Friday, February 29, 2008


hey, i promised that i would report back after my ann arbor trip. but i didnt. i'm so sorry, i was busy "going out" everyday. then i have my homework to do. i don't usually have homework cos for most of my courses, i just have to read the textbook. but this sem, i had stats, so yea i got to do the work or else i will flung. luckily, i'm enjoying stats. i never thought i would be taking stats anymore after Add Maths :D

hurmm, i had great time in Ann Arbor. Fizah and her buddies are so nice. They really make me feel welcome. It's great to hang out with different kinda crowd once in awhile. We went shopping, dinner, campus tour and of course the oscar dinner party at Joe's place. that was crazy! oh, on friday nite, we hang out at bubble island, had bubble tea and played TABOO! oh, i love this game so much!

we went shopping on saturday, and we had simon and tylo (maybe this is how his name is spelled) joining us. simon is also a pet scholar, but tylo is a jpa i think. simon knows fadia from kmb times, that makes it easier to start a conversation. lol. i love what i bought...i bought red jacket (it's red hot, mind u), a coach wrislet and polo shirt. hehe. love them so much. i didnt spend a lot, but i got everything that i wanted, especially the polo shirt cos when i saw it at orlando, it was still expensive :)

oh, i know laporan bergambar would be more fun, but i've put up pics at friendster, flickr and facebook, so i'm skipping my blog. i have more stories, but i'm so busy right now. later later laa tulis...

Thursday, February 21, 2008


and so, the holiday begins!
after quite an agonising week, it's a relieve that the break is finally here.

btw, stephen lecce won the USC President Election. So he's gonna be our new president! He's cute alright. I didnt vote for him but i kinda know he will win anyways. so i vote for ryan gauss cos i think he has something, apparently i was the only few who thought so. ryan came second, behind by 2000 votes!! that's quite some number. i dont know whether stephen won cos he is damn credible and all or is it because he has the look? i dont know, i dont think i was that much impressed by his manifesto, achievement etc... but he sure looks cute! even ryan's campaign was better. that's what i thought. stephen wears POLO Ralph Lauren most of the time (and with a cardigan for his poster), he is good looking, has a nice smile,he was a soph....what more do u need to be popular huh... yea, he was the forerunner in the campaign, no surprise that he won!

so, to first celebrate the break, we went to the mall! i had to go to the bank first, and get my USD and then we went to BULK BARN!! OMG, this is sooo the PLACE for me. lately, i go to bulk barn all the time since the first time leah took us there! i cant believe i lived through first year without even stepping into this shop. see, i judge the shop by how it looks from the outside~ i thought it was a candy shop and expensive. turns out, NOT AT ALL! oh i just love the popcorn caramel. i bought few kinda nuts and yea, some cili kering. ok laa, next time i know that i dont have to bring cili kering from Malaysia. i'm getting some baking stuff from here too.(dalam planning). i'm trying baking next. hahahaha!!! im not joking fellas~!! i dont even know when did i have this idea of baking. sounds rather odd at first, but hey...i know it's worth a shot!
oh, i have an appointment next week with clinique. izzy got a free consultation with clinique and i was invited as well! i cant wait for that!

oh dear, i'm going to ann arbor tomorrow and i havent start packing yet and hey it's already 11.30pm. have u ever feel like u dont want to do anything after an exam other than eat and watch movie? yea, i know u've experienced it before. guess what? im in that freaking mood right now. i want to just lie down n think bout stuff. but i dont want to get up n get things done.

and yea, for u girls, do watch sydney white! chick flick ar... i watched just now with izzy. i LOVE it!! the kind of movie that i would watch over and over again although u kinda know what will happen even when u first saw it :)

whatevs, i just want to have fun in ann arbor! according to fizah, we are going shopping on saturday and watch the oscars on sunday! sweeeeeet!

ok folks, ttyl. will report back after ann arbor trip!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Anak Kecil Main Api
Terbakar Hatinya Yang Sepi
Airmata Darah Bercampur Keringat
Bumi Dipijak Milik Orang

Nenek Moyang Kaya Raya
Tergadai Seluruh Harta Benda
Akibat Sengketa Sesamalah Kita
Cinta Lenyap Di Arus Zaman

Indahnya Bumi Kita Ini
Warisan Berkurun Lamanya
Hasil Mengalir Ke Tangan Yang Lain
Pribumi Merintih Sendiri

Masa Depan Sungguh Kelam
Kan Lenyap Peristiwa Semalam
Tertutuplah Hati Terkunci Mati
Maruah Peribadi Dah Hilang

Kita Rumpun Bangsa Melayu

Menganut Agama Yang Suci
Semangat Bangsa Berlandaskan Islam
Teras Capai Kemerdekaan

Dari Masa Hingga Masa

Petualang Menghancurkan Bangsa
Alatkan Agama Demi Peribadi
Pupus Kita Di Bumi Illahi

Kini Kita Cuma Tinggal Kuasa

Yang Akan Menentukan Bangsa
Bersatulah Hati Bersama Berbakti
Pulih Kembali Harga Diri

Kita Sudah Tiada Masa
Majulah Dengan Gagah Perkasa
Jangan Lalai Teruskan Usaha
Melayu Kan Gagah Di Nusantara (3x)

Isn't it deep?
We were singing and playing guitar to Western songs when Kak Roy suddenly said. "korang tahu tak lagu warisan?" and she started singing the first line. I was like, humm...i remember singing that song, but how's that song again?

YES! last night a friend email us the lyric of the song. And everybody started to get into it including some who told us their experience with this song. Too bad I cant remember mine. Maybe I heard this song in some camp during high school. Or maybe during BTN. I wish I remember :(

This song has a very beautiful melody to it, that much I can remember. I do think I know how to sing the first 2 lines. But what's more important is of course, the lyric.
Quoting from Cik Tun Teja:
"After that activity, I realized one thing about that song. It's not only about the beautiful melody that it carries. It's about the deepness of reality that wraps tightly around the wordings of the beautiful song."

See, u will have to dig deep with the lyrics. I know whatever the lyric is saying is pretty much common sense, but these "common sense" are not something we remember everyday aite? If I didnt get the email last night, I wont remember all these so-called fundamental things. I see it as a breath of fresh air, cos it lifts me up to remind myself why I am here and of course, what am I fighting for, but at the same time, be true to urself and dont ever forget ur roots! i got streams of emails later discussing about this and some had gotten themselves drifted with some other issues, but it's ok, it's always nice to read what my young friends have to say regarding big ISSUES! damn u guys are sooo freaking deep. I havent reach that level yet, but someday, I will be able to "join ur discussion"....

*side story: I spent 2 hours cooking last night. i was not done cooking until 1.30am. what the fault! this is why i hate suite style......

Monday, February 11, 2008


oh, my dear friend left canada last night.
i know her life here is tough, but she managed to hang on.
i had a bad time last night. one of the worst.
i cant hardly pull myself together. but i'm lucky to have other friends that share the same boat as me and help me to regain my mood back.

to ainil, no matter where u are, i want us to always be close friends! i know i'm gonna miss u so much! i will miss the weekly phone calls we had! but it's ok, distance is a prob, cause i know we will definitely catch up stories in no time!

u have always been strong and i highly admire u for that. i know u dont share ur troubles to me, but believe me, i do know and i do care.

so ainil, see u around ok! in june maybe?? ehehehe...

our first ever picture together. one fine friday when both of us decided to wear baju kurung. note: i'm wearing ainil's tudung. hahahaha. i look weird....

to date: this is our latest picture together.... ainil's 20th bday celebration~!! ONE Utama.

but this is my favourite pic of us~!! hari raya celebration taylor's college. we were waiting for the cake!!


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This is why I'm HOT~!!

lol. do take note of the title!
i got all a little caught up with some funny geologist quotes that i saw yesterday in a facebook group!
the group is "U Might Be A Geologist If...."

there are some reasons to it, but I wouldn't bother u with that. cos i want to go straight to the funny quotes.

the problem with these quotes is U MIGHT NOT UNDERSTAND IT!! cos obviously my readers are not all from geology background. but who cares, do read and ask me what the heck the quote is about!

here are some. btw, most of the quotes have sexual connotation to it, so i will not put them here. so, rest assured u r reading "clean" stuff. SO READ THEM!

I ranked them according to my favourite! when reading them, just read as how it would sound cos it will make sense. u DONT have to over-analyze them and figure out how they formed etc. cos u will come out with weird interpretation! just casually read them.

For example, see this first quote, which is also

Geologists are gneiss, tuff, and a little wacke. (= Geologists are nice, tough, and a little wacky)

I Lava You!

Are you a geologist? Of quartz!

Geologists can be very sedimental

I'm gneiss, so don't take me for granite.

knock knock
whos there?
mo who
no its moho

Geologists never lose their luster!

Geologists don’t wrinkle, they show lineation!

Geologists are gneiss; everybody else is schist

Are you cummingtonite?

Watch out, Albite

I'm gonna strike-and-dip your face!

schist happens

Geology Rocks! (duh)

Have a Gneiss Day !

And I definitely want to own a T-shirt that says:
Gneiss Chert OR
I worked on an exploration team for 6 months and all I got was this lousy chert!

GOSH! I actually love 'em all. I want to suggest to the Outcrop Club to have Tshirts with these kinds of writings cos then, we are cool ppl!
Just like Chemistry has W-ester-N.... where instead of spelling "ester", they replaced that with the chemical structure of ester. I was freaking SUPER jealous of their sweater!

whatevs, cool ppl go to western, so we will pretty much see this soon. i'm sure!


i see, this has turn out to be a very colourful post pula...

Friday, February 1, 2008

ski weekend part 2

guess what, my friend finally succumb to our pujuk rayu to do paleoclimate. after quite some stressful phone calls to convince her, we did it! sweet... we even got liliana to join us. this will be a great project.

as for now, this is the second part of my ski trip weekend. but this time, it's saturday night where everybody just laze around... haha we watched SAW4 that night which gives me a blur to understand the plot since i didnt watch the 1st, 2nd n 3rd movie. oh whutevs. better lagi drama melayu me, linda n nasri buat dekat blockbuster movie. lagi hit kan mak... haha. linda became the mak.....

everybody has something to do... blakang tu main board game where zul kalah to girls. lol

i dunno why i cant delete this picture. it's blurry...
btw, they are playing cards yg lupa nama die.

i got really jakun with mus's cellphone. haha. tekan menu pon tak reti.. in this pic, which is not a candid pic, i must say, mus plg jadi muka candid and im so, so and mbn.....plg tak jadi.........

mus nak tunjuk yg rambut die dah pjg. tak leh blah... boys with their long hair. i wonder whyyyy

apparently, ghetto is not my thing. linda buleh. haha :D

right, the next day we decided to go tobogganing. lol:P havent try that in awhile. but before we left. we had a freaking awesome snowball fight! bdak2 kecik la start dulu. panggil2 suruh keluar rumah, ingatkan dah nak gerak skali PAP! terkene snow...smpai masuk dlm rumah. adeih kanak2 ni.... but it was so much fun. i manage to hit a few. tp i bet everybody's target is arif makhzir! haha. i dont know why. but nobody seems to get a hit on arif. so in the car, the girls plan out to hit arif. so once we arrived, kumpul2 snow sejemput n start looking for arif. and yes! we did it! he was like "apesal lak attack aku?"...kitorang ckp "saje2 arep". mesti arep tak puas hati cos die sanggup buat bola jiwa besar drpd pegi toboggan. haha... he said it's for defence. yea right, more like attacking to me... just waiting for the right moment eh...

the girls get a little bit naughty...

the climb to the "peak" was a bit too overwhelming. so i get a pull from Irah.

after turun, kene naik lagi. hill dah laa gondol.

having fun eh...

me irah....

semua pon dah letih.

so we took a break at timmy's. had french vanilla. havent had that in awhile.

kak roy thinking deep. haha. adeih, cant help it when she asked me "betul ke nak balik ni"... adoiii...

"guys, pose for me." so, this is what i got...haihh

haaaa...the hard to get shot from arep. bleh tahan vain arep. lol. konon nye candid....

me and aunty rahidah! cant thank her enough for her warm hospitality..


i love taking self-captured pictures. no matter how vain it is. tapi ade la plak tangan org masuk......

Video of Linda playing the guitar!! and syafiqah n irah singing. it's Michelle Branch's "Are u happy now?". Enjoy

this vid : mbn playing guitar to disagree's crumb. oh, i love this song. but i like suicide note better!! oh pls pls ignore my loud voice in this vid. i know it's annoying. i was annoyed as well when i watched it. hummm