Saturday, January 12, 2013

A new year, a new hope

A picture taken from TIME: Lightbox.
This picture is showing Afghan women at a refugee camp in Kabul trying to pick up
spilled flour on the snow (taken on Feb 3rd, 2012)

Let me open 2013 with this heartfelt picture I took from "TIME Picks the Most Surprising Photos of 2012". There are tons of pictures in the album, but this one steals my heart immediately. 

Hopefully, 2013 will be a better year to you, me and to all. Insya Allah. So far, 2013 looks promising and I simply cannot wait for all the exciting life-changing events/moments/experiences that are about to happen this year. That is how I much I can say. 

And in the lights of the picture above, let us all be thankful/bersyukur for all the good or bad things that happened to us thus far. I cannot ask for any other ways to make me who I am today and I am just grateful for all the things I have and the people I know and came to love. 

Cheers to 2012 and I sure hope 2013 will be better, especially to all the war-stricken nations. They deserve better. 

p/s: New Year's resolution? Nah.