Monday, March 31, 2008

farisa every 30 minutes

izzy had planned one hell of a bday treat! oh my! and this is one of it.
"kite kene amik gamba setiap 30 minit".... well, i have no problem with that *grin*

so, we headed to the mall.....
what i didnt know was there are surprises that await me.............................
oh, i had a badge on saying "bday girl" awwwwwwwwwww

1. while waiting for the bus.... it wasn't a long wait. this is the first 30 mins.

2. arrived at white oaks mall, took us half an hour to get there.
i'm holding an oversized clutch by Nine West...talking bout fashion forward. we were in The Bay.
And we met Chris, oh wow! with his partner...


3. Le Chateau Silk Jacket. My favourite actually, and hell yeah I look good in it!
but, I'm not a fan of the price :( CAD225, my mom's gonna kill me....

4. Red has always been my favourite colour, but I already have one! Just that
the one that I have is a bit thin, this one is thicker. And I hate the buttons on
this jacket. But I look good eh??

4. Same shop as above, so same number. Oh, I'm in Urban Behaviour here. Guess what?
I love this jacket too. Haa, see I have a big conflict. lol. Love this one too! I dont have a
black jacket yet, so this seems to be the best choice! The jacket is very fashion forward, with puffed sleeves and "skirt" bottom half of it. Balloon effect, if u can imagine...
and it looks good on me too.


Here is the SURPRISE!
A lunch treat at Applebee's :) Let's see what I had....

Izzy's Mocha Freeze
and I had strawberry coco dot dot dot <--I dont remember...too long
Cheese Quesadilla as our appetizer

Me! and the balloons that are decorating our table.
Thanks Izzy!!


AFTER... I feel fat :(

awwwwwww, 5 waitresses (I think) brought us our dessert and sang me a Bday song the Applebee's style. oh my!! I was so happy and malu2 cos ppl are all looking at me :P

I got a present from Izzy!! A beautiful candle (she knows I L.O.V.E candles) and
a GAP shirt :) thanks bebe...

the madness continues... silly pics je. And the worse part is: the mall closes at 5pm and we didnt know that...


Balik sudaa....

OH, this is a gift I got from Linda, Nasri and Mubeen. Thanks guys.
Name die Moo-hu, from the geology term MOHO. hahaha... and this is the first time
in 10 years that I got a soft toy as a gift :)

the card i got all the way from Bristol :) Pen for scale. besaw betul...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

'cause it's my day...

The face I dont do often

The sizzling, molten, blazing, red hot jacket that I bought in Michigan :)

To show u that I bought a new clutch which I used for the first time just now!

To show you that I do have dimples :)

therefore, i can do whatever i want...
like putting up vain pics. i-know-i-know i said i dont do vain pics, but i cant help it... lol
a.k.a Paris, Fritz, Feysa - or create what other names u wanna call me, but pls make it datinness.
anyways, u know, I used to keep track of who wish me first. lol, it's not dumb ok.
but lately, I lost track of this "wishing h.bday to farisa" list. lol.
lets go back to 2004. this is just a recall, I maybe wrong! I don't count if u call me bfore 12am.
2004: Ezuan! I know Hazim promised me to call me and made me wait all night (what the dush - tiru ariff), but in the end, Ezuan called me first and Hazim never did. bummer!
2005: I think it was Kerol...yes, I'm pretty sure Kerol was the first to call...because....he was sad that he wasnt the first to call me on 2006! so who did on 2006?
2006: I believe it was Zaid! of course, I went out with him that night! Miss him dearly! Hazim called me 10 mins bfore my, not counted! siann Zaid have to listen to my conservation with Hazim...haihhh....then how could I ever forgot the surprise bday party Ainil and Izzy n the B310 and other houses threw for me! so freaking sweet!
2007: sape ek? this year, seriously lupa! I think it was Izzy...cos she's in my room, so obviously she wished me first!
2008: my dear shafiqah wished me first!!! yeahh, luv ya girl! got lots of bday wishes, thanks a bunch! u guys are soo sweet :) Oh! We are already planning things for the next sleepover! and this time, it's curling iron baby. u curl i, i curl u. weeeeeeeeee! sweeeeeeet! finally I got what I want.
I had an Indonesian dinner just now. It was awesome! the food was good and the best part was of course playing PS2-dance evolution. U know I love dancing, so this is so my thing. considering buying them! I have pics from the dinner, just that I dont feel like putting them up. Maybe later. tonight it's all bout the extremes, namely the vain pictures!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

positive go far

ignore my previous post cos i sound soooooooooo negative.
u know i dont like to be negative, not since i know "that" friend of mine who show me how much better life will be if i keep the positive spirit alive. thanks a bunch dude! u dont know how significant it has shaped my life now.

i'm going to a party in half an hour, so gotta get ready!!! NOW!

for a new year.

i hate ppl taking vain pictures of themselves like this one up here, but i can't help to take this kinda pictures myself. that makes me a vain person, but do ppl hate me like me hating others?
what makes us different is, I DON'T UPLOAD THIS KINDA PICTURE to my facebook or friendster. nuff said. read more down here. *i look weird in this picture*

well, my new year starts tomorrow so, i came out with this theory: i know i have a very strong personality (bukan perasan, i just know i do), so, i figure...if i tone down this so-called strong personality, i will become less annoying a.k.a more likeable. how bout that!

i dont know why do i like to bother myself thinking this kinda stuff, but i just have to. it's such a mind boggling thing. sometimes i'm just unsure how ppl perceive me. somehow i think last week proved to me how exactly ppl see me. not going to say it here, but i know it in my heart. maybe it was just for fun, but there has to be some basis to this "fun".

i cant help to think, that maybe some ppl do find me irritating or maybe slightly arrogant. cos when i reflect things to myself, i see this. i see that if i were some other person, lets say A. and A has the same freaking personality as me, i dont think i would like A.

going deeper by day.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Go forward or Hold back?

I have a question for u.
If u have a dream or passion that is ridiculously impossible, do u go ahead with it or u hold back and maybe, just maybe wait for the right moment that God knows when will come?

I bet most of u will say: Go for it!

But, is it that easy? like I said, the situation is, this dream/passion is hands down impossible. So, what say u?
Maybe I should put up a situation so that u can visualized n make decision, unfortunately, I can't think of any good one right now, sorry :)

I think I should hold back, idk....

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

how i became paris

oh my, what a weekend it was!
i was doing my geochemistry lab while putting up the pictures down here. i was so stucked (yet again) and so, i decided to write smthing here instead!

"kami rasa berbangga laa juga sebab ade gak celebrity nak join trip maple syrup kami. alamak, lupa pula nak amik autograph" (Uncle Nor)

haaa, of course Uncle Nor was referring to me. aha, that was hilarious. i had a great weekend although i pretty much can say i was the "main" target for ppl to sakat! i cant think any other ppl yg kene sakat like i did. oh my!
the bottom line is, kene BLAME LINDA!
cos she made up my celebrity name: paris! just cos she said farisa is simply too long; although i assured her it is just 6 letters and therefore it is short, but she didnt buy that and so, i became Paris! and as expected, i was compared to the other paris. hope u know who is the other paris. she's famous for sure. lol. Linda, lu tanggung banyak ar ngan wa. so she make up to that by being such a sweet companion. we were awake until 5am to study, turun bawah utk makan brownies at 3am and had just 3 hrs sleep. so, thanks to u babe!

i dunno why i was so eager to go to toronto for the weekend although there's a test coming up. oh, btw, i did pretty well on my test. and i do not regret at all that i did. it's such a great weekend! despite the struggle to study n the "distraction" but i prefer it like that, rather than locked urself in a room and study, study and study. at least at aunty rahidah's house, i get to study, play and eat good food at the same time. whenever i feel all stressed out, i'll go get smthing to eat :D or play some game card with the kids. i know they love that! and i love it too! or if i dont understand a thing, i can always ask ppl <-- kurang jadi cos the person i asked pon lupa. so i'm still at the same question until today. (even neil doesnt help a lot)

anyways, enuf of the old,boring story. here's the pics n the description
this is a laporan bergambar.
get ready to be jealous folks.... especially to those in canada. hahaha

let me start with my bus trip to toronto. darn, it was early so i had to wait for mus for quite some time. i slept in the bus. haha, need that booze :D
well, mus picked me up and we went to his room n meet up with zul n mubeen there. damn their room was freaking beautiful. it was an ex-hotel so u pretty much can imagine how nice it is inside. the rent is also nice. haha, and u dont want to know how much it is. bdak2 ni perlu byk lagi belajar bout berjimat. the friday was a holiday, but i dont care and nak jugak pegi jalan2 at downtown, plus we need to get something for aunty rahidah n kak roy. so, me, mbn n mus pegi laaa jalan2 along queen's street. it's pretty much like 5th avenue, NY with all the boutiques line up along the street. but i would prefer 5th avenue of course. byk kedai tutup, but some do open. i didnt get anything though....mahu jimat wang!
so, after that pegi laa rumah kak roy where we meet up with lynn and nasri! spent few hours there bfore going to uncle nor's house.
k, this is the pics n the story!

me, irah n lynn yg tak cukup tinggi. we were waiting for kak roy ni... the weather was nice...

shafiqah, farisa, irah. the hawt girls. err...perasan japs. but the seat belt was damn kacau. n yes, i'm wearing shafiqah's sunnies and she's wearing mine

our code of conduct: Y. sweet! the 2 girls are so pretty kan. oh, the bracelet that i was wearing in this pic, dah hilang :(

this is how it works, there's a trail for us to walk through the history and how the people collect the maple syrup. i wasnt paying attention that much :D

i still dont get the "mascot". what the hell is it? a tree kaaa??

pakcik and makcik bekerja to get the maple syrup for us. he is cooking the syrup. it was clear at first, and after it is ready, it has that bronzy, light brown, translucent colour.

cara nak kutip maple syrup yg dah siap. i look skinny kan

beli2, jangan tak beli

the guys, sitting from left: uncle taib with haris, safwan, mus, zul, uncle sukri, and mbn.
standing at the back, from left: uncle nor and nasri

hotties by the fire
from left: tak ingat name, sakinah, irah, me, lynn, kak roy, aunty rahidah, najwa, dinah and kak roy. shafi is standing at the back!!

the wagon that we had a ride on! the horses are so loving-loving

i love this picture of haris! and shafi is sooo pretty.

bfore we left, we had a picnic yang takde rupa mcm picnic kat msia. see, it's all white! we had nasi lemak, meehoon, etc etc. nasi lemak jadi sejuk within 2 minit after letak dlm pinggan. sedey!! 2 round tu makan... i ignore the cold and makan and by the time of my 2nd round, girls dah masuk kereta n leave me alone with aunty2 and the boys :( so takleh makan 3rd round...

burok giler muka! tgh study dlm kereta smbil2 borak ngan kak roy. mbn ni curi amik gamba!

our red hot kereta sewa. hahaha

bbqing dalam garage petang2 after maple syrup trip. weeeeee!

me and safwan!! tgh makan2. sodap betul

wah zul, mkn pe tuh??

baru sikit, banyak lagi!!!!!!!!!! smpai esok baru habes semua. my fave: the steak, udang and satay!!!!! see, how cant i say this weekend is the best!

khas utk mbn. hahaha. see, lain kali jgn kasi linda pakai ur jaket, die korek2 poket cari barang! u shud put this pic on facebook, not the other one! ni lagi byk respond ni!

memoyo ngan mus. aik.,..makan satu je ke??

bakar satay!! first time beb.

dah enjoy2, kene laa study kann... among the stuff i was doing.

dah habes study, main pula....kasi sihat badan...

main yg best! i wasnt that great though. i cant hardly score any point :( zul was doing all the scoring for our team. dah laa team mbn+lynn+shafi semua dah expert. dapat kak roy plak main on their team. tak fair betul. mbn pegi main macam rugby. but lynn was good. cit, minah tu mmg main basketball! irah pon terer..... oh dear!

ok, mmg tak byk cerite bout "paris". but mmg byk kali i got sakat. dah lali. haha. it's ok, i'm always the drama queen. i dont think i can live without being one :D but i'm not a diva. lain tuh

ok, as usual. this trip also result in some kinda thoughts. very2 evoking! kene selesaikan. thanks kak roy for pointing that out. saye nak cari kepastian ni :)