Thursday, September 30, 2010

At 60km/hr

I believe I've been pretty darn "serious" lately. I mean, look at the things I talked about in this blog! Si, Si, I intended so. All of sudden, I'm bursting with issues to talk about. And as I scrolled down, I noticed the ten most recent posts do not have pictures! That is a crime to this blog, eh?

Oh well, I dunno if you know this but I have a car now. Ok lah kereta ni. My only issue is: I know no shit about cars! I just received a call from Perodua and they asked me to send the car for service cause it had travelled more than 1000km. Oh! you do that with new cars huh? I guess I need to ask around where is the nearest service centre is!

Promosi kereta sendiri :p

Of course you knew this already. I went offshore few weeks ago and I was supposed to spend my Hari Raya on the platform. But by some twist of fate, I got to go back to my kampung for Raya. I seriously thought I'm no longer in the mood for Hari Raya, but take this from me...I took things for granted at times. I appreciate my Hari Raya even more this year. The feeling is different...maybe cause I feel like a nomad at times and kampung reminds me of something even more special that I can't even describe. It was a good feeling :)

Somewhere in the middle of South China Sea

The huge mosque opposite of my late grandmom's house.

Mommy in the middle looking like the Ma'am of the house. Haha

Lol. Terlebih makeup. Get this, I don't wear make up to work due to lots of reasons.
The main one is, make up takes up to 10 mins for my sleeping time in the morning. Haha. Biarlah tak nmpak menawan pon kat office :p

p/s: Monitored a well from the first day of drilling until it reached its final depth. I'm one happy operation geologist!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stealing time

24 hours is never enough for anybody. If only time is sellable, I don't mind spending a fortune on it. Unfortunately, it's not. I'm beginning to lose some quality time, in which I define as me sitting all by myself, preferably drinking coffee while reading a book/surfing the net aimlessly/writing some shite in my diary/play dressed up/singing some songs out-loud while dancing horrendously in front of the mirror/sleep. Honestly, aren't we all trapped in this dilemma as well? And for so many months, I can only ask this question: How the hell do Moms do it? Their job is definitely round the clock; which is why I should not be complaining in this case! I mean, their time is definitely used for others. Respect! That is when I realize I should steal some time. I mean, I drive to work and spend my time doing one thing: driving. But if I take the LRT, I could read a book and listen to my iPod at the same time. And if I'm that good, I would make myself a cup of coffee and just be ready for whatever work has to throw to me that day. I opted for the latter. I do lose some time by doing drive+LRT, but I rather choose this option so that I can relax. Plus I get to save some RM, too. Haha. I witnessed mommies getting ready in the car at the traffic light before. I just need to learn this trick of super-multitasking real fast!

p/s: I guess this girl is not ready to be a mommy. Haha

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Crossing lives

The idea is like the movie Sepi or He is just not that into you.

My idea is the world is getting smaller. Everyone of us is related to each other one way or the other and it is interesting how your life crosses mine without me taking a slight notice of it. Or if it is a big deal at all. Just for second, it is. In this globalized world nothing is impossible. Your story is mine and what's mine can be yours. This is not karma; where you believe what goes around comes around. But believe it or not, no reservation is needed today 'cause of the openess we all are. In a simpler piece of mind, how do I begin to know all of you? As is to say it is not a mind-boggling question, but it certainly holds a little sigficance when people say "Alahai keciknye dunia ini". But do we take all this for granted? Much like we did to our lives; when all corners of the world is inviting us to come over. To see and gain something new to love. I would dream that for a second or two. As the world is getting smaller, I want to make a difference; one lasting impression that makes life matters. One where your story changes mine and to live life other than my own. I want our crossing paths to mean something truly beautiful that I shall forever love.

p/s: still in love with SEPI.
"Bisikku kepada Bulan, kembalikan...."

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

To right a wrong is hard

I'm beginning to see what others are thinking. How other human beings think or behave in certain ways; either to accommodate the sad truth or something they want to believe. I have this small voice telling me I was previously blinded by the reality; that the real world does not exist at some point. However, I was in no position to disregard the real world as I can only hope that everything is very ideal. At least in my eyes. But nothing in this world has a perfect template; one where you can apply to fit everything in accordingly. The answer does not lie on a piece of MCQ sheet; but it is a myriad of blank spaces asking me to fill in what I think is right. At least in my eyes. I cannot be asking all the right questions nor do I have all the right answers. One thing I know my eyes are open. To see that I do not live in this world all by myself and that the study of other human being is an art in its own right. I regret for putting myself ahead of others, but I would not plead guilty to it. Why? 'Cause of human judgment. We are judgmental, more often that not and I do not beg to differ myself from this. I do believe we should reserve a little room for judgement, just to give you some benefit of the doubt. Without it, where is your curious mind? People walk in and walk out of my life as if I'm a shopping mall. But along with that comes a perception. One, two, three and more perceptions. Even the cliche-est quote "Don't judge a book by its cover" holds no significance. To say I don't mind is a lie, too. The sad truth is to right a wrong is hard. What more can I say?

p/s: Love the movie SEPI. Brilliant!

Friday, September 17, 2010

The learning idea

School what?? That was May 2010.
A learning process shouldn't stop. It should continue until the day you die, no matter how awful it sounds. I just thought for once, my life as a student is over. I like being a student 'cause I do feel I was good at being one. The truth is as much as you and I feel life is stagnant at times, it is not. A student life is pretty monotonous and I learn from lectures. I can't believe I miss those things. No worries, no extra effort at all. I would go to class and listen and jot down everything. I may also took so-called short naps here and there. I met some of the best people in my life too. Ahh, good ol' days. Things are different now. I'm no longer a student. I couldn't get student discount anymore. Working life is different! Way different. I face a lot of new things. Some are good and some are not. But I like it because it is different. I find I learn a lot more this way. Ahhh, I will forever be a student in disguise this way.

p/s: I'm looking for a big dinosaur! It's been missing for few weeks now :p
p/ss: I hate watching talking animals.... (I'm watching Narnia at this very instance!!)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Misreading all the signs

This I afraid. What I perceive sometimes could mean the other. Am I to blame for reading the signs wrongly? Rather than putting the blame on someone or myself, I should say this. I’m a very straight forward person. What I say is what I mean. What I show is definitely my nature. I can’t be a chameleon, I’m no good at that. For all I know I maybe stuck in a dilemma for a long time. I perceived things the way they should be perceived. But I realized not everybody is straight forward. They bend their words and actions to make it all so glittery, but hey look far ahead, what do you see? You can bet to see me in confusion. While I’m stuck in this confusion I seek for some support from dear friends. Yes, even people read signs differently. Again, it goes back to there is no damn universal interpretation to any forms of signs (other than road signs). Oh how I wish I can read cards. SO that they can tell me what to do. Superstitious much? I rather not!

p/s: this is not the ideal case