Thursday, January 31, 2008

hate when this happens

im in the computer lab right now. i have another class in 30 minutes, so i decided to lepak here. i have no stories to tell other than i'm freaking out right now! i have tonnes of things to do and time is running out from me. i know i know, u might be experiencing the freaking thing. it's just that, my life was "perfect" for this past few weeks. i cant recall i ever feel this stress bfore.

im having some conflict right now with somebody. it's not a big thing and it just happened cos both of us are hard headed ppl. both do not want to lose. we have to come out with the possible topic for our geochem presentation. and so, both of us have our favourite topic and of cos i want our group to choose mine. duh. and the freaking thing is the due date for submitting the topic is tonight. blimey, i'm mad. hahaha. i dunno what other ways to convince my friend. i wish my friend can see that the topic is one hell of a topic and for sure, it will make our audience stand up straight during the presentation. well, at least i think they will. although what i've come out is not something new, but i know it'll be a great project bcause u don't have to put a lot of effort to make it sound awesome. it will only takes a little to make this great. the research for it is easy, because many people are looking into this matter now. however, to understand it could be a little complicated, since it involves some stable isotopes that we've never look at bfore, but that is what i like. i dont like to do things cos "it's easy to get marks". i want to challenge myself into smthing new, smthing out of my comfort zone. and i know it will worth it. the project is only worth 10%, so it's not like u r losing a lot if it turns out bad. but then again, i might be thinking about myself. what if others do not think like me. what if they do want to do "topics that can give me high marks"? and that sucks cos then i won't have a group unless i want to join them. still, how can u get high scores if u r not passionate bout it. lol :P
whutevs, i think i need to get tim horton's right now.

on a second thought, maybe not. im going home after that, and i can have my lunch. cos i made lots of good food last night :)

btw, the topic that i want to do is paleoclimate that focuses on methane hydrates OR maybe ice core. lol :P might just sound interesting to me, idk...

Monday, January 28, 2008

the weekend that i wish never ends

as'kum! i had the best weekend ever! cos i finally got to go skiing like i've always wanted. thanks to mbn for the invitation. and thanks to the the families for organizing it!

i know the trip would be very costly for me, especially since i have to travel from london to toronto, but the casual me just say "whutever, like u gonna get this chance anytime soon".

and yea, petronas tak nak naik elaun. uishh, geram betul....

So, after mbn, mus n zul picked me up at the greyhound station, we all went to u of T for some campus sight seeing. i must say, u of T doesnt look that different in terms of the architecture of the buildings. but, it's always nice to see castle-like building.

in front of university college. hehe. ni candid ni. self timer laa katakan. sengaje duduk tgh huhu cos i know i will be the shortest.

behind me is CN tower if u can see. duh this is my 2nd trip to downtown toronto, tapi CN tower pon belom penah naek. lame katak. ... . .

convocation hall. damn, lagi cantik dr western. adeihh...there on the right are my 2 bags. hehehe. beli kat orlando laa tu, except the pink bag cos that's izzy's bag :D

anyways, i think u of T could be 5 times bigger than UWO. buleh tahan letih nak jalan. after some more tour, including pegi bilik mbn where farisa dgn korupnye tumpahkan air atas laptop die just cos i want to look at the minerals on the self. adeihh, careless syial. i was mad at myself for being careless cos banyak lagi incidence where i got freaking careless.

subway. while waiting for linda n nasri. ni perbincangan ilmiah. i dont fit in the conversation. huhu. engin stuff....

penyanyi jalanan. lol :P dapat laa jugak 7sen courtesy of zul. haha. yerp, they made few people turn their heads. tak tahu laa sebab sedap or simply cos they are awesome :D

korup 101. unlike them, i didnt get a penny...huhu

this table is already empty! otherwise u will be freaking jealous of what i ate. tomyam, ayam honey garlic etc. padahal slalu buat tomyam, but it wasnt even close to taste as good as this. i dont even have appetite today to eat anything. huhu. mbn said it's the after effect of en. nor's house. he could be right.... hahaha

Captain n wife, Kak Roy and Cik Farisa. hehe. sibuk je yg baju kaler putih tu

prep time bfore leaving. kuruskan saye. hehe.

Captain's (En. Nor) house. Lovely house. kinda spacious.

yerp, we are finally there. it took us about 1 hr or so to get here. the weather was pleasant so wuhuuu!! it wasnt that cold, no wind and the sun wasnt so striking. but i would still need my sunnies for fashion purposes. haha. not entirely...

sebahagian drpd rombongan cik kiah

getting registered. clearly everyone was ecstatic! i was the super one. lol

the rental area....

let's see some shots of the chicopee ski hill. it has few "thrilling" slopes. i kinda think chicopee is a bit too funny for a name of a place. there might be some significance to it, but i dont bother with that... :D

chair lift

well, have all our gears set!

and wear ur "robocop" boots.... freaking heavy n menyakitkan kaki. cos now we are now ready for skiing!

and thanks to Donny (left), we are all now pro-skier.... haha i would like to think so.
the conveyor "magic carpet" belt....

najwa, syafiqah and me! the big sister is looking all teenager again. . . hehehe

looking good eh...

the lift. it was pretty scary at first cos the ski gears are heavy and it's dangling, but after awhile, it feels nothing, but the wait was the crazy part. the line was so long, and we had to wait for at least 10 mins to get on it. dah laa saye slalu terlupa ikut turn :D

makan time!! meriah seyhhh

baru mee goreng, we have plenty more. we had kenduri here. mat saleh mesti jeles cos they had fries, pizza etc je, but we had a feast !

syafiqah n me!

at our best
then it comes again that time where u have to stop and go home! but before we leave, we took tonnes of pics together! we scenery was spectacular! and when u have great company, it makes it all even more beautiful~
the chicks!

all the hotstufs in one pic. focus kasi yg paling tepi kanan ... huhu

the dudes...

kak roy and uncle sukri (orang kampungku)

aunty rahidah and uncle nor. sweet couple!
balik time is the worst time! there is always a second time kan kan..

haihh...balik suda..kereta pon dah covered in snow. kene sapu2 skit. kelihatan baju hitam buat2 sibuk....
yes all, that is my ski experience. i'm officially in love with skiing. ice skating dah boleh jadi second. right.
anyways, i have more stories to come.
cos u know why? i had some moments where i have to reflect things on myself, i have raised few questions that i might want to start be thinking cos it's MAJOR!
although i had fun, like i said, i have some issues that i want to resolve as the result from this trip. some ppl had said some things to me to make me ponder. cos yes, it's so deep n thoughtful, u will be so dump not to think of it!
just for ur extra knowledge, Yonge St is the longest street in the world!! and i've walked along it! ahhahah, not the entire street of cos. . . . cari laa mana street ni. or u can ask me!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

this week's report

finally, after trying so hard this past few days, i can get a hold of myself n sit down n write smthing here~

right, it wasnt so much of a busy week, but i just have to finish all my readings, lab and exercises before the weekend. u dont know why? duh, where have u been? hahaa. im going skiing this weekend! gonna spend some big bucks on the ticket, car rental n my tix to toronto. well, i dont mind, that's for sure. i'll write bout it when i got home ok!

anyways, this is smthing i definitely have to share. to u canadians, or studying in canada, pls pls take note of a restaurant called mandarin. maybe some of u have heard of it, but i dont care n i still want to write bout it. i dunno if they have mandarin over in the west, but i know there are many here in ontario. and mind u, the food here is simply amazing!

i went there yesterday with cik izzy n leah. i know leah has been wanting to join us on some "food exploration". lol :P and so we invited her. well, the restaurant is a bit far from campus but it's ok, i dont have any classes pon. as we entered the restaurant, man it was packed. we had to wait like 15 minutes to get our table. lol i should have made reservation. but it's ok cos the food is worth the wait!

right, i had shrimp salad, cuttlefish salad, bread, fried rice, fried noodles, breaded shrimp (had tonnes of them), seaweed salad, fish, sushi, dumpling, shrimp wonton, spring rolls, etc... cant recall the others. i had a lot! almost all the food are chinese food with a little of italian and japanese. the best part was, there are tonnes of food choices for Muslims. they have lots of seafood and veggies. belom ckp pasal dessert. i had mango pudding, trifle, black forest cake, fruit tart n 4 types of ice creams (out of 8 i think). tp semua in a very very small portion of course. i was on the verge of bursting myself cos i havent been eating a lot lately... hehe diet lorhh.. this buffet definitely kills me. n kills my diet. haha. it's ok, dah rindu nak makan byk. for this restaurant, i have to give 5 stars, cos it's 10 times better than harmony grand buffet. i thought harmony was good enuf, turns out this is way way better! and pls pls guess the price...

IT'S ONLY 14 DOLLARS (dah masuk tips n tax n air)
seriously murah amat!! so that's why im suggesting this restaurant to u! hehehe.

ok, kene pack barang for tomorrow's trip! im off to toronto at 4pm to meet ppl whom i havent even met bfore except arep, mus, linda n nasri. haha. im all pumped up! wish me luck in skiing :D

oh, i think my internet connection is having some kinda problem. i cant post a comment cos lambat sgt loading. i've been meaning to write comments on few people my the connection is killing me! sorry people. will do so later!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

i made chicken soup today with lots of carrots n tomatoes

i just dont feel like putting pictures anymore. i'm just too lazy to gather up the pictures cos that would mean i have to go through tonnes of pics.

anyways, i dont know if this is just me or everyone else is feeling the same way, but i'm definitely still in the holiday mood. i watched tv show or movies everyday! and when i finally sit down n read some stuff, i couldnt concentrate. it will be even worse if i had my music on, cos then i will be singing n dancing. not the normal me, of course!

u see, after the holidays, im pretty much getting bad comments regarding how i look. that is, i looked freaking fat. indeed i am. i just go from size S to M. all the clothes that i bought in orlando were M. almost all of them! it kills me to think i have to work harder this year cos yea, i have some goals that i set. i definitely have to look thin before i leave for malaysia or otherwise i will forced to do exercise everyday. i guess when u r stressed out during exam, u dont care what u put into ur mouth. haha. i know i had lays, cookies, chocolates etc. so that was pretty much how i grew fat. u know what upsets me most... i had bad eating habit for just a short while and yet i got bigger in no time. sigh! but it's ok, it's my new year's resolution to be eating healthier. hehe

actually, that is not my main issue of writing this post. it's a total opposite thing. it doesnt involve me at all. i was going throught some groups on facebook. and i was appalled by a group called "Ganyang Malaysia". I know exactly what that meant! and so I clicked it. i'm not being judgmental or anything, but the the content of that group were highly repulsive and inappropriate at all. whoever created that group is definitely seeking to kick up a fuss! i was talking to izzy bout it, apparently the 2 countries are experiencing their downs at the moment. but is it not appropriate at all for some youngsters to spread the hatred around through online. they were making some statements about Indonesia being a greater country than Malaysia. yea, whatever. i dont mind at all if the statements "matter", but such fact like "Indonesia is great because it is a big country" or "Indonesia has a huge population" do not show why the country is superb. and those kind of statement do not prove whatsoever to me to be a legit reason as to why a country is great, cos if u see through political geography side, a big country means trouble because it is so hard to control the people and even harder to share the country's resources since the economic benefits cannot be divided equally. and since the shape of the state is considered to be fragmented (cos of the many islands), it is even harder to manage partly due to the capital is far off from other cities. bottom line is, this is why Timor Leste wanted to separate from Indonesia some time ago. so, this kind of prove that being a big country does not show you are greater than everyone else. i know i said i'm not being judgmental, but yea, i cant help but to judge that statement.

like i said earlier, i wouldnt mind at all if the statements are legit and make sense, cos that would mean Malaysia has so much to learn to make our country better. but pls, if you feel like saying a country is greater than others, pls come out with reasons that have standards and are comparable, such as economic growth. that would be a valid and understandable reason. there is this one person that even go to the extend of saying "patut bom Malaysia drpd bom Bali". i was like...get a life pls. if u want to be mad, biar lah berpada2 apa yg keluar dari mulut tuh. i dont even want to make any comments on that although i have some things to say regarding that. honestly, this kind of attitude has got to stop. making a sinister group to tarnish a country's reputation is not the ideal way to show ur anger on whatever-the-issue-u-r-mad-to-begin-with. to make it worse, the reasons as to why these people are mad with Malaysia were not even stated. out of sudden, "we hate Malaysia". frankly, i dont see the basis of the anger at all. shallow shallow minded.. u cant build a case if u dont have justifications!!

anyways, that is just what i thought. i've seen a similar idea on frienster, and on friendster, it was on a person's profile. i dont know if my fellow malaysians have the same initiative to spread the similar hatred idealism over Indonesia, but I do hope non would resort to this idea of making fun of our neighbour cos that would make me hate u more than i'm angry with these people.

nuff said

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

World Showcase - EPCOT

As promised, this is the second part to my Epcot story. It is all bout the World Showcase.
this is definitely not the place to bring ur small kids cos it's freaking boring for kids. i did hear some kids said "daddy, can we go home". haha, and u dont hear that when a kid is in DisneyWorld. well, this is the only place *i guess* where u can "travel around the world in a day". here's some pictures to give u the idea. i have to say, it is boring. it is as sad as being in Seaworld. huhu...jahatnye farisa~


The Maya Temple~

Houses is in Mexico look like this i supposed

The Mexican hat. big! and yea, i didnt buy it ....


well, the Scandinavians are famous for their Vikings~!!

the ship

some building to resemble Norway


the gateway to China

the terracota army. i find this very impressive. i definitely want to see the real ones~

the soldiers...close up

GERMANY - famous for octoberfest, minum beer kot...


UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - i have only 1 picture, i dont know why i didnt take any pictures here


lost in


FRANCE - on our first visit, i didnt take many picture cos it was so crowded!



I think this is something from the first nation people.

SECOND VISIT TO EPCOT - love it and we had soooo much fun taking pictures and we had french pastries - the highlight of the day!

after getting disoriented from that Mission Space ride, we decided to take a rest with the sphere as our background. then we came with the idea of taking pictures. this is no ordinary picture time...cos we got as vain as we can in the pictures. hahaha...all the pics are using self timer... i personally love this one!

i bet some would recognise this! ainil, we remember u wherever we are. lol ... kasik tiru pose korang kat alberta. hahaha

then rase lapar, lalu we had lays...tgh tgn fiqah tu..isk isk...

after makan, we head to world showcase...cos we want to eat the pastries (makan lagi)... can u see the eiffel tower in a distance. of cos this is fake but it still gives u the mood of being in paris~

kami kami....

presenting the french pastries that we had! 2 each! tapi tamak beb...cos in the end, izzy n afiqah had difficulties to finish theirs cos byk sgt cream. hahaha... in clockwise starting from the strawberry mousse is mine, then cream puff n creme brulee for afiqah, then err...i forgot the name n napolean for izzy and the pralinage (not sure of the spelling) is for me. the price for each is cheap, ranging from 2dollars to 4 dollars. but i think the average price is 3dollars. oh, i really enjoyed mine.....can i have it again?? i just wish...

our mickey ear hat!!

see, bile tak habes...nak kasik org...huhu

err...rather disgusting sticking out ur tongue... hahaha

time to go home, we decided to take the ferry from the world showcase to futureland. malas nak jalan. see, it's sunset in epcot. aint that lovely....

in the ferry. ummm, im tired....afiqah was the only one so semangat...

our shadows!! all ear hat on!
done with epcot! hope u guys get jealous. lol :P
oh i had a lovely dinner just know. well, i made it myself of course. lol getting better at cooking. hehe...