Thursday, October 23, 2008

the joy and the crucial

I just finished watching Gossip Girl! Oh boy, that was a good episode! I've always try to find a favourite character whenever I watch a show. Apparently, it was not until these few weeks that I know who is my favourite character in this show. No, it's not Ms Gossip Girl. I actually love Chuck Bass! Damn I think he's hot. haha, probably right now u r going all "ewww" but yeah, I love his character, and I might as well love Ed Westwick who is playing that character. I hate the way he dresses on the show (his style was supposed to be all classy and regal), but his bad-boy character really caught my *heart*. Having said that..., no, I'm not into bad-a** boys. Just this time, it's a special case. He proves to be very naughty n devil-ish (Ms Gossip Girl called him so), but he has his romantic and sensitive side which I kinda like. Lolz. Kuddos to him for acting it so well :)
Oh, as for the female character, I love Serena. Love her style, her hair, clothes (inspired by Kate Moss), handbags etc etc basically everything bout her. huh. And I want Serena to get back together with Dan! shish! <--my new kinda thing.

Enuf with the d.r.a.m.a I actually gotta study this weekend. As much as I hate it, I have to start getting serious. I was talking to Andrew today and he made me realise how much thinking and consideration I have to make as I enter 4th year. The worst part is, I gotta start NOW! For one thing I know, I have to find a prof to become my mentor. This is for my thesis. As of now, I'm still clueless as to what I wanna do for my thesis. I thought of doing sedimentary, but Andrew said it's like too much core logging interpretations, not so much of the seismic interpretation which I love. I do have an interest in what Neil is doing. He is one hell of bright prof. He is researching on the first life on Earth could "born" at hydrothemal vents. Interesting, but Neil is a bit strict. However, I like his style. He pushes people to do work and sometimes extra work, which I like. So, I don't mind at all although I still have to think about spending time studying since I will be in my 4th year. I have to start thinking and decide fast! Oh, where r u going for winter break? i have few interesting idea. Izzy is going to Edmonton and Vancouver. I still have decide if I wanna follow her. shish. I'm always indecisive....whatevs, I will figure this one out soon.

Since I bore u with my story yg serious tu. Thought wanna show u some pics from my Thanksgiving weekend.
Not in favour of a smooooch from me ehh

TD Waterhouse Stadium. UWO Mustangs rocks this field all the time :)

blowing kisses to that player...whoever he is...

haha. in the starting position to dive in

i'm flying.....saket kaki pas ni

ouhh, tangan berdrama

peek a boo donnggg...

i can see the white lightt....

gotta run..

where i've been living for the past 2 years.

love the flowers, love me

mari2 mari2 pulangg...

selamat datang ke suite kami (#442)

takde apa2 laaa

seriously, why do i even bother to change my layout. it's just messy now. i lost most of my link, i have to find a picture, then i lost my quote of the day link which i cant seem to be able to add it ever since.

right now, i have no idea at all what to write. i'm just getting worse at this. i know i want to write bout so many things, but when i finally got the time to sit down and type....i just find my story is boring and lame. so takde lahh cerite

so sorry guys, no story to tell.
bunyi sedeh je. tp for the sake of updating my blog on a regular basis, i post this lamest of all post to tell u i got nothing for u. lame to the max, i know but i couldnt care less

Friday, October 10, 2008

What U missed over these couple of weeks...

This past couple of weeks has been damn crazy, and I bet it is happening on every one of us. We got our midterms coming up, hari raya, house raya :) I know I've been too busy to update my blog and that left me with a lot of stories to tell. Somehow, I'll just cut it short eh.

Before anything, I want to ask u, have u ever stalk somebody before in your life? Be it on facebook, friendster, blog pages etc.... and I want to be honest here by saying, I do "stalk" people. Sounds way creepy eh.... Yea, I used this modern technology to find people and get to know things about them. And most of the time, I found out some things more than I should know....but that helps to clear out some of my doubts. Here comes the issue of privacy. I kinda break people's privacy in doing so. However, it is not that wrong because they put their life on display on such sites. But what I would not AND should not do is to tell him/her that I know. I normally just keep it to myself. I mean, u stalked somebody, and u want him/her to know...? com'on, that's creepy. Well, I brought this up for some reasons. I don't know if I've been stalked whatsoever, but I know some people are. So, could it be my blog has been used by some people as the source for this crime (haha)?? For so long, I thought my blog appeals only to my own circle, meaning the audience is only my friends...apparently, I was wrong. I'm pretty sure u can do some simple link to what I'm saying here. I do not want to make it too clear for, again, some reasons. that's all on that. U know, if my blog becomes private....sounds good too eh? what do u think?

I had an outdoor lab yesterday. I was not that excited for that outdoor lab, as a matter of fact I was never excited for the labs for that course. We have to meet up by Medway Creek cause we're going to measure the stream flow.....(I seriously DO NOT see how this link to Geology)...and Ranjeet (cikgu) asked for a volunteer, a girl and a boy, to wear the wet suit and these 2 people will be IN THE COLD WATER to measure the stream flow. Nobody wants to volunteer...cause it was 9.30am and it's freezing! Soon enough, one dude volunteered...and no girl want to volunteer. I told Izzy n Lilliana....there's no way I'm going in, although in my heart I was actually excited to go in, but the thought of getting wet and freeze myself in the water....gave me second thoughts. Suddenly, a girl volunteered, I said to myself "shish, now I have no chance". U see, u gotta grab the opportunity while it's there. Damn it! So she tried to get herself in that suit...sekali she said, I can't fit in this suit, it's too small and she checked the boot size for the suit and it's freaking size 5. And I think Ranjeet immediately looked at me, and I have no choice but to say, I'll do it. But it's not a forced decision, I want to do it by heart~ SO I had to walk in the stream....dalam the rapids, almost tripped myself in the stream and the flow was quite fast....I got pushed quite a bit. Shish habes! But at least I contributed :) Ranjeet was like, "look at this brave girl"...and "Farisa, are u ok?"...."Don't fall ok"...yea, damn right he has to be concerned.. huhu. I'm like the smallest girl there...and I have to "battle" the strong flow just to get data. Nevertheless, it was fun cause I got to do it and others just get the honour to watch it by the river banks. hehe. Oh yea, the water temperature was 12C. It was sejuk juge if I had my hands in the water for too long.

Fine, now it's my hari raya story :) Weeeee!
The craziness starts with hari raya kedua after we got home from Kak Unda's u can see, both of us had our lovely baju kurung which so happened to be of the same colour. This is totally unplanned! SO, see for urself. As always, I will provide with laporan bergambar.

So, it started with some simple raya pics in our living room. The title
for this pic is, "nak rasa kuih raya? kami buat ni"...
We gave the some of them to Kak Azia, and it was a big hit at Eid prayer :)
and brought the kuih to Toronto too to give them to Aunty Rahidah

Starting to warm the vain poses...
This is still consider acceptable

Haha...korup pics. This picture has a title: Rolling pin drives me crazeee.
Yea, I had the psycho face on the last pic~
I chose to stop here and continue with my pics from Toronto Eid Celebration. hehe, those pics are too darn vain n "corrupted" to be displayed. This rolling pin picture can give u a general idea what poses we will have after that..... (hint: korup tahap tak tahaaannnn~!!!!!!!!!)
Well, we've received an invitation from MASAT to attend their first ever event a.k.a Eid Celebration. So, we went there. Seronok juge... I get to meet old friends, and juniors too. Ramai gels juniors, sampai tak sempat nak kenal semua.

Nathan Phillip Square. We were hanging out with Ashley at this time.
Here is where Toronto Fashion Week is held, if I'm not mistaken.

Some statue somewhere along the way to U of T

Where Mbn lives, reminded me of Med-Syd - my residence in 1st year.
It looks somewhat like this....just less greener. haha

Ah, breakfast! Mbn belanja gune meal plan card. hehe.
All u can eat breakfast tuhhh AND they serve HALAL food here! damn it...
jeles syallll

makan breakfast ngan Linda! This place has a Harry Potter feel to it...woooo

Ah! Raya MASAT! Taylorians reunited after 2 years!! I can't believe
Mr. Joy came! I was very delighted to see him :) There are plenty of Malay food!
Including air bandung which I brought back to London makk aihhh.
Makan ape ek? Oh, we had nasi minyak, ayam masak merah, sate,
dalca, etc...dah lupa.
Linda, Me, Omar~

Sekampung. Kalau laa raya di kampung kannn...
On the way to Aunty's house~!!
It was cold, mine u.

Shafiqah, me and Khadijah yg comel. It seemed like I'm getting attach to kids now.
Oh dear, what happened..haha. bukan kahhh I'm not good with kids? Now I can even
baby sit kids. oh WOOWWWW! that's major to me....
oh, makanan dekat rumah Aunty: rendang, nasi impit, LONTONG (which I've been craving for so longggggggggggggg, thanks Aunty!), sate goreng, ayam merah, tonnes of kuih, air macam2...

the backyard shot.

too small for u to see, sorry...

tak nampak kann...aishh!
After leaving Aunty's house, I went straight to Ashley house. We kinda promised to stay there for the night. AND we're going to NUIT BLANCHE (aka white night in english) where they displayed contemporary art all over downtown toronto! It's just for a night from 7am to 7pm. Guess what? I went out at 1am! It was cold, no doubt bout that...I even had my winter gloves on. It was a one of a kind experience. The only flopside is MY CAMERA IS NOT THAT GOOD FOR NIGHT SHOT. so, I couldnt shoot many interesting things...cos it will be either too bright (due to flash) or underexpose...sigh! I totally recommend this to u, but just make sure u get enough sleep beforehand...I didnt sleep well for 2 nights before that, so I got pretty cranky...haha. sorry Ashley! Here are the 2 shots that I edited to make it look good.....

This doesnt count actually, cause it's a window display at Umbra :P but I like it.

Here's my fave! I've been eyeing this eversince I got the book that shows all the art display.
I ranked this as No 1 MUST SEE~!! It's actually thousands of books stacked to make this.
Using the colour of the book's binder, the artiste create a picture actually, of a sunset by the beach...and this is suppose to represent a hut (I guess).... and ruined hut...
Ok, that's all for now. I'm just staying in for the Thanksgiving holiday. Mbn, Linda, Nasri and I initially planned to go hiking....but that does not work out hehe