Saturday, October 15, 2011

On display

Time: 02:13
Random edited photos for display.
My night is officially occupied!

The view from the balcony of my apartment.
The clouds above the Twin Tower sort of light up!

I almost forgot I had this ring. Been wearing it all week!

Birthday gift from my sister: a bright pink wallet.

Beach or Mountains? Mountains, for sure.
So when's my next adventure?
*my eyes are fixed on a certain location*
(Credit: MBN. The mountains along the Inca Trail, 2009)

Loosen up for a night! New head scarf by the way.
(one boring night back in Vietnam)

p/s: Spotted organic cotton tshirt at ZARA. I think this is my call. I need to get it. Haha. Now, where's my size?


I question willingness. Willingness is like time; the virtue of it is ambiguous because like time, it is treated as a sacrifice. Sacrifice has an extent, the limitation of how far one would go to comply. And when one complies, one lacks sincerity. Sincerity above all is a priority because it adheres all as one. And when all is one, I go back to willingness. I do not see the need for it even when I have time to sacrifice.

I appreciate it, nevertheless.

And I agree with Eleanor Roosevelt, “It is not fair to ask of others
 what you are not willing to do yourself.”