Friday, June 29, 2007

yesterday was nice and not nice

it was nice cos Alam won So You Think You Can Dance and 4 friends visited me yesterday
it was not nice cos i had stomach ache yg korup sangat. haven't had stomach ache in ages!!

Last was show was awesome! i always wanted Alam to win. cos i like his spirit, his creativeness and his energy when he performs. for his solo performance he did what he usually do that is breakdance. and in his solo performance, can u imagine he did his push ups while staying up-side-down! mann this guy have strong arms~!! so im excited that he won that rm50, 000. cool huh....

and as for the visits from my friends. didnt expect it at all. munir called around 3pm and wanted to meet up. siap dtg rumah lagi. haha, but i didnt invite him in cos my house as usual is a mess and plus my parents are not at home, so it wouldnt be nice to invite some guy friend into the house. wah munir, now drives a BMW. haha, dah macho dah. but he is still the funny person he was in high school. we were talking mostly bout other friends including talking about the past. we were together in prefects body and in athletics. i think he is one of the most talented sprinter in my school. he kinda achieved a lot for the school, including representing pahang in MSSM. and yea, he is the 'anak kesayangan' pengetua. lol :P

and later at night, got a phone call lagi. this time my seniors pulak that want to come and see me and fardia. hah. how am i even begin to write bout them. we are together in scout 16 and taek-won-do. and i guess we are all black belt holder except for my friend's brother. they kinda cool and they rock my high school life. owhh their names are shaffran and shafarin. about me and shafarin, there's a lot to tell. but i don't wish to write cos it is too long. let's just say, he is one of the sweetest guy i've ever known...and as we were chatting, along came azar...another friend from high school who is my junior and lives behind my house. haha. kinda funny...he was on his way home and he caught us talking at the gate, so he stopped by. mann he is so tall now and handsome. lol :P but i couldn't talk to them for long. im afraid my parents would come home n they will start asking me questions. im soooooo avoiding that. so kinda told them to leave. arghh jahat dowhhh.

then the worst of all. the sakit perut time. i was already sleeping when i had that urge to go to the bathroom. then tido balik, then bangun balik. then finally i took medicine. so happen fardia pon saket. i dunno what we ate that were rosak. pape pon i suffered the whole night and i even force myself to vomit. which apparently i was successful tp throw up 10ml of whutever inside my stomach. sikit sgt tp i felt relieved and so around 5.30 am i could continue to sleep until ariff gemm called me!! kacau tol!!

and plus Happy Birthday Ainil .... muahxx

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Seribu Tahun by Imran Ajmain

Rela ku menunggu mu seribu tahun lama lagi
Tapi benar kah hidup ku kan selama ini
Biar berputar utara selatan
Ku tak putus harapan
Sedia setia

Rela ku mengejar mu seribu batu jauh lagi
Tapi benar kah kaki ku kan tahan sepanjang jalan ini
Biar membisu burung bersiulan
Tenang lah gelombang lautan
Ku masih setia

Ada kah engkau yakin ini cinta
Ada kah engkau pasti ini tuk selama lama nya
Rela ku menunggu mu seribu tahun lama lagi
Tapi benar kah hidup ku kan selama ini
Biar berputar utara selatan
Ku tak putus harapan
Sedia setia

Extremely GORGEOUS !

I repeat…Extremely OK!! He was wearing a black shirt and pair it with a black tie with spiky hairdo and again only one word…Gorgeous! He made my heart melts !!

Hahaha… Gorgeous is a weird adjective to describe a guy, but hey lets not limit ourselves ok!

Last night was the last episode of Emil Emilda. Going to miss the show although most of my family members think the show sucks and I have to agree with them to some extent. But towards the end, the show kinda prove to be a worthy show to watch. At first, it was a bit stupid and cracked jokes all the time, but it gets serious as it progresses. I have to say, I get all the tickling emotions when the show reached the emotions pouring scenes, the romantic scenes etc etc. hahaha…semangat nih tgk cerita!!

Darn I love the character of Aaron Aziz in Emil Emilda. And it is his character that I fall for ok, not him. Haha :P but nevertheless, Aaron is one handsome looking bloke. Plus he did lots of work out, can see that from his good shape…but hey, I don’t fancy guys with pumped up muscles ok!! As long as tak flabby, then it settles

Although he is a brute, selfish, ignorant, and mean but inside he is someone who is sensitive and caring. Definitely the kinda guy that I like :P
Now that the show closes last night, I’m going to miss his character. But I hate the ending yg Nisa tu bukannye wife die pon at the first place. Korup je!! letih tol lahh.

Pape pon, overall rating 8/10. mainly cos I like Emil. Plot: expected ending that Emil will eventually fall for Emilda. Other characters: ok la selection pelakon. Sh amani proves to be a great actress as always. Zizie pon over syal. She is shouting most of the time. Kinda annoying. Others are ok~!!

That’s all for the review (tiru idea ainil)

--------------------------------------------------------- (tiru line kak eyna)

u guys should listen to seribu malam by imran ajmain. Best sangat!!
The song was played in Emil Emilda, and I instantly got hooked to it. So I tried to download it. and mmg best pon. Highly recommended!! I can send to u if u wish to listen. Hehehe

Sunday, June 17, 2007

busy friday

the last friday was so busy that i didnt sleep for more than 36 hours!!
crazy or whut... this is all thanx to the coffee i had khamis malam. simply cos i have to drive the car from kuantan to temerloh. since i've stopped taking coffee after habes first yr, the effect of the coffee mmg kuat until once i arrived in kelana jaya at 3.30 am, i couldnt sleep until la finally i have to get up n get ready at 6. arghhhhhh....headache tahap crazy beb.

dah la abg tengku made a sudden change in plan last minute. he wants me to be at the bangsar lrt station at 7am. at first it was taman jaya at 7.30am.

however, i made it there at 7.10am. lol beli coffee (lagi) and some bread. cos i need to take panadol. once i got there, kene kerja terus jadi urusetia registration kat seminar tuh. haha hectic syal. dah la im the youngest, so it is a lil hard to work with these older ppl. huhu. and ppl keep asking me question that i dont know the answer. adeihhhh. first time keje teruk cmni and i MISSED breakfast. crazy tol. lapar gile haha. so mase ceramah, kami geng2 AYTR blah n pegi makan. haha. this time around my kaki dah saket tahap kritikal, thanks to the high heels. haha i do look good in them. haha fashion is a crime to human body.

this is the shoe that gave me all the pain.....

around 4pm, i couldnt stand it anymore...mmg dah blur sangat2 sebab dah tak cukup tido. so pujuk la mukhlis utk hanta. mus pon tenbam amat. dah tak jadi the hot stuff yg farisa slalu: darn, kacak juge mamat ni. lol haihh sejak buat bisness, i guess he is too busy to even care for his appearance. humm. tapi mus ni dok flirt ngan saye pula these 2 days. hahaha, nak gelak plak. but i know die main2 je. semua org pon die nak flirt. maka, terbit la skandal farisa ngan mus pulak. humm ape2 la...the only thing i told them: farisa slalu hidup ngan skandal, tak penah lari from that. huhu.

mus and farisa dulu2

then, malam menjelma. huhu pegi BBQ kat ridz. darn, tak sabar nak jumpe mereka. bile kak farah nmpak, ape lagi menjerit2 la kami. haha. as always, kami la yg plg loudspeaker situ. i got to meet few juniors. tak kurang juge yg tak perkenalkan diri pon pada farisa yg GLAM ni. lol. but, ade sorang junior...hensem giler!! icpu beb. haha, but i didnt talk to him. better hang aroung ppl that i know. ashrul, arif and annas was there too. haha. it's nice to catch up stories, especially about kekalahan kontinjen canada di midwest. haha. we lost 8-0 in a football match against some uni. mak aihh malu betul. and we didnt even win in other events. haha. well, that sure mean farisa has to be there to win. and like all the bbq in the past, i dont realli eat. i just talk and talk and talk. but some juniors like khamsani bising btol lahh. haha bug me all the time. overall, bbq was a totally fun!! ntah la when akan meet them all again. huhu...and as i expected kak farah loves the gift izyan n i gave her. we definitely knows whut our 'folks' love....

yerp, got home at 11pm and tido la beb. finally im getting my sleep after 36 hours.
and plus on saturday, ade lagi seminar itu. where this time, kerol datang!! haha haihh tuan haji ni...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

my on/off friend

he came back. just like my sis predict - he wouldnt have the guts to push me away from his life.

he called my sis first, tapi she didnt entertain him. so he called the house phone which i happend to pick up. darn i didnt recognise his voice.

haha, ni dah macam drama. i dont know whether he can enter back into my life after he made the exit himself. die yg kate : there shouldnt anything going on between us. not even friends.
durh...whut do i have to say. org tak nak kawan ngan kite, not my fault. and from the phone conversation i had with him...he made it sounded like there is nothing going on before this. mann this is tough. how can u pretend it is ok when it is not??? i mean, u put things that way, and do u think it is easy to put it straight one more time? im not sure either. i dont have the heart to treat him that way after all that we've been thru, it is hard to just not be friends. and he wants to go out with me some time...err....

gosh u might be wondering ape ni farisa cerite. lol :P ringkasnye:
it goes like this...i know this guy in high school, when i was at the tender age of 13. i guess since i was from an all girls school during primary years, i got close to guys senang skit. selak..gediks kot?? huhu. well, that is not the case here :D

then, tah nape i like him. and somehow he likes me too. but being me, i was not even serious. plus he is 3 yrs older. durh-uh. in form 3 die dah habes skolah pon. then some konflik happened which i dont recall, and so i dont like him anymore. plus i feel so distant from him, considering he was in form 5 and i was in form 2. then one bright sunny day, i decided takyah la suke mamat ni dah. i should move on. i told him that and i think he decided the same way too. and so there it goes. we dont have anything more.

later..still in form 2, he says...why dont we be friends. im totally ok with that. ape salah kan?? kawan je macam biasa. then again mishap strikes in form 3. this time mmg teruk. he called me and told me "i dont want to be friends with u anymore, dont call me or whutever. we are done"
i know why he acted that way. he got to know smthing bout me that he doesnt like. fine, if u cant accept whut i did and so forth, so be it. seriously, i dont even want to be his friend kalau perangai skit2 merajuk.

just as i was about to take my pmr, he called AGAIN for apology. this time, he used my classmate to get to me. durh!! my friend ingat die kawan ikhlas, rupenye ade udang sebalik batu. giler mad minah tuh. tapi, being a GOOD person (hahahah), i accepted his apology. lagipon sampai bile nak marah kann...

pastu saye kawan je la ngan die. form 4 die dok sibuk ckp "farisa, i still like u". whutever la mamat. smpai gurl lain yg ske kat die pon dok sibuk 'berkenalan' ngan saye. whutever. i dont really pay attention. byk lagi keje dowh.

then something happen...which i cant say it here cos it doesnt involve me. tapi mamat tu ade la. so it is not my consent to tell. lol :P
but the thing that happened doesnt realli affect me. im cool. tak kisah pon. he is still my friend. i would treat him as one.

and as i thought i got him over with his merajuk-ness attitude...he sent me an email when i was in canada saying he doesnt want to be friends with me anymore cos of the i-cant-mention-thing-above. humm fine, cos that person is related to paying the cost now. im losing a friend. well, that is not new. our friendship has been on and off. whutever. it sounds too childish to me by now.

hahahaha...this is not ringkas. but yea, u get the idea aite. i dont know how i should treat him now. mcm weird. die dah banyak kali tak nak kawan with me. am i too kind hearted to accept him back all the time he says sorry?? talk to him mcm all the things that happened in the past are all sweet ones. i was digging my old letters just now. and i saw his raya card. card yg dah 4 yrs i guess. man, at that time we were so happy. tapi biar la time tells ok...

right now, im flowing with the current. kalau die nak kawan, kawan lah. if someday he decided not to. im cool.... . . . . .. .

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

wa wa wa... tahniah kepada pak Lah

wah!! Pak Lah akan kawin. tahniah2.
this saturday.
tapi PM nye press conference tadi klaka betul. press ni pon tanya questions mcm ape je. huhu

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

i've known u for 20 yrs now.

and so do u. so in a logical sense, u would have known so many things bout me. and i know u very well too.
i know that u can be a little sulky at times, bad tempered and u want things ur way. but hey, im just like u too, except i dont get sulky easily. with that kinda attitude, i already know what i should do. i should KEEP QUIET!! and dont fight back. say as u wish. if i rebut whutever u r saying...things can get worse. at least when i shut up...u just run to ur room (which is also my room). then i will be questioned by mama n papa. malas la nak jawab. i dont like to answer on behalf on someone else, cos it can be biased~

so now, have it ur own way. u want to call me by names, up to u. not that i dont care...i just pretend not to. hopefully next time u will be matured on ur own. im done being a bad tempered person, so now it is ur turn... and whenever u r mad at me, pls dont call 'him'. it makes me sick!

Sunday, June 3, 2007


durhh...whut else nak buat time cuti ni?? actualli i wanna go to the beach. mcm best juge kannn?? tp takde member n plus malas nak bw kereta. huhu sebab parking mcm susah. tah nape org ramai pegi pantai even time weekdays. mmg org kuantan now dah takde keje.
time hari lunch jumaat = time semayang jumaat adelah ramai juge org. org lelaki melayu juge ade. kot ye pon tak gi semayang, agak2 la pakcik... jgn buat statement pula. huhu. termasuk juge pekerja2 lelaki mcD. hummm im in no position nak tegur. tegur pon dlm hati je. hummm...
pape pon, my main point sini, adelah terasa nak melepak di tepi pantai. get ready la sunblock tuh. TC pon seperti byk diclear hutan2 itu. apekah projek pembangunan disitu?? ade ke my dad kate nak wat parking. baek buat rumah ke condo ke ape ke... ade gak pulangan drpd parking rm1 je. hotel yg dlm pembinaan sejak tahun tah berapa tu dah terbengkalai. isk isk isk. nmpak gaya hyatt tu takde la pesaing. projek yg sungguh membazirkan wang dan alam sekitar. tp tu la, TC is still my favourite beach. i like it better than cherating. cherating mcm nothing to see je.
if any of u yg rumah dekat2 tu nak ajak picnic, sila lah ingat kat saye ni weiii... (huhu, seruan ni maybe takkan disahut cos mane ade org tahu kewujudan blog ni).

huhu. in few weeks time, my rumah pon dah penuh balek ngan ahli2 asalnye. setelah semua habes blaja n bercuti, maka, rumah kembali penuh. mak n ayah pon semakin bising2 seperti time sekolah menengah. haha. maka, tamat lah zaman farisa menjadi anak tunggal ye. and ibu seperti menyuruh belajar memasak. haha, excuse mom, masak tu dah pandai. tp kene ade resepi je. but i know my mom tak trust kami masak. mesti ade je komen2 seperti "awak buat tak jadi" dan "papa awak tu bukan main makan je" (sooo true, my dad makan pilih2 skit) and etc etc. walaupon i know deep down, mama mesti letih kat keje. huhu. maka, keje kami di rumah hanyalah membasuh pinggan, potong sayur...potong la pape lagi bahan masakan. hummm nak mix semua ingredient tu, kene la tunggu die. nanti kene marah. takpelahhh setakat resepi, internet ade. terbukti dgn kejayaan resepi nasi ayam yg dihasilkan ngan dateenz izyan. mantap betol begini. tidak lupa juge kepada rakan memasak B310...huhu...kami mmg perlu bergandingan. ape dah cik puan tu terer masak?? hahaha...ermmm macam terlebih2 lak cerita. takpe...terkenang. tu je la keje, asyik mengenangkan kisah2 lama. huhu. tgk gamba, gelak sorang2.

udah le tuh farisa weyss....kol 2am dah. tak ngantuk ke??? (sebab tido petang) haha....chow cin chow...

Friday, June 1, 2007


mann!! i just saw pictures of Harun during his Midwest trip. tak adill...they all had lots of fun. how i wish i was there. hummm, kinda regret that i went back early. there's lots of things that i missed :(

they went to Niagara Falls and Toronto. darn~ Niagara is only an hour plus from my place and yet...i didnt get the chance to go there just yet. they drove all the way to chicago from ottawa. my bet it was an 18 hours drive since ottawa-london is 8 hours and london-chicago is 10 hours. haha, simple addition. darn...they could have just stop at london n pick me up...sob sob sob.

and a good friend of mine told me that i should have watched him in action in the Games. haha...sorry mate, i couldnt but i guess u did ok though i could be ur loudest cheer-er.

tp i didnt see pics of my 'family' gathering. most of the pics are harun n kontinjen canada. where are the US peeps? mcm tak jumpe pon. takpe least their summer holidays ade sikit meaningful. pegi jalan2, better than me yg terperuk di rumah sahaja.

however, in 2 weeks going to this seminar. name die seminar legasi tun razak. haha, mcm serius je name. im the work force there. i dunno yet my duty there, but i guess i would have to be the usher. something like that la kot. and the most exciting part is that i would meet so many important people. i know 2 of the moderators: en. khairil jamaludin n dato' mokhzani mahathir. haha, yg lain not that famous for me to know. and one of the speakers is tun haniff omar who is the pengerusi for Yayasan Tun Razak. haha, farisa get prepare for the ceramah. hopefully there's something to it. and yea, i think the only reason why im going is to meet my friends. but up until today, i didnt know just yet who are going. my seniors ade la...adli, abg tengku n abg ayaz. yg lain belom konfirm. hummmm...farisa je yg semangat.

humm, i've been reading ppl's blog. and my opinion is: my blog is darn membosankan! ahaha...i dunno how to make it any more interesting... bior ar dok...gini pong molek jugok...