Wednesday, August 6, 2014

On struggles

Each one of us have our own struggles. To say one do not understand you is unfair 'cause you'll never know what is behind every smile you see. Let alone to understand their struggle, give it big or small.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Chalkart fan

I have a thing for chalkart, apparently. Though I have always take a sneak peak at this form of art, I have never tried doing it myself until week! I wanted it for my wedding but I could not find time to sit down and practise my handlettering. 
So yeah, after drawing inspirations from others, this is what I came up with. Right now, I still in the phase of doodling our name with lots of hearts in between. Sounds so high school, isn't it? I hope to do more. I'm using black ink so there is no room for mistake. It is okay 'cause ot is my favourite pen that I got from Dollarama years ago. Well, sounds like I need to practise more and be more creative! Cheerios!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2013 to 2014

And so 2014 began a month ago. It has yet to draw itself to me and I have not reserve myself for any big plans so far. Oh, perhaps moving into a new place is a big deal. Ah, yes yes. It is. As excited as I am planning for house renovation and finding house decor ideas constantly, I cannot escape the fact that we are living just us after this. I wonder how different that will be for me!

Above all, 2013 has set a great note for me. I felt I have accomplished amazing things last year and being married topped the list! Perhaps it will forever top the list. On a side note, I think being husband and wife have pros and cons as you two begin to adapt to each other. Fights and occasional merajuk seem less likely these days; and since my MIL is still the ma'am of the kitchen, I get to feel overjoy whenever I get the chance to cook for them.

I am praying for great news in 2014.

p/s: I miss writing my blog; though I am considering creating a new blog since has a lot of spam comments. Luckily, I get to approve the true comments and not let spammers rule the comment box.