Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Already in Calgary!!!!

yo folks!
guess what i'm doing right now?

i'm at the airport. haha. it's so nice of them to provide free wireless! baikkan? ni tengah tunggu harun ding dong la nihh. dah dekat nak smpai dah harun nih. harap2 takde la delay or anything kan. iskk, if not mmg pengsan eden kat sini.

overall, airport calgary best. dah laa troli pon free. ape je yg cik farisa bayarkan? oh...tim hortons bayar sendiri k. so now tgh memerapkan diri di satu corner yang amat laa jauh dari kawanan orang ramai. lapar pon ade. nak pegi atas makan tp malas. haha. sbb tolak troli ni, mcm takde elevator utk ke level food court tuh. i think patut tunggu harun datang and makan sama2. nanti nmpak sgt laaa lame ok makan sorang2 ngan beg2 besar gedabak nihh.

i have a bad news for myself. lol. peluang pekerjaan yang ditawarkan oleh SIFT hanyalah berjumlah 2 position. adoii, stress eden. macam mana nih?? ade 8 org yg apply, including me! wow, tipis seyhh. tp sy masih positif. jikalau tak dpt, akan pulang ke london dan pergi travel dgn beberapa kawan2 yang seperti sudah mengajakku ke west kebanyakannya. hurmmm, tp kecewa gakk...sbb dah beli seluar baru tau utk interview. haha. siap alter sendiri, jahit sndiri lagi.

geram ape tau. sbb mcm tak pasti, kene bw byk giler barang ke calgary nih. beg pon dah sgt sendat dongggg. plak tu tetibe cikgu baikku utk thesis telah memberikan peta utk project thesis, and damn it, kene bwk skali ke calgary ni. tak psal2 semua org dok tengok kannn.


k k. sebabkan bosan, saye telah dgn excitednye melukis page depan utk laporan "Calgary" dalam journal traveling ku. Ingat tak? Ala buku the beatles tuhhh. yer, inilah hasilnye. see, punye laa bosan, smpai leh lukis, amik gamba lukisa, transfer, edit and upload di sini!!

Diminta jangan mentertawakan lukisan nak tengok one tree hill plak. tunggu harun lagi....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Photos to mengade2

Sorry, my fingers got really itchy and so I have to write something here!
I want to share with you guys
Basically they have lots of photo editing effects for you to use on your picture. Here are two examples I made. I kinda have limited pictures in my hard drive right now. So that explains the the two chosen picture...

Some Harry Potter mood...

Jigsaw Puzzle effect! I personally love this effect!

Ok, I will be updating pretty soon. I already got my Metamorphic Petrology final grade. Fuhhh I got an A! I'm happy for now.

Again, check out if you want to create these effects as well.

Friday, April 3, 2009

on hiatus....oh, Good Luck

I'm listening to Stronger by Britney Spears while writing this.

It's April, and I'm sure all of you know what month this is! Dang! Final Exam dong. So, all I want to say is GOOD LUCK to all of you. I hope you will do excellent in all your papers. I need luck too guys! Send me some luck... I think I will put my writing here on hiatus, probably the bday pictures I promised will not come true too cause the pictures are with Izzy and I don't want to push her to transfer the pictures. In all, third year has been very crazy. There are some moments that I cherish cause this year, I made more friends. Not to forget the HUGE drama last year involving me and a bunch of girls here. Somehow, my approach to that is just bury the hatchet, although I can see some that refuse to do so. It's okay, take it the way you like it. Other than that, this has been a great year. I can't wait for SIFT!

So guys, to let you know, I will fly to Calgary on 29 April. I will be back in London on May 19. I will do a little traveling with Harun after the program. For that, I'm saving all my money! Not a single penny will go to waste! So far, it seems like I will spend close to CAD400. Grrrr! I also applied for SIFT Summer Job Program. So, my interview will be before the program, and I am really hoping to get a job in the exploration industry. If I do get a job, I will be staying in Calgary the whole summer. Oh My! Boleh laa pegi Edmonton :) Arep, paham2 tak nih?

I'm signing off.
Invisible for a month. See you guys in a month or so. Probably I will start writing after SIFT. Tengok lahh

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A rough start that ends well

My day started off okay. I slept so late, but I gotta wake up so early. Well, some friends kinda keep me "awake" that night wishing me Happy Birthday and all. Honestly, I don't feel any excitement at all. More like, I couldn't care less about my bday this year. I have so many things on my mind now, I just couldn't afford to spare some excitement for the day I turn 22.

In the past, I think most of you might know, I look forward to my birthday. I even remind people about it. Gile horror korup, but not this year. Dang! I gotta blame it on the presentations. I had 2 presentations back to back. So, what is there in Birthday for me to be excited about when I was too busy worrying about these two. GRR!! Well, just for the record, I did OK for the first presentation, but horribly on the second one. It got worst when I started to say the wrong things and somebody corrected me during my presentation... and, what did I do? I just laughed at myself during the presentation. That was my escape route. The same guy even try to get me, later on, with a question that was TOTALLY unrelated to my topic, but sorry dude, I know stuff.
For that, I was mad at myself... that presentation could actually turn out great if I didn't do all these little mistakes! MAD MAD MAD


Little that I know, Izzy and Leah were planning my bday-dinner-celebration last night. She handed me the Invitation at noon, and I rather happy. We went to Ben Thanh, a Vietnamese-Thai restaurant. They do have Malaysian food such as Laksa.
.......they food was good, I enjoyed it. We had rice, mango fish, and shrimp green curry. For appetizer, we ordered crispy cyclone shrimp. We finished of our dinner with strawberry bubble tea (for me) and 3 sweet bean & coconut milk drink (for Izzy).

I got a sweater and a candle for Izzy as bday gift. Leah gave me Victoria Secret's Juiced Berry body mist...MY FAVOURITE. As of right now, I'm wearing the sweater and sprayed the body mist all over myself...GRRR! Love IT!

Some pics from last night.
I will put up more later...

Eyes to tired to open...

Jangan jealous....

Gambar yang takde kaitan dgn topic. Brendan is so hawt right now! AWW!!
Linda, setuju kannn...hehe

Later Gators!