Sunday, September 30, 2007

contradiction - i like this, i hate that

haha. i think many have experienced this.
u think u may have some firm belief in sumthing that u like or hate.
well, i do

tu laa org kate jgn gedix ckp. cos now the thing that i hate came to me as the best-est thing ever.
i kinda felt stupid for saying it at first as though im so going to stick to it. it almost as if im so shallow to accept things that are not perfect although they are not all that bad. now, im happy with the things that i hate. and im proud to say it!

BUT, there are things that i hate that will remain as the things that i hate
sebagai cth: i hate when ppl giving out my email/contact detail without my consent. it's like ape kes? unless he/she needs to contact me to ask sumthing important. kalau nak berkenalan...i suggest tak payah laa. cos im not that friendly to tetibe layan sum stranger. and strangers yg korup really pissed me off. few nights ago, there is this guy who wanted to be "friends" with me and got my email from his friend. i wanted to know who "this" friend is, but he refuses to tell me. he wanted to start fresh. i said, pls introduce urself. die ckp ladies first. i was like...hello, i asked u first. then die ckp there is this phrase in this world that says ladies first. i was soo mad. i said, i know that phrase, im not dumb. then i sign out. i guess i was emo at that time. padan muka sape suruh tegur time farisa moody. and at that same time...takyah laa ngade2 sgt. like i want to know u sgt. hello....bukannye susah introduce urself dulu.

haha. emo skit.

but i had a VERY happy weekend. love it. although there were 2 incidents that almost ruined my weekend, but it took ONLY ONE incident to make it all better!!

[i need to portray my self-control next time i talk to this friend]
[no shooooot, no emo, no im-not-a-sensitive-person when clearly i am, no i-dont-care when i do care]

i dont wish to talk bout the 2 dreadful incidents. but i do want to talk the ONE thing that make up my whole week.

i can smile now. haha.

last night, i had a very good and long conversation with this friend that i soo longed to talk too. and last night my wish came true. it was 130am, luckily i was waiting for ariff. or otherwise i would have sign out my YM and wouldnt talk to him. haha, thanks to ariff although didnt get the chance to talk to him later cos haha, biar lahh org nak gayut!

ape je kitorang borak for that 2hr 30 mins. byk tunjuk gamba kot. tah ape pics tunjuk pon tak tahu. byk sgt. though die letak 3 gamba je. ape lahh.

other than the picture thingy, my friend kinda kasi byk gile nasihat. haha...nasihat la sgt. nahh, just comforting me with all my overwhelming problems. cos mcm byk sgt. thanks for listening. i think i should shut up once in awhile. cos mmg la i have to many things to tell. tp mcm, takyah la bagitau semua. aha...mcm izyan lahh, she has to listen to almost everything from besar to kecik. kalau besar to make sense la gak. durh uh who else i can talk to right. izyan je laa my target. but last night i think i kinda dump all my stories throughtout the entire course of my life in just one phone conversation which come to think of it again, darn that's so heavy but my friend mcm sabar je dgr n like i said, my friend comforts me. nice eh... and as i've mentioned earlier, i need to regain my self-control next time i talked to my friend, cos when i review balik what i've told him, i kinda think some things i shouldnt have mention. there is this one thing yg sgt patut tak mention, but i was freaking pissed off when this other friend tetibe msg n ckp sal some issues that i've told him i HATE to talk about. so i lost myself there and terus burst kat my friend and told him the whole freaking thing. from form 1 until now. like 7 yrs worth of stories to tell. and i did. so i think i should have left this story behind. cos it's so complicated+awkward+karutmarut+etc. but nevertheless, he listens patiently and just said wow. hope he doesnt freak out. hehe

right, from now on, be positive ye farisa. i want to. let go of all the negative emotions and stay positive mcm my friend. i cant help but to smile when i looked at his fster's shout out "wear sumthing happy...put a smile". yea. will do that once i buy new clothes this weekend...weeeee...

yea. there will come days when u suffer, but there is a reward later. muahxx love to see what the reward is.

this has clearly getting further and further from the title. haha.

ok, my watch list now: u guys should watch my stories too
Tuesday: beauty and the geek
Wed: ANTM cycle 0
Thurs: survivor china and ugly betty.

must watch semua ni!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


haha, if u read my last post u would probably come across the things that i dont care in life.

and one it is ... i dont care if i look ugly.

err...yea, but i think that was in the past. it is still true, but half true. lol :P

i guess this is what happened if u go to UWO. not to so it's bad, but ... it is superficial.

being in UWO do taught me one thing (erm, other that the academic stuff) that is to look good. although u woke up late n didnt take a shower that morning, u still HAVE GOT to wear ur mascara. it is just a MUST-WEAR thing. well mascara is one of the so many must-wear things.

among the other must-wear or at least must-have items are Lulu Lemon Yoga Bag or TNA Yoga Bag, the big buckle belt, nice looking flats, legging, UGG boots, thick scarf, long necklaces, skinny jeans, oversized sunnies that looks almost ridiculous, and of course, the Yoga pants. many more i guess. it is just a trend

haha, well...lets count how many i have. hah! i have 2. but considering im wearing tudung, ermm i dont look so lame. haha. im not saying other universities dont have this kinda gurls, but we have the MOST. most definitely, western gurls enjoy looking good.

what i want to point out is: i think im fallen for this trap too. maybe not entirely cos i think i pretty much have some control over myself in terms of shopping. i wont go and buy UGG and such. too ridiculous. but now, i do wear make ups to my hair sumtime which come to think again, why the hell bother when nobody is even looking at them. hahaha. i care when i look into the mirror i guess. i dont know whether this new tendency is following the UWO current or it is just my nature to suddenly feel like i should start looking more appealing.

at the same time, im 20 already. im sooooo allowed to wear make up outside. hello...people here are soo much younger than me, but they look older. so i might as well look like my age. i guess this is another way to look at things. simply trying to look or suited my face n clothes with my age. a very fair argument indeed!!

ermm,, i dunno bout whut u would think. i guess u have to tell me if u think im changing.
currently nobody has said anything or maybe wouldnt dare to saye anything. haha

up till now, i have few things i want to drop. that is the word "like". OMG, i say thing everytime. and this is definitely pengaruh UWO. gosh i love UWO~

Friday, September 21, 2007

i dont want to be bulimic or anaroxic. i wont eh?

im eating brownies while typing this. that means, im using my left hand and right's jari kelinking... awesome eh? haha...

- this is sumthing i realli realli care. indulging in delicious, fattening food *sigh* is sooo not good for me.

i never care about anything else. errr pretty much ... i dont care my tudung is kerepot, arch tajam or it is messy since i didnt pin it down. i just dont care. i dont care going to class without a touch of compact powder. im definitely comfortable in baring my skin. going to megamall without any makeup is nothing of a big deal. apetah lagi pegi kedai mamak. lol :P i dont care going to the laundry wearing a bright red pants either (ainil, i think u know which sluar im referring to)
I just dont care.

BUT, i do care for one thing. MY FREAKING weight!

saje buat kecik2. cos why? if im a bit fat, i look short. basically that's all the reason to it. haha. and also kene marah ngan my dad.

however, it's sooo hard to keep up with all the workouts n stuff. i do want to go to the gym, but since it is ramadhan, i cant go in the day and at night...obviously i wont go. how eh? kontrol makan lagi la tak mampu. my up bringing was to eat whut ever i desire to. makan laa ape2 pon, but my dad would force us to do exercise on a regular basis. hah.. and now that im here, i kinda miss the exercise regime. cos now, i cant eat a lot. i was talking to ariff the other day. he was so keen to build up his muscle etc. errr....gud luck with that. i guess guys go to the gym just to have nice looking physique. but im not into that of course. lol. guess guys are not so interested in keeping good fitness etc. to me, that is important cos i dont want to get semput just half way thru things especially physical activities. so i only want to join activities that involve cardiovascular exercise. i do realise that my work in the future would require me to be in good condition. so i might as well start now. my friends here were like...why do u want to go the gym? u r skinny already... errr thanks for that guys. but it's the fitness im trying to keep intact. dont want to lose the fitness that i've build up over the years.

so yea, i kinda realise that im freaking obsess with what i eat and to use up all the calories i took. wish i had the extra passion like my dad or my uncle. admire them both for wanting to always be in perfect shape!! giving smooches to daddy!!

"people eat an average of 11kJ of energy everday when a woman should only eat 6.5kJ a day. - The only way to lose weight is to use more energy than u put into your body each day." (cleo mag, dunno which edition)

and now, im not even eating healthily. im sooo lazy to cut the veggies into smaller bits. oh! what a bummer eh? izyan makan giler byk sayur. jeles syal. i wish she would cut them for me. haha keep on wishing.

humm i've finished the brownies. turn out it doesnt taste all that great.

ps: steven told me selat melaka has among the most pirates in the world. hummm....i guess the pirate carribean thing should have Malaysia on the map. lol :P btw, steven was in the US navy and help our nation to guard selat melaka. and yea, he says Malaysia is the least efficient country to handle this issue. too bad. malu pon ade. but yea, selat melaka is the longest strait in the world and it all belongs to Malaysia and our navy is soo small. thanks for the help Steven!! lol :P. he said: i was surprise that we could get alcohol in Malaysia. err...Malaysia ni takde la kuno sgt Steven. just drinking is not the culture here, so there are not many places selling alcohol.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

my name is farisa

how do u spell that...


owh i thought ur name is theresa

hahaha...very funny

u r the second person to think my name is theresa.

first was max back in taylors. tp itu takpe....sebab max kacak :P

*lab today takde org2 korup, but i couldnt finish it even after 3hrs of looking at crystal models*

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kenape kita tak berkongsi...

kite perlu berkongsi ilmu. itulah yg saye nak cube pegangkan. pada pendapat saye, kalau kite tak tahu kite tanye. tak kire lahh ape sekalipon. terutama dlm lab dan melihat sampel batu2 yg pelbagai jenis, bentuk dan JISIM. kerana perkara2 ini adelah sukar jika kite tak pernah mempelajari nye sebelum ini. adalah sukar utk mengenal pasti itu crystalnye acicular, atau tabular atau lain2 lagi. adelah sukar mengenal pasti itu adelah cleavage bagi batu itu. namun, inilah yg perlu kite pelajari kalau nak jadi geologist yg berjaya. kite harus bertanya pada TA apekah perkara2 ini? kerana sudah pasti lahh TA tahu dan kadang2 mereka terus memberi jawapan. kekadang mereka terang. saye sgt suka TA yg menerangkan segala ape yg saye nak tahu. seperti TA saye name Reba, Duanne, Nelson n sorang lagi saye tak ingat name beliau. mereka sungguh mulia hati dan BERKONGSI ILMU. namun, ade juge segelintir TA yg takde la pula sgt membantu. mereka bertanya kembali soalan itu pada kite dgn harapan kite akan menjawab sendiri soalan itu. saye tidak kisah begini, tetapi janganlah kata YA kepada jawapan saye dan membuat saye anggap saye sebenarnye betul sedangkan jawapan itu adelah salah. saye sunggu kecil hati dgn kejadian petang tadi, saye bertanya kepada TA: Does this sample have 3 directions cleavage? die menjawab, show me the three directions... saye pon tunjuk pada die ape pendapat saye pd batu itu. beliau berkata: u are most certainly correct. saye gembire ngan pencapaian ni, namun sebenarnye apabila berbincang dgn rakan2, mereka kata ade 2 directions shj. saye terasa kecil hati kerana ini buleh menyebabkan saye hilang markah! ade juge keadaan beliau menerangkan pada saye perkara yg tiada kaitan langsung, namun saye tetap mendengar. beliau ingin berkongsi ILMU. bagus!! ini yg saye suke. tp dlm masa yg same sy ingin siapkan lab dgn cepat.

kemudian dtg pula keadaan dimana, kamu tak apabila mereka yg tahu memberitahu, mereka berkata...i think i'll just go with stubby when the obvious answer is massive (utk crystal form). saye seperti...helllooooooooooo, i know this one. why do u want to follow ur wrong instinct. sedangkan mereka belom blajar perkara ini dan masih tergapai2 mengenal erti tiap diagnostic itu. namun, saye kecewa juge dgn sikap ini. sehinggakan saye ade dgr mereka buat salah, tetapi saye kater biarlahh...saye seperti merajuk walaupon sepatutnye saye membantu membetulkan salah mereka. haihhh, ape nak jadi dgn saye ni...

kemudian dtg pula sekumpulan yg masuk lab dan main tiru shj dlm buku text ape setiap karakter batu itu. adelah tidak adil kerana sudah pasti mereka dpt semua betul dan mereka siap cepat. sy berpendapat mereka patut meneliti batu kerana senang utk periksa nanti. ini termasuk seorang gadis yg tak penah amik course earth science. die hanya "follow what the dudes are doing". sungguh sedih begini. tiada semangat belajar.

kemudian ade pula seorang yg "saye tahu SEMUA perkara ini". dan die sungguh lah bising di dalam kelas. saye sungguh bernasib baik utk duduk jauh drnye. maka saye tak dpt tempias "aku tahu semua batu ini". masakan tidak, beliau hanya mengambil course earth science last summer. pastilah mengingati semua ini dgn jelas. sedangkan saye mengambil course prereq ini tahun lepas. namun masih ade di ingatan. saye berharap kite jgn berbangga2 dgn ilmu yg kite ade, saye tahu tahu die mahu membantu tp cara bantuan dihulurkan seperti membuat percaturan hanya die seorang yg tahu. jgn laa begitu ye

saye sudah letih menaip begini. klas geografi baru habis tadi. klas 3 jam pd waktu mlm. cikgu sungguh baik dan cara die present notes die, krg menarik perhatian n sgt meletihkan utk menyalin semua. tambahan pula kami terpaksa berbuka di dalm klas. maka, lebih tension

Sunday, September 16, 2007

bukan cerita masakan

ape nak masak hari ni??

seriously my freezer is packed with stuff. i dont even know which is which. i have to open each plastic to check what's inside. blimey...and yet, i dont know what to cook. it seems when u have lots of choices, u frozed! hahaa

btw, this is not the main point of my post.

i guess many would be wondering apekah my last post was addressing. i can only tell it briefly without mentioning any names.

well, last may i had told a friend sumthing and we talked our way out of it. so we were totally cool with that.

however, i found out sumthing about this friend yesterday that makes me go insane. i felt ashamed that i've confronted this friend dulu2. it is as if i was only acting things myself all this while. which clearly i am!! that news sent me shouting n screaming of disbelief. lol :P no wonder we are not close anymore :(

but now im ok. cos i had a happy twist few minutes after the shocking news. lol :P and now, im more than ok cos people are comforting me like crazy. kak eyna, izzy, ainil and kerol was a big help!! and a msg from a friend realli sent me smiling sorang2 and guling2 atas meja. hahaha korup.... but yea, although this friend doesnt even know what happened to me in detail, and i was cranking at this friend all the time...but this friend comforts me like err...dunno the word here to describe. thanks a lot~!!
and this friend said sumthing that sounds like kak eyna's blog title!! so cool.

so peeps...nak masak ape ek?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

sumthing embarassing happened to me and it is freaking embarassing ok!!

dont care to elaborate here but im just sooooooooooooooooooooooooo malu to even type the word malu. arghhhh

ok...ignore me. just feeling like writing it

hey it's not that i care ok. just .... i dont care.

Friday, September 14, 2007

hoping for good things in the end...

so many things are happening these 2 days. well not that i'm overwhelmed by it.

seriously the first ramadhan was good. just had 2 classes and we finished at 1130am. so that's great! i can rest the whole day. after meeting diana to sell my books and lepak with her for awhile, we went to get our UHIP card. which is a health plan card. this is also a reason why we save a lot of money...!!

BUT i didnt get my whole day rest cos i decided let's go to loblaws instead!

balik rumah sekejap and we were looking at all the holiday deals bfore kluar balik! yea, we are planning sumthing for this thanksgiving. it's a 4 days holiday so might as well go sumwhere. but we were looking at impossible places...hahaha like italy...the carribean and yea mostly europe. i must say the deals that they have are pretty cheap. 8 days to rome, florence n venice is only cad900 without airfare of course. but this is cheap! considering everything is already included...even the crazy tax! but of course italy is not our destination just yet. probably we will go to toronto n niagara. they have nice deals for that 2 places. it's only cad99 for a 2 night stay at gvb. lol. cheap place. hostel like. but it's ok. and there is a tour toronto thing that would go to 6 famous attractions at only cad60. this is after 50% discount. is that crazy or whut? so we are know considering this. we will see.

and i saw a carry on luggage yesterday that is sooooooooo cute! aqua blue and it's roots. and it's 50% off. so that comes to cad80. which is great!! and man, i spent a lot of money yesterday and today! and as for today, huhuhu..we went to asia store for the first time! annnnd....there are sooo many malaysian product here! im soo excited. wont miss home after all. haha. biskut hup seng ade, biskut marie gula2 lot100 tu pon ade. haha...this is crazy. ketupat pon ade!! izyan tgh menyesal bw dr this store...but yea, it is a bit pricey. and on both days...we met khalesha n T. lol they were very surprised that we were always out buying stuff!! K was like: are u stocking ur food for the winter?? hahaa very funny hun...

as for now, im kering idea utk masak. i'm not so creative to "invent" my own dish. but i hope that talent will come soon cos seriously.. i dunno what else to cook! hari2 will be ayam dish... errr...sick of that. even utk ayam pon tak tahu nak masak ape... haihhhhh so peeps, pls share ur recipes ok!

++ im not frustrated any more with this very friend of mine. saye tahu die sibuk. maka, saye ucap die selamat maju jaya. die told me not to merajuk with him. haha. i was dulu......

++and i think me and izyan are not so invincible after all. care to know the story?? someday i guess. when i have many more evidence to show we are not invincible in uwo....haha...mystery la sgt...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the highly crucial urge

urge utk ape ni??

haha, what else that we've been fighting for all this while???

it is the urge for a raise!! in our allowance of cos

im writing this cos i was talking to izyan the other day.

"izyan, kite tak cukup wang ke?"

"saye rase kite cukup je. tp cukup2 la. no more no less."

"dahtu, kalau kite cukup makan je, nape kawan2 kite mcm tersedak je bile pk pasal wang?"

"we got so many things they dont have"

"yea, that's true. hehe, at least masih buleh pegi shopping n stuff"

****ayat adelah isi perbualan begitulahh*****

well like i said, i got soooo many things my friends didnt get. all the small and little things that at first we thought dont realli matter, but as time flies....they do put a strain on our monthly expenses.

such things are bus fare, laundry, stationaries....just to name a few..and health plan

and i was blessed that all this little things are covered by university's tuition fees, and by that...petronas is paying for all of them. except this yr, i will have to get a phone. but we chose house phone instead of cellphone. which as u may already know...way way cheaper!! but the life im leading now...i must say is sooo comfortable and i couldnt ask any more than this. im very grateful for this. just as what i mentioned in my older post.

i guess that is why we are saving lots of money. and since we went back to msia, we have another extra cad2000. hehehe. that's cool. but now is operasi ikat perut cos im getting fatter. although the scale says im 48kg...ermmm i think the scale is a bit sewel...hahaha...habes ar izyan marah kate scale die sewel..hehehe...

however, i still email en aznan on the behalf of my friends. somehow they believe i can get thru en aznan. huhu i dont know how that perception came about. but yea, i did what i have to do and gratefully en aznan said he is taking note of that. Alhamdulillah....

oh yea, i made ayam cili kering with sayur goreng ngan sos bulgaria. hahahaha sedap beb. sape nak try, ask me for the recipe. but basically u can get them urself from the net. except resipi sayur tu cos reka sendirik huhu....

Monday, September 10, 2007

how things were run today....

today is my second day of class. and i must say i hate the first lecture today cos the class is sooo small and i couldnt realli understand what the prof is saying. kurang jelas la... tp i definitely enjoy the 3 hr lab (it's the lab for the class i missed last week). the lab will not be graded!! wohooo...and...we can eat in the lab! small lab and there's not many people. cool huh? my prof rocks the house ok!! seriously. rambut panjang...pakai jeans...slambe katak je. and he explains very clearly and im pretty much can understand him. ye la, when it comes to rock formation, sediment structure, clast variety la ape la..u realli need sumbody good to get it to u tau....and my TA...izyan ade spekulasi ttg die. hahaha. tp he dressed up mcm nak pegi party. totally semangat. maybe cos it's the first day. tp seriously, he looks good. but not that i like him ok...oh puhlizzz....(cos maybe u had that impression in ur head, so im puhlizz u awal2)

we had to look at few rock samples. and we had to decribe n draw the rock. i got to see few rocks yg ade fossils in it and mann, ade la skit geli. then i had to kinda guess how the rock got to how it looks like which is kinda cool cos we can simply guess, no harm is done. and yea, i guess it correctly...wooohooooo... ian was like "u got that right". and i was flattered. this time, my classmates are soo friendly and we kinda mix a lot. no more, farisa-izyan thing going on. but yea, we still sit close to each other in the lab. i need her memory of things to get them right. hahaha.

apart from a very tiring but exciting day a bit frustrated with a friend. hurmmm....biarlahh. saye ingat kami akan terus berhubung selepas ni. it seems it is just a summer thing. mcm the notebook lak. hahahaa. but it doesnt get that deep. hahaha... but i would certainly love to remain friends. ape salah nye. die sgt klaka and i like it. hummm....mari lah kite sigh ramai2. but like die kate, it's a busy first week. i should be more understanding :(

ps/ im getting syeeda to take our pics for hari raya ucapan..hehehe... and buffalo chicken wing sedap gilos!!! tak rugi beli 10 dollar sekotak. hehe...well that would come to just 50cent se"wing"....

btw people, if u are keen to see how my apartment looks like, go to and see them all. kalau suke bgtau. tp jgn jeles pula :P

Sunday, September 9, 2007

tell me why

i dont know why but i couldnt put up pics of my apartment... so sad... if u know why this is happening, tell me ok...

Saturday, September 8, 2007

money, mOney money

i've been out shopping for 4 days in a row now. wow, that is crazy!! and im soo tired. but now we've finally got everything done!! including registering for a home telephone. lama gak register. cos u wanna know why?? i forgot to bring the brochure and that freaking PASSPORT!! how crazy is that. i totally forgot bout identifications. we wasted quite some time there. and we finally got to walmart to get the things that was sold out the last time we went there (2days ago) which were rice cooker n blender. pakcik walmart told us that particular blender that we wanted sold out like crazy. yea, it's CAD18.88 that's why.

and so we had our first taste of rice in 5 days. and kak azia was generous enuf to give us beras. hehe. lucky lucky~

and so i made ayam goreng madu (yg kaler die agak hitam...haha) and sup ketam dlm paket but i added potatoes n carrot to make it looked berkhasiat.

hurmm ape je sangat saye beli dlm 4 hari ni. all i know is that: duit dah habes byk!! cash pon gune, debit pon gune, credit pon gune. hopefulli i will do ok in few weeks in terms of financial...
tp like always, ade je miscellaneous things that i bought!! like my baju tido and 5 helai tshirt.... err...hahahaha i know what u're thinking... i consider the 5 helai as perlu. lol :P and i bought pashmina too which i dont even know when i will be wearing.

well, right now im in the mid of decorating my room. i've never decorated my room before. so i'm pretty much excited bout this. and yea...habes lagi wang. but i bought all my decorating stuff from dollarama. God i love that store. we spent 2 hours i guess there yesterday!! just wait for the pictures ok folks....

and, do take my quiz. the link is on the right...ok, have a nice weekend y'all

Thursday, September 6, 2007

first day bummer

im eating bread with chicken bolognaise and mushroom omelette while typing this.

today is such an idiot day for me!! why?? cos i miss my first day of classs! how korup is that? ? ? ? just cos i overslept. now im scared that this will be a frequent thing. but i hope it's not. and since i overslept, i couldnt meet erika as i promised her. one big shoooot for that!! now i've just become a nuisance to somebody.

do u know my expectations for my classes this year?? well, i thought there will only be guys in my classes and even so, they might look a little (sikit je) dorky or geeky. that is whut i thought. and pretty much no fancy gurls.

but i was DEAD WRONG!!

this one guy who sits at the corner, amatlah stylo and mcm biasa byk ckp and keeps answering all the questions prof was asking. mcm menarik perhatian ar, walaupon his answers are not always correct. and again i was wrong about the fancy girls. there are gurls who dressed to kill in my classes which is nice cos at least we dont look so lame!!

and yea, i wont be celebrating hari raya this year cos we have a korup fieldtrip for 3 freaking days!!! nanges ar ibu bapa begini. rugi je buat baju raya. dah la sama LAGI ngan izyan!!
k k, nak habeskan makanan

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

rasa dirahmati

so many things happened in these 2 days that i feel so blessed. and yes, grateful too.

first, london hall is simply amazing!! couldnt ask for anything more than this. i didnt have the pictures yet since the house was a mess! things are everywhere...err, even now....and mainly there are all mine. ehe. izyan unpacked her stuff very fast...that is not a surprise. plus i merajuk cos my fingers rase panas from cutting tonnes of chillies yesterday. man, that was crazy. i cant even hold anything cos of the burning sensation. so, i went to bed early. and yea, a bit bout london hall, and in particular my house. the colour theme for my unit is blue (i want my jiran's colour. he/she got the theme lime green), but it's fine. ok, the layout: very spacious kitchen with a lot of storage compartment, small living room (it's ok, wont be sitting there pon), spacious rooms with a double bed, and a nice bathroom. and the view from my room is the courtyard...nice...and yea, i'm very lucky to have the laundry room n the gym just steps from my doorstep. hahaha, another reason to be rajen to do workouts!! well, a pair of new jogging pants will also help :D

next, i have great people here!! prior to my move in, i get sooooooo many free things from kak azia and kak debbie. it is soo nice of them. ayat biasa: ala, korang tu student. amik je semua ni. kite pon dulu student gak, dah tahu cmner rase. huhu. kitorang naik atas: kubang kotak kak debbie and see the stuff she left for us. haha, we got periuks 3 bijik, all the cooking utensils, sudu garfu n friends etc. we even took stuff that i dont even think is important like the pizza cutter, butter knife etc... senduk nasi kitorang amik 3. we were excited i guess at that time. hahaha... then, kak azia bagi 2 t-fal frying pans, wok lagi makanan2 and mcm2 laahh. wow, seriously, this is such a blessing! i feel happy and i couldnt thank them enuf! basically, they made my life here easy...

then i got some more free stuff. took pillows, rugs, jug, fails, tpt letak pinggan, and many more from last yr's students who left their stuff here. another blessing.

went to masonville and loblaws just now. and guess whut we brought with us?? beg kopetro beb!! major need the bag for the groceries. tak larat bw tangan. we bought sooo many things and there's quite some sale going on. got the things i wanted at cheap prices. and as usual, tayar kopet mmg membisingkan. dan bile 2 beg kopetro ditarik bersama2 oleh 2 tuan yg berlainan.....well, i hope u can imagine what happens. lol :P izyan dah ckp, nanti kalau die keje pet, she will redesign kopet...and also menukar tayar die....walaubagaimanapun, i appreciate pertolongan kopet tadi. and many more times to come when we do groceries. my bet: grocery shopping will never be same pasni!! i wont love loblaws no more... :(

well, it is almost 130am. got to get textbooks tomoro. and khamis, classes will start.

and today is one tiring day for me...