Wednesday, December 26, 2007

day 7

hahaha. sorry arep, i didnt have the time to write in my blog.
we got home late at night everyday, so i rather sleep than write smthing here although i have tonnes of stories to tell.
but today, im going shopping cos it's boxing day! and things are supposed to be cheap~
we all plan to go to prime outlet. hopefully i will get good stuff today. i have my wish list and i had it like forever. so, today i want to make it come true. hahaha siot je. ayat2 dah macam character2 disney...

well, for the past 3 days, i went to universal studio for the second time, seaworld, disney's epcot and disney's magic kingdom.

i had a blast in universal studio although we arrived there late (screw u shuttle!) and it was packed, but i dont have to wait that long for each show or ride. the mummy return ride was freaking SCARY. it's ok, i'll spare the details later~!!

seaworld was ok. and it's just a 10minutes walk from our hotel. so after we spent few hours there, we decided to head back to our hotel and go shopping instead. bought 2 coach bags. hahaha....

epcot plak mcm boring gils. tp tu laa, tak naik ride sbb waiting time je dah 2 jam. tak mampu beb. im going there again~

magic kingdom: magical~!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahaha ... later laa cerita lagi details cos i want to add pictures to my story.

Friday, December 21, 2007

day 3

OMG my feet hurts like crazy!

it has been 3 days now!

day 1
arrived orlando around 4pm. had dinner at nathan's and man, the airport is big!! i love the airport. it's so pretty. the food court even has a huge cylinder aquarium. then we took the bus to our first hotel, rodeway inn at international drive. it took us 1 hr n 10 mins to get there. it's not that far but the bus is using the long route, which is the worst thing ever~
rodeway inn was ok. izzy asked bout breakfast. the receptionist said, "it's 8 dollars and kids below 12 can eat for free. so, she (pointing at me) can eat for free". i puzzled, then izzy said, "but why?"she said, "cos she is below 12". OMG...i said to her "no, no.... i'm 20". hah. that was sad. lol.

day 2
the next morning, we took a walk along i-drive. there are many shops here~!! mainly restaurants, gift shops, tourism centre and grocery store. i like it here. pretty much everything is here. and the food is quite cheap too. i saw some ads that say all u can eat breakfast for only 3.99. that is cheap. i bet it's because of the competition from other restaurants. huh. then after we had to check out, we went to florida mall with our luggages..sigh...
luckily there is the florida mall hotel next to it where we can leave our luggage for free! nice. this mall pretty much has all the shops that i want. haha, i know what i want, but i just cant buy them yet!! after shopping for the whole day, we finally went to our "real" hotel where we will be staying for the rest of the trip: hilton garden inn. hah. i requested for 2 double beds room. although they said at first they dont have it, but later they have one for us. yey!! i love it when i walked to the counter and they say: we have ur room ready for u, miss. haha. tah kenape that sounds nice. and we got complimentary cookies! freshly baked ok!! still warm when we had it. i took 2 since i'm starving!! and our room is on the 8th floor- the top floor with the view of the pool. wow!
we went to 7 eleven after that to get some food. haha. korup giler ...
balik tu berlari laju giler cos i saw ular!!

day 3
islands of adventure!
best gilos
sakit kaki gilos
and worst part is getting wet!!!!!!!!!!!
but i love it. well i will write bout it later with pics! later baby~!!!!!!!!!!

tomorrow, we will go to universal studio again! gonna watch shrek 4D. awesome eh!! cant wait folks...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

too much, too much

effects of caffeine: got this from yahoo answer
hand tremors
extra heartbeats
inability to concentrate
increase in blood pressure
breathing rate
Increased adrenaline and awareness
decrease in bone marrow (weakens your bones)
mood swings

guess what?? out of all these, im experiencing 8 of the effects. i actually didnt know the other effects of caffeine. i thought it was only to keep u awake. duh~
so i stupidly added 2 spoons of coffee. and after awhile. yey...i can stay awake and study.
but later my heart was pounding so fast, i thought i was cold. so i wrapped myself up. then it still beat very fast. i thought cos i was nervous for the exam tomorrow. so i tried to calm down by proper breathing techinique and loosen up a little bit. huh.

then i decided to check on yahoo answer. and i was surprised to read about this! i was so ignorant about this~ haihh so i had to suffer the whole night with my heart beating really fast. and when i woke up, i got severe headache. OMG, pls no more coffee after this. im not a fan of coffee at all. just had it to keep me alert... haihhh

anyways, florida is in 3 days~!! weeeeeeee...
im so excited. cant even concentrate on studying for the toughest course ever: mineralogy!
i seriously have to do well on this exam, or i will be toast!;_ylt=AqYUU66UIer8Tnfqmg.StPwjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20061121232043AAXjgCC

Monday, December 10, 2007

it has been a year since then

the beautiful queen bee produces honey
you are reading this smiling and how could that be?
remember my loyal not everything is money
lucky me you are not blind that you can see
but can you see how far is here to sea?
because that's the distance friendship between you and me
face failure and never flee
because inside the precious flies the key
study hard and never forget while you are at oversea
and determine who you will be

something to keep in mind
thanks azri
miss u by now~

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Guess what?? im in the library!! it's my first time studying in the library! how awkward is that! and this keyboard is killing me.... hahaa

im currently reading bout magnetosphere but i stopped to write sumthing here!
i just want to say this library is freaking noisy! im sitting here listening to ppl talking bout craps and my gosh, they are loud! haihhh this is soo defeating the purpose of studying in the library. i went to the silent zone....and it was packed i have to stay here....bummer~

and again this keyboard kills me!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

one down....

hah! done with my first paper. damn tiring! i didnt expect to write essays! he did say essay but i thought it was more like short answer where u can still use point forms. but hey hey no....he wants sorry prof, my handwriting was ugly towards the end. no worries, the answers are right, im sure of that. im getting good vibes with this expecting at least 85. lol :P but i can be wrong. but it doesnt kill right to be confident ?? hehe.

hah. guess what sedang busy2 studi, i still had time to watch tv. lol :P i definitely couldnt get it out of my system. i wasnt some tv junky back then. i dont know what changed me. oh yea, being able to download for only 6 minutes, that's why. yerp...crazy dc++. but it definitely made me a tv junky. humm...i want to watch project runway after this~ anyways, i watched the victoria's secret annual fashion show last 2 days. man, i love all the performances! especially by spice girls. but i was kinda dissapointed that they only sang 1 song. i was hoping more. lol :P and seal was simply amazing. well, we all know he is in the show cos of his wife. hah. and heidi klum kills me a big time! she's the host, she's the model and guess what?? she performs tooo. i was like helloooooooo .... u dont have to steal all the spotlight!! and they had a presentation of her 10 yrs with VS too.. overrated habes... gisele is not longer in the show, i wonder why. nevertheless, ok laa show too. im more into watching the performances cos i know spice girls are performing. huhu...

smlm, i called my mom...and i said, "mom, i think u shud start wearing more branded handbags!" hah! (dlm bahasa melayu laa). i mean, my mom has her style i know, but i know too that lately i shaped her style. lol :P so i was thinking that the time has come for her to wear smthing more exclusive n elegant. takyah laa tunggu dpt datin ke ape... lmbat lagi nak dpt. hahaha...gedik siot. padahal ade hajat terpendam. i was googling coach handbags, gucci n LV. well, of cos laa bile beri cadangan, beritahu coach je cos itu plg murah. lol :P tapi rupeny LV lagi murah dari gucci. tak sangke. but i know my mom will definitely say no to lv n gucci cos it's bloody expensive. tapi tak sangke, my mom wants to consider it!! yey!! best2. well, i can try to find smthing kat florida nanti~ excited dong nak dressed up my mom. then comes my dad. itu pon kene style baru jugak tuh. bosan dah. hari tu balik belikan die tshirt GAP. excited habes. so im thinking of buying sumthing better laa dari GAP cos duit pon datang dr my dad kann... hehe. he was asking me bout tommy hilfiger hari tu...i said, "baju die mahal giler kat msia" (dlm english). my dad tak percaya. i want to change my dad's style supaya kasik nmpak professional sikit. tp mcm die tak nak dgr je ckp anak die ni. lol. this time, it's all about family makeover. hahah tp exclude farisa n fardia. shasha pon kene makeover. but i dont want to tell him yet. nanti die tak nak. huhu. i'll do it secretly!! right this can go on forever.

i have an exam tomoro. physics dong. have to start studying. tadi dah lepak kat timmi's ngan leah. huhu

back to serious biz. but i have some weird thoughts. it's ok, i'll write bout it in my diary. hahaha. i just wrote a letter to be opened in 5 yrs! yey!
as i was reading what i wrote for the past few months, i realise...damn i was happy. and the happiness was taken just like that. but i was already having some thoughts about it. never thought it will come true. huh. right now, i just want to hear u say, "im sorry". i dont feel like hearing anymore crap. cos it doesnt help me what-so-ever..... when i look back n think of all ur promises, they are all liess... so pls cut that BS now. dont try to pls me, and make u looked so angelic when u r not. it's all out in the open now ....

Saturday, December 1, 2007

messy room = u r studying for finals!! nice equation!

tell me, who is not stress this time of the year??

im all stress out for my finals.
mainly cos the dates of each exams are pretty close to each other. i was wondering if im able to study all of them properly!
but, i kinda feel lucky cos most of the stuff are quite similar to one another. if passive margin was mentioned in ES200, it is again mentioned in ES260. so it is a double take. plus geography is also stressing about earth and its structure for this final! damn..this is pretty much lucky lucky!
nevertheless, the ones that are not bertindih pon byk. lol

right now, i dont even care how my room looks like. i have books and papers all over the desk. im studying on my bed with my laptop on my lap (name pon laptop), my clothes from pegi class are also on my bed + tonnes of papers as well. pretty much, im sleeping with them!! cos i dont remove or clear them up bfore i go to sleep. huh. malas! cos tomorrow i would wake up and make a mess again, so just let them all there! then i have my washed-clothes that have been folded nicely in the basket. i dont even bother to put them back in the closet. hah. malas malas malas. im so focused. (blahhh) and sometimes i got drifted like checking my emails, friendster, facebook and THIS! haha. and chatting as well. gosh~ they are drifting me away from mineralogy.

i bet u r saying: off ler laptop tuh. the problem is i cant! cos if while im studying n suddenly i stumble across some stuff that i dont know..i can just goggle it! seriously, convenient. sometimes i check the textbooks or my notes. but yea, tell me who is soo keen to do that. that is why my laptop is my source to work and play!

hummm...then i have the planning part. what else! i have to do serious and careful planning of florida trip. kami kan pihak penganjur. afiqah and hafizah are the participants. lol. up until now, i have bought all the tickets (theme parks and flight) except for disney. had some complications with the disney website.apa daaa... im expecting to spend USD1000 on all those things, including hotel. im kinda worry bout the hotel. cos i forgot when i booked, did i put 2 adults or 4. hahaha otherwise kene laa sneak2... mcm laa tak penah buat kann. anyways, ke"terer"an izyan mencari deal terbukti bile jumpe tiket pergi balik pada harga USD190. this is a good price. and we are flying at good times too. not to early and not that late. so, sweeeet! throughout the process of buying the flight tickets...our main slogan was "the luck of clicking". hahaha cos seriously 2 people trying to find the same ticket to go to the same place at the same time may get 2 different price. when i checked, it was 79, and when izzy was cheaper than that. so u gotta be lucky...huh...

arghhh it is a super eye sore to look at my room now! luckily i have a double bed. somehow izyan's room is pretty neat. haha. what happened!!

back to mineralogy...

oh the other day, my dad was showing off to me how much he knows bout crystals. i find it funny and semangat. i know he wants to know whatever that i know. that is why he bothers to read bout earth science. padahal this is way off from his field! hari tu he told fardia, "u at least have to be able to recognise granite. and after awhile...u have to know shale". i was like....errrr ok daddy. semangat sikit ye my dad. yea, my dad pretty much knows everything. he is MR-KNOW-IT-ALL. i was going through his books, and i found The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene. i go..OMG! i was looking at the 2 books in kinokuniya with the intention to buy them, but i didnt cos they are expensive...without knowing that my dad dah beli pon. i tried to read the 2 books, but what the heck...they have the TV version of it. so i just watched the tv series. ahahah..paham jugak. daddy, daddy....sometimes i wonder...habes ke bace each book? lol :P

signing out!

Friday, November 30, 2007

purple is my twin's fave colour! all "sober" now.

i've decided to put all those crappy emotions aside and study! cos in the end, what matters to me the most is to get freaking good marks and beat all my other classmates. hahaha

well, i guess i've been talking to so many ppl by now and different ppl have their own take on this issue. i must say, i'm happy to be getting all the support in the world. hehe

and what i cherish the most was when i told my sister about this issue. die dah laa laser...maka, dgn segera mengondem. welll nak buat mcm mana...

but then she said, "u have me to keep supporting u."

i was like ... wow. this is huge! mana pernah kitorang ckp sedemikian rupa.... huh! well who better to be by ur side other than ur own twin! and friends of cos.

after all we might have some telepathic thinking (according to some...hahaha). i wonder if that is true :D nevertheless, i know she understands me well. thanks sister~!!

love u sis....

toche~!! haha

i deleted my emotional post.
however, i want to thank you all for ur concern. u guys are the best!! love u guys to bits.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

dah jumpe dah

ek...dah reti ke sebut hambeygeyr??? lol :P

anyways, im now taking 5 minutes break from studying for my final lab exam tomorrow. it's the sedimentary and stratigraphy lab. i love that lab!! cos i always anticipate what Ian would wear that day! ahahaha.

right....dah jumpe dah korang

dah jumpe ape yg saye benci pasal UWO. huhu

i HATE the administration of this Uni. and also how international student is not getting a fair treatment despite we are paying triple of canadian student.
this hatred is not only experienced by me, but Izzy as well and pihak Petronas juga. so this is fair and i'm not being judgmental of ppl.

one: they have OLD clerks at the front desk. and as u might know, old ppl like to take things at a snail's pace. no offense, but they seriously do. it's not a bad thing, but it is a serious offense if u a in a hurry or the deadline is approaching. i hate when ppl are talking at work. duh! u r paid to work! or better yet, if u still want to talk, get ur hands to work! dont have to stop for freaking 5 minutes just to listen somebody is telling u "give this card to *** when he/she comes in". u have to be able to do multiple task at once! geram tahap kritikal dong....

two: kerenah birokrasi. i need to fill a form to postpone my exam because i had 3 exams in a row. so i have to postpone one or i wont be able to do well in all 3 exams, which wouldnt be fair on my side. so i went there to get the form. turns out, in order to fill up that form, i have to see a counsillor. i was like...whut??? so we waited freaking 1 hr to see her. the meeting was just a short one and we got our green paper (turns out u have to get that green paper first bfore the form). darn! then dah tunjuk the green paper to the counsillor, i get the form. and this took me like 7 days bfore i finally got my form. bile dah isi form n get the right ppl to sign...rupenye kene jmpe counsillor LAGI utk minta 1 more tandatangan. i was so frustrated. why do we have to see the counsillor 3 times? i find it totally ridiculous. as if they want everything to be valid n that we are not cheating to postpone our exam. arghhh!!!

three: November is the busiest time of the year. so ape kejadah nye the ONE and ONLY person who is in charge in exam thing pegi cuti 3 minggu? if so, patut ade laa pengganti nye. aduiihhh tak belahh nak rase marah. tak pasal2 kene jmpe counsillor smpai 3 kali. it's like so stupid dah.
dah laa smtimes counsillor ade sorang. belom masuk ppl nak jmpe counsillor for reasons that can be waited. like i want to change my major. duhh sweety....lain kali tukar laa dah akhir tahun dowhhh! cos that kinda issue will definitely take almost half an hour. sedangkan i need to see the counsillor for only 5 minutes. patut ade laa consideration sikit pihak administration. cos it's not only's so many other ppl. science is the biggest department. they should have known.

four: saye tahu saye bdak international. tp jgn laa meminggirkan saye. huhu sedih betol. this is to refer to the dispute that international student cannot be a part of the internship program. sedey je cos some uni boleh. whutever lahh...i told the lady, what if i do back home in msia? she said...u can, but it wont be a canadian experience (dgn muka sedeyh). i was like durhhh u dont give me a opportunity, ape kes nak sedih. adeihhh. however, kanak2 in u of T boleh plak. weird thing!

dah tu je kegeraman. pening kepala dah ni!
later ppl. salah bahasa, salah grammar...ignore. malas nak check~

Monday, November 19, 2007

hambeyrgeyr or whutever beyrgeyr

lol :P i guess only izyan would understand the title. cos i said that to her almost everyday! hahaha. if u are curious, u should watch pink panther and see the part where steve martin tries to pronounce it! seriously, it will burst ur stomach into pieces! im not kidding. it still makes me laugh until today!!!

it has been awhile since i last wrote sumthing here. i wasnt that busy and i do have a lot to write about but i just cant seem to find the time to sit down n type! i was more occupied with other things especially regarding my trip to florida. the idea was initiated by 2 people and now we have 4! fantabulous! and now lets count the days together.... :D (padahal tiket pon belom beli ahahha)

anyways, like all of u might have already known, last thursday was izzy's bday! i must say both of us had a great time eating our heart out. for only CAD11, u can eat all u want. anything except duh-uh the non halal food. nevertheless, the halal ones pon dah byk sgt.
the place is great, but during the lunch time...i think we were the only 2 who are below 25. few ppl are between 25 - 40 yrs old and the rest (almost 90%) are seniors! omg! i was starting to think i aged more than i should. haha. cos my mom was saying the other day...korang ni mcm org tua...buat open house n ajak aunty2 instead of friends of same age. i was beginning to think, this could be true. oh no!! im freaking out. hahaha nevermind. i still think like a young person. pegi florida, kite do things only kids would do! hahaha. i sooo cant wait. dont get jeles people. lol :P somehow i think i need a videocam. errrrrrrrrr.....

hummm u know what, somehow this midterms weeks had made me a little bit distant from friends. i dont talk to them like i normally do. even summer took most of our friendship away i think. once im in msia, the time difference made the gap even bigger! right now, although midterms are over for most of us, we are still not close like we are used too. plus, i do not want to bug ppl. i know this is the busiest time of the yr. and finals are coming up....i know i will be straining myself in few weeks...ooooooooooooooo i cant wait for that *sigh*. well, lets start fresh next yr, ok folks!

i just found out a scam! i got a msg from some uwo dude. i thought mcm sesama muslim message. so i just replied laa whutever he was saying. later he invited me twice for a "friendship coffee" which of course laa i declined. last friday leah asked me bout this guy so i told her all the stuff bout him. apparently, he's been inviting her roomate for a "friendship coffee" too. OMG! i cant believe my hears. rase mcm malu giler. it was a scam and die sah sah laa a scumbag! marah ni! kitorang dgr he is msging some other girl too. hah! kitorang komplot to tell her what this guy is up to. izyan punye baik cadangan: reply his msg ckp: im not interested in ur friendship coffee. tell him straight bfore he even invite her for one. hah! musnahkan scam die!!!!! emo ni.... why the hell do i always get weird guys to msg me. haihhh... and remember bout mamat perindu ape tah...?? he invited me to join online dating. OMG...drama drama....!! tahan je ler. at least im now friends with 2 very nice guys whom i got to know just by msging thru fster. hah. i guess, amazing ppl dont come around that often :(

so, signing out now....later! here are some pics from izzy's bday celebration ~
oh, the bday theme colour was purple. so got it why the text are purple??

a present from leah. we are in our sedimentology class

what i bought for izzy~

baru appetizer...follow up: sushi, fried rice, sayur2 many kinds, cod in some sauce, some soup, ice cream etc....

kebanggaan reti guna chopstick

izzy and chocs~!!

i looked, but i didnt buy~ typical laa tu

covent market....

i have a round face~ the one and only picture of us! how weird...

expensive place to buy veggies n fruits. avoid covent market~!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

this post has mixed stories~

Happy Birthday Ashley~!!
and she is coming tomorrow...weeeeee!!

and since it was short notice, i cant plan anything special! well, u know how i love bday surprises. and there is one bday coming up. it's the bday of u-know-who this 15th november. lol :P cant splash the details here. some maybe too celupar and spread the news.

right now, i'm supposed to read bout continental rift. im getting it now. but i dont want to memorise it just yet. i was so blurred when i first heard bout it. and now it all make sense. and hey. guess what....i didnt get the marks i wanted for geography. haha too bad. i have to study even harder urghhh i was hoping for geography to do all the work of pushing my average up. now i still have to depend on my earth science's courses for that. korup. i thought im good at geography. whut the hell went wrong. i was good at it back in high school hahahaha. guess that doesnt prove anything at all now.

like i said in my previous post, this is a wasting time weekend. cos im darn tired of studying every freaking weekend. i was goggling ppl's name just now for goodness sake! that's to prove im bored. hahaha and i came across some video by some fellow. he won first in some vid competition. i LOVE the vid. definitely first prize material. the vid was trying to convey some msg. the director may jsut use the same idea as everybody else: beautiful words, music n pictures but what makes it all different *i know this is rhetorical* was how it was put together to convey that very simple msg that all of us are already well-informed. i can feel the words, the song makes u feel it was beautiful. i love that vid. i simply do. haaaa

some of u might not know this, but i am most probably going to orlando, florida!! yey. im so excited. why switch from LA to orlando? cos in orlando, everything that we want is there in one stretch. seaworld + universal studio + disneyworld are all in that area. it's easy. and once we decided to go to LA, it will be just hollywood, dont bother to go to disney n kanak2 itu. those places are far from each other in LA. gotta find good deals now. but the hotel is what we have to book first. there will always be a flight to orlando, so no worries. but hotel, once it was booked. that's it! we were looking at so many reviews and most of the cheap hotels do get bad reviews. yea...basically...that is why they are cheap. lol :P so now, we are eyeing on hilton. not the 5 star hilton, mind u. dont want u saying farisa kaya. haha. or bdak pet kaya. cos we are not. this hilton is the sub sub hilton laa. hilton garden is what it was called i think. and since it is carrying the hilton name, i can expect the hotel to be nice. and no lipas, bedbug, stain on the carpet, dirty bathroom, rude staff etc like the reviews said bout some of the hotels. and im ecstatic~!! this is going to be great! and i love planning for trips too~!! but it could be stressful. haha this is what i've been doing for the past 5 days! im trying to persuade a friend in michigan to join us. keeping my fingers crossed beb....

im about to read bout pirates in straits of malacca. after so many days! omg....blame the midterm. i love the title of the article
The Strait of Malacca "Dark Passage" . . .
Pirates Haunt It, Sailors Fear It
Global Trade Depends On It

- somehow, i believe if Melaka zaman Parameswara were to stand until today, we are a proud nation today! cos straits of malacca is definitely the suez canal or panama canal of the East!!

kalau tuan memancing pintu, daun dedap di dalam perigi
kalau tuan hai kata begitu, akan sedap di dalam hati
......totally random...........

told u this post has mixed storied..............

Friday, November 2, 2007

sayang, sayang

i am waiting for dc++ to release ugly betty and survivor.
and im happy to say: this weekend, is a wasting time weekend. lol :P
for the past 4 weekends, i've been studying like crazy and never had a free weekend.

what did i do?
i chated with some friends.
i went shopping with izzy
and yea, i did a little bit of reading. haha
AND i watched videos at youtube. haha totally pointless.

and i came across a vid of the taerobic performance by the national taerobic team
fyi, taerobic = taekwondo + aerobic.
and so i watched the vid.
and i go damn~!!
they are super duper good!
and now i wished i didnt stop taerobic.
they were "dancing" to para para sakura which was freaking good.
i performed taerobic using the same song too. and for that performance, they change the choreography just a lil bit. i can still see the same choreography as when i performed. tp i missed it so bad!! i wish i can do it here. tp ye laa,, taekwondo is not a big thing here. tetibe nak start taerobic will be hard. haha. and im not that creative to choreograph the moves. hehe

arghhh miss sgt2!!

if u guys feel like watching the vid, type malaysia's taerobic. u will be damn impressed. i seriously tell u. especially if u like to dance like me~!! teheee... i dont know how to upload a youtube vid here. sorry babe.

had a funny conversation just now. my friend called me ciku. why? i seriously dont know. tp i find it funny. haha cos dah lama tak dgr perkataan ciku. i didnt even eat ciku when i was back in msia last june huh. nak ciku la pulakkk gedik................................

yea, takde kaitan pon dgn title. hahaha itu title lagu btw, just so u wont think of sum other thing :D

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

i cant help but to be mad.

izyan thought that thing happened to her.
and i said: but it happened to me too.
and so, it happened to us both
and cos of that we both ought to be MAD~!!

let me ask u:
how would u feel, if someone who looks so nice, comes and sits next to u in an exam to later copy u throughout the WHOLE exam?? dead angry i assume.

and yes! i am angry

there is a gap between me n izyan. one empty chair on my right and on izyan's left. and so, it was left vacant until few minutes before exam starts, somebody decided to sit next to us. she came and smiled at me and said "salam". i just smiled n replied her salam. and so the exam started.

after that few minutes, i started to feel like somebody is looking at me. and it was from my right! omo...i was like "is she trying to copy me?" but i wasnt so sure. and so i pull myself back a little bit and AHA!! damn i was right. she was looking at my paper! i was like....hello...we are not even writing the same paper. why would u copy me? doesnt make any sense or whutsoever. unless u want to find where my question 10 is on ur paper. and in this case...she is willing to do so!! i was staring right to the prof, hoping he will see this "crime". but unfortunately, he didnt notice. i

i did soo many things to hide my answer. even moving my bottle to hide it. but still she could find her way to glance at my paper. and then i used my left hand to write just so that i can use my WHOLE body to block her view. and i dont know if she can see it cos i *obviously* cant see her. darn i was mad. tak focus beb.

then it was all over. i told izyan...i think she copied me. izyan said: SHE COPIED ME TOO!! i was like omo!! ape kes ni!! and we were generating so many theories as to why she chose to first sat next to us and later have the guts to actually copy us. we thought: she thinks we are sedare sesame Islam and so we ought to "help" her with her exam. i bet if she sits next to some mat salleh, she wouldnt even dare to even say hi. omo!! and the worst part is: she is a MOTHER!!!
i knew this fact cos few weeks ago, when we had to do our lab assignment for geography, she approached izyan and told izyan her sad story and how she wants izyan TO DO the assigment for her. she said: just write for me few sentences for the introduction. like hey!! ape kess. then she told izzy that she just gave birth, and so she missed all the classes and now she doesnt know how to do the whole thing. izzy slamba je ckp: then u should go to the prof. let him explain to u. but she refuses. and starts saying, u Islam, i pon Islam...i was like, that is not an excuse for u to ask somebody else to do ur work. we dont even know u. and yea, i'm a bit upset cos she's a mom, i know motherhood is tough, but there are other options like to postpone ur study, take a leave for a year or whutever. there is always a way out of everything. u just have to find it. later, i think she asked the prof what to do. so Bingo!

and just as she wants to leave the room, she asked izzy: so did u hand in ur lab? izyan who was still doing her exam just put her finger to her lips indicating: im in an exam. which is the right thing to do. so she said: see u outside. woooo...which izyan tak pergi jumpe pon. wahh that's the whole story. i dont know what u think. but to me, it's so inappropriate. to come and just copy other people. i studied like freaking hard for this exam. and i had another in the afternoon. so basically my head was literally exploding with datas bout rocks and cultures and map and so forth. tetibe, dtg somebody tak study ape2, and just sit back and "enjoy the ride". sorry im still upset.

oh i dont know if im over-reacted by writing this all out......

Sunday, October 28, 2007

kegembiraan + gedik? + laser jet printer

yo. haha

i deleted the last post cos i sounded too emotional. and since i dont want to be one anymore (at least im trying not to)....i deleted the post. was a happy day~!!
done with all the readings for geography. but, i still need to revise them later this monday. and yea, had a great time talking to my friend. yey....we havent talk on the phone (or mic in this case) for almost 2 weeks. and darn we have a lot to talk about. dari meja berpindah ke baring2 hahaha.

tahu kan, what kinda stories i've been watching lately?? it's gol n gincu 2 and gossip girl.
humm all the gedik girls story. so i was thinking: do i fall into this category as well?? haha
and so i feel like trying out: heheh if i want something, will he make it happen for me? and of course, the real test utk gedik is: what DO i do to make sure die buat juga, no matter what it takes! kalau korang paham laa challenge ni. end result: im gedik. i can tell. if u r reading this, itu was for fun. u know u tak leh bace blog i~ adeihh teringat kat dan yg akan buat ape2 pon utk serena. huhu sweet~!!

forget the fun part, when actually this is how i feel right now

somehow, i kinda feel im pushing u away from me. i dunno if this is just my thoughts or u r feeling the same way too. but im sorry if u do. tp i dont wish to say all the things i said :)
i think by now, u've figured out that i'm like that, but i dont mean it.. it's just my nature i think. but yea, i just ckp whatever i feel like saying. i dont normally filter things coming out of my mouth hehehehe...hahahaha. i think mcm takde laa kes laser jet printer (quote kak eyna)


lalala...tgh pakai tshirt alberta ni .... bangge tak cik ainil + arep gemm.... hahaha u r still my arep gemm walaupon dah kurus skit...

aduiii kain yg dilipat perlu dikembalikan ke station masing2!! i have lots of clothes....i know....

Saturday, October 20, 2007

hari raya

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Muhibah buat semua
Pertama sekali, saye ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri dan Maaf Zahir Batin buat semua. Saye sedar saye blom wish lagi kat blog. (baru perasan)

Anyways, as most of u dah tahu.....kitorang buat open house smlm. finally, i got a taste of hari raya. and tell taste good. ahahaha. had few people coming...kak unda and family, kak azia dan family, agung gedik and aunty lina.

I was so busy preparing for the night. from the morning till at night....i didnt stop and rest. i was standing most of the time!! blimey,....... later at night dah sakit kaki. since kitorang busy sgt, siap makan kat cafe hostel depan london hall. huhu then curi sudu. sebab kat kedai dah takde. korup je. nasib baik so many stuff for party can be found di dollarama. we made a mistake of buyinh the paper plates etc kat loblaws. damn. hahaha and i think in total we both spent less than CAD100 for this!! omo...................murah giler

and u know what, since kami ni student...mane laa ade bekas2 menghidang. so smlm kak azia once again came to the rescue!! die telah mengeluarkan set2 buffet die yg grand itu...and we got to use them first! and die siap sponsor ayam. i was like...err....we are supposed to pay for this party, tp tak jugak....omg, she's totally our angel here.

guess what i started cooking n stuff around 2pm. i dont even know where to start! last2 dah establish some work style lol ...masing2 ade tugas sendiri. i was in charge for the soup, and chicken. izyan sayur. then take turn goreng mee. which my recipe cmpur izyan's = mihun big hit! hahaha then byk laa mmg tak menang tgn...patut 3 org. baru best.

then smbil chicken wing tgh masak.....get ready. tp kak unda telah smpai awal. tak pakai bj kurung lagi. tp pakai sweater amik mereka!! korupppp..... and kak unda kene handle semua appetizer while saye get ready..omo...soo terukk. and when i finally did look good n stuff... :P kluar to see chicken wing dan sikit...and ade lagi satu appetizer...sudah habes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omo....tak smpat pon nak makan. adehhh...padahal ade 30 bijik tuh. hahaha big hit. ppl were asking me mane beli chicken wing. ade tuh ckp: ape sos pakai....hahaha i was like: everything is in one box. haha. and si kecik fussy hassan suke giler chicken wing tu that die merajuk tahap dasyat giler bile wing dah habes. comel je. then i made him lagi...naseb ade lagi stock. siap die kira2 and berebut ngan jamel. adoiii klaka laa kanak2 ni.

aunty lina smpai lambat skit cos die keje. n bile die smpai....omo........byk giler makanan die bwk. cheese cake, 2 big boxes of choc truffle and belgian choc!!!!!!!!!!! i love u so much aunty. she was like: korang nak ape, aunty beli kat costco ni. aduii...comel je. dah la tak habes2 puji our cooking. siap nak masuk minang lagi. hahahha klakar.

and kak unda bw some dessert too and helped us with the dishes. mcm alamak....aunty ni lak yg basuh pinggan. but the best part is kak unda n mila love the bracelet that i bought for them. beli kat sabah hari tu. crystal n pearl. and just as i thought, the colour matches each one of them perfectly.

ni dah letih dah...but all i can say, i love yesterday!! walaupon bilik ku di lepaki oleh kanak2 kerana nak main internet...and said: ur computer is so slow!. ahahaha ye ye kanak2. mmg slow...

Selamat Hari Raya. this is our official pose for hari raya. i love last year's punye lagi.

makanan yg dah habes. i didnt get the chance to take their pictures!! mmg goreng pisang panassss!!

kids invading my room!!

Mr Bryan: dont encourage mila....hahaha yea, i can see she wants to be one of the dateenz too!!

dudes..pakcik, agung, and bryan

cik intan payung farisa, cik mila n aunty lina!!

kak azia, me and kak unda

ooo yea.....

i love my baju kurung....

the shoes i didnt get a chance to wear smlm

dah sah takde keje

the now empty table...

we invaded the 12am hahaha it was kinda spooky


Thursday, October 18, 2007

hari esok yg dinantikan...

im very excited for tomorrow cos kitorang nak buat open house!!!

i kinda feel the "burden" of planning the whole thing. i dont remember the last time my house had open house. i think that was back when i was 13. and all did then was susun stuff on the table.

and now i have to plan from A to Z. termasuklahh nak pinjam pinggan mangkuk dr aunty2. btw, kitorang just jemput aunty2 dan famili mereka and termasuk si gedik Agung. hahaha

and we planned to have chicken wings, sandwiches and quiches for appetizers. as for entrees we are making nasi ayam n mihun goreng. i know i know, mane ade org makan nasi ayam for hari raya. huhu i just missed nasi ayam. and since we used to make it, so i figure it would be easy then. as for dessert, aunty2 tu nak sponsor. kalau dah student....aunty2 pon kesian kat kami. offer mcm2 nak tolong. nak bw ni, bw tuh. which is so nice of them. terharu betul. tp yea, itu mmg nature mereka semua. hehe. and kak azia nak sponsor air. baguss skali~!!

oh i cant wait for tomorrow. bleh pakai kene masuk dapur. tgh dgr lagu raya ni. sweettttttttttt~!!! will show u the pics later babes.............

im editing this post cos afiqah nak tahu ape itu quiches. they are freaking good!!

letak gamba, kasi terliur skit...

btw, it is pronounced as "kish" weird huh.... they look good arent they....sok baru nak pegi beli. hehe..dlm kotak je

Sunday, October 14, 2007

when everything else fails...

i do believe that when many things fail u, u should try to get back on ur own. in doing so...i believe in enjoying the things that u love the most or at least things that make u happy

i was having a terrible night last night.

and when i woke up, my eyes were soooo dry that i cant hardly open it. yea i felt so bad for putting this onto myself. lol :P

yes, yesterday was horrible, but i'm not going to make today worst huh. so i kinda think: what are the things that normally make me happy?? lol they are just the simple things

like curling my hair, eating ice cream without saying darn, that blows my diet, looking at pics and most definitely talking to friends. so, i did all these. and im now very happy.

so i guess, when u r sad...copy me...

and just now, i finally got the curls that i want. it's perfect!! hehehe. ignore this part if u r a guy. u wont understand why i curled my hair eventhough i cant show them to u guys. it's just for personal satisfaction and i freaking dont care it took me quite a long time to curl each section.
and i dont realli like straigtening. hahahaha.

oh i miss my dear friend. i wish i could talk to u... YM is always a bummer when we finally get to talk to each other. and it doesnt come so often!! YM...sila baiki operasi anda. kami memerlukannya....

and so, im putting up few pics from yesterday's fieldtrip... and i need to get some pics from izyan too.

Hungry Hollow - world class site to collect and see shale. not paying attention to prof. phil.

I was pretending to be looking at rocks. and others too.

hungry hollow again... it's actualli a very very large area
ps: im still dissapointed from last night. cos i guess i realli wanted to wear my white baju that has silver glitter around the neck. haha talking about vogue huh. and also i desperately want to use my clutch! it's from victoria's secret, and the best part is i got it for free. lol free items can look good ok. and yea it is also silver. berkilat2 beb

Saturday, October 13, 2007

pressing on time.

Just when i thought last yr's raya the worse raya ever...this yr turns out to be even more worst...

as i got to know that i will be going on a fieldtrip this syawal, i smell "this is nothing compare to last yr", but today it proves me wrong. cos i never ever felt so bad ever in my entire life. huh.
however, i'm not blaming the fieldtrip. but other stuff.

especially people who DO NOT respect TIME~

im freaking pissed off with these people. no matter who they are. u just have to be punctual. cos of this, im now sitting on my bed, writing this stupid story about ppl not being punctual instead of going to kak unda house for hari raya.

i bought a pair of new shoes yesterday just for this trip. and also a jacket which cost my parents rm600. hah. sounds stupid eh. everything just to prepare for this trip. but hey....that is all for waste cos some ppl turn up with just their running shoes. that sent me shouting in the morning.
regardless of that, it is still not the fault of the shoes or the jacket. but it's the people!!

i guess im just so sad cos i was hoping this yr would be a better year. cos i get to know nice ppl and can celebrate hari raya. everything was supposed to go on plan.
friday: semayang raya, balik studi....
saturday: fieldtrip, balik...pegi enjoy.

i studied hard last night cos i know i will be spending most of my TIME doing other things. it actually took more TIME to get to that place than to actualli spend TIME looking at the rocks there. im just mad. i studied physics in the car...see how desperate i was????

and now im hungry, but i dont want to cook cos that will take most of my TIME. and plus im expecting to eat something good. not nasi goreng smlm. and yea, i need a friend to talk to too. but they are all occupied with raya kenduri and stuff. and i dont want to spoil their mood with my stupid story

so this yr, no raya pics. period~!! unless im in a freaking good mood to have a "photoshoot" later tonite...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

i need more people like u ~

lol i had an emotional breakdown last night.
i guess im very sensitive right now cos i was just having a thought, and that thought got me very overwhelmed... but it's nothing serious pon. i just hate when i think of sumthing so hard till i feel like bursting it all. practically, it just doesnt make any sense....
so happen ayish IMed me on YM. maka he has to listen to it all. and i did cry. *agak kekanakan*

bla bla bla.

he comforts me. and now i feel a lot better

and he said few very sweet things. i cant believe he said that :)
he said: if u need somebody to talk to, u can always come to me. u are always in my heart u know. and nobody can change that.

isnt that sweet or what? he is such a good friend.

and i need more people like him, not that i dont have any now...but the more, the merrier. hahaha. maybe i should say sweet things to people too.

Monday, October 8, 2007

before this blog even exist...

i just realised i have 3 places where i share my thoughts. good old diary computer when i feel like saving my pen and later print it out blog.

and lately, i've been so focused only on my blog. which is not fair for my other "writing medium"
and so i opened up my diary to write a few things in it.
i got that book in 1997 for hadiah kecemerlangan. agak lame hadiah yg my school beri. but my school had some deal with some bank to open up a bank account for kanak2 yg dpt hadiah, so they can bank in the money instead of giving us cold hard cash!! pandai seyhh sekolah assunta ni!!

yea, but i didnt use that book until 1999. i was looking at the stuff i wrote in the diary since i was 12. hehe. guess whut?? i sounded sooo childish back then. makan koko crunch pon tulis!! OMG!!

i can see how my writing skills developed. daripada ayat2 short and simple, i can now write a more complicated sentence. plus u can see that my handwriting pon berubah!! i think around the age of 14 or 15 that finally decided on my "official" handwriting which is cursive. lol :P konon matang la skit. laju skit bile smbung2.

i have so many things in that big book! from the big thing to the smallest thing like list of all the possible signatures before i finally choose one. and it's the one im using now.'s nice to read old stories and im pretty much happy that i wrote down everything that is important...or maybe not important pon :)

pastu saye terjumpe satu surat which i wrote in 1999. dan surat itu distaplekan pada one of the pages. pada surat itu tertulis: bace surat ini pada 26/12/2009. which is 10 yrs from the day i wrote the letter. seriously tak perasan that it has been 8 yrs since i wrote the letter. now im patiently waiting for another 2 yrs to read it. i cant imagine ape yg i wrote in it. i know it was in ramadhan. and so it has got to do with some ramadhan story! i told izyan the other day bout this, she was: omg, sabar giler. kalau saye dah bukak lama dah. haha, i guess i am a very patient person. :D

and the rest would be a secret.... :P

Saturday, October 6, 2007

tidak mahu menunggu bulan jatuh ke riba.

as im writing this, im listening to clay aiken's "these open arms"
im in LoVe with song!!
"these open arms will wait for u
these open arms can pull us through"
nice huh

omg, i just finished watching ugly betty. i actualli cried watching the scene where justin got to know his dad was shot at the store he was in at that moment. tah kenape i was soo touched and infact, i think im getting more and more sensitive each day. humm....

i was talking to izyan smlm, ape betul ke im now more sensitive?? i mean, in the past, saye tak kisah if sumbody did sumthing to me or even try to make me jealous or mad or irritate me to death. saye tak kisah if sumbody i care would go out with somebody else without even telling me. i just tak kisah. people were talking about me and i dont care too!! i was dead insensitive dulu.

however, i find myself to be more sensitive now. i dont know if this is some process of growing up or is this a maturation process...cos if it is, it's just too weird for me. i dont want to tetibe look so sensitive on even small matter. i dont want to be stamped as some "childish adult". i do find myself to be all over the top over small issue. maybe im just protecting things that are mine, if u know whut i mean. but, is that an ample reason for me to be the way i am now. humm i cant make myself clear without giving out an example, but sorry cant point out an example here without mentioning names. and that would be bad cos i have to mention somebody's name without his/her consent.

i was asking izyan: kenape buleh jadi mcm ni? i guess we are now all grown ups, and it is some kinda growth in terms of emotions. cos i THINK being sensitive is a characteristic of an adult kot??? cos if u r not sensitive to what u want AND also to the people around u, then u are still a kid, i guess. sorry this is just my opinion. im not saying im right. cos i find that this can push u further without being hurt or hurting others. HOWEVER, im in the condition of overly done it. hahaha. over sensitive is bad too.

then our conversation masih lagi bersambung antara izyan n saye. ye laa....dlm bas balik dr mall. nak buat ape lagi kalau tak bercerita. hahaa. she was telling me some story laa about some folks. somehow dgr from her story. i was kinda reflecting the story on me.

is it worth to kejar sumthing u are not certain of in the end? i mean, u think it is worth to go for it AT THIS MOMENT, but will it be worth the same in the future?? or am i just trying to please myself now that im not thinking ahead...?

err, im trying not to make myself confuse now. cos whut if u try so hard for it but in the end, u cant even touch it, apetah lagi grasping it. u think u might get it, but actually that's just ur thoughts. the realiti is far from whut u expect it to be. and now im afraid. im scared that what if im chasing for the wrong thing in life. cos if i am, i better stop. how can u ever tell huh?? like things are going well and nice and sweetr and stuff, but suddenly, without notice, without any warnings, things stop being so. im sure to be in tremendous shock and pasti ade failure dlm emosi.

so, im thinking of stopping all these good things before who knows it can turn bad? cos ntah2 im hoping for the wrong thing. baik i backed out huh. cos moving on is always an option too.

BUT, i just cant help to think, whut if, it is worthwhile...

i need to decide things for myself.

now dgr lagu "red dress" by sugarbabes. i feel HOT !! haha

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

salam perantauan

haha, maka tahun ni kami decide utk hanta pics. after bersiap2 selama sejam dan mencube fesyen tudung yg tak penah dicube, kami telah meminta jasa baik khalesha n syeeda utk mengambil gamba kami. now that gamba kami dah kluar, buleh lahh tunjuk pada sekalian gamba kami.

ape yg anta tak tahu ialah itu bukanlah gamba pilihan kami. gamba pilihan pastilah yg mempunyai tulisan UWO di blakangnye. namun, setelah proses edit n rasionalisasi oleh kami berdua, kami merasakan gamba itu terlalu beriya. disamping muka kami yg terlalu kelihatan. dan juge pose kami yg terlalu dateenz. maka, terpaksa meninggalkan gamba itu lalu pergi ke gamba yg telah pon kamu tgk (kalau dah tgk ler).

saye dan izyan telah bersetuju utk tidak menunjukkan pic itu kepada sesape pon. errr, tapi kalau dah name farisa, die tunjuk gak. tp hanya pd si bolat fadia. dgn harapan, beri kamu suspen. hahahaha. over seyyhhh mcm org nak sgt tgk muka die.

namun saye agak terkilan kerana, kami perlu meletakkan email disitu. dan so happen, email itu dipaparkan gak. maka, ade laa segolongan orang nak ingin email. namun, saye tension kerana org2 yg mengemail seperti sungguh pelik. nobody in their right mind would use name such as perindu sepi utk berkenalan ngan org. that's just freaky.
di sini, saye sertakan gamba yg sepatutnye disertakan gamba2 biler bermain2 di laman apartment. disclaimer: gamba mungkin mengandungi aksi2 korup n muka2 korup. sekiann .. . .

gamba yg sepatutnye nak hanta cos ade UWO di belakang.

another gamba tak jadi. cos tak symmetry. plus izyan kate i was standing

mcm rock kapak ape tah.

another pic that could have been sent. tapi izyan kater tangan die

mcm nyanyi nasyid. cancel....

time for korup pose

tak baik izyan gelak kat org....this pic is totally a candid shot

izyan actualli kasi letak pic ni. haha

izyan mmg sayang saye. u know whut i hate bout this pic?

cos izyan have to bend her knees

not knowing there is another camera....

love u guys...muaxhh...terima kasih ler tolong amikkan gamba

though it was 12C outside.

Monday, October 1, 2007

u rock! i rock!

some how i feel like i shouldnt be talking about my happy moment on sunday cos whut if org yg dimention bace?? omg. malu tuh. well, lets hope die tak :D

anyways, i had my lab exam just now. ape lagi kalau bukan earth science babe. i love this lab cos i -obviously- love the content of it. we are studying sediment n stratigraphic. interesting.. the thing is, to prepare for this exam, i dont need to strain my head with all inputs/facts n stuff. basically i just need to understand how things are happening and that's it. u can do well. errr that was also the reason why i can talk to my friend for more than 2hrs tanpa rase "aku perlu studi". hahaa

sumhow, since ppl are soo shallow bout what geology is, so i want to write bout it. in particular, what i have to do in the lab just now just to give the big picture. hahaha. pasni sape kate geology sucks or said: "u r taking earth science farisa? that is so boring" kene la ketuk skit. kasik appreciation skit to our mother Earth

what i have to was to describe few rocks of my interest. and this time, we were given rocks from 5 environments : fluvial, delta, lagoon, coral reef and marine basin. well each rock have their distinct characteristics to show they belong to which environment. for example; if i see something like fossils in the can be coral reef envi or lagoon. i have to then analyse the fossil to determine which specific environment it belongs to. or maybe nampak kaler hitam je batu tu. sah die shale, which would mean it is from marine basin. senang kan?? takyah hafal any hard or tedious formula or ape2 equation. hehe

then once we got to know the characteristics of rocks, we place them dlm some cross section. we got 5 logs to put in the time frame. then i have to correlate each log to one another. log ni mcm keratan rentas tu laa.. satu line of keratan rentas dari sedalam mana nak to the surface. pastu dah siap correlate, i have to come out with a story as to what has happened to this place. interesting huh ?? so kene lukis2. which i love so much. lukis pon ape je. pantai, swamp, volcano etc... then dah come out with cerita tuh...siap lahh leh hanta. mudah. and to make things sound more interesting, i am looking at things that were alive millions of years ago. org lain mane ade that same chance. lol :P well unless pegi museum ke ape. so i'm predicting what was happening on Earth million of years it volcano eruption, ocean level increases, or ice age (nanti baru blaja) etc tgk fossil of organisms yg dahh berjuta tahun pupus.

i think that is cool. i dont know bout u. im just too curious as to was happening down there, bwh earth's crust. and what Earth has gone true. haha, mcm true environmentalist kan. lol :P and it was never bout the money. i never told anyone before why i wanted to be a geologist. i guess my dad nye paksaan tgk cerita national geographic dulu betul2 dah absorbed. cos i never liked when they were showing bout animals. but kalau sal earth nye stuff.. i will the one depan tv sorang, and my dad laa skali if he's around. then dipaksa pegi jungle trekking like giler ar. so i was pondering ape yg actualli berlaku di sini. so that's how the interest got into me. i think my dad was just trying to make us tough. tp care for nature punye attitude tu maybe tujuan juge laa, tp takde lahh suruh jadi geologist. haha, im tough and now that im going to be a geologist, i have to be even tougher. lol :P i guess ni satu my dad nye "paksaan" menjadi. cycling nye paksaan, boleh laa skit2. jogging nye paksaan pon jadi mende2 lain...sorry daddy..we just dont get along.

have i drawn enough of ur attention to what i will be doing for living?? lol

no matter what we do, make sure it is out of interest kan??

baru beli national geographic mag tadi. huhu...ade ke die ckp sal malacca nye pirate...haaa kan dah ckp hari tuuhhh... korang bace tak??? tak fokus lahhh

Sunday, September 30, 2007

contradiction - i like this, i hate that

haha. i think many have experienced this.
u think u may have some firm belief in sumthing that u like or hate.
well, i do

tu laa org kate jgn gedix ckp. cos now the thing that i hate came to me as the best-est thing ever.
i kinda felt stupid for saying it at first as though im so going to stick to it. it almost as if im so shallow to accept things that are not perfect although they are not all that bad. now, im happy with the things that i hate. and im proud to say it!

BUT, there are things that i hate that will remain as the things that i hate
sebagai cth: i hate when ppl giving out my email/contact detail without my consent. it's like ape kes? unless he/she needs to contact me to ask sumthing important. kalau nak berkenalan...i suggest tak payah laa. cos im not that friendly to tetibe layan sum stranger. and strangers yg korup really pissed me off. few nights ago, there is this guy who wanted to be "friends" with me and got my email from his friend. i wanted to know who "this" friend is, but he refuses to tell me. he wanted to start fresh. i said, pls introduce urself. die ckp ladies first. i was like...hello, i asked u first. then die ckp there is this phrase in this world that says ladies first. i was soo mad. i said, i know that phrase, im not dumb. then i sign out. i guess i was emo at that time. padan muka sape suruh tegur time farisa moody. and at that same time...takyah laa ngade2 sgt. like i want to know u sgt. hello....bukannye susah introduce urself dulu.

haha. emo skit.

but i had a VERY happy weekend. love it. although there were 2 incidents that almost ruined my weekend, but it took ONLY ONE incident to make it all better!!

[i need to portray my self-control next time i talk to this friend]
[no shooooot, no emo, no im-not-a-sensitive-person when clearly i am, no i-dont-care when i do care]

i dont wish to talk bout the 2 dreadful incidents. but i do want to talk the ONE thing that make up my whole week.

i can smile now. haha.

last night, i had a very good and long conversation with this friend that i soo longed to talk too. and last night my wish came true. it was 130am, luckily i was waiting for ariff. or otherwise i would have sign out my YM and wouldnt talk to him. haha, thanks to ariff although didnt get the chance to talk to him later cos haha, biar lahh org nak gayut!

ape je kitorang borak for that 2hr 30 mins. byk tunjuk gamba kot. tah ape pics tunjuk pon tak tahu. byk sgt. though die letak 3 gamba je. ape lahh.

other than the picture thingy, my friend kinda kasi byk gile nasihat. haha...nasihat la sgt. nahh, just comforting me with all my overwhelming problems. cos mcm byk sgt. thanks for listening. i think i should shut up once in awhile. cos mmg la i have to many things to tell. tp mcm, takyah la bagitau semua. aha...mcm izyan lahh, she has to listen to almost everything from besar to kecik. kalau besar to make sense la gak. durh uh who else i can talk to right. izyan je laa my target. but last night i think i kinda dump all my stories throughtout the entire course of my life in just one phone conversation which come to think of it again, darn that's so heavy but my friend mcm sabar je dgr n like i said, my friend comforts me. nice eh... and as i've mentioned earlier, i need to regain my self-control next time i talked to my friend, cos when i review balik what i've told him, i kinda think some things i shouldnt have mention. there is this one thing yg sgt patut tak mention, but i was freaking pissed off when this other friend tetibe msg n ckp sal some issues that i've told him i HATE to talk about. so i lost myself there and terus burst kat my friend and told him the whole freaking thing. from form 1 until now. like 7 yrs worth of stories to tell. and i did. so i think i should have left this story behind. cos it's so complicated+awkward+karutmarut+etc. but nevertheless, he listens patiently and just said wow. hope he doesnt freak out. hehe

right, from now on, be positive ye farisa. i want to. let go of all the negative emotions and stay positive mcm my friend. i cant help but to smile when i looked at his fster's shout out "wear sumthing happy...put a smile". yea. will do that once i buy new clothes this weekend...weeeee...

yea. there will come days when u suffer, but there is a reward later. muahxx love to see what the reward is.

this has clearly getting further and further from the title. haha.

ok, my watch list now: u guys should watch my stories too
Tuesday: beauty and the geek
Wed: ANTM cycle 0
Thurs: survivor china and ugly betty.

must watch semua ni!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


haha, if u read my last post u would probably come across the things that i dont care in life.

and one it is ... i dont care if i look ugly.

err...yea, but i think that was in the past. it is still true, but half true. lol :P

i guess this is what happened if u go to UWO. not to so it's bad, but ... it is superficial.

being in UWO do taught me one thing (erm, other that the academic stuff) that is to look good. although u woke up late n didnt take a shower that morning, u still HAVE GOT to wear ur mascara. it is just a MUST-WEAR thing. well mascara is one of the so many must-wear things.

among the other must-wear or at least must-have items are Lulu Lemon Yoga Bag or TNA Yoga Bag, the big buckle belt, nice looking flats, legging, UGG boots, thick scarf, long necklaces, skinny jeans, oversized sunnies that looks almost ridiculous, and of course, the Yoga pants. many more i guess. it is just a trend

haha, well...lets count how many i have. hah! i have 2. but considering im wearing tudung, ermm i dont look so lame. haha. im not saying other universities dont have this kinda gurls, but we have the MOST. most definitely, western gurls enjoy looking good.

what i want to point out is: i think im fallen for this trap too. maybe not entirely cos i think i pretty much have some control over myself in terms of shopping. i wont go and buy UGG and such. too ridiculous. but now, i do wear make ups to my hair sumtime which come to think again, why the hell bother when nobody is even looking at them. hahaha. i care when i look into the mirror i guess. i dont know whether this new tendency is following the UWO current or it is just my nature to suddenly feel like i should start looking more appealing.

at the same time, im 20 already. im sooooo allowed to wear make up outside. hello...people here are soo much younger than me, but they look older. so i might as well look like my age. i guess this is another way to look at things. simply trying to look or suited my face n clothes with my age. a very fair argument indeed!!

ermm,, i dunno bout whut u would think. i guess u have to tell me if u think im changing.
currently nobody has said anything or maybe wouldnt dare to saye anything. haha

up till now, i have few things i want to drop. that is the word "like". OMG, i say thing everytime. and this is definitely pengaruh UWO. gosh i love UWO~

Friday, September 21, 2007

i dont want to be bulimic or anaroxic. i wont eh?

im eating brownies while typing this. that means, im using my left hand and right's jari kelinking... awesome eh? haha...

- this is sumthing i realli realli care. indulging in delicious, fattening food *sigh* is sooo not good for me.

i never care about anything else. errr pretty much ... i dont care my tudung is kerepot, arch tajam or it is messy since i didnt pin it down. i just dont care. i dont care going to class without a touch of compact powder. im definitely comfortable in baring my skin. going to megamall without any makeup is nothing of a big deal. apetah lagi pegi kedai mamak. lol :P i dont care going to the laundry wearing a bright red pants either (ainil, i think u know which sluar im referring to)
I just dont care.

BUT, i do care for one thing. MY FREAKING weight!

saje buat kecik2. cos why? if im a bit fat, i look short. basically that's all the reason to it. haha. and also kene marah ngan my dad.

however, it's sooo hard to keep up with all the workouts n stuff. i do want to go to the gym, but since it is ramadhan, i cant go in the day and at night...obviously i wont go. how eh? kontrol makan lagi la tak mampu. my up bringing was to eat whut ever i desire to. makan laa ape2 pon, but my dad would force us to do exercise on a regular basis. hah.. and now that im here, i kinda miss the exercise regime. cos now, i cant eat a lot. i was talking to ariff the other day. he was so keen to build up his muscle etc. errr....gud luck with that. i guess guys go to the gym just to have nice looking physique. but im not into that of course. lol. guess guys are not so interested in keeping good fitness etc. to me, that is important cos i dont want to get semput just half way thru things especially physical activities. so i only want to join activities that involve cardiovascular exercise. i do realise that my work in the future would require me to be in good condition. so i might as well start now. my friends here were like...why do u want to go the gym? u r skinny already... errr thanks for that guys. but it's the fitness im trying to keep intact. dont want to lose the fitness that i've build up over the years.

so yea, i kinda realise that im freaking obsess with what i eat and to use up all the calories i took. wish i had the extra passion like my dad or my uncle. admire them both for wanting to always be in perfect shape!! giving smooches to daddy!!

"people eat an average of 11kJ of energy everday when a woman should only eat 6.5kJ a day. - The only way to lose weight is to use more energy than u put into your body each day." (cleo mag, dunno which edition)

and now, im not even eating healthily. im sooo lazy to cut the veggies into smaller bits. oh! what a bummer eh? izyan makan giler byk sayur. jeles syal. i wish she would cut them for me. haha keep on wishing.

humm i've finished the brownies. turn out it doesnt taste all that great.

ps: steven told me selat melaka has among the most pirates in the world. hummm....i guess the pirate carribean thing should have Malaysia on the map. lol :P btw, steven was in the US navy and help our nation to guard selat melaka. and yea, he says Malaysia is the least efficient country to handle this issue. too bad. malu pon ade. but yea, selat melaka is the longest strait in the world and it all belongs to Malaysia and our navy is soo small. thanks for the help Steven!! lol :P. he said: i was surprise that we could get alcohol in Malaysia. err...Malaysia ni takde la kuno sgt Steven. just drinking is not the culture here, so there are not many places selling alcohol.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

my name is farisa

how do u spell that...


owh i thought ur name is theresa

hahaha...very funny

u r the second person to think my name is theresa.

first was max back in taylors. tp itu takpe....sebab max kacak :P

*lab today takde org2 korup, but i couldnt finish it even after 3hrs of looking at crystal models*

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kenape kita tak berkongsi...

kite perlu berkongsi ilmu. itulah yg saye nak cube pegangkan. pada pendapat saye, kalau kite tak tahu kite tanye. tak kire lahh ape sekalipon. terutama dlm lab dan melihat sampel batu2 yg pelbagai jenis, bentuk dan JISIM. kerana perkara2 ini adelah sukar jika kite tak pernah mempelajari nye sebelum ini. adalah sukar utk mengenal pasti itu crystalnye acicular, atau tabular atau lain2 lagi. adelah sukar mengenal pasti itu adelah cleavage bagi batu itu. namun, inilah yg perlu kite pelajari kalau nak jadi geologist yg berjaya. kite harus bertanya pada TA apekah perkara2 ini? kerana sudah pasti lahh TA tahu dan kadang2 mereka terus memberi jawapan. kekadang mereka terang. saye sgt suka TA yg menerangkan segala ape yg saye nak tahu. seperti TA saye name Reba, Duanne, Nelson n sorang lagi saye tak ingat name beliau. mereka sungguh mulia hati dan BERKONGSI ILMU. namun, ade juge segelintir TA yg takde la pula sgt membantu. mereka bertanya kembali soalan itu pada kite dgn harapan kite akan menjawab sendiri soalan itu. saye tidak kisah begini, tetapi janganlah kata YA kepada jawapan saye dan membuat saye anggap saye sebenarnye betul sedangkan jawapan itu adelah salah. saye sunggu kecil hati dgn kejadian petang tadi, saye bertanya kepada TA: Does this sample have 3 directions cleavage? die menjawab, show me the three directions... saye pon tunjuk pada die ape pendapat saye pd batu itu. beliau berkata: u are most certainly correct. saye gembire ngan pencapaian ni, namun sebenarnye apabila berbincang dgn rakan2, mereka kata ade 2 directions shj. saye terasa kecil hati kerana ini buleh menyebabkan saye hilang markah! ade juge keadaan beliau menerangkan pada saye perkara yg tiada kaitan langsung, namun saye tetap mendengar. beliau ingin berkongsi ILMU. bagus!! ini yg saye suke. tp dlm masa yg same sy ingin siapkan lab dgn cepat.

kemudian dtg pula keadaan dimana, kamu tak apabila mereka yg tahu memberitahu, mereka berkata...i think i'll just go with stubby when the obvious answer is massive (utk crystal form). saye seperti...helllooooooooooo, i know this one. why do u want to follow ur wrong instinct. sedangkan mereka belom blajar perkara ini dan masih tergapai2 mengenal erti tiap diagnostic itu. namun, saye kecewa juge dgn sikap ini. sehinggakan saye ade dgr mereka buat salah, tetapi saye kater biarlahh...saye seperti merajuk walaupon sepatutnye saye membantu membetulkan salah mereka. haihhh, ape nak jadi dgn saye ni...

kemudian dtg pula sekumpulan yg masuk lab dan main tiru shj dlm buku text ape setiap karakter batu itu. adelah tidak adil kerana sudah pasti mereka dpt semua betul dan mereka siap cepat. sy berpendapat mereka patut meneliti batu kerana senang utk periksa nanti. ini termasuk seorang gadis yg tak penah amik course earth science. die hanya "follow what the dudes are doing". sungguh sedih begini. tiada semangat belajar.

kemudian ade pula seorang yg "saye tahu SEMUA perkara ini". dan die sungguh lah bising di dalam kelas. saye sungguh bernasib baik utk duduk jauh drnye. maka saye tak dpt tempias "aku tahu semua batu ini". masakan tidak, beliau hanya mengambil course earth science last summer. pastilah mengingati semua ini dgn jelas. sedangkan saye mengambil course prereq ini tahun lepas. namun masih ade di ingatan. saye berharap kite jgn berbangga2 dgn ilmu yg kite ade, saye tahu tahu die mahu membantu tp cara bantuan dihulurkan seperti membuat percaturan hanya die seorang yg tahu. jgn laa begitu ye

saye sudah letih menaip begini. klas geografi baru habis tadi. klas 3 jam pd waktu mlm. cikgu sungguh baik dan cara die present notes die, krg menarik perhatian n sgt meletihkan utk menyalin semua. tambahan pula kami terpaksa berbuka di dalm klas. maka, lebih tension