Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bag for sale

Ok, I'm back in Canada after my two weeks vacation to Miami - cruising the Caribbean - New York. I must say, as much as I like Miami and the cruise getaway, the highlight of my trip is still New York. That city never fails to fascinate me! I'll put up pictures and tell you more bout my trip later cause right now, I don't even have photos to brag about the trip. Haha, I gotta get them from Izzy later!

Anyways, I'm in Toronto right now. Crashing at Sarah J's place until early June. So, right now nak jual barang! But not mine, tapi Sarah J punye.

It's an authentic Coach Parker Hobo bag. It retails at $269 + tax (RM900+), but Sarah wants to sell it for RM600. It's cow leather, new with tag and it comes with a dust bag. The size is just great, big enough to put all your personal items (cellphone, purse, iPod, lip gloss etc). In terms of functionality, it is a great bag for day or night purposes. Shopping to a fancy dinner, boleh sangat kot pakai bag ni. The bag is in grey, so pretty much fit/suitable with any colour.

Let me know if you want it a.s.a.p! Sarah is going back to Malaysia in July, so you can have it then :)

The bag with the dust bag. You can have the paper bag too if you want it. Haha

More pictures...

New with tag :)

Later gators!