Saturday, December 29, 2012

Joyride 2012

2013 is in the next few days.
And I skipped my tradition last year, but I'm not about to do the same this year! It's my so-called-exciting-poll-of-the-year! Lalalalaaaaa

90% similar template as 2010 with some deleted moments cause they are irrelevant (like Best "Whoa, he did not just say my name" moment) and some added moments.

Big teary moment:
A gold ring on my ring finger.
Ok, I didn't cry but I felt overwhelmed by the whole journey from when we got to know each other until today. After two years, we'd say it's time to think of a future together :)

Miss Taken :p 
Best besties moment:
With my girls enjoying brunch at Haven Cafe, Ampang Hilir. Oh mon dieu, we were crazy! We talked and talked non stop for 3 hours! There were just SOOO many things to gossip and share about after sooo many years being away from each other. Simply madness, in a super amazing way.

Best makan-makan moment:
HOMECOOK food. Seriously! You may think I sounded lame, but over the year, I've enjoyed my own cooking cause I got more creative and wanted to try new recipes! Many thanks to the recipe books at home courtesy of Amal and my certain someone (made him buy me one...). And when people complimented and asked for more, that's enough for me to say it's the best moment for me.

Chicken breast in balsamic and apple cider vinegar with sauteed potatoes!
Mouthful name, but taste good in the mouth as well. Haha

Ikan kembung masak kuning. My personal favourite :)

Best mommy-daughter moment:
Much like 2010, it has to be our trip to UK and Paris! Not to mention, the passing-down-recipe moments. But if you ask me to cook you my mom's famous nasi dagang, I would politely decline your request cause I'm no where near good at making them. Nasi tah kemana, gulai ikan lagi lah! Tolong kacau2 nasi dengan santan boleh :)

Best LIVE performance:
We skipped concerts and we do orchestra now! We watched The Beatles, then Peter & the Wolf and Babar the Elephant. It all felt a bit regal, but we enjoyed the experience.

Best PLAY:
Hands down, it was Aliaa's "Indicinelive!". It was hilarious, witty and full with sarcasm, in which I enjoyed thoroughly! She is such a good actress!! Hugs darling!

Best in awe moment:
I was very much in awe with the Eiffel Tower that I decided to spent some time just taking pictures and hanging out at the park with the tower in sight. I must go back! The next time? Off to Paris with my certain someone!!

Not my best self-captured post with the Eiffel Tower

Best thing I drew and crafted:
Bday present for my certain someone. I had this idea of creating a coupon book for him to redeem whenever he wants to. So, with some minor drawing talent, I put up a book for him entitled "Fit for a King" as a present.

Le coupon book for my beau

Some "coupon". Yet to redeem this. Sigh to my busy schedule!

Best new found love:
I once thought yoga was boring cause it is not so heart-pumping like aerokick etc. and I once thought spa is for them girls who are super manja and need to pamper herself each time. Boy was I wrong! I fell in love with yoga in the first 10 mins of trying it! And I wish to keep doing it for as long as I can. And, I was introduced to spa by Izzy. We tried a spa in Bangsar and I felt in love almost immediately. It must be the work stress that I now find it a must for me to wind down and relax in the hands of the experts!

The most expensive thing I bought:
I bought a designer handbag in London and that's after thinking for two days. At last, I said to myself what the heck, I've been working for 2 years and so I need to reward myself with something grand.

Longest days spent offshore:
24 freaking days! In which I spent Aidilfitri offshore again this year. Having spent Aidilfitri in offshore Vietnam last year, I can only say that the celebration was a bit more exciting this year.

All in the same boat. Beraya offshore sajalah.
Worst nervous like a freak moment:
Emcee-ing for the first time! Ok, I lied. I used to emcee back in high school days, but the truth is I hate hearing my voice over the microphone. However, when Harun and Mardiana offered me as the emcee at their wedding, I felt honoured and took it, regardless of the feeling "I may embarassed myself". Sure enough, I made a few mistakes and I sounded "garang" according to Amar. Sigh. Nevertheless, I wrote the script myself with lots of pantuns in it! I felt accomplished on that note!

Doa dibaca tangan ditadah,
Hati tersentuh tiada terguris,
Bismillah pembuka madah,
Selamat datang membuka majlis
Si Puteranya segak ala laksamana,
Si Puterinya cantik tiada terbilang,
Pelamin terhias seindah singgahsana,
Meraikan raja sehari di hari gemilang
Merantau jauh di luar kariah,
Adat tertib dijaga sendiri, 
Majlis yang indah bertambah meriah,
Melihat pengantin berseri-seri

Worst eye bag moment:
Coring job. Set the coring point at 12am, spent the next day in the office, took the 9pm flight to Miri, arrived offshore via chopper very early in the morning the next day, spent the next 48 hours with coring job until I finally close my eyes. Nevertheless, it was such a good experience for me as wellsite and operation geologist. 

and last but not least, the person I miss dearly every day! (cause I'm always away! cheesy skit!)


Bowling time! But I chose to just be a photographer.
Never a good bowler ever...

At Harun & Mardiana's wedding. I was the emcee, he was the one reciting the doa

US! Countdown to 2012. So fitting for this post.

Gosh! Tired faces. Except I have sunglasses to cover my eyes. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Being away

At times I feel the need to catch up with life. I need to be living! But sacrifices are no laughing matter; thinking that with some loss there is something to gain.

Of course there is, I kept telling myself. Others would not understand! And yet I'm juggling things from afar; wishing time is not ticking too fast to catch up with me.

Nonetheless, I can steal time. Catch on all the things I missed, like reading. Simple, but believe it or not, it makes me whole again.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

It goes a long way

Say I were to organize a concert at 8pm featuring some awesome artist. Because of this, many who attended it skipped Maghrib prayers and involved in maksiat, then I will be holding the sin for all who attended. Ouch.

And say you are a newbie to concerts and I invited you for the first time. If you begin to love it and go to more concerts in the future, then I will be holding the sin for you for as long as you love it. Ouch.

Of course this is just one scenario, but I can transpose this to so many other situations. The bottom line is, a small sin goes a long way. Let alone if it involves others.

Got myself some nasihat few days back. Just a reminder for myself.

p/s: I haven't been to any concerts lately. The last one was Dave Matthew's Band in 2010 and I kinda enjoyed it. Ooops. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Eid Adha

Salam Aidiladha to all. Well, after missing Eid Fitr last time around, I'm not about to skip Eid Adha as well. My plan today was to eat a lot and so far, I did just that heee. I had lontong, nasi lemak (somehow my aunty always make nasi lemak for raya) and then, another round of lontong and nasi ayam. Happy!

Have fun all. I'm going back to KL soon and these 3 days break thing don't feel enough lah.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ambition to a job

You know, today I feel like putting up lots of pictures. 

When I first say I would like to be a geologist 10 years ago, I had in mind a job where I will be in outdoors and not bounded by four concrete walls. I thought I will an explorer and see the wonders of nature as it is. Oh boy I was wrong, at least a tiny bit. The challenge is different now and when we say we are getting you the oil, we are getting you the oil. It is not a cheap business and my eyes still go @_@ whenever I see the money we spent to find oil. So guys, please be wise when consuming fossil is not easy to find and definitely not that easy to get it out of the Earth, too. 

Then, I dreamed of becoming a gemologist cause I like my gemstones. That's a long and different story altogether... 

Back in university days we had field school and it was great! At times, I still feel like I want to be back in school. Maybe for masters? Hehe. 

Some field camp pictures cause I miss it so bad! Why? Here you go...

At Sunday Point, Nova Scotia. I liked it when my professor
would asked us to draw the outcrop we saw.
I would put my best drawing skills on the paper! I could just
sit down forever (If I could!) just to make it very realistic.
Well, note that I'm no pro, but I am quite okay :p

At Dinosaur Park, Alberta. We got a private hike into the park. Absolutely
worth it. This is a dinosaur graveyard; their bones were everywhere!!!
Definitely a chance of a lifetime for me.
Well, I just had a dino burger here, hehe

Not to forget, super tanned skin and road side lunch break or perhaps snacks.
Somehow I miss sticking in my Swiss Army knife into that brie to spread it onto
my bread. Since we eat on sharing basis, I don't share my knife cause I don't
want to get it contaminated with some ham or pastrami etc...

Missed getting all gross out when I took a jump and simply landed my
feet on the wrong ground... 

SubhanAllah. Just gorgeous view of the Rockies

The thing is I love mountains. So, a view like this could just nail me to the
bench for as long as I can stare. This is at Waterton Lakes National Park. 

Of course, it was a field camp afterall, we are bound to see interesting
outcrop like this! 

And this! and many more...

And being a field geologist, you get to use these gadgets! Some of which, just
me and Izzy's additional items like that lip balm and lotion hehe.
I miss it so badly!!!

And now life gave me a new twist, that is to be a wellsite geologist in an Oil & Gas industry. It is a man's world out here, but shall I say, they do have space for some chicks to join in.

Well, it was not my intention to turn this walkway into a runway, but it just
did. Thanks to my green crossovers for willingly becoming my audience...

Of course, the-no-obstruction-view of the sunrise and sunset. Everyday, this
is the view to die for...fishes as well...

Well, when we want to find for oil, we don't do it on our own.
It's called teamwork. This is me with the mudlogging crew in offshore Vietnam.

And in case you are wondering what I do offshore... here's
a sneak peek. One of my main job is to look at the sample in
the tray under the microscope, see what it is made of and
check for any oil presence under the UV light! 

Sure, it was not as what I intended 10 years ago, but what matters the most is I enjoy what I do. You got to love what you do, be sincere when you do it and that itself is rewarding. 

Going into 2013, I may switch to a department where I will be in the office all the time. That's a new challenge and let's see how hard will it be. I just pray to Allah that it will be a smooth sailing for me from here onwards. Amin...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Comparing subways

I was browsing 9gag (on daily basis of course!) and saw this this picture "Toronto subway fail". It is just too funny not to post it! Even Kuala Lumpur has a more "complicated" subway/train route that this.

Somehow, despite this, I don't find it hard at all to commute in Toronto. It is much easier to walk (and save money) around downtown cause it is not as big as London, Paris or NYC. Having said that, I had been on all four cities. May I say I love NYC the most? It is the most convenient, love their cheap 4-days (or 1 or 8 days etc) pass system, it takes you everywhere and most importantly, it is not confusing. With Paris, I like their cheap day pass as well, but it is a bit tough to get around Paris as there are quite a few transit we need to make before reaching our destination. I'm not a fan of London's Oyster card system (oyster for subway, really??) cause you need to refill as you go, much like our Touch N Go; and since it is in pound sterling, my eyes goes @_@ very fast...Hmmm, for Toronto, it is quite expensive and as you can see, it doesn't take you to many places heee.

From 9GAG

Our very own LRT/commuter/monorail system, from here
(not that you didn't know yet)

Oh well, I need to find a house near an LRT station, so this is my main map hehe.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Well, one thing that is no surprise is one's tendency to follow the heart, rather than the brain. It controls everything it is in your judgment that it may seem preposterous at times. Somehow, one would just go to the extreme and follow such path. It is an understood extent and shall I say we get embarrassed once we get ourselves straight again? Just laugh at yourself, I guess. Haha.

Myself included. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

True niche

I don't think I'm far from my true niche. I just need an inspiration; an audience to feel reborn. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Well, I'm away again. Nothing new there. 

Going back to my book dilemma, I'm done with Animal Farm and now I'm reading Wally Lamb's I Know This Much is True. That book is almost 1000 pages so, I cannot count the days until I'm able to finish it! 

Nevertheless, given that Animal Farm was written in 1940s, it is really quite a revelation. It is almost certainly mimicking the state of Russia during Stalin leadership. I'm no historian, but I get the message from it. What is more interesting is the fact that some "animals" (or people in real life) can blindly follow a leader without arguing what is right or wrong. Can one forever be so naive? I can only wonder so much. I can already see that happening right now. I guess if I were to choose this book back when I was doing critical literature review in Grade 12, I would have been very analytical about it. 

Apart from that, I still have Che Guevara's The Motorcycle Diaries to continue reading as well. I read it halfway back in 2010 and now I need to finish it! Well, thesis was in the way of reading other materials. Hmmm, I know I have a quote from the book somewhere in this blog. Haha.  

Ok, back to work for me here. 


Monday, September 24, 2012

With and without

I never pushed away love, I just chose to wait.
'Cause when it finally came to me, it made me complete.
Without love, I am my own self.
With love, I am us.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

No white flag

I was once content with simple things like t-shirt and jeans to the mall, but soon enough, they become clothing only to the market near my house.

I realise while we are all trying to grow up, there are things that we soon can afford to lose for ourselves.

Sometimes, it is a good thing. And sometimes, not.

Surrender not yourself. For what is lost is everything thus far.

p.s: I am debating which book to continue reading: 
i. I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb
ii. Animal Farm by George Orwell
iii. Motorcycle Diaries by Che Guevara

p.s.s: why in the world would I start to read all three of them at the same time?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Some things can wait :)

So far, I'm still offshore. Completed a hole section yesterday and oh boy, we were very tired! Nevertheless, I'm pinning myself down for study-for-assessment session before the next section starts. Sequence strat, here I come! 


'cause I found something interesting on my Macbook. After 3 years of using this laptop, I finally got "acquainted" with iPhoto book. Well, you can create a photobook here and send them for printing! Duh, why didn't I know bout this earlier! 

So for my first project, I'm doing a lil something for my Peru travels. Then, perhaps NYC next! Hmm, sequence strat is calling me at the same time. Maybe this afternoon...hehe

My oh my! I'm loving this! I chose the theme "Travel" for this book and it has all the best layouts ever.
I'm distracted by this, really. It actually took me few hours just to get the right pictures and place them
accordingly. Haha. Nevertheless, I'm psyched bout this and hope the result is as amazing as it seems. 

Then you have me. Trying to fake things out while eating an egg sandwich. Grrr!
(tin biskut muchy's di belakang...)

p/s: yet to give out duit raya hehehe

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eid Mubarak!

Today feels no different than last year. My "baju raya" this year is still my loyal yellow coverall that by now it looks a bit worn out and has lots of stained grease marks. 

Nevertheless, what makes this year better was we performed solat raya in the morning and then, we had a small makan-makan session at the galley. I did enjoy satay, lemang and some noodles. Then for lunch I had grilled tiger prawn *drool*.

I'll be here for a few more days, I assume. Then, back to land and finally a chance to melaram in those two baju kurung moden I got Kak Intan to make :) It's okay for the late raya cause I don't even have the perfect to tudung for my baju kurung yet! *must go find them after this*

With this, I would like to wish all of you


Take care of yourself during this festive seasons and do take care of your tummy as well. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Count your virtue

It is understood that human beings are looking for better opportunities that may be present before them, but can we simply ignore the responsibilities to those whom we owe? While we enjoy the lavish lifestyle we earn from our own hard work, there are people along the sidelines that made it happened for us. I cannot begin to count cards who they are, but I'll be lying if I say there are none. Sometimes, you heart wants something. Something for yourself. But can you really tell me you earned that certain something? Either way you look at it, I'd say no. It is one thing to achieve something and another to want something. I cannot close my eyes and pretend my mere success is already something. I do not want to run away from this sheer responsibilities of what I've agreed upon. Mainly because I think I hold accountable to them and on a lighter note, it is my conscience. It is telling me what to do, the right thing. Nevertheless, we are human beings. The need to be selfish at times is compelling and attractive. Intelligence do come into play, but we are foolish ourselves when it comes to "grass is always greener on the other side". We are blinded by it, let alone to submerge our minds into thinking "this is for the better". 

That is why I have a second opinion on things. For once, I can agree to the notion of selfishness is necessary. It is not to grab opportunities from others, but merely to escape from something that may drag you into something you do not approve. While being grateful to those you owe is a good deed, you must always look after yourself. In the end of the day, you only have yourself to depend on while others may want to chew you up. I like to see things from different angles and talking to people sure gave me different perspectives and outlooks on things. 

All I can say is, keep your conscience up tight but do not forget to look up front. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ramadhan and all its blessing

Salam Ramadhan to all. Who knew one year can pass us by so very fast? A year ago, I was in a small hotel room in Ho Chi Minh City, trying to figure out how Ramadhan will be for me. Terawikh was easy cause the mosque is just a few minutes walk from my hotel. I sort of refrain myself from wearing telekung from the hotel like we all would do in Malaysia, just to save me from stares from the locals. My break fast was mainly around Dond Du St where most of the halal restaurants are. Well, I bet you know the feeling when after awhile all this can get pretty boring and not to mention I looked pretty sad eating there all alone. So, I packed the food and ate in my room, turned on Skype and video chat with my beau. Then, I spent most of my time reading the Quran. Although I didn't manage to finish it, but I still think I did good.

And a year from all that, I'm now in Kuantan on day 1 of Ramadhan. I never felt so much blessed to be back. Apart from the abundant food I get to buy at bazaar Ramadhan near the stadium, mom is making ikan patin masak tempoyak and sambal udang! Hehe. Nevertheless, I'm still wondering how this Ramadhan will make any difference to me like it did last year. Somehow when I'm all alone and not tight to any Ramadhan-social-events, I accomplish more. 

Hmm, one thing I know is I want to cook and eat home all the time. After spending two weeks abroad, eating food that has french fries on the side all the time, I'm craving for home cook meal. Yeay!

Buffalo steak sandwich in Paris. See what I meant? Urgh, more home cook food s'il vous plait?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Friends thru time

From cute little girls to gorgeous women

And so we shall go on with our lives knowing in our hearts we have somebody; just those people who entered our life and never exit. They are our happy things eventhough you don't see them too often. We move on with our lives, but some things simply cannot change. One of them is friendship, the kind that was built when you cannot even spell your name; the kind that remembers all your embarrassing stories 15 years later; the kind that always held you so close to their hearts that no matter what happen you are still their friend; and yes, the kind that when one breaks, all would break too. This is us. Fifteen years ago, we had no clue where we will be in the future. We rekindled on the ambitions we used to fantasize, but at the end of the day each one of us found our path. The certain place where we want to be. Just that those days back in Assunta Convent, Kuantan were the best days. To me, I cannot even emphasize the craziness we all were and still are or even match the laughter I would have with these group of people. It is unbelievable, but I can tell you it is true. 

Trust me, some things are meant to last forever.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Dry sip

So many things are happening in Malaysia and elsewhere around the World. From the smallest of things to big issues like human massacre in Al-Houlah, Syria. I can only pray for all these to stop 'cause I simply cannot keep up with 'em all.


They killed mostly children in the Al-Houlah massacre and now I wonder how the future will be. Simply atrocious!

p/s: While I am interesting in what is going on around the Globe, I should not overlook Malaysia. Something is "brewing" here, if you know what I mean. I do not feel all that comfortable.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cheers to love

My quick reality check tells me I like being pampered, in all kinds. Kindness, gifts, treats and all, they are among the many things girls love. For me, I discovered that pretty late. Nevertheless, better late than never. For the past a year or so, this exactly happens. Above all, I just want to be grateful that I'm with someone who pampers me :) I sure hope I pamper him as much as well. Hehe.

Saw Blair Waldorf wanted some Laduree macaroons in Gossip Girl.
Can't resist myself from finding where I can get them. There are available only in a few cities in the world
and Dubai being one of them. Of course, I had to request it from my certain someone. What can I say?
I'm very lucky *head over heels* BTW, these macaroons are delicious! The green one on the left-most
is pistachio-flavoured and oh dear, I cannot even describe how my taste bud felt when I took
that first bite! My favourite! Sure hope to get more in Paris and London later :) Thanks love.
I really appreciate you went all the way to Dubai Mall just to get it for me *hugs*

My birthday gift this year, very well-fitting for a 25 year old lady *cough cough*.
Just smiles whenever I wear the charm bracelet :) One happy girl.

Now on the loser side. I never ever received a flower bouquet in my life. Somehow, I received this
beautiful roses bouquet when I touched down KLIA from Vietnam. So appropriate and I definitely felt
 loved. Thankss! There you go! My first ever bouquet! Although it was not a total surprise cause somebody
 posted my facebook "how do I like the flowers?" when I donn't have a clue I was receiving any.
Haha. Spoil giler!

Cupcakes & coffee at Wondermilk! Among the little things that I can do to ever deserve such a guy.
BTW, this is one of the many coupons I drew for his birthday gift. Maybe it is not all that equivalent to
Tiffany & Co, but I sure hope he likes it. Well, he is yet to claim any of his coupons despite claiming
"I look at them every night sampai dah lunyai dah coupon book tu". LOL.

Cheers to love :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

No free land

I'm no where near land right now >.<

Anyways, eversince I arrived here on Friday I never had proper rest at all. Don't get me wrong, I did get some sleep but I kept waking up (on purpose) to check the operations up on the rigfloor. After 3 days of all that, I finally bring myself to a proper, uninterrupted rest last night. Nevertheless, work is still on. I still have tons of paper work to do haha.

At the end of the day, despite the crazy workload I do here, there are only two things that matter to keep my mind sane: the sunset and great people. Sure work is stressful. Almost all would agree, but if the people you work with are amazing, you'd not say a word about stress. Agree? :) 

Beautiful sunset. A few other platforms afar.

I simply love clouds; and their simply many forms and shapes

Helideck and sunset. At times, the best place to enjoy the sunset is from the helideck. 

Barbeque on Sunday. Good food.
I had lamb, chicken, sausage, mashed potato and a bit of rice.
Yeah, I ate a lot yesterday cause I missed lunch and my tummy was grumbling!
Well, on top of that, the sunset was gorgeous and so I ate even more. LOL

In the wireline doghouse with great people working hand-in-hand.
p/s: Ok, ok. I will watch what I eat. My dad pon dah pesan.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

England + 2

In two months time, I'm off to England for le sister's convocation ceremony. I took 2 weeks off for this occasion and mind you that is very rare for my job. Nevertheless, I know 1 week is all bout London-Bristol-York, but I have 1 week reserve for "other European countries". If possible I might hit 2 countries! Well, I am yet to decide which two countries I should set my foot on. Perhaps France cause it is just next door to England. And my second country is either Switzerland or Italy. What do you think? 

The thing is, I always dream of going to Santorini in Greece. Back when I had this "must go places" list, Greece was the first and Peru was second. I somehow went to Peru first. Nevermind, I will go to Santorini one of these days and I already imagine how that trip will be hehe. I sure fantasize a lot bout trips and "Mamma Mia" sure has something to do with it :) 

Getting back to what I was saying earlier, this time around lets keep it bout le family trip to (parts of) Europe. I think my mom will love Switzerland and I love the Swiss Alps. What is not to love about mountains? I'm more of mountain person than beach. What's more I might even buy myself a Swiss watch there (le me has no watch!). And, what about Italy? I'm eyeing Capri here. Remember "The Lotus Eater"? That story got me jumping bout Capri. In the opening line...
"In 1913, I visited a friend who lived on the island of Capri. Capri is a most beautiful island in the Bay of Naples. From the island, you can see across the water to Mount Vesuvius on the mainland of Italy"
                (by  William Somerset Maugham)

Even that first two sentences got me to say, Capri is a must go place. Ever since then, I read even more stories on how beautiful it is. Anyways, perhaps Rome and Venice are more mommy-appropriate. I remember I took her to many many places in NYC; just so she sees New York City the way I do but after all is done I felt bad cause I made her go to these places at my pace. Ish ish ish. And I know she loves shopping, so maybe I can add more of that this time around.  

Then, London Olympics 2012 is also around the corner. I bet prices of about everything are due to be sky rocket! Sigh. The only best part is I get to buy some kind of Olympics merchandise! And if you know me, some shot glass would be nice :)  

p/s: reserving Santorini for a trip with my-certain-someone *blush*

Monday, May 14, 2012

High Five

May 2012.
Note to self:
Look at the beautiful colours in front of you and put your hands in the pocket, then say, "Hey Gorgeous!" (...whatever gorgeous is to you). Ahhh, content life!

Gerber daisies by my bed. Who knew I have a thing for flowers these days. Oh pretty flowers, what have you done to me?

Almost artificial! I took it to the grill and om nom nom! 

p/s: was listening to Alanis Morissette "Hand in My Pocket"; hence the pocket reference.
"I'm broke but I'm happy; 
I'm poor but I'm kind"
Ahhh, she's content too!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A tree pose, you say?

It is true. I haven't been updating my blog in ages. Even that one post earlier this month does not count and it almost certainly reflecting how terribly busy and lazy I am. There is no excuse, of course. 

Well, I am still doing the same job. 
But I've picked up something new that I enjoy so much. That is yoga.

I have always wanted to do yoga since I read Ninie Ahmad's blog back in university days. Somehow, I could not bring myself to just go and do it. See, saying and wanting in one thing, but physically doing it is another! While all preps are done, i.e yoga mat and clothes (hehe), I was still looking for a studio nearby to attend the classes. I sure am happy that I finally have a chance at it and yes, I enjoy it very much.

I am still pretty much out and about, but I make myself free to at least attend once a week, if not more. So far after three weeks, I can say I am more aware bout my body, especially my posture. Sit up straight everyone! I always knew I have stiff muscle (errr, is this the correct way to describe it? any medical students around?), meaning to say I am not flexible. Just to prove my point, I cannot bend down and touch my toes. Sigh. I am not flexible at all! Even back in my days of doing Taekwondo I cannot do the split. Embarassing, I know. 

Being the beginner in a bunch of flexible-and-a-bit-more-season-at-this people, I was pretty intimidated at first, but when I see these people are also wobbling like me, I do not feel too bad bout myself. Haha. And if you think you do not sweat while doing yoga 'cause the studio is air conditioned, please come and try for yourself. You do sweat! At times, I would go during lunch hours on weekdays and I find myself awesomely refreshed for the remaining few more hours. Lunch can wait! Nah, I would have a very light lunch afterwards while doing work LOL

Anyways, my point is, I just want my muscle to be stronger and toned! Now, I'm thinking of doing yoga and go jogging on alternate days! Wow! Sure sounds like a plan to me. Now to the execution part....... (warghhh!)

If you are skeptical 'cause it may be spiritual, fret incantation is involved. It is just you stretching your muscle out loud! Maybe one day I can do a headstand, who knows! 
To those yet to try yoga, have it a go! I can bet you will love it as well :)  

p/s: Among my wish list, I'm yet to run a marathon and do wall climbing! 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hansel & Gretel

They say patience is a virtue.
But if we cannot bring ourself grounded to a certain poise and manner, we are nothing near patience. And the thing about patience is it is not in everybody. Just that I believe it will be in everybody if we choose to have it.

Then, take goodness.
Goodness at times is masked by that one mistake one made. You repent from it. You live your life away from it. It does not defines you. Not at all. But one choose to close one's eyes to what is more important. And that very mistake seems to be more obvious than others.

Then, take knowledge.
They say knowledge is power. With knowledge, everything is possible. But knowledge is power. People lost sight at what it means. They think having knowledge to themselves is power. That is where one lost the track. Share the knowledge because that is the power one holds, the ability to be knowledgeable.

Then, take me.
I choose to be patient, I choose to see the good in people and I choose to be knowledgeable.
I am not lost, but maybe I need some bread crumbs to remind me where the right paths are.