Friday, October 26, 2012

Eid Adha

Salam Aidiladha to all. Well, after missing Eid Fitr last time around, I'm not about to skip Eid Adha as well. My plan today was to eat a lot and so far, I did just that heee. I had lontong, nasi lemak (somehow my aunty always make nasi lemak for raya) and then, another round of lontong and nasi ayam. Happy!

Have fun all. I'm going back to KL soon and these 3 days break thing don't feel enough lah.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ambition to a job

You know, today I feel like putting up lots of pictures. 

When I first say I would like to be a geologist 10 years ago, I had in mind a job where I will be in outdoors and not bounded by four concrete walls. I thought I will an explorer and see the wonders of nature as it is. Oh boy I was wrong, at least a tiny bit. The challenge is different now and when we say we are getting you the oil, we are getting you the oil. It is not a cheap business and my eyes still go @_@ whenever I see the money we spent to find oil. So guys, please be wise when consuming fossil is not easy to find and definitely not that easy to get it out of the Earth, too. 

Then, I dreamed of becoming a gemologist cause I like my gemstones. That's a long and different story altogether... 

Back in university days we had field school and it was great! At times, I still feel like I want to be back in school. Maybe for masters? Hehe. 

Some field camp pictures cause I miss it so bad! Why? Here you go...

At Sunday Point, Nova Scotia. I liked it when my professor
would asked us to draw the outcrop we saw.
I would put my best drawing skills on the paper! I could just
sit down forever (If I could!) just to make it very realistic.
Well, note that I'm no pro, but I am quite okay :p

At Dinosaur Park, Alberta. We got a private hike into the park. Absolutely
worth it. This is a dinosaur graveyard; their bones were everywhere!!!
Definitely a chance of a lifetime for me.
Well, I just had a dino burger here, hehe

Not to forget, super tanned skin and road side lunch break or perhaps snacks.
Somehow I miss sticking in my Swiss Army knife into that brie to spread it onto
my bread. Since we eat on sharing basis, I don't share my knife cause I don't
want to get it contaminated with some ham or pastrami etc...

Missed getting all gross out when I took a jump and simply landed my
feet on the wrong ground... 

SubhanAllah. Just gorgeous view of the Rockies

The thing is I love mountains. So, a view like this could just nail me to the
bench for as long as I can stare. This is at Waterton Lakes National Park. 

Of course, it was a field camp afterall, we are bound to see interesting
outcrop like this! 

And this! and many more...

And being a field geologist, you get to use these gadgets! Some of which, just
me and Izzy's additional items like that lip balm and lotion hehe.
I miss it so badly!!!

And now life gave me a new twist, that is to be a wellsite geologist in an Oil & Gas industry. It is a man's world out here, but shall I say, they do have space for some chicks to join in.

Well, it was not my intention to turn this walkway into a runway, but it just
did. Thanks to my green crossovers for willingly becoming my audience...

Of course, the-no-obstruction-view of the sunrise and sunset. Everyday, this
is the view to die for...fishes as well...

Well, when we want to find for oil, we don't do it on our own.
It's called teamwork. This is me with the mudlogging crew in offshore Vietnam.

And in case you are wondering what I do offshore... here's
a sneak peek. One of my main job is to look at the sample in
the tray under the microscope, see what it is made of and
check for any oil presence under the UV light! 

Sure, it was not as what I intended 10 years ago, but what matters the most is I enjoy what I do. You got to love what you do, be sincere when you do it and that itself is rewarding. 

Going into 2013, I may switch to a department where I will be in the office all the time. That's a new challenge and let's see how hard will it be. I just pray to Allah that it will be a smooth sailing for me from here onwards. Amin...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Comparing subways

I was browsing 9gag (on daily basis of course!) and saw this this picture "Toronto subway fail". It is just too funny not to post it! Even Kuala Lumpur has a more "complicated" subway/train route that this.

Somehow, despite this, I don't find it hard at all to commute in Toronto. It is much easier to walk (and save money) around downtown cause it is not as big as London, Paris or NYC. Having said that, I had been on all four cities. May I say I love NYC the most? It is the most convenient, love their cheap 4-days (or 1 or 8 days etc) pass system, it takes you everywhere and most importantly, it is not confusing. With Paris, I like their cheap day pass as well, but it is a bit tough to get around Paris as there are quite a few transit we need to make before reaching our destination. I'm not a fan of London's Oyster card system (oyster for subway, really??) cause you need to refill as you go, much like our Touch N Go; and since it is in pound sterling, my eyes goes @_@ very fast...Hmmm, for Toronto, it is quite expensive and as you can see, it doesn't take you to many places heee.

From 9GAG

Our very own LRT/commuter/monorail system, from here
(not that you didn't know yet)

Oh well, I need to find a house near an LRT station, so this is my main map hehe.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Well, one thing that is no surprise is one's tendency to follow the heart, rather than the brain. It controls everything it is in your judgment that it may seem preposterous at times. Somehow, one would just go to the extreme and follow such path. It is an understood extent and shall I say we get embarrassed once we get ourselves straight again? Just laugh at yourself, I guess. Haha.

Myself included.