Tuesday, May 27, 2008

my life, continues

Can i say wtf? i'm a bit stressed out.
oh, did u hear the new OMG? it's OMFG. haha, saw that on a billboard in times square. let me just assume u know what the F stands for :D

just as i landed in KLIA, i already starting to feel the heat. even in KLIA where it is air-conditioned. we were "fanning" ourselves and i think few people saw that, in particular one uncle. later, he approached us and say, "u better get use to the weather here". all i can do is smile :)
i think he was following our conversation for quite a bit, since he knew we are studying in canada. lol

i was glad this time, my parents were not late. as a matter of fact, i was late. haha.
haha. well, welcome to malaysia, farisa! i was dying thinking what is the first food that i want to eat. i chose kueh teow soup, lol. it was good! i know i dont want to eat nasi lemak :P

oh what the hell, it turned out that my mom had a hell load of plans for me that weekend. at noon, after resting for few hours, i'm on the road again to hospital selayang to see my aunt who's been hospitalized for some complications. i guess, i can't say no, although i was very tired. i met some cousins there...

bla bla bla....

the next day, i met kak farah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh wow! what a pleasant visit. we talked for quite a bit and yes, i miss her so much. she gave me few things from australia :)
and i left KL for kuantan that afternoon. i cant wait to see my new house

oh my God. it's not like what i expected!! it's still in the major renovation stage. i cant even unpack properly!! my dad took me on a "tour" around the house and show me things. yea, i know once it's done, my house (or my dad's house) will be sangat cantik. and the most shocking part of all is the granitic floor. omg, my first thought is "err, i dont think granite will look good as floor tiles", but my dad insists, so i simply cant say no. plus die dah tempah pon. i googled for some pictures, well, they do have the luxurious touch to it and it's not gonna look all that bad :)
my bathroom will have pink tiles. whaaat! but when i saw the tiles, they are nice, so tak kisah lahhh. the thing is, my dad is making the house very very very well ventilated. like seriously, double walling la, ape lahh will *he say* make the house cooler. my dad is not a fan of air conditioner, so he wants the house to cool naturally, which i think is quite impossible, but hopefully whatever he is building right now is the answer for that!

k, enuf with the house, i will post some pictures if i have the time ok. tempat computer pon sgt smpit. at the moment, no pictures of NY or whatsoever. i know i promise to write about my fieldtrip, but the situation is not so good. i just dont want to spend lots of time at the computer cos ppl are working in this area. k, ciao for now. i dont know when i will be able to write the next post. pls ignore if there is any grammar or spelling mistakes, i just cant proofreading right now :P

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gossip Girl

GG - my favourite TV show ended last Monday but I didn't get the chance to watch it until just now.
I just want to say one word : SNAP!
And "thanks" for an emotion-evoking season. This is exactly why I don't usually watch dramas. Cos they have a way to make you feel something bout your nearly-perfect life seems far from perfect!

OK, I know some of my friends are not fans of GG cause of the outrageous lifestyle of New York teenagers featured in the show. But if you put aside the crazily expensive outfits, limos, crazy penthouses, you will actually get a very interesting storyline. I'm not gonna bother myself with the plot here, but truthfully, it's good. The whole season has touched my emotions like crazy. When Dan and Serena are happy together, they actually make me feel sad (and I think you know where I'm going with this). But I just can't help to think, will my life change a lot if I do have somebody? Right now, I just don't bother myself with this kinda thing cause I don't want it to affect my studies, but will my studies actually get affected? Not that I would know eh. Whatevs... I was just having one of my curious moments. I have plenty :P Again, just not gonna think about it again. It was just an aftereffect of GG lol, that's all.

I have one more thing in mind. In the last episode Bart told Chuck that since now he has Blair, he will become a whole new person. He will be more responsible, gentleman, willing to make sacrifice, etc (I don't remember the rest) , apekah benar kata En Bass itu? Somehow I don't feel like I'm up for that *grin*. Anyways, I'm very satisfied with how things are right now, and I could not ask for more. I have more friends now that I can really really talk to whenever I have a problem which is always nice cause I don't tend to keep things to myself. OK enough, you know the rest if you've been following my blog.

Gosh, my laptop is so crappy right now :(
More reason to get a new one eh.
Ok, tulis one more perkara sahaja...

Tomorrow, I will be going to Fifth Avenue. More shopping! err...more window shopping I have to say. That street excites me more than any other street, and I think I know why. hehe. But it's not like I'm going to enter Prada, Chanel, Dior, LV etc etc boutique. I simply can't or else I definitely would! I will walk until 34th Street (where the Empire State building is) and maybe, if the weather is good, I will go up. It's been raining everyday now and the rain is destroying my holiday, hands down! Well, along 34th Street, kami mahu pergi GAP, Forever 21 and VS. I'm getting more things from VS. I already spent like 70+dollars there, and I might spend another 80dollars tomorrow. HAHAHA. but wait guys, they are not all for me! Orang ramai kirim dong... so I'm just doing the honour of buying them. hehe.

k babe, ciao for now :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Selamat Ulangtahun ke-1

yea, it's the 1st anniversary for my dear blog. happy bday (it is bday?) bloggie....
i'm supposed to give my blog a super duper makeover (lolz) but i'm in NY right now and the internet connection is so freaking slow sometimes and so i dont bother myself. i would probably have the make over once i'm home~!!

it's gonna rain like crazy for few days. i guess my holiday in NY this time will be wEt, Wet, and weT! hate it! my my flats is driving me crazy. my feet is corruptly hurting right now cos of u! damn. never trust flats...especially if they are vincci or nose. they are darn cheap, so u get what u pay for huh. tp tak jugak, even aldo flats gives u the same problem too! haihh...i can only count on my sneakers. but sneakers are not FF... huhuhu. i have one sneakers in mind that might change my perspective a little bit, but i have not accomplished finding the perfect one!

oh, i did quite few shopping already. hehehe. finally i got smthing for my dad, walaupon just baju which i already gave him last yr. i dont care, it's not like it's easy to find smthing for him!

ok, ngantuk! and i think i'm getting a fever cos of the rain yesterday~
i'm taking a rest right now. ciao!

FF = fashion forward :D

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wabagishik Rd

Canada has the weirdest road names ever! Just as u think Wabagishik Rd sounds weird, u can safely bet Seldom Seen Rd is even weirder...and also Sleepy Hollow Rd! Creepy eh?

I just got back from my fieldtrip. I was excited to be back! Not to say the fieldtrip was bad, but there were few moments where I wished I wasn't there at all. My arms are still sore from dragging my bag. It's very very heavy and I had to walk from B&G building to Elgin Hall to London Hall. That's quite a workout I had. I was sweating bulls when I finally got to London Hall, and right now, I'm hungry. For 10 days, I do not eat proper food at all! At most, I fried spaghetti with perencah nasi goreng. Hah!

OK, seriously I have tonnes of stories to tell.

cabinmates :) at the contact between
quartzite and conglomerate