Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Brutality of 1 Wednesday

Yesterday was brutal! I shall remember March 24, 2010 as the day I felt dead. As you might have read from my previous post, I submitted my 122 pages thesis yesterday. In case you never heard me saying this, my thesis is entitled "Isotope fingerprinting of natural gas wells in Southwestern Ontario". Yes, I am into natural gas, which is much less complicated than oil. LOL.

I still can't believe I stayed up all night to finish it. I had 2 cups of coffee and I felt all good to go to finish the last few details of my research paper. I should say this first thing first, if you're thinking of doing a thesis later, please take note that the "touching-up" part your paper is one hell of time consuming. All that minute details like page numbers, resizing picture etc is actually very time-consuming! I spent a good 4-5 hours doing just that, maybe because I had 49 figures in it (OMG, I know!). Oh, the appendix part was the craziest! Ahh! I'm glad that my computer was rocking it hard and gave me no-stupid-annoying problems that can give me unnecessary stress. Alhamdulillah.

9am. DONE
I sent my paper for printing and I found out my pdf-ed paper has a lot of screwed ups in it. I attempted to correct the mistake, but my efforts were to no avail. I couldn't type properly as I was feeling agitated. I trembled. See, I can't even correct some simple mistakes.

That makes me think, caffeine = toxic.
Went home at 12pm and I threw up. I didn't eat or drink earlier that day, so I don't even know why I threw up. And get this, my vomit was colourless. Hahaha. Gross, sorry. Wow! I guess I was freaking tired. Huh. Well, that was not the first time :D I went to bed straight, and I slept until 7.15pm! Another WOW! I guess coffee just gave you that immediate boost you need, but after you stopped doing work, your body send its revenge by making you feel like crap! Bangun2 jer craving ayam masak lemak cili padi. So terpaksa laa masak, sekali beras tinggal 3 kali makan jer. Oops, so I don't have anymore rice right now. Haihh. It will be pasta all week for me.

I don't usually write this kind of story (ye ker??), but I did this time. I just want you to know that nothing good comes from last minute work! Yes! So, please take it from me okay. I was a slacker, a MAJOR one for that matter. So, I suffered the consequences yesterday. No fun at all.

(after Bailey 1986)
LOL. My thesis looked at natural gas wells in Lambton County.
Call me a dork, but I love maps and this is my favourite map from my thesis.

At the library, vaining with a cup of toxin. Haha

For now, I'm super super glad that I'm done with it. It seems so real now that I'm graduating and leaving the academic life for good, at least for now. Stay positive y'all. My presentation is this Saturday. For now, I'm taking my time enjoying my new-found liberty. Oh, I received Hugo Boss Orange free sample just now and I'm loving the it. I wouldn't buy it though, cause I get headaches when something smells so good. Tee heeee!

Later gators,


Bought this Vintage Key & Coin necklace from for $7.50. The coin is a 1976 20 centimes (a.k.a 20 cent) of Republique Francaise (a.k.a France)
If you like handmade things, check out They can be a little pricey cause they are handmade, but you'll be surprise to find cheap things as well! I know Linda bought a super cute wrislet from Etsy that was quite cheap! So, take a peep ok! Oh, that fancy+colourful "string" is my hair bead from Peru. I let it out. Haha.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The final stretch

Forgive my long absence. There is this paper called thesis that's due next week. Haha.

A quick update:
My results are looking VERY promising and I can't wait to write a discussion on them. Well, everybody keeps telling me, YOUR DATA ARE COOL. So, I hope I can make the same impact with my discussion and conclusion. All the best to me!

To date, I've written close to 50 pages worth of material for my thesis.
......When I add my result, discussion and conclusion, it will be close to 70 pages.
......When I add the appendix and the will be unimaginably THICK

For now, I'm excited.
Why am I so excited? Cause my data are cool :)
But, You can ask me again four days from now. I might answer it differently.

Later gators.

....psssst, I have a midterm this Thursday. Pekejadahan betol lahh.

A tribute to my thesis.