Thursday, November 26, 2009


Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha
Eid Ul-Adha!

I hope in the midst of studying so hard for the upcoming finals (humfff!), you would still take some time off to enjoy yourself :) My raya plan? Maybe pegi solat raya (depends, buses are on strike! gilahhh) and then pegi rumah Kak Asiah for some makan-makan. 

And the on Sunday, the mosque is organizing Eid Ul-Adha dinner at Hilton Hotel. I'm going. Oh, that hotel just brings me back to my very first day in London when takde orang MSD yang patut dtg jemput tak muncul2!!!!!!

Well, that's my plan. What's yours? Nevertheless, eat healthy yerr HAHA. Tahun ni tak masak pon. Sigh, tumpang makan jer :D Exam laa katakan.

Have fun!
Later gators,
- fz

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

who are you?

Care to tell me?
'cause I'm very curious. 

I know I have some regular visitors like Ariff, Ainil, Lynn, Kak Eyna, Irving, Anna, Harun, Annas cause they always leave me comments; other than them, I don't know who you are and I'm quite eager to know. 

So, care to tell me who you are? (a.k.a just leave me a comment or send me a message at facebook, whichever) I don't bite lol. 
Wish you happy happy day readers :)

Later gatorsss!

sidenote: new love -> amik video diri sendiri menyanyi, sedap laa gak. lol. tapi takde intention nak post ke youtube yerr. 

Friday, November 20, 2009

Loser is a kind word

Oh dear! Seriously, nothing can beat how I feel right now.
I feel like a loser.
I just got back from a meeting with my professor and he handed back my thesis introduction paper. He didn't give me a bad mark, but I still feel like a bummed when he starts talking about some of the mistakes I made. You know the feeling you have when you submit something, you feel as though that piece is the best piece you've ever written. It turns out, it's not. That is how I feel right now. I thought I wrote an amazing paper. I told everybody "I'm super pumped to write the introduction!", and I was. I do believe I put a lot of work into it. However, when I talked to him, I just realise I didn't give myself enough reality check. I'm not trying to scare you of with the intensity of doing a thesis, but I just think I'm not being fair to my research work. Just when I think I did a lot, I didn't put as much effort as I did for my online class (tons of reading to do!). Geez. So, I'm writing here to tell you my frustration with myself. I know my supervisors are soooo into this project and I don't want to dissapoint them. He said himself just now, "I had you in some of my classes and I know how you work, but this intro is not nearly as good as what you are capable of" (something like that). Shoottttt!
Well, I say there is no time to feel like shit. I have no time to spare and by that, it means crunch time starts right now!! I have to reorganize my schedule. Thank you for reading.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

dress me up

hoho. i'm super-drifted right now and i dare say, tonight is a total blur. damn, i have a report to submit this friday! and here i am posting pictures of some dresses! heh. 
well, i'm just looking for some inspiration. mana tahu i wanna buy one someday. since i'm planning to go to geoball next year, so kene laa beli kan. heh. 


i am in love with this dress :)
ade laa dalam $500 lol

remember icpu prom night? 
kan semangat nak pegi at first smpai laa takde sorang pon kawan nak pegi...i was already looking for a dress with my mom :( tapi tak jadi pegi. haha. well, the one i really wanted was something like this, by melinda looi. 

i don't usually wear dresses, tp i bought one last summer just to try it out. geez. and i must say, i don't really like it cause it can get ugly when the wind blows. nuff said. 

the only long dress i own. 
and this is the only picture of me wearing it. 
ahhh i miss summer time!

ok, i should try to get back to work!
sorry laah, post ni tah hape2


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Khas utk Ariff and Annas AWWW!

Hehe, jarang kot letak video :) So, here's some vids that I've been meaning to upload! I kinda want to upload the vids when we were on Maid of the Mist, but I sounded too KEPOH so I refuse to upload it!! Hehehe. Personal interest rules. 
Walaupon title post khas utk Ariff and Annas, second vid tu takde kaitan ngan korang. Lol

Dah lama kot nak letak video ni. 
Tajuk: Aku Sayang Korang. HAHA! Awkwardddddd!
Sorry Arep :D

4450Y Field Trip to Nova Scotia
The party van's official theme song and dance moves!
You'll see some views of Nova Scotia too in this video. Haha
Song: Hot N Cold by Katy Perry. 
Title: Take away the dance floor boys :)

ps: I bought a top from AE yesterday for CAD7. haha I am absolutely in love with the top!

$7 jerrr (dah masuk tax nih) LOL

My super shiny and rock'n'roll blazer. I wore it to my interview last week. Awww~!!

haha, kantoi bilik bersepah2!! well, the clothes u see on the bed are not a week collection of "dirty" clothes okay! I was trying on clothes with my new tights (a.k.a I'm wearing it in this picture)

Okay, I do not wish to say this...but I'm getting more and more comfortable to put up my vain pics. SIGH! well, nak tunjuk kat korang kannn :D

later gators!
any more midterms for u guys?? good luck eh!
utk ainil yang tgh final exam, MAJOR GOOD LUCK TO U BABE!


Monday, November 9, 2009


That's my motivation for today and maybe for the rest of my fourth year. Who said that to me? Haaa... 
It was from an unlikely person, but nevertheless I'm taking it all in, for sure cause what he said is true. 
....I have to want it and when you get it, own it! 

I guess that is the case for the interview with Petronas as well. The interview was last week, if you've been reading my blog...u would have know that already. It went well, I guess although there are some parts where I wish I could have done better. Right now, I'm suffering from the typical-farisa-syndrome-after-an-interview: I should have say something else AND I could have given another example. The words keep lingering in my head. Seriously, I felt at a disadvantage going into the interview first cause I have no reference or I don't know what to expect. Well, at least I can get it over with and the interviewer cannot compare me to anybody ;)
The structure of the interview has 3 parts, 
1. About yourself
2. Case study (just as Educamp, just no group discussion)
3. Role Play

I did well in 2 and 3, but not about myself. HAHAHA how korup is that? I think I was still trying to be comfortable at that time that I forgot some of the qualities I should be talking about! Aiyaaa. Takpe, I pretty sure she can judge me correctly based from my answers. And I think my experience at SIFT had helped me a lot in my interview because I can give them clear examples of my beliefs, especially when it is related to the industry LOL. So, any geologist wannabes in Canada, pls pls apply for SIFT if you have the chance :) Definitely will look good on your resume and excellent place for networking; and in my case, good during Petronas interview. HAHA

Other than that...gembira utk jumpa my friends aka the Mafia! We played mafia that night and again, for 4 years I didn't get the chance to be the mafia! Damn. 4 years is long bro! Ahhh! And you wouldn't guess this, I changed my game plan. This time, I was more reserved and I would just talk when I need to talk. Hah. It worked! Cause I didn't the chop early in the game Hikssss.

Humff, dah laa malam dinner tu...I wore baju kurung. Obvious kot tak bace email properly!! AHH! I should wear "formal clothes". Nasib baik my kurung wasn't the red one. Hehe. Well, it feels good to be different AWW! For the interview, I go ALL BLACK neck - toe. That was on purpose. Like I said before, that new blazer definitely made me look sharp. Everybody said so, except Ariff : kau pakai jaket mcm nak naik motor... :( je
Well, sorry laa Ariff, blazer tu walaupon kilat...dah ramai yg suke. Aww! Rock-a** outfit tau orang msg sy ckp Hehe. 

Haha, gamba buruk skit... this was taken at 7.30 am kotttt! takleh bukak lampu, org tgh tido :(

OK sekian. FOr more pictures, go check out my facebook album. I can't post the link here somehow Humff

later gators.