Thursday, May 24, 2007

menaiki bukit pelindung

i do this every week.
but each week, there's always something to see. familiar faces, new faces, cyclist attempting to conquer the hill and sometimes a group of high school children and even ppl who would walk backwards while going down (definitely dangerous). plus im quite popular here...hahaha, not to show off but it's true. partly cos of my parents. some knows my dad...and mula la buat sesi kounselling while naek/turun bukit. such questions they would ask: "hari tu dah turun 8kg, kenape dah tak turun2 lagi?", "aiya, i lose 4 kg u know...but after that i stop exercising then my weight goes up so fast. why ah??" etc etc. and another reason as to why im famous or actualli my dad is famous: cos we carry dumbbell while going up/down. so ppl kinda recognise our face and always ask : tu berapa berat? or sometimes just a plain compliment: u manyak kuat ar...
whichever, im more than happy to respond...

and there's a group of uncles that would consist of 3 or sometimes 4 ppl. they all mmg friendly. they kinda know my whereabouts and always ask how im doing and so forth. they are definitely nice ppl~!! tak jumpe dah tempat lain.

then there's this one uncle. lagi friendly. haha i dunno his name, but i called him "uncle american" cos his slang mmg american habes. americans pon tak mcm die. he calls me "princess" or "hi beauty". nice guy so im sure he is ikhlas to puji me!! lol :P

humm like i mention above...there are cyclist who tries to climb the hill on wheels. which is a success to many of them. the thing is who just have to keep pushing and pushing. dont stop pedalling and definitely use the right gear. sila la gune combination small ring, 1. baru boleh. when i looked at them, i was always brought back to the days when i was in hill training up the hills from bentong to genting sempah and down hill from genting sempah to gombak. i love that experience but i dont want to do it again. hahaha...cos im sure to pancit dah. no stamina dah~!!!
but these ppl mesti sometimes stop and talk to my dad. haha, tahu la tu my dad kaki cycling! or sometimes my dad yg tanye

then u have the new faces...almost every week u can see new faces. how i wish they would do it as a routine. nanti boleh join our 'bukit-pelindung-exercisers'-community" :D

but yea, it is getting crowded over here, so many ppl every week. sometimes couldnt get a parking. better walking eh?? im not going to do that!!

wuv AC Milan

haha...2 of my used-to-be-favourite-players were playing last night: harry kewell and filippo inzaghi (not sure with the spelling). one is in liverpool and the other one is in AC Milan. but back then (1999/2000), i like one more than the other cos kewell was a lot younger than inzaghi tapi dua2 pon kacak. haha, those were the vanity years...

but last night inzaghi was awesome. scored 2 goals that made AC Milan the champion. definitely the hero of the night!! hehe....

although kewell was just playing in the second half and didnt even play that well, it was still exciting to watch him. i remembered dulu2 i would stay up until 2am just to watch him playing. btw, he was with leeds united dulu. and after awhile, i lost interest in him and in football. i would only watch big tournaments like the world cup and euro. i didnt keep up with any matches in EPL or champions leagues or any of that sorts like i used to mase umur 13 tahun. mmg sah dulu takde keje.

anyways, last night nye match is worthwhile to watch. AC Milan's defence was amazing and dida made lots of great saves. liverpool had a lot of attempts for goals, but only one proves a result. kesiann. i bet a friend of mine who is a hard core liverpool fan must be in grief right now. sorry dude, ur team got to try even harder next time!!

Harry Kewell

Filippo Inzaghi

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

crazy monday

haha. it was crazy cos i did something which i never thought i would do :)
after some talking...i mean serious talking...we decided to be best friends which is totally cOoL for me.
the thing is i enjoy my state now. and so does he. when we started chatting yesterday, i was soooo dumb. i asked him one of the most stupid question on earth. tah hape2. that was a mistake, but it's ok, things went ok after that. the thing is im happy with what we decided and hopefully we will be best friends. cool huh ...

Saturday, May 19, 2007


i've been downloading the final episode of survivor for the past 5 days. why is it sooo slow?? it takes only 1hr ++ to download next top model. ape cite ni?? *sigh* it takes forever baby....

btw, u should watch the elegant universe. based on a book by brian greene. it is all about string theory: the theory of everything. this could be the ONE theory to unify all 4 main forces that governed the universe - gravity, electromagnetic, strong and weak forces. there are parts that i find it hard to take. string theory equation predicts that there are 11 dimensions in this universe. i only know 4 dimensions: 3D and time. for someone that has no knowledge whutsoeva in physics (err...i only know the basics), this is tough to understand. but i enjoyed it. this is a challenge to the my logic thinking and could be to urs too :P *totally a drift from the title*

Friday, May 18, 2007

darn...nyesal bace blog ainil~!!

lol :P since i read ainil's blog, i've been tagged and so i have to write 6 weird things about me... do i have enuf to make it 6? i dun even know...maka, lets start listing them now!!

1. ermmm....when i talk to my mum, my voice will immediately changed. haha. to those who who have heard it before mesti tanye: farisa, kenape suare awak macam tu? my voice mmg klakar la bile ckp ngan my mom. manje2 lar.. *big grin* those who have heard: ainil, siblings. korung keep it a secret ok!! just in case somebody who is curious wants to know.

2. i dance to myself. when nobody is looking or im alone in the house, and the music is on or off... i would dance just like in the video clips. haha. after all this while, i not that good. but most probably better than YOU!!

3. when i was a baby, i would wake up at 4am, just to play. so my parents have to stay up with me to accompany me. kesiann mereka. hehe. then i go back to sleep. around subuh i would get out from my buai and sleep on the floor. how the hell i do it...i dont know. buai kan tinggi from lantai. apparently...i dont get knocked on the floor or terjatuh mcm nangke ... safe n sound.

4. i dont like to sleep with pillows. i have 2 pillows on my bed which i dont usually use. sometimes, i just lay flat on my pillows no nothing to support my head. hehehe...find that more comfortable. tp sometimes gune juge pillow takde la tak gune langsung. and i hate teddy bears. if i have them, they are only for display ok!! i wont cuddle them.

5. if u tell me a story about someone u hate... u would expect me to be on ur side... but sorry honey...that wont happen. i would side ur enemy. i dont know why but i always do that. something i couldnt explain. hehehe. maybe i believe that the other side doesnt have a say here so i decided to be his/her voice in this argument of urs. sorry la ppl. that happens. so dont tell me that u hate somebody...UNLESS, i know the other side is as whut u r saying...

6. ape lagi ni.... always feel anxious: baju ni boleh ke masuk washing machine? takut baju rosak. if i could, almost semua baju pon nak basuh tangan. haha. although it is stated at the tag : machine safe. adeihh, i always feel colour luntur la, it will shrink bla bla bla....

so that's all the weird facts bout me. hahaha. adekah weird? i think they are. hummm...i thought i wouldnt have 6 weird facts, but i do. that still doesnt make me a weirdo.

im supposed to tag others!! but it's ok. but if u r reading and u have a blog and u have not been tagged bfore...u r soooooooo obliged to list 6 weird things bout urself!!


Monday, May 14, 2007

a promise i made

lets not wait for others to say welcome to me. i'll just welcome myself...
lol :P

i made a promise to my uncle. i told him that one day i will have my own blog so that he can read my stories. and so here it is. after some struggle... (i dun understand the steps to open an account) i manage to have my own blog which i gave the name -untold tales-
however, im not writing secrets here despite the name lol :P

it never occurred to me to have a blog n to have ppl reading stuff bout my life cos i always just keep things to myself. however, i see the joy of blogging in my uncle n friends. i feel like having one for myself. i dont have a clue yet as to what i want to write about. maybe plain things that occur in my life? or maybe just smthing interesting that crosses my mind? the only thing that's troubling me right now is when the heck i'll finish download survivor. lol :P with so many shows nearing the end...i wouldnt want to miss any actions. so, download would be a great thing to do although it takes ages!!! having to wait for few hours for a show is making me missing dc++ !! *dc++ is definitely worth missing...*

as for this 4 months break...i dont have plans yet. but as for now, im reading a book which i stopped few years ago cos i dont understand a thing...the map that changed the world by simon winchester is a book about how a guy named william smith mapped out england and wales and produced the first map of the region. since simon winchester is a geologist himself and since im a geology student, his books are worth to read. lets pick up the spirit from the expert himself. simon winchester is definitely a great author. another book by him that is also worth to read is the day the world explodes: a story about Krakatoa's explosion. great one too. as for his other books, some day kite beli ok. ni pon papa yg beli.

lets stop here for the first publication lol