Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Motherhood talk

When it comes to feeding your baby, you have three choices: breastfeeding, formula milk or mixed the two. I chose the former. Little did I know it is a hard work! I admire those who were able to nurse their baby until 2 years old, especially when you have a full time job. I have my support group at work and a cousin who is an advocate for this. From them, I believe this is possible! Sometimes I do have that thought of would not it be easier to give formula milk, especially when you are out and about. That thoughts lingers in my head for quite a bit. I guess I was looking for a shortcut, but who wouldn't? For now, I'm trying my best. But between that long minutes (it seems so!!) of pumping and nursing, I do find a silver lining that is I get some time for myself :) 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

To go there

I can only dream for now but hey, it is a long time dream of mine to travel to these places. It seems some of my friends are going to these places and that makes me all jelly belly! I better make a bucket wish list of the places I dream to go so that I can stare at it and day dream over and over. LOL

In no particular order:
1. Santorini, Greece
2. Patagonia, Chile
3. Croatia
4. Switzerland
5. Alaska
6. Zanzibar, Tanzania
7. Serengeti, Tanzania
8. Jordan

I still have that 7 wonders of the world checklist going on...

One fine day eh?? Imma work hard from now on 😁