Wednesday, December 26, 2007

day 7

hahaha. sorry arep, i didnt have the time to write in my blog.
we got home late at night everyday, so i rather sleep than write smthing here although i have tonnes of stories to tell.
but today, im going shopping cos it's boxing day! and things are supposed to be cheap~
we all plan to go to prime outlet. hopefully i will get good stuff today. i have my wish list and i had it like forever. so, today i want to make it come true. hahaha siot je. ayat2 dah macam character2 disney...

well, for the past 3 days, i went to universal studio for the second time, seaworld, disney's epcot and disney's magic kingdom.

i had a blast in universal studio although we arrived there late (screw u shuttle!) and it was packed, but i dont have to wait that long for each show or ride. the mummy return ride was freaking SCARY. it's ok, i'll spare the details later~!!

seaworld was ok. and it's just a 10minutes walk from our hotel. so after we spent few hours there, we decided to head back to our hotel and go shopping instead. bought 2 coach bags. hahaha....

epcot plak mcm boring gils. tp tu laa, tak naik ride sbb waiting time je dah 2 jam. tak mampu beb. im going there again~

magic kingdom: magical~!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahaha ... later laa cerita lagi details cos i want to add pictures to my story.

Friday, December 21, 2007

day 3

OMG my feet hurts like crazy!

it has been 3 days now!

day 1
arrived orlando around 4pm. had dinner at nathan's and man, the airport is big!! i love the airport. it's so pretty. the food court even has a huge cylinder aquarium. then we took the bus to our first hotel, rodeway inn at international drive. it took us 1 hr n 10 mins to get there. it's not that far but the bus is using the long route, which is the worst thing ever~
rodeway inn was ok. izzy asked bout breakfast. the receptionist said, "it's 8 dollars and kids below 12 can eat for free. so, she (pointing at me) can eat for free". i puzzled, then izzy said, "but why?"she said, "cos she is below 12". OMG...i said to her "no, no.... i'm 20". hah. that was sad. lol.

day 2
the next morning, we took a walk along i-drive. there are many shops here~!! mainly restaurants, gift shops, tourism centre and grocery store. i like it here. pretty much everything is here. and the food is quite cheap too. i saw some ads that say all u can eat breakfast for only 3.99. that is cheap. i bet it's because of the competition from other restaurants. huh. then after we had to check out, we went to florida mall with our luggages..sigh...
luckily there is the florida mall hotel next to it where we can leave our luggage for free! nice. this mall pretty much has all the shops that i want. haha, i know what i want, but i just cant buy them yet!! after shopping for the whole day, we finally went to our "real" hotel where we will be staying for the rest of the trip: hilton garden inn. hah. i requested for 2 double beds room. although they said at first they dont have it, but later they have one for us. yey!! i love it when i walked to the counter and they say: we have ur room ready for u, miss. haha. tah kenape that sounds nice. and we got complimentary cookies! freshly baked ok!! still warm when we had it. i took 2 since i'm starving!! and our room is on the 8th floor- the top floor with the view of the pool. wow!
we went to 7 eleven after that to get some food. haha. korup giler ...
balik tu berlari laju giler cos i saw ular!!

day 3
islands of adventure!
best gilos
sakit kaki gilos
and worst part is getting wet!!!!!!!!!!!
but i love it. well i will write bout it later with pics! later baby~!!!!!!!!!!

tomorrow, we will go to universal studio again! gonna watch shrek 4D. awesome eh!! cant wait folks...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

too much, too much

effects of caffeine: got this from yahoo answer
hand tremors
extra heartbeats
inability to concentrate
increase in blood pressure
breathing rate
Increased adrenaline and awareness
decrease in bone marrow (weakens your bones)
mood swings

guess what?? out of all these, im experiencing 8 of the effects. i actually didnt know the other effects of caffeine. i thought it was only to keep u awake. duh~
so i stupidly added 2 spoons of coffee. and after awhile. yey...i can stay awake and study.
but later my heart was pounding so fast, i thought i was cold. so i wrapped myself up. then it still beat very fast. i thought cos i was nervous for the exam tomorrow. so i tried to calm down by proper breathing techinique and loosen up a little bit. huh.

then i decided to check on yahoo answer. and i was surprised to read about this! i was so ignorant about this~ haihh so i had to suffer the whole night with my heart beating really fast. and when i woke up, i got severe headache. OMG, pls no more coffee after this. im not a fan of coffee at all. just had it to keep me alert... haihhh

anyways, florida is in 3 days~!! weeeeeeee...
im so excited. cant even concentrate on studying for the toughest course ever: mineralogy!
i seriously have to do well on this exam, or i will be toast!;_ylt=AqYUU66UIer8Tnfqmg.StPwjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20061121232043AAXjgCC

Monday, December 10, 2007

it has been a year since then

the beautiful queen bee produces honey
you are reading this smiling and how could that be?
remember my loyal not everything is money
lucky me you are not blind that you can see
but can you see how far is here to sea?
because that's the distance friendship between you and me
face failure and never flee
because inside the precious flies the key
study hard and never forget while you are at oversea
and determine who you will be

something to keep in mind
thanks azri
miss u by now~

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Guess what?? im in the library!! it's my first time studying in the library! how awkward is that! and this keyboard is killing me.... hahaa

im currently reading bout magnetosphere but i stopped to write sumthing here!
i just want to say this library is freaking noisy! im sitting here listening to ppl talking bout craps and my gosh, they are loud! haihhh this is soo defeating the purpose of studying in the library. i went to the silent zone....and it was packed i have to stay here....bummer~

and again this keyboard kills me!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

one down....

hah! done with my first paper. damn tiring! i didnt expect to write essays! he did say essay but i thought it was more like short answer where u can still use point forms. but hey hey no....he wants sorry prof, my handwriting was ugly towards the end. no worries, the answers are right, im sure of that. im getting good vibes with this expecting at least 85. lol :P but i can be wrong. but it doesnt kill right to be confident ?? hehe.

hah. guess what sedang busy2 studi, i still had time to watch tv. lol :P i definitely couldnt get it out of my system. i wasnt some tv junky back then. i dont know what changed me. oh yea, being able to download for only 6 minutes, that's why. yerp...crazy dc++. but it definitely made me a tv junky. humm...i want to watch project runway after this~ anyways, i watched the victoria's secret annual fashion show last 2 days. man, i love all the performances! especially by spice girls. but i was kinda dissapointed that they only sang 1 song. i was hoping more. lol :P and seal was simply amazing. well, we all know he is in the show cos of his wife. hah. and heidi klum kills me a big time! she's the host, she's the model and guess what?? she performs tooo. i was like helloooooooo .... u dont have to steal all the spotlight!! and they had a presentation of her 10 yrs with VS too.. overrated habes... gisele is not longer in the show, i wonder why. nevertheless, ok laa show too. im more into watching the performances cos i know spice girls are performing. huhu...

smlm, i called my mom...and i said, "mom, i think u shud start wearing more branded handbags!" hah! (dlm bahasa melayu laa). i mean, my mom has her style i know, but i know too that lately i shaped her style. lol :P so i was thinking that the time has come for her to wear smthing more exclusive n elegant. takyah laa tunggu dpt datin ke ape... lmbat lagi nak dpt. hahaha...gedik siot. padahal ade hajat terpendam. i was googling coach handbags, gucci n LV. well, of cos laa bile beri cadangan, beritahu coach je cos itu plg murah. lol :P tapi rupeny LV lagi murah dari gucci. tak sangke. but i know my mom will definitely say no to lv n gucci cos it's bloody expensive. tapi tak sangke, my mom wants to consider it!! yey!! best2. well, i can try to find smthing kat florida nanti~ excited dong nak dressed up my mom. then comes my dad. itu pon kene style baru jugak tuh. bosan dah. hari tu balik belikan die tshirt GAP. excited habes. so im thinking of buying sumthing better laa dari GAP cos duit pon datang dr my dad kann... hehe. he was asking me bout tommy hilfiger hari tu...i said, "baju die mahal giler kat msia" (dlm english). my dad tak percaya. i want to change my dad's style supaya kasik nmpak professional sikit. tp mcm die tak nak dgr je ckp anak die ni. lol. this time, it's all about family makeover. hahah tp exclude farisa n fardia. shasha pon kene makeover. but i dont want to tell him yet. nanti die tak nak. huhu. i'll do it secretly!! right this can go on forever.

i have an exam tomoro. physics dong. have to start studying. tadi dah lepak kat timmi's ngan leah. huhu

back to serious biz. but i have some weird thoughts. it's ok, i'll write bout it in my diary. hahaha. i just wrote a letter to be opened in 5 yrs! yey!
as i was reading what i wrote for the past few months, i realise...damn i was happy. and the happiness was taken just like that. but i was already having some thoughts about it. never thought it will come true. huh. right now, i just want to hear u say, "im sorry". i dont feel like hearing anymore crap. cos it doesnt help me what-so-ever..... when i look back n think of all ur promises, they are all liess... so pls cut that BS now. dont try to pls me, and make u looked so angelic when u r not. it's all out in the open now ....

Saturday, December 1, 2007

messy room = u r studying for finals!! nice equation!

tell me, who is not stress this time of the year??

im all stress out for my finals.
mainly cos the dates of each exams are pretty close to each other. i was wondering if im able to study all of them properly!
but, i kinda feel lucky cos most of the stuff are quite similar to one another. if passive margin was mentioned in ES200, it is again mentioned in ES260. so it is a double take. plus geography is also stressing about earth and its structure for this final! damn..this is pretty much lucky lucky!
nevertheless, the ones that are not bertindih pon byk. lol

right now, i dont even care how my room looks like. i have books and papers all over the desk. im studying on my bed with my laptop on my lap (name pon laptop), my clothes from pegi class are also on my bed + tonnes of papers as well. pretty much, im sleeping with them!! cos i dont remove or clear them up bfore i go to sleep. huh. malas! cos tomorrow i would wake up and make a mess again, so just let them all there! then i have my washed-clothes that have been folded nicely in the basket. i dont even bother to put them back in the closet. hah. malas malas malas. im so focused. (blahhh) and sometimes i got drifted like checking my emails, friendster, facebook and THIS! haha. and chatting as well. gosh~ they are drifting me away from mineralogy.

i bet u r saying: off ler laptop tuh. the problem is i cant! cos if while im studying n suddenly i stumble across some stuff that i dont know..i can just goggle it! seriously, convenient. sometimes i check the textbooks or my notes. but yea, tell me who is soo keen to do that. that is why my laptop is my source to work and play!

hummm...then i have the planning part. what else! i have to do serious and careful planning of florida trip. kami kan pihak penganjur. afiqah and hafizah are the participants. lol. up until now, i have bought all the tickets (theme parks and flight) except for disney. had some complications with the disney website.apa daaa... im expecting to spend USD1000 on all those things, including hotel. im kinda worry bout the hotel. cos i forgot when i booked, did i put 2 adults or 4. hahaha otherwise kene laa sneak2... mcm laa tak penah buat kann. anyways, ke"terer"an izyan mencari deal terbukti bile jumpe tiket pergi balik pada harga USD190. this is a good price. and we are flying at good times too. not to early and not that late. so, sweeeet! throughout the process of buying the flight tickets...our main slogan was "the luck of clicking". hahaha cos seriously 2 people trying to find the same ticket to go to the same place at the same time may get 2 different price. when i checked, it was 79, and when izzy was cheaper than that. so u gotta be lucky...huh...

arghhh it is a super eye sore to look at my room now! luckily i have a double bed. somehow izyan's room is pretty neat. haha. what happened!!

back to mineralogy...

oh the other day, my dad was showing off to me how much he knows bout crystals. i find it funny and semangat. i know he wants to know whatever that i know. that is why he bothers to read bout earth science. padahal this is way off from his field! hari tu he told fardia, "u at least have to be able to recognise granite. and after awhile...u have to know shale". i was like....errrr ok daddy. semangat sikit ye my dad. yea, my dad pretty much knows everything. he is MR-KNOW-IT-ALL. i was going through his books, and i found The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene. i go..OMG! i was looking at the 2 books in kinokuniya with the intention to buy them, but i didnt cos they are expensive...without knowing that my dad dah beli pon. i tried to read the 2 books, but what the heck...they have the TV version of it. so i just watched the tv series. ahahah..paham jugak. daddy, daddy....sometimes i wonder...habes ke bace each book? lol :P

signing out!