Thursday, August 7, 2008

This is my OBS story Part 2

I find that behind in so many things although I left the civilisation world for only a week. I got so lost in news, drama TV, and I got so many comments to attend to! arghhh. Tapi, I'm not stressing out cos of that. It feels good to just lay back without having TV shows to distract u or internet for that matter. Minus the news, I'm very pleased to say that I can live without other necessities. As cellphone concerns, I can live with that. I dont have cellphone back in Canada, so I pretty much can live without it!

Oh, I got myself a pair of flats! woooot! and rantai2...haha

This is part 2 of my OBS story~

For my second expedition, I went on a jungle trekking expedition. I have 2 friends that already gave their story and personal view on that expedition, but u still have to read mind cos my story is not as near as theirs. lolz. sama just in some ways :P

Day 4
After returning from the kayaking expedition, I was damn exhausted. We had to wash the kayaks and also our tents. That is a lot of washing to do! In addition to that, we also have our clothes to wash. Despite that, I still have the afternoon to rest. At lunch, I was so busy gossiping with Izyan, that I left my watchmates to fold all the tents. Sorry a bunch guys! I told Zinn and Kak Zai, I would return the favour. Yea I did some extra work to cover up for that.

Petang tu, we had mini-trekking. I was appointed the navigator. Finally I feel like my "knowledge" is going to good use. hah! Tak sia2 blaja map. Padahal, Peter was helping me all along, even on how to use a compass, syal malu gils! At that moment, I felt like I was just bragging on how much I know things, but when I was given a real problem to solve, I choked! Ciss, lucky that I have Peter :D

S0, the mini trekking went ok. I was able to lead them to the right destination, and Shasha solved the puzzle.

Day 5
Jungle-trekking day. I woke up very early that day, and I don't know why. At 5.30am, I already woke up and started to get ready. That morning, I got chills, I felt butterflies in my tummy! Never in my life I felt so nervous to go jungle trekking. But this time it's a different because I felt such a burden on my shoulder to lead my watch to the right path. Damn I was scared that morning. I tried to take my mind off from the thoughts of getting lost and succumbing to the time pressure and maybe fatigue as well can drive me cuckoo (just as kayaking did). I packed my bag over and over again, I did stretching over and over again, apply sunblock and yes, check my map with my fellow dorm mates, who had been to the expedition before - this is all to kill the time. Sangat2 lah gabra that morning. I was glad to get few tips from Kak Hana, but that do not keep me at peace pon. lolz.

Well, I know my watchmates would not blame me if I got them lost, but deep in my heart I still feel the blame and I have to take the blame - that is what I thought laaa IF we ever got lost. My watchmates are all trying to calm me. I even scare them with my "possible mood swings". Bodo gels.

So kami gerak in formation again. This time the formation is smaller, it involves only my watch. Compare to the kayak formation, this is way better in terms of managing people and keeping everybody motivated :P so the formation was Fifi and Benson (Parangmen), Me (Navigator), Peter (cos saye gedik nak Peter's help in case I got confused), etc etc...and Harun is the sweeper, again. The formation changed from time to time to accommodate those who are tired and when I have to help the girls when the needed a pull and descending the slope.

My first kegelabahan came at the first check point. Saye adelah teramat kelam kabut cos there were 2 paths. I can't sort that out! En Fauzi had to help me. When he told me what to do, I said to myself damn, I know that....this all means, I have to try to relax cos all that tension made my mind way off.

After that, I'm happy to say it was a great expedition. And hutan lipur ni ade banyak Tongkat Ali. lolz, the boys are all trying to identify tongkat ali. Peter even amik daun die and kunyah, lawak2... I dunno if that gives him the extra booze or not. The first peak was the highest, and I find the climb to the first peak was the toughest. At the top, we met another watch, Irau (Budi nye group). Trust me, it is not a pleasant experience to be trailing at another's watch's butt. Kite jadi slow, and I told Fifi we should move fast at some points (mcm kawasan landai or downslope), but since we are stucked behind them, we have to follow their pace. Darn! Tapi at puncak 3, Irau decided to stop for lunch. That was a good news! We decided to continue and probably catch our lunch at peak 4. Tapi at peak 4, rase nak teruskan jalan je cos if u had ur lunch, u consume time and u will feel so full to even walk, apetah lagi nak panjat or turun bukit. The descending from peak 4 was quite dangerous! I think we are going down an almost 90 degree slope (hehe, exaggerate). Seriously, u have to be extra cautious.

Sampai campsite, Tahan dah sampai. Ciss! But we arrived the same time as SIA. For that, I can be proud. So we had our much awaited lunch and damn it was the best lunch ever, walaupon tak dpt habeskan cos tamak amik nasi banyak. hehe. This campsite was definitely better than Shawal Beach in so many ways. It's more spacious and can fit 5 watches, unlike Shawal that can hardly fit 3 watches. We had a lot of water resources walaupon hanyalah bekas lombong...but it's better than a well aite?

Since we arrived at 1.40pm, we had the whole afternoon to rest. Boring ade laa, it's not like u can sleep petang2 dalam tent right? At 5pm, kami2 geng2 perempuan start masak. As usual, I just help to prepare the ingredients, I don't cook :P Since we had extra eggs, everybody got an egg and we have extra eggs that we made omelette. The cooking time was the best part lahh cos semua orang in my group just chill out and tengok the girls masak. Tah, rase mcm everybody tgh enjoy sangat compare masa dekat Shawal beach. It was tensed back then! Harun pon sibuk2 dgn lawak die, serious Harun, saye tak tahaaann gelak! Sape2 yang ade kat situ mesti nak gelak jugak. Paling tak tahan Peter asked for some tips on how to get a girl from Harun :P

The dinner was just ok...too bad we didnt bring a lot of food. I was already starving at 7. That night we just lazed around and start to think of our performance for the BBQ night. Tahu tak dah dekat 3 tahun tak buat perkara2 performance ni, boleh tahan dah karat dong...mula nak buat, pastu BUBU talk show, tapi last2 we decided to do BUBU wayang kulit. It was a brilliant idea by Fifi. Not only it is unique, u can rest assured other watches wouldn't be doing it too. The title for our play was Che Mat's diary with Harun as Che Mat's voice over. Maka Harun kene kecek English Kelate lahh. Adoiii lagi tak tahaaaann! Harun kater die blaja tu dari Jeme. haha, figure that one already! Dah laa ade orang yg tak kenal Che Mat ingat ni watak reka2 je. Sorry lahh Che Mat, I believe after that performance, kamu mesti one heck of a big star. WOW!

Dah dah... dah malas nak tulis cos dah takde paper pon cerite apart from BBQ Night which saye akan letak pics je and kepulangan ke KLCC. Tetibe rase sedey laa juge cos tah bile lagi akan jumpe mereka2 ni :(

Dah hitam dah kami.

Bubu last breakfast together

Harun, ingat ke ape awak ckp bile buat aksi ni?? Lolz.

Bahagia basuh pinggan sama2. Boys lagi rajen sebenarnye bab2 ni

Krina, Syazwani and me

Pra-tonton tan masing2

Kesatuan Taylor's College

Dateenz on their way back to civilisation. Mind u, we do it in black and white :)

CK mesti CK curi my camera ni :P


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This is my OBS story

Let me kick off my OBS story with a picture of my group : BUBU. What a cute name! And the people in my group are cute as well, especially Shasha n Che Mat! haha.
Pic description:
Standing at the back (L-R): Zinnirah, Afifi, En. Fauzi, Harun, Peter, Benson and Kak Zai
Standing in front (L-R): Che Mat!!, Judin, Fitri, Shasha, Ctod, Me and Neo
What a happy picture. U can say so cos this picture is taken after we are done with all the expeditions!
I prefer to go on day to day basis when I tell my tale. Ariff is using the same approach too, but oh what the heck! Some of the pictures I posted here are the same as my "OBS made me tanned" album on facebook. I do get a lot of comments there :)

Day 1
I left Kuantan at 4.30am for OBS. Such a bummer to leave that early. I thought I could just sleep in the car while my brother is driving. However, I couldn't. That's my nature folks, I just do not sleep in cars and this is due to several reasons which I don't bother to write them down here. We arrived in KL around 7.45am, quite early than I've expected, so we went to have breakfast. Apparently that restaurant is running out of Nasi Lemak (damn it), so I have to go for roti telur instead. I thought of having a heavy breakfast, just in case the bus didn't stop for lunch :P
Yea, I met up with all my friends at the Twin Tower. It felt so good to see them again. But I didn't instantly go and talk to them cos my parents are there and most of the mafias are guys, I don't want them to think otherwise pulak.
Somehow, Izyan and I got misunderstood and we got on a different bus than the other mafias. I thought of catching up some sleep because I know once I arrive at OB, tak tido punye. However, the only catching up I did was super hot gossips from Izyan. And I have mine to tell too!

K, this is way too much to write bout the bus trip.
Moving on....

Dah sampai OB, I told myself, tolong laah group best. haha. I guess that was too much to wish for :D I got in the first group, BUBU. When I look at my groupmates, I go darn, sape ni.... tak penah pon muka. I only know Afifi and Harun from the Mafias. I've seen Ctod (I thought eja Si Tot, but Mbn corrected me dgn Ctod), Neo and Zinn before, the stranger! The fact that I was in the same group as Harun is what I called dejavu! Dah sangat2 kerap ni bergroup ngan Harun. But it's fine with me cos I know this group will rock no matter what! I have faith :P

Then comes the climb to our dorm! There are 80 steps to my dorm:Ledang. It was very tiring, and once I got in, it was dirty as well. We spent that afternoon sweeping and mopping the floor. In all, I'm very happy with the dorm cos it's better in so many ways than the BTN dorm.

Day 2
Ice Breaking~ I'm looking forward to this cos I can meet new people. Rupa2 nya my group + Tahan + Irau will be Group 1. Ok lahh. Layan je. We played so many games together. Paling tak tahan korup ialah game pass a rope from the front to the back. Game ini sangat mencabar moral dan akhlak because laki and perempuan kene pegang tangan di bawah kangkangan masing2. Teramatlah horror. I chose not to hold some dude's hand. Naseb baik Shasha n Ctod tak kisah. Seriously, that game amat corrupt! I dont have the pics but En Aznan does! nanti tgk k that pic dekat

Petang: kayak intro! seronok seyh. Although it will be a lot better if I brought along my swimwear! At first I partnered with Harun. Somehow, we were chosen to do the capsize demo at the open sea where other partners just tepi pantai. Not fair tol. Fifi had that chance too. The not so nice part was of course, I couldnt pull myself up! I was very exhausted from swimming while holding the paddle and pushing the kayak to get to the rafting kayaks. Cess, so Harun had to give me a push. haha. But kayaking with Harun gave me one problem: I had difficulties in communicating with him. I think Harun pon perasan. Serious communication problem. lolz.

After the expedition briefing that night, Harun was elected as the sweeper. So he thought of going on a solo kayak. And Fifi immediately asked if I wanna kayak with him. Of course lahh I say yes cos I have no choice. Somehow Neo wants to kayak with Fifi too! cos she thinks her partner is not up to her standard. Ah, whatevs, Fifi dah ajak dulu, so tak boleh laa tukar dah.

Then comes this hilarious joke that only my group will understand...Lawak ini dipanggil Harun Salim Bachik... haha. After Harun was chosen as the sweeper, En Fauzi (my instructor) said "Korang tak boleh kayak lagi slow daripada Harun". Tetibe Shasha cakap, "huhu, kite kene make sure Harun je ade kat belakang skali, jangan Harun Salim Bachik pulak. HAHAHAHA. Aku tak leh bayang muka Harun Salim Bachik kalau berkayak"...tbc This might not sound damn funny cos I'm the one saying it, but trust me sangat kelakar...tunggu for the next part of Harun Salim Bachik.

Day 3
Kayak Day! Oh boy, I'm excited! This is my first kayak expedition :) and my first time partnering with Fifi.
Here are some pics. I'm lucky that my camera is waterproof. haha
The cute guy in blue is Peter. He was our Sea Captain. Together with his partner, Zinn...they are damn strong. They can go back and forth like nobody's business! Jeles yang teramat!

Getting ready with all our things~

Ck and Me minutes before leaving~!! U can see Fifi menyibuk kat blakang

For those who do not have sandals or refuse to tie their flip flops with tali rafia, u get to own a pair of imitation crocs that cost only RM10.90. Voila! I should have bought one for myself cos now my Nike sandal is ruined ! darn!

Fifi at work! Sorry fifi gamba gelap, cant see ur face :P I have to give credit to Fifi, if it wasn't cos of him, I dont think I can make it to Shawal Beach.

That's us. This picture is taken by Amar. Ade ke Amar nak celup2 my camera dalam air sighh. He said just to test betul ke waterproof!

During the time where I have to wait for others.

Throughout the whole kayak expedition, Fifi told me he wants to be at front all the time. That would mean, we have to keep up with Peter and Zinn. I kinda agree to that! If u stay at back, u somewhat feel demotivated. However, we still wait for others when we have to. The problem with that is, I get sea sick if I stop. Fifi was quite concern with my condition. Selalu encourage suruh muntah. cehhh it's not that easy dowh. Zinn ckp: Jolok je. errr....I tried, but my finger rase masin..ewwww.... somehow when YC capsized, and we were waiting for him to be rescued, I vomitted. Kluar kueh teow goreng...cos that's what I had for breakfast. lolz. After the lunch break, I don't feel like taking pictures anymore.

I think everybody had this: negative thoughts! Mine was worse. Fifi had to listen to my complains all the time. I wasn't me at all! I used harsh words to describe things, I was mad out of the was bad! really bad! The current was so strong that we barely move at all for 1 hour! Finally I somewhat remember geometry..haha. Using math, it's easy to figure out how the hell u supposed to tackle the current. I attacked (huhu) at 45 degrees. And my oh my, it worked! Towards the end, Fifi was a bit frustrated n became negative too! I let him say whatever he wants to say cos I was like that too earlier. The stressful condition can only allow one person to be negative. haha. This time, I was very very positive cos I know dah dekat nak sampai dah!

After 9 hours of hard work, and I'm proud to say I didn't take a ride at all on the boat, we arrived safely at Shawal Beach! It's almost night so we have to kick up and start pitching our tents etc etc. I was delegated as the tent pitcher, so as all the boys. I refused to cook cos I dont like ppl to taste my food. lolz. Plus they say I know the knots for the tent. Haha ....cos I was a Scout. Kak Zai masak nasi yang sangat lahhh sedap! We had sardine and stir-fry veggies. We end the night with hot barley! Perfect! Although just the food part was perfect. The part when nature calls sucks worse than anything u can imagine. As for me, dah biasa laa juge. Time camping dulu mcm tu lahh. And time fieldtrip. But it's tough cos u have to find secluded place etc etc...siap gaduh2 lagi dgn boys. sighhh. not me, but ade lahhh...

Tido time was nice! dah lama tak tido begini. Believe it or not, takde nyamuk!! seriously takde! Sejuk plak tuhhh. hehe. Bangun2, makan breakfast....burger! and roti with jam! Burger tu sedap gils....mcm burger ramly tepi jalan. hahaha. Fine, this is the time u acknowledge the simple2 food that u have! when mcd is not around....burger cap ayam pon jalan!

Balek trip was fun! We took 1 hr 40 mins to get to OB from Shawal Beach. Sorry no pics! Too lazy. Dah laa kitorang amik kayak orang lain....cos we think our kayak is jinx. haha. sorry ctod n benson! That was Fifi's idea! haha. Kitorang at first target sea captain's kayak! The water was bit choppy on the way back. I had many occurence when I hit a wave and slammed the water, causing sea water to enter the kayak. The wind was strong too...there are some points when I had to just keep on paddling although we were way ahead of the sea captain just to battle with the wind. Before landing, we all rafted cos the sea captain wants to give our instructor a yell! sweet thinking Peter! Skali tengah tunggu semua orang tiba...nampak Harun dah sampai....tapi....kat blakang Harun ade satu lagi kayak.....Rupanya Shasha and Che Mat!! lolz, since mereka lambat and blakang Harun....mereka dipanggil Harun Salim Bachik...sorry if u didnt get the joke. Saye tak reti cerite balek joke orang.

Ok, this is way longer than I expected. Wait for my Part 2....where I go trekking, but I have to tell u first: I didnt bring my camera mase jungle trekking :(

Sorry for any grammar mistakes...tak larat nak check.

Monday, August 4, 2008


meeting old friends back after 1 year really gave me mixed emotions.
i thought i got over some of the emotions that i might have had, but apparently i'm living in those emotions all these while without even noticing them. i guess when i wrote this and when u read this, u wouldn't understand because i do not tell many about it. i was a bit secretive on this. but it's ok. i find that my reunion with some of my friends at OBS gave me something to remind myself of. something that happened 2 years ago, be it sweet memories or the bitter ones. either one, i'm happy to reminisce all the memories~ but truthfully the bitter ones really got the hang of me. sedih sangat. u might not know what i'm saying here, so i'm sorry cos i still can't say it after all these years. it makes me feel like i'm making a fool out of myself. so, let me just lie in those memories and try to suck it up. huh.

tapi, seburok burok kesedihan i was still very happy to meet them. some of them tak ckp pun dulu but now we are quite close like afifi. hah. who would knew. i dont really talk to him at STE, but at OBS, we were group mates, so i always hang out with him, even partner with him during the kayaking experience. oh my, afifi is strong. haha. i will write bout it with pics ok!
tapi itulahh, i can see some of my friends dah sangat berubah. bukan sorang, tapi ramai. i dont know if they think the same of me, but i certainly have my impressions on some people. huhu. takde lahh negative, just a simple plan observations.

so for now, just chill out cos my OBS story is coming up! i'm uploading pics to facebook at this moment, so i'll write bout OBS later. now kene basuh baju dong....

ps: trip to perhentian island telah dicancel atas sebab2 tak dpt elak. kesedihan memuncak....