Monday, July 30, 2007

i've been tagged...*again*

im such a good person, so i wouldnt tagged anyone else. hahaha

1. A person is only as good as
other human being.

2. Friendship is when
he/she accepts me without any question

3. To love is
to feel blessed

4. Money makes me
all very gedik to spend them

5. I miss
him and her

6. My way of saying I care
is to show it

7. I try to spread love and happiness by
keeping positive spirit

8. Pick the flowers when
they are in bloom...what else

9. To love someone is
to give ur heart to him

10. Beauty is
keeping urself together and look good

11. When I was thirteen,
i was the talk of the school. hahaha

12. When I was twenty one,
i'm not even famous in university (im not 21 yet, but this is my prediction)

13. I am most happy when
things run smoothly

14. Nothing makes me happier than
ppl being punctual

15. If I can change one thing,
it would be who's in power

16. If smiles were expensive,
i rather not smile. (kedek beb)

17. Wouldn't it be nice if
this world is filled with ppl like me

18. If you want to make other ppl happy,
i'll have to make myself happy first

19. Money is not everything but
i still keep a large sum in the bank

20. The most touching moment I have experienced when
somebody who cares for me a lot tries to save me from getting knock by a motorcycle.

21. I smile when
im happy, sad, dreaming etc

22. When I am happy,
the whole world knows

23. If only I don't have to eat a lot,
i can save a lot of money

24. The best thing I did yesterday
was putting a very long card on the fridge for my mom's bday

25. If I ever write a book,
i will chose to write children's book

26. One thing I must do before I die is
meeting my favourite ppl. it is a bit tough...but i'll go for it

27. Doing this meme, i dont feel my time is filled doing beneficial things. hahaha. but i feel happy!!

TO KAK EYNA>>> dah jawab ni..mane hadiah saye??

Saturday, July 28, 2007

hari ini dan mendatang

hah!! byk confusion among people. tah sape yg spread the news!!
btw, nak bagitau. from 1st August to 14th August... i wont be in kuantan and thus wont be reporting any interesting things. i will be in kota kinabalu for that 2 weeks.

i dunno whether i'll go online or not. depends la....

ps: george clooney makes thieving so sexy. and stop saying he is gay people!! he is funny as well as charming.. so beat it....

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

how my tuesday starts and ends

hahaha!! first it was bad!
the movie that i downloaded for 3 days takleh so dissapointed. and now i decided to just buy the dvd. leh tahan kedekut juge saye ni

then, my tuesday continues. he who promised to call me today did call. i dunno to feel happy or not about this. happy maybe...cos i got to know him closer. but not so happy cos he still insist to meet me. im a bit shy for that. haha. and he said sumthing i didnt expect to hear from him: awak ni ckp kuat ar. ooops...i forgot to tell him im loud. whutever. kuat pon die teruskan perbualan juge.

next, i got to know my friend dah ade gf. which he clearly hides it from me. sampai hati. i guess it is time for him to move on but he doesnt want to tell me so. maka, i just wished him semoga berbahagie. and he said die takkan melupakan saye. ok, fair enuf. but here, im not the one pushing him away. haa, it feels better!

pastu, the best part. my swimming lesson!! best best. cos finally i think i got the technique right. a bit sore at the arms, but nevermind...that's the sacrifice. haha. but this time i didnt realli train with my coach, but some other guy offered to help me. fine...he is also a good teacher. and haha, ade bdak kirim salam kat kitorang di pool. whutever...cos terasa mcm high school balik. sumhow i think bdak kirim salam tu lagi mudah dari kitorang. gedik tol.

now that im writing this, my arms still hurts like hell. i tot all the work out i did with the dumbells would help. ni tak.

should end here. he wants to call me again. he said: im calling u to ease the 'keseganan'. fine, im waiting here. but im still going to be segan u know....malu2 katak gitu. right now this is whut we call, farisa is opening herself. although i think masih belom masenye.... just follow the current je le

p/s: kak eyna, saye belom buat tagged akak tuhh...nanti ye. hari tu saye bace saye tak paham rules die. hahahaha

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

kegilaan cerita datin diaries

my parents crazy kat cerita datin diaries!!

sumhow i think cerita die korup. it all about rich ppl and cos they are rich, they dont have anything better to do than to cheat on their husbands or wives. crappy! cos almost all the characters are like that. then, ade la kisah kisah...muslim that dont remember their religion. hate that kinda story. i mean it is true that it is happening, but i dont like it is portrayed in dramas. cos it seems like they dont care and no actions are taken towards it. mcm si fuad duduk serumah ngan syida. ape kes beb??? tu je nak kasitau...

pape pon, jln cerita die tak best mane....

tp i like sally n kadir

Saturday, July 21, 2007

photo shoot at TC

haha, i just wanted to help my friend with her assignment.
the shot was at Teluk Chempedak. and the theme was "secretly in love"

and the talents are: Margie and David. lol :P it was so hard to force david into this. and yea, he turn out wearing jeans and a very bright red tshirt, when margie was wearing all white. too bad. she was totally into this. david couldnt care less about it. haha

and too bad for me, i was fasting just now. kinda dehydrated since i was under the sun all the time.

and as i expected... my job is to make up the talent. this job wasnt recruited to me earlier so, when we arrived at the beach...there's not enough make up tools!! i cant work with minimal tools. i had to have my whole tools to start working. and so, we have to head back to my house and bring along my make up bag...bazir rm1 parking...

the weather was so HOT!! i was sweating like crazy. macam biasa la kan farisa. gile ar berpeluh-peluh. nasib among kitorang je. nasib bw payung. but even the payung wasnt a big help either. masih peluh crazy jua.

tp macam biasa la kan... the photo shoot attracted so MANY people. sibuk laa nak tanye. and TC was pack with tourist at that time. even mat salleh pon stop and looked at our photo shoot. tp mmg ramai ingat magazine nye photo shoot laa. ade org arab ni stop and tgk me make up margie. then die kate sumthing in arabic. tp syikin paham arabic (cos she's staying in sudan right now) and die ckp kat kitorang. org arab tu kate: lawa la bride die. hahaha... ade plak ni org kawin. ye laa, margie was wearing all white, make sense la if sum ppl think it is a wedding shot.

hahaha...well, this is a pleasant experience for me. and as for david...keseganan pada mulanya sudah berakhir. he gets quite well with reena, syikin and margie. coolness!!!

here's few pics i took of TC...nice beach u know. 5 minutes from my house by car...

David and Margie. Bunga david: RM20, Margie: RM1.50. Love the orange daisy

Pantai Teluk Chempedak. Nice....

Another nice view of TC...

The Shooting Crew....

gamba ini diambil tanpa pengetahuan empunya badan....

harap tak disaman...hehehe

saye tak stalking kamu berdua. cuma nak amik gamba org kelam kabut nak pulang, and keadaan arep yg "mak aku dah telepon ar"....

...Ariff and Kak Eyna...

gamba di delete ... maaf kerana menyentuh perasaan...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

finally....settle juge

I've bought the tickets!!! i'm so happy. after so many troubles, got this one settle out.

will be flying to Kota Kinabalu this 1st August until 14th August.

best least my summer break is not so lame.

so right now, i have to start focusing on getting things done bfore going to sabah...

i'm going to post a picture i took of ariff n kak eyna. thru this pic, nmpak mcm saye tgh stalking :P nanti ye letak...lupa bw thumbdrive

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

i can be happy again

thanks to ariff for many things tonight. satu: en aznan kinda agree to review bout our allowance cos ariff fought all the way thru for it. secondly for listening to me. hohoho. u msgd and called at the right moment. so thank you. and sorry that u have to listen to me crying. hummm

and i wanted to write this before 18th of tak sempat cos of few problems that arised.

hehe, saje nak tulis...happy birthday amar!! (u dont even read my blog, but it's ok) haha

and i decided to buy that jacket. hopefully blom habes

* kaler font ni skit darat*

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Reunion cum Bday celebration

What a happy Sunday!!

All of us went to OU for the reunion, but Ainil didn’t know that it is also her bday celebration. Haha, a celebration that took place after 15 days of her bday.

and guess whut, I went to OU on a bike!! Punye la semangat to see my friends. Haha, im officially a minah rempitz. but I didn’t complain much, as long as I can get there is good enough. it was an enjoyable ride considering I don’t have to stuck in the jam, queuing to enter the parking lot etc etc. haha, but the helmet is kinda big, making me look like there’s a mushroom on my head…

it’s feels so good to see them again: Ainil, Izyan, kak eyna, Ariff, Nadya and kerol. Some look kinda different. Ainil dah start pakai high heels, tapi still tak tinggi from me..hehe. izzi still the same. Kak eyna baru second time jumpe, but I kinda think she is taller than the last time I saw her. Hohoho. Arep memoyo je. ainil thinks i look slimmer. Wahhh gembire betul comment ainil itu.

I think others mesti tulis pasal tempat makan itu!! Pandan Leaf mmg teruk. The 10% service tax wasn’t deserving enuf for them cos service sgt teruk!! Kesiann ainil dpt sup tomyam 2 kali though she asks for veggie soup. Teruk!! Other than than, the food taste good because of the company I had. Kalau takde kecoh2, mesti tak sedap. Hehe I couldn’t finish my food cos I’m so used to eating in small portion. So, mcm biasa, ariff jadi mangsa keadaan. Tu pon he just want the chicken. Takpe, asalkan habis cukup ler. Anyways, I wouldn’t have a second thought to go to that restaurant ever again.

Then ariff decides to send us all to our destination except for izzy. After sending kak eyna n ainil to the komuter station, ariff decides to go back to his house first before sending me to the lrt station. Korupness, malu giler kat rumah die. Paling tak leh blah nenek ariff tanye: reti masak tak? I was like oooopps…so I just said, I can cook. Tapi simple ones je la, unless the recipe is provided. Kire ok la the jawapan tu. Tp she thinks I’m studying in Indonesia. Wohoooo….cos she asks me sumthing bout Medan. Tp at least takde la segan2 sgt…(my attire wasn’t so appropriate….)

After that I have to go to KLCC to meet my parents. Darn, I planned to buy few things.. however I forgot it is no longer bout me, but it is all bout fardia. Too bad, permintaan tak dilayan sgt. Haha. But I managed to persuade my dad for a pair of jogging shoes. Hahahahhaha…best best. my dad suruh beli asics which cost about rm200++. ok ler….dapat gak sumthing. Nak beg juge….tapi fardia pon cari beg juge. Tapi nothing fancy her. She bought her blazer utk fly karang. MNG plak tuhh…rm180 after 50% discount. Crazy. My blazer brand ape sgt (cost me half of hers)…beli pakai my own money. Haihhh spoilt too much….nasib die takde size sluar putih mng tu. Kalau tak, menangis laa Farisa di tepi itu. Then die nak kasut lagi….utk fly n graduation day. Fair enuf, I bought new pair of shoes juge mase dulu. Hohoho, belom puas jalan lagi kene balik dah. Citt tak dpt nak window shopping. I WANT A JACKET!! Takde yg cantik…..

Sumthing very funny happened….my dad pegi DKNY nye boutique!!! Then he told me, “I went to that shop…(die tak reti sebut DKNY, die tunjuk2 je)…the shirt is rm400. crazy!!”. I was like, “of course, that is DKNY. A designer brand”. He was like “sape nak beli mahal sgt”. I said “akan ade nye org beli”. Klakar la plak….dah la sibuk nak baju tommy Hilfiger setelah die nmpak dlm cleo (sibuk bace my mag). Nanti la belikan die satu kat outlet. Huhu….

Maka, one day in KL terpaksa ditamatkan dgn pemulangan ke kuantan. I had to drive from maran to kuantan about 70++km. haha, laju giler bw kereta. Amik corner at 100km/h or more. I dunno what had gotten into me that I drove so fast. My dad tak marah pon. Fardia je cuak. Haha. But my dad told me, my driving last night was a lot better than when I drove to KL few weeks ago. Told him…itu midnight drive, I was feeling a bit blur….

So, itulah yg mcm best je… pegi beli baju renang. Ok la…and I found my jacket keidaman….wohohoho I dunno if I want to buy it or not….

Friday, July 13, 2007

new addition to the house

haha, ade kittens baru!! 4 of them. 3 kaler dark grey and one is black. so cute. kurus sgt. i want them to be fat, but my mom malas nak bw ke clinic. kedek skit huhu

read cleo tadi. i got interested with this one article titled "size does matter". it is all about eating the right portion of food. cos sumtimes, we think we are eating healthy so we eat that food in a large amount. so this is not good.

for example, we should take 4 to 9 servings of carbs a day. and the article let us know how much we should take. apparently 1 cup of rice = 1 serving. so, agak2 je la pasni. hehehe very interesting

and also keputusan cleo bachelor dah kluar. hehe... christian rupenye menang. biasa je la, tak hensem mane...ainil nye hearthrob dpt juge, best hair ke ape tahhh

Thursday, July 12, 2007

terasa baik

sebab ape?? sebab masak utk adik tadi!! haha...padahal buat grilled cheese je. tp bangge...tak penah die mintak buat masak ape2 utk die...(hotdog tak kira) hahahhaha

anyways, dah lama tak add new post. terasa mcm lost lak. kak eyna yg berazam nak stop blogging kembali berblogging. satu tindakan yg mengejutkan pada mula nye. tp kembali nye kak eyna menggembirekan pelbagai pihak terutama tak leh tahan ngan cerita ala2 zaza. hahahaha

darn....smlm i broke my principle yet again. konon laa tak nak tgk movie ngan guys. alih2, tgk gak smlm ngan david. i felt bad for always refusing to go out with him sedangkan he is such a nice friend. haha. fine, tgk la juge movie of his choice which is ape lagi kalau bukan transformers. hohoho. hah. nver thought i would enjoy that movie walaupon mase kecik2 slalu main robot die. pape pon terasa baik hati utk belanja die makan kat deli country (konon2 delifrance, tp die jauh lagi murah). tp the thing is transformers best...and plus ade plak sorang ni yg kacak, but i dont know his name. all i know die blakon dalam las vegas.

to conclude, i had a dream. and u know sape was in the dream?? durh-uh george clooney.... how awkward is that? tp kan. he is one of my fave actors. kacak dowhhh... dlm dream tu, kami berkawan baik....

k habiskan di sini. adios amigos. this weekend jumpe ramai2 org. ariff, kak eyna, ainil, ash, nadya .... antara yg dijangke hadir. datin izyan blom ketahuan. c u guys....i sooooooo cant wait!!