Sunday, August 26, 2012

Some things can wait :)

So far, I'm still offshore. Completed a hole section yesterday and oh boy, we were very tired! Nevertheless, I'm pinning myself down for study-for-assessment session before the next section starts. Sequence strat, here I come! 


'cause I found something interesting on my Macbook. After 3 years of using this laptop, I finally got "acquainted" with iPhoto book. Well, you can create a photobook here and send them for printing! Duh, why didn't I know bout this earlier! 

So for my first project, I'm doing a lil something for my Peru travels. Then, perhaps NYC next! Hmm, sequence strat is calling me at the same time. Maybe this afternoon...hehe

My oh my! I'm loving this! I chose the theme "Travel" for this book and it has all the best layouts ever.
I'm distracted by this, really. It actually took me few hours just to get the right pictures and place them
accordingly. Haha. Nevertheless, I'm psyched bout this and hope the result is as amazing as it seems. 

Then you have me. Trying to fake things out while eating an egg sandwich. Grrr!
(tin biskut muchy's di belakang...)

p/s: yet to give out duit raya hehehe

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eid Mubarak!

Today feels no different than last year. My "baju raya" this year is still my loyal yellow coverall that by now it looks a bit worn out and has lots of stained grease marks. 

Nevertheless, what makes this year better was we performed solat raya in the morning and then, we had a small makan-makan session at the galley. I did enjoy satay, lemang and some noodles. Then for lunch I had grilled tiger prawn *drool*.

I'll be here for a few more days, I assume. Then, back to land and finally a chance to melaram in those two baju kurung moden I got Kak Intan to make :) It's okay for the late raya cause I don't even have the perfect to tudung for my baju kurung yet! *must go find them after this*

With this, I would like to wish all of you


Take care of yourself during this festive seasons and do take care of your tummy as well.