Saturday, May 30, 2009

This will be the lamest summer ever.
Dr Plint does not have a spot for an undergrad assistant. sucks big time!
ok, my naseb so far ialah bad luck...

5,201 words and a few more tonight

Tonight, I finished my SIFT report.
17 pages
5,201 words
What a painful report to write. Haha. I only love the work I did on the pictures! Below are some of the pictures from my report. I have to put them up here cause they are amazing.
*eheh, puji diri memang laaa seronok*
As I was writing my report, I realized Dr. Plint gave me more assignment than previous year SIFT participant! Hummmm....

Carbonate cores. I think I will be working with them again for my thesis

Dekat Frank Slide :)
1. Nadia and conglomerate
2. Rock unit in Banff Formation - cherty limestone
3. Crinoid fossil in Livingstone Formation. comel je crinoid tuh

FOLDS! This place has the most folds I've seen in my life!

*I asked Dr. Plint if I can be his field assistant, hopefully the answer is YES!*
I need to change the header picture. It's getting old, but I don't have a theme yet :(

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SIFT and everything around it

So, here's some pictures.
Probably my SIFT story will come later. I gotta write a report about it. For now, just take a look at the pictures aite!


Downtown Calgary

Yerp, been up there.

Calgary City from far

BBQ at Bowness Park


All the catwalkers

BBQ!! Adoii sedap seyhhh...

Nasi Kerabu resipi Kak Siti :)

SIFT 2009

First day at SIFT with Genevieve and Jennifer :)

Core Lab.

Dinosaur Provincial Park, Badland, AB
So, don't get jealous if I tell you, I got to hike at the preserved area. This area is, of course, not open to the public and I must say, after whole day walking around there...I don't bother anymore looking down for bones. They are just everywhere. Even during lunch, I sat next to a bone. They called it "Lunch at the graveyard". Spoof!

Bone Burger lol

It is not weird to suddenly see a dinosaur bone...

Interesting land formation

4 day Field Trip
- to the Rockies and BC
It was fun, but the bus ride was a pain in the a**. Plus, Harun sat next to me...damn he took a lot of SPACE!


Hiking trail. We all did this hiking after lunch.
That doesn't go too well for me! Hahaha.

The Big Rock

Second Half of SIFT
More like work, presentation and fancy networking functions!

Some night life, of course. Haha. I had POP, in case you are wondering...
Maureen is on my left. She is my roommate! And then there's Alyn on Maureen's
left. She's super nice and keeps on saying "Farisa u are such a sweetheart". Geez Thanks!

My team - Tight Hole Exploration. Excuse the name!
L-R: Jamar Regis (St. Mary's), Yours truly,
Maureen Hill (U of T) and Steve Christie (U of Regina)
We worked wonders together! This picture was taken after
the presentation.

Proof yang orang Malaysia ruled SIFT this year! We both freaking won an award.

Victoria Day Long Weekend - Me, Kak Siti, Harun and Kak Haziah hit the road to the Rockies! The weather was amazing on the first day, and got worst on the second day. It bloody snow on the second day! And our rented car was as small as Perodua Kancil...which proved to be bad during snow storm in the mountains!!


Athabasca Glacier. Finally! I got to see and stand on one of my
must see natural wonder.

Jasper. Beautiful town

Lake Louise, still frozen