All mine. It was a little too late when I realised I shouldn't have eaten the last piece 'cause when it is gone, all I can think of is that silly decision to eat it. Huh. So much for that. Maybe, if I keep that last piece...I will be happy? I would not know because I effing ATE it! It is all temporary. So now, I ask myself, kalau orang lain makan coklat tu jugak, boleh tak nak curi sikit supaya saye happy balik? Haha. Tak baik mencuri, that's my conclusion.

Life is short, go make it great!


PS: This week was all cookies and cream!! Buddies came over to London and I had the best time touring downtown and cooking for them!!! Now, I AM deprived of Linda, Sarah and Nasri!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

All for that Chanel lipstick.

Good Morning to the World. It is currently 10.10am and I've been awake for about 20 minutes now. I must say, what more to do on Sunday than to "sleep in". Usually, my Sunday should begin around 8am, but this unusual yet it's-okay-once-in-awhile situation seems to point to the direction my sister held me back from my bed few hours ago. I didn't sleep until 5.30am. Damn you English timezone! Apparently she has some news to share and we had our webcams on too where most of the time I made REALLY stupid faces and stuck my nose to the camera. LOL. So, I can't share with you the news just yet, but she asked me to help her and if so, she will buy me a Chanel lipstick. Muahahhaha, amboi! That's just great 'cause I like my makeup to be in black case/exterior. Hehe, called me memilih, but I like the way it looks! OK, I actually took the time to arrange all the black cased makeup that I have. HAHAHAHA very pointless that I can't even explain why this is the choice of topic to even begin talking.

This is maybe half of my collection, yang lain are not in black LOL

So, my mom called just now to talk about this news. I pretend not to "really" know about it when I actually do, hehe. And guess what I got from that? More so-called-constructive-criticism (a.k.a bebelan) for me to give to my sister. Damn, I don't know why I involve in this. Takpe, for the sake of that Chanel lipstick. Technically, I can buy it myself, but it's nice if somebody bought it for you. She said "Aku beli kau something dari Tie Rack untuk hadiah graduation kau".Oh, for the longest time I thought she bought me scarf, which is not cool cause I don't wear fancy itsy bitsy scarf. She knows me too well, she didn't get me scarf but something else. "Kau ingat Tie Rack ni jual scarf and bag je ker". Damn, I can't possibly narrow down the things she could have bought me! Judging from the website, the only possible items are either gloves (I don't think so!), belts, hats or sunglasses. Humff. I'm just one curious person. Haha. Tak suke surprise sangat kot :p

Toodles folk. This post is all about wasting my beautiful Sunday morning while waiting for Izzy who is (was, now) in the bathroom. Haha. Well, that was 40 mins ago. LOL. Now I am the one caught up with writing this. Tee heee. Okay, my turn to use the bathroom and enjoy a late b-fast while watching The Big Bang Theory! So addicted to this show! I watch few episodes a day!!!!! Crazeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy!

Later gators,

Friday, February 5, 2010

A young mind

A girl is sitting all by herself in the midst of a busy morning cafeteria. Spotted in front of her is what seems to be a plate of Chinese food and a very intriguing black book. The clock shows it is only 11.30am; it must be an early lunch for her or simply she is craving for noodles, dumplings and stir-fried vegetables. She starts to tear open the hot sauce and sweet & sour sauce sachets and pours them at the corner of her plate. Oh, the sweet & sour sauce is so bright red! 100% colouring and preservatives, perhaps? Nevertheless, she begins to open the black book and attempts to read it while eating. It is not an easy task, as it seems to her. Some of the sauce got onto the book and she is running to get some napkins to wipe the sauce off. It will stained, nevertheless. The effort is very much appreciated.

From a distance, the title reads “The Motorcycle Diaries”, a personal diary written by none other than Ernesto “Che” Guevara about his journey across South America and his provoking thoughts associated with it. Humff, that is a very interesting choice of book. It might implies she has a curious young mind, probably she is seeking for a reason to understand the workings of a young mind of another; she chose to find the answer in the young Che Guevara. Love or hate, Che Guevara has become one of the hero in the past century and the diary reveals the development of his idealogy and his compassion to help others. It is amazing how traveling can change one’s mindset forever and for that he had to be fortunate. He didn’t travel the way you and I did, he had it the hard way on a motorcycle together with his friend Alberto Granado. Although the motorcycle did fail them later, but nothing is to bring them down. He put himself at the same level as the locals to enjoy and suffer the pain together, despite his status as a medical student. That was the young Che and she is reading the right book.

Probably, she is not even halfway reading the book from what it seems from here, and so, she is not even close to the climax. Smiles are repeatedly spotted on her face while she is doing some not-so-fancy multitasking. Did Che write jokes in his diary? One can safely assume that. Che was a revolutionist, no one can beg to differ that, but one can agree or disagree with his act of revolution. Yes or no, his young mind was the essence of his revolution.

Let her finish the book; she will succumb to a conclusion for herself. From where she stands now in her reading, she will find Che’s ideas to be persuasive and admirable. Well, a brilliant young mind doesn’t come too often.

“This isn’t a tale of derring-do , nor is it merely some kind of `cynical account’; it isn’t meant to be, at least. It’s a chunk of two lives running parallel for a while, with common aspirations and similar dreams. In nine months a man can think a lot of thoughts, from the height of philosophical conjecture to the most abject longing for a bowl of soup – in perfect harmony with the state of his stomach. And if, at the same time, he’s a bit of an adventurer, he could have experiences which might interest other people and his random account would read something like this diary”