Saturday, June 27, 2009

Money does not matter

I have a story for you. So, read it 'cause it is a short one.

It's a story about one person selfless heart. What came out of it? ... A lot. There is a girl who wanted to further her study in University, but cannot afford the expensive tuition fees. Somehow this person knew about her problems and decided to pay her tuition fees for all the years she's in the university; although this person is not a wealthy person at all. Now, she's all done with University, she asked this person, "How can I repay you cause I would love to do so" and this person just say, "You don't have to pay me anything. Just, if you have the chance to do the same to others, DO IT." And it has been years since this story started. And guess what? I know these two people, maybe one more than the other. She said, "Even if I work my whole life, I would not be able to pay my debt to this person."

So, what say you?
I say, the more you give the more you get.
And I do see this person having more to life than anything else. Murah rezeki that is.

- FZ

Cause I forgot to tell you how much I love this picture!
Bear comel!
Picture by Mbn, taken at
Coca Cola Store, Las Vegas

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

At Kids Festival

It's picture time!
I've been posting "serious" stuff for quite some time now. So, I better stop that and show u some pics I took at the Kids Festival in London, ONTARIO.
Initially I have another idea, but again it sounds too serious. Lol

Well, lets see them NOW!!

Israa! She was not sucking a pacifier!

Taala - budak yang banyak gile dowh ragam nye!!
Hurm. Gaduh pon banyak kali jugak :P

Via Rail dengan semangatnye bawak train ni. Ride for free y'all

Festival yang maybe dalam gamba ni mcm tak dapat
sambutan. Well, ni tgh Friday noon plak tuh. Make sense.

Kedai cenderahati yang Teluk Chempedak pon ade
haha. Berapa laa agaknya perkara2 tu??

Lemonade stall + tempat buang sampah.

Jual barang2 ala2 kat pasar malam. Hohoho. Sorry laa kan, tak masuk laa plak

Ade orang teringin main golf laa plak...

Then, nak kayak pulakk. Gosh, I miss kayaking!

Some funfair rides....

Kami pon try laa kan naik....

Hummm...terpaksa jadi Hot Young Mommy for a day ;)

We all walked home after that from downtown. Ok, sangat panas and berpeluh2 nak tolak stroller. Grrrr!!

Kepada Ainil yang dah lama tak bace blogku: Haha...bangga tak tgk pics ni?? Ade improvement kan...Miss you babe!

Anyways, I'm getting a one on one tutor from my prof to get ready for my thesis. Humm. Kinda intimidating too! The best part, I can ask tonnes of questions and tak yah malu2 kucing. Wehehehehe. For those yang tak tahu, my thesis will be on Oil and Gas. Specifically ape, tak tahu lagi! Hari tu blaja yang basic je. Kinda lebih sikit je dari SIFT. Yeah.

Well, take care gators. I'm off. Nak bace NG magazine March issue pulak. I'm so behind. July issue dah sampai tadi. Isk!


ps: A lot of things happened last week. Kepada sesiapa yang terlibat, I just want you to know, I have no hard feelings or anything. Things happen for a reason, and we all know that.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Diri Sendiri yang Mengade

Recurrent self-conflict:
I let go things I do not necessarily hate.
I do it quite often now. One can never be satisfied with anything, that is why.

I do not write in riddles, so perhaps you can agree with me.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Well, Say Hello to the World

Disclaimer: This post has a message to send.
and Fudge: not necessary going to act as food in this post.

Oh fudge, I finally finished reading ONE article from NG magazine. Haha. It was from the February issue. Sadly enough, I have many more to go. Since my summer is lame and will be filled with reading and what not, I want to just share something bout the articles.

NG February 2009 issue: What Darwin Didn't Know.
When I got this issue (I subscribe the mag), my eyes were drawn immediately to the cover. What is there not to grab your slightest attention?

There were two articles talking about this, which I find rather astounding. The writer did talk about some things that were wrong in whatever Darwin was claiming. Again, I don't really think that is fair given that he didn't have the best technology and research facility that we do today. But what I like the most that was touched in the one of the two articles is how genetics and evolution are linked together. I don't know before. People actually realise this in 1930s - 1940s, approximately 70 years after Origin of Species was published. Darwin got really messed up about his theory for traits inheritance as he thought parents' traits blended together to attribute to how an organism is "formed". We know this is wrong. We now know, thanks to the "humble" (as used by the writer) Gregory Mendel, that we are made of composite results of many individual traits that are passed down from our parents, grandparents etc...hence, our ancestors. I now feel like Darwin was highly overrated. Hummm...
[from articles written by David Quammen and Matt Ridley in NG Feb 2009] <-- not the right way to cite an article.

Actually, my purpose of writing this post is not to talk about Darwin - although I mentioned how much I was drawn into the topic just at the sight of it - but, about an article that I initially thought of skipping and I ended up reading it....intensely.
Because, after reading it, I realise, we can all come together to help each other despite our odds. Heard it before? Hear it one more time.

Title: Escape from North Korea
Time and time again, the emphasis is always on the stresses in Palestine and recently, Iran. You know my stand in that. However, I've always been blinded by what is going on in North Korea. It may not sound as bad as Palestine, but the sufferings are all the same.

Not trying to be Angelina Jolie here, it's just I was given a reality check today. The story follows the lives of three struggling individuals names Red, White and Black. Of course those are not their real names. What got me moving just as I start to read was their escape route from North Korea into China. Black, for example, had to hike for seven hours in the cold mountains just to avoid any authorities and then crossed the Tumen river. That ordeal permanently damaged the nerves in his toes. Oh Fudge! Nevertheless, all three of them crossed the river to make it into China.

Who says life is going to get better over the other side? No, it is not.
The reality is, although they escaped the brutal life in North Korea, but in China, they faced a whole new problem. One is of course they came in illegally and so most of these defectors are still living in terror and forced to involve in drug dealing and selling sex. Not a life anyone would imagine. However, a man came to the rescue. A pastor from Seoul, South Korea. He became the saviour for these three individuals. He got them on an underground train for an escape plan. Even this plan does come with a perfect 10/10 risk of getting caught. The pastor told them, if police were to come on the train and check for IDs, just pretend to be in deep sleep or go to the toilet. Ouh! That's easy. The 2,000 mile train journey from Beijing to Yunnan province will then require these defectors to trek over the mountains into Laos, one hell of a treacherous hike. After all that, they got to cross the Mekong River into Thailand where they can request for asylum.

The author's journey with them took him 8 months. After that hard core months, Red, Black and White are now in Seoul, South Korea living a life ten thousand time better than they can ask for. They got to be really thankful for all help from one man. He is really a nice man.

Despite all the odds, they persever under all the circumstances that were thrown at them and with the help from the pastor, they are now fine. I highly respect that. All because of what? 'Cause grass can sometimes be greener on the other side; although you are not in your homeland anymore. You see, South Korea is just next door to North Korea, but fudge! nobody can cross the border illegally like these people did (to China) cause you will get shot. Black, White and Red had to travel all the way down to Southeast Asia, request for an asylum and then go to South Korea. One might wonder, South Korea is just next door...why the trouble? Exactly my point. The tension between, shall I say, the governments are pulling people apart just like that. Although I have to give credit to South Korea for accepting these people into their country and give them money and grant them citizenship. Again, both countries do have some things in common, and I know for sure people from both countries have relatives from the other side. It is sad why such separation can happen. I must say, I'm not well versed yet as to what the tension are between these two countries. I wikipedia-ed it and I don't really understand. All I know is North Korea is a communist country. Well, say hello to the world y'all cause I don't want to be blinded forever. Or ignorant for that matter.
[From an article by Tom O'Neill in NG Feb 2009 issue]

I'm writing to reach you

I have lots of flings, and I just realise that
'Cause tonight, I told Sarah 'bout them all
What is not to tell anyways, they are my past
For tonight I know, I have made a mistake on one

And I shall say these only once,
I'd called the shots regrets.

ps: A new Dr. Love is in town.... <--- I'm talking bout myself. Surprisingly people actually come to me to talk bout their relationship blablabla... I guess I'm a good listener after all AND I've learned how to keep my big mouth shut, that helps eh.

"Because my inside is outside
My right side's on the left side
Cause I'm writing to reach you now but
I might never reach you
Only want to teach you
About you
But that's not you"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Apekah future yang menanti?


Actually, I'm taking a break from studying grade 11 Math! Gosh I'm so rusty! Nevertheless, I find the questions given are rather easy and I'm not saying this cause I'm now a university student, but if I were to do these questions when I was in Grade 11 or Form 4, I can safely bet I won't get a headache. Lol, seriously wey... even first time tgk pengamiran dulu was in form 5, tapi in the Canadian education system, integral is taught at university level. Now I know why my first year math marks was not that bad hehe. Even some of my Canadian friends said "we are so behind". Bangga kejap, sebab Add maths memang susah pon...

Now budak2 Petronas 3rd year mesti tengah hanta result and borang kerja! Ahh! See summer time pon we have a lot to think about. shish! As for me, tak buat pon either one of the above haha. Sabar2, I will have to do it eventually. I got my result yesterday and BOY I WAS SHOCKED! I got an F. Mcm korup giler. Itu untuk the course I missed cause I went for SIFT although I did get a special permission to sub that with SIFT. Wow, you wouldn't want to see me yesterday cause I was about to lose my head! I emailed couple of ppl and apparently they haven't update it yet. Amboi, sedap2 je tak update. And because of that, I'm not registered as a thesis student. Korup korup! My prof emailed me my marks for my SIFT report. Weee! I'm happy. Since now I know I don't get F...I can stop freaking out and just wait for the updates before submitting to Petronas everything. I can't imagine muka En Rasyidi tgk ade F. Mesti die mengamuk cause I asked him for permission to go to SIFT and assure him I will get credit for it. Hehe. Baik, saye semakin cuak utk interview keje Petronas yang akan berlangsung lagi 4 bulan kot! Ah! Now that I know I might not end up as a Petroleum Geologist for Petronas, I kinda feel like wtf, but since the oil price is going up again...I can have hopes once more! Mungkin budak2 Petroleum Engineering je yang tak perlu susah hati...Not fair betul laa.

Baik, I just wanna put a picture of me and Leah at her graduation which was on Wednesday!

I thought of wearing a dress at first, instead I chose a dressy top matched it up with a pair of skinny jeans. Lol. I'm in love with skinny jeans now. Before I think I look horrible in it cause my huge hips will be accentuated

Hehe. Too soon. I guess now you will know how I will look like
wearing the graduation hat! Next year, pakai tudung colour lain!! mungkin pink? yea, that is a possibility.Sorry make up mcm over sikit sbb minah ni suruh pakai over2

Just one more year to go folks! Then I will be back, possibly working with Petronas already :( My mom called the other day and she was all excited about coming over next year. Ok Mom! Siap nak lawat my sister kat UK skali. Humm, over plak tuh...Fardia la tu suruh mama pegi sana next year. Aiyaaa...

p/s: I brought with me British English 3 years ago and I'm not about to sound like a North American anytime soon. Still gonna use rubbish ok! Haha.
--> mesti korang tak paham. Ignore je hehe

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Too little never late

New look eh for the summer
A little kid-ish, but I love it! You must love it too!
Lets get out of the grown up world for a change.

Too bad, my life right now is pretty slow. Apart from tutoring, I don't do anything much. Although I kind of wish I start reading something, especially all the articles for my thesis. Ah, whatever. This Friday, I will meet up with my prof and probably we will discuss my summer plans. Hopefully after that I can start to think again. Lol

As to what I'm looking forward to, it has to be end of JULY!
Why July? Well, Harun and I plan to go to Quebec to visit our dear SIFTies, Viv and Jennifer! Oh, I can't wait to see them! I miss them a lot. For those who don't know - probably you don't - cause I never mentioned it here...Jennifer n Viviane are the two people I hangout the most during SIFT. It's like our lil geng + Harun (they pronounced it as 'Arun, French can't pronounce H). What's funny is, they speak French all the time and I speak Malay with Harun all the time. So, they said, it's fun to hang out with us cause we are just like them --> we speak other language better and speak English slowly. To them, other SIFTies speak too fast and they can't understand them, haha. I like the fact, Jenn had been to Malaysia before. It's like my conversation starter with her. Well, the last time she went to Cameron Highland and KL, so next time I will take her to the islands and jungles...way better than the city and tea plantation. No offense to those who enjoys tea and loves the city life. Lol

The fun doesn't stop there. Ariff, Khamsani and few others will later join me in Quebec and it's all rock and roll after that. Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto (Canada's Wonderland, Popeye etc), Niagara Falls ;) No solid plan yet as of now. But I can already see it happening. Money money, mari berjimat now! I got a mission with Ariff. Baik kau bersedia credit card and telinga utk mendengar leteranku. haha. That's all.

The best picture ever. Title: "What we got from Calgary"
L-R: Yours truly, Jennifer and Viv

I guess you all know how Ariff n Khamsani look like. Haha, cause I don't have their picture pon at the moment. Sorry guys.

A totally unrelated picture. haha I just like it cause
it is a candid picture of me going hiking WAHAHAHA
SOOOOO GEEKY for even liking it!

p/s: Hasan just told me calling somebody "dude" is no longer cool unless u r black. Ouh, point taken!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh So Wrong

I went to some kids festival here in London last Saturday. And I wanted to get a face paint. It was free, so I said, maybe I should just get a small PEACE sign.

Is this some new PEACE sign I'm not aware off??
and it's big...

I argued with the girl and boy there, and they were super convinced this Mercedes Benz logo is a PEACE logo. Geez! I saw the other girl (another face painter) had a peace logo too on her cheek.'s not a peace logo. It was a freaking Mercedes Benz logo.

Another OMD moment for me.
Since there are so many kids in line, I just don't want to argue. I can only hope nobody is thinking I'm promoting Mercedes Benz by any chance.

The real deal