Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Looking corporate

I think I'm running out of ideas of what to wear to work everyday.

p/s: dulu kan senang. tudung hitam atau putih, Jalan!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pick a team

Why do life gives me options?
Even when I feel like this is the end, it's not. The road always opens to another path, one where I cannot stray myself from, as much as I want to. Then, decision comes in. Unwelcome. But, a must. I cannot seem to wrap my head around the idea that one decision leads to another and I may fatally suffer the consequences. Maybe it is not my call just yet. Maybe I should see what my decision takes me. Maybe I gave the right answer already. Ahhh, maybes! Like one can care too much for them. I was once at a crossroad. I looked left and I saw me. I looked right and I saw me. Nothing wrong with both pathways, but which is more beautiful? I didn't close my eyes and turn left or right aimlessly. I chose my pathway. One which showed me an escape from my life and gave me a chance to explore other options. I do look back at the other pathway, just to see if I missed it. Maybe a little, but I know I can only care so much about maybes that one day it magically disappears! I told a friend once to always keep her options open. So that, when life gives you apples, you can grab the grapes instead. Huh. Options are healthy, let me tell you this much is true.

p/s: I cried upon hearing good news!

Monday, October 18, 2010

What comes to mind

Pictures that came to mind at midnight.
I took the liberty to post them here 'cause I don't have to get up early tomorrow.

Freckle-like rashes around the eyes from trusting a leading brand in skincare!
They are not always the best, so you know.

The cheap ring that got everybody at the office talking (and trying!!!) haha
Oh well, i like rings ;)

Rindu langsat, boleh tak? Lagi bertambah manis langsat bila orang tolong kait belakang rumah and kite kutip atas tanah. tapi tak seronok bile die jatuh atas kepala. Haha Oh so sweet, anyways!

@Miri. Traveling while working is pretty awesome 'cause I get to meet long time no see friends ;) Say hi to Rok and Faezah y'all!

And of course, what is a Miri-visit without meeting Ariff!
Ariff is still single, at least that is from our last conversation ;)
(arep aku promote kau hehe)

@Bintulu! Now, I'm trying to sound like a loser here. This was my first time eating at Sushi King! The sushi was not that bad, though. Anyways, travel while working took me to them! Uni and Kak Liza y'all!

And Aiman too! He has a new car haha

and perhaps, I could drop a couple of Ringgit Malaysia to buy mommy a pretty gift.
I finally unwrapped this porcelain jug I bought for her in Peru. It was wrapped for more than 8 months. Haha. Sape datang rumah Kuantan, dapat lah dihidang dalam cawan kementot nih...mahu kaa?

Mereka datang rumah, tapi tak sempat plak nak hidang dalam jug tuh. Went to eat at another house instead! Meet Faten, Farhanim and Aziemah y'all. Status mereka: unknown. haha

The pink team! Yours truly and Faten.
I think I could stare at myself for a good 1 minute in the mirror-window behind me. Vain, enough?

p/s: New vs. Old dilemma. I like the old one better 'cause I was the leader.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I actually voted for this: AYA Awards 2010.
That is Asian Youth Ambassadors Awards 2010.

Yeah, I'm back on land after spending 10 days at sea. The monsoon is approaching so there was no surprise the sea was damn rough on us. I was not in my most handsome condition due to that, but I managed. And, that cost me 3.4kg too. I was somewhat happy to see the weighing scale showing a number less than 50kg for a change. Haha.

Somehow, out of so many things I craved for the past 10 days, I really wanted a frappucino so bad! Humff! And just as I arrived in KL Sentral via ERL, I headed straight to Starbucks and tried their new Creme Brulee Frappe! It was good, but I prefer Java Chip Frappe better :( There, I saw a brochure of AYA Awards 2010. There are 5 finalists and I read their story.

I came across the first person. Oh, HIM! I saw his work before. He is an amazing photographer. No wonder. Ah, great story, too.

Then, I came across the person that once said "...And as I put the last nail into your coffin..." to me and my buddies back in my parliamentary debate days (Yes, I was a debater! Believe it or not!). I read this person's story and I am very impressed. Young and brilliant! I deeply admire all their stories. It hit me 'cause while I only talk talk talk about doing charity work/do something extraordinary, other souls are actually taking the steps to achieve greater things for themselves and others. Damn. I wonder if it was tough when they started their work! (of course it was! who am I kidding????).

So peeps, vote lah if you wish okay. First, read their stories laa dulu ;)

Even I once said, brilliant young mind does not come too often. I guess this will always hold true.

p/s: mulut terlopong and mata terbeliak bile ayat itu diungkapkan ketika debat ala parlimen dulu...

Monday, October 11, 2010

12 months

In a year, a lot of things can happen. The face of Earth can change entirely; disasters can strike wiping out some of the best known features to mankind. Season goes by and see the smiling faces of many who enjoyed it. A war between two nations can end, with God-willing and lots of forgiveness. Relationships may reach a tipping point or flourish on a high note. Your pet may pass on its life, but you have yours to continue. One poor man can live a life of the rich, by some twist of fate. Your garden may turn out colourful because you have green fingers for that year. But a few million children in Africa will continue to suffer from the same disease they suffered for years and that remains.

Big and small things can happen in a year. You are a year wiser, but where do all these put you?

This is a reminder to myself. To always look ahead and expect the unexpected. But in a year from now, I wish for a better me with my hearts and feelings intact and my chin held up; asking nothing in return, only something to give.

And I would like to quote a friend "We can always plan the things we want to do; in the end it is always up to God to give it to us"

Take care, gators.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

burp lagi dan lagi

Hari ni dapat tahu tembikai is "sejuk" = buat perut berangin. Patut laa asyik burp je sejak 2 hari ni. hari2 pagi petang siang malam akan makan tembikai. tetibe je terdetik nak google "makannan berangin" haha. dulu tak penah kisah bile orang ckp some food buat badan berangin. tp, now macam kene take note sikit kot especially atas kapal and tak rasa comfy bile perut berangin. haha

FYI, since ini kapal mat saleh...takde Malaysian food. craving dowh! tak penah rase craving macam gini. even kat Canada pon tak craving. sape boleh explain kejadian begini? ini die dipanggil kesenangan hidup di Malaysia :p

okay. tu je. nampak kan. bosan2 membaca...kite tulis blog!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Finding comfort in a person

Heavy-headed and nauseated at times, I find it less comfortable to utter the words "I'm fine" when the honest truth is I live up to all this in order to be a learner. Ah yes, there are times when you feel as though lying down is all the remedy you need. But, in the midst of that, I do realize it is my normal body condition to react the way it reacted. I mean, this is not my first time and as I go along I do find I'm getting better at adjusting myself to the condition of the sea. Meaning that, I don't need Gravol as much as I used to.

Complains? I have none. Cravings? I have a few.

Just that I'm trying to find comfort in the people that I know. Being so far away from those whom you call family/friends, only good thoughts accompany me during my days at sea. Really. For once, I'm seeking a chance to find comfort in one person, but I consider that as far-reaching as of now. Maybe I'm still trapped in my own cocoon of "what if" but hey, this girl has to be one tough chick to get through her days. Simple enough, there is no point of saying out loud words of discouragement, especially to someone, when good words take you further. In my mind, I'm telling myself over and over that all I need is the right attitude to be a survivor because people come and they go, but I stay.

p/s: I once wrote in my travel journal something that goes like this, "Here I am, looking at the ocean. Alone. My heart feels empty. I'm not sure what to feel. But in that solitary moment, my vision becomes very clear. I see things I'm yet to see...." (Santa Monica, 2008). That is why I like to just stand and stare at the open ocean. Alone, preferably.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

One step at a time


1. Rock climbing: Something I've always wanted to try. Plus, I gotta work on those toned arms! And I know guys "hate" girls with toned arms (as they keep mentioning it to me), but I seriously don't care.

2. Jogging at KLCC park after work: This would be amazing! Everyday when I go to work in the morning I would be asking myself "Here I am, trying to make a living while others are enjoying life". The thing is I could be doing that too if I have the initiatives and the right motivation!

3. Do yoga: I have all the gears ready! I just need a kickstart here. I know the fatwa says it's haram. But I believe it is haram when chanting is incorporated into it. There is nothing wrong with the movements and what not. This is just my opinion :)

4. Travel to a place truly amazing: I have few places in mind already :) and I don't see myself doing this in few years time, but this will definitely be the priority to me!

5. Read more and more books: I've been like a snail trying to read a book! I should aim to finish a book within a month. Currently, I'm reading One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. My next reading list would be 1984 (by George Orwell) and I Know This Much is True (by Wally Lamb).

6. Be a volunteer/do charity work: Must always give back right?

p/s: Not a fan of the gym. Why pay close to RM200/month when you can just go jog outside?