Wednesday, June 22, 2011

With Arms Wide Open

Tonight, I blasted off some old Creed songs that I don't remember I have in my iTunes until somebody asked. And that was at 1am. Our mini singing session has ended by now, and I'm all wide awake. You can tell me why ;)

P/S: chose to write a review on "With Arms Wide Open" back when I was 14 for some assignment. Then I chose, "This I Promise You" haha

Monday, June 6, 2011

That certain someone

I like to think to be in the right crowd is hard; to surround oneself with people whom you can call friends and to avoid enemies. The worst is, of course, to be bounded by pretentious people with glittery eyes and friendly smiles. Then it boils down to trust; who are your trustworthy people? Deep down, I can actually easily trust someone with my stories. You'll see the preferences almost immediately. I may sound naive to you, then. I've known better now. Maybe I cannot willfully hand pick who to be friends with, but I can certainly choose my trustworthy friends. I wonder why I used to be so out loud about everything that I couldn't give myself some reservations. Add that to my vocabulary now. I am more reserved. At times, I give some thoughts. Do I ever have enemies? They don't come running to me, but do I have enemies?

Above all,
I have met that certain someone whom I can share all my stories with and would listen patiently to me when I babble every . single . time .


p/s: offshore again. muka akan kering lagi! urgh!