Thursday, November 29, 2012

Being away

At times I feel the need to catch up with life. I need to be living! But sacrifices are no laughing matter; thinking that with some loss there is something to gain.

Of course there is, I kept telling myself. Others would not understand! And yet I'm juggling things from afar; wishing time is not ticking too fast to catch up with me.

Nonetheless, I can steal time. Catch on all the things I missed, like reading. Simple, but believe it or not, it makes me whole again.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

It goes a long way

Say I were to organize a concert at 8pm featuring some awesome artist. Because of this, many who attended it skipped Maghrib prayers and involved in maksiat, then I will be holding the sin for all who attended. Ouch.

And say you are a newbie to concerts and I invited you for the first time. If you begin to love it and go to more concerts in the future, then I will be holding the sin for you for as long as you love it. Ouch.

Of course this is just one scenario, but I can transpose this to so many other situations. The bottom line is, a small sin goes a long way. Let alone if it involves others.

Got myself some nasihat few days back. Just a reminder for myself.

p/s: I haven't been to any concerts lately. The last one was Dave Matthew's Band in 2010 and I kinda enjoyed it. Ooops.