Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Saya bukan Kim Possible...

haaa, for those u r curious bout kenaikan elaun petronas. here's a brief copy+paste conversation i had with En. Aznan. En Aznan tegur nak tanye pasal dah settle belom pasal tiket MAS yang korup tuh. Pastu, selam laa air sekali ngan soalan2 elaun since he walked on me the last time i did! This time, he had to answer :P Sometimes I wonder why I have to do all this haha... despite of course la kene bebel ngan En. Aznan by the end of this conversation. Tapi let me bear that, so I'm not gonna post the bebel part cos I'm sure u don't wanna read bout it~

Farisa Zaffa (9/4/2008 10:16:40 AM): pastu en aznan...
Farisa Zaffa (9/4/2008 10:16:42 AM): saye nak tanye...
Farisa Zaffa (9/4/2008 10:16:48 AM): buleh ke
Aznan Saad (9/4/2008 10:16:59 AM): psal elaun naik
Aznan Saad (9/4/2008 10:17:03 AM): naik?
Farisa Zaffa (9/4/2008 10:17:10 AM): wahhh tepat sekali!!
Farisa Zaffa (9/4/2008 10:17:15 AM): haah, nak tahu...naik ke tak?
Aznan Saad (9/4/2008 10:17:22 AM): isyallah
Aznan Saad (9/4/2008 10:17:49 AM): naik tu dah gerenti la
Aznan Saad (9/4/2008 10:18:23 AM): buku naik
Farisa Zaffa (9/4/2008 10:18:32 AM): ic nice nice
Aznan Saad (9/4/2008 10:18:41 AM): 60/40 pun naik
Aznan Saad (9/4/2008 10:18:56 AM): semua naik la
Farisa Zaffa (9/4/2008 10:19:00 AM): 60/40 naik...meaning?
Aznan Saad (9/4/2008 10:19:58 AM): sekarang 60% is 396
Aznan Saad (9/4/2008 10:20:25 AM): 40% is 264
Farisa Zaffa (9/4/2008 10:20:55 AM): yes.
Aznan Saad (9/4/2008 10:21:32 AM): mudahan kita tak perlu tunggu lama
Aznan Saad (9/4/2008 10:21:44 AM): tapi kita tetap kena bersabar
Farisa Zaffa (9/4/2008 10:21:58 AM): ooo, so bila akan naik tu tak tahu lagi laa ye
Aznan Saad (9/4/2008 10:22:44 AM): I do not think its gonna take long
Farisa Zaffa (9/4/2008 10:23:10 AM): nice. tah kenape semua orang tanye saye bile elaun akan naik
Farisa Zaffa (9/4/2008 10:23:12 AM): hehe
Aznan Saad (9/4/2008 10:23:15 AM): bersabar la wahai anak-anak ku
Farisa Zaffa (9/4/2008 10:23:24 AM): sabar2....

Aznan Saad (9/4/2008 10:25:13 AM): nak tanya satu, are you "kim possible" ? <--- paling tak tahannnn. Lawak dowhh

k guys, kanak2 petronas...minta bersabar n doa laa byk2 supaya by january dah naik. and janglahh pegi gedix spend what's left at the thought that elaun akan naik. Sekian laporan Cik Glammm

Saturday, September 13, 2008

western, i love u

Feels like writing in Bahasa Melayu for a change.
Dah seminggu dah smpai London. Tapi, to tell u the truth, tak rasa macam dah settle down pon. Banyak lagi barang tak unpack! Our kitchen masih tak berasap, makanan pon takde. SO, for the past 7 days, kitorang makan kat rumah Kak Azia for the most part. Dah makan, tido lagi rumah die, then sahur pulak! Oh gosh! Ade 2 hari je makan kat rumah sendiri, tu pon 1 hari die bekalkan bekalan utk berbuka n sahur. Darn, I felt so bad cos being too dependent on people.

Dah seminggu ni...kelass pon ok. Most of my classmates macam sama je ngan tahun lepas. Tapi this year, takde klas pon ngan KF! ape kess! Baru teringat die different program, tp what the heck...haha, Izzy must be laughing at this! hah. sorry guys, this is totally an inside thing.....
This year, I will be a bit more active with my social life. IISA-klab bdak2 Indonesia- ade macam2 things planned out and since I'm the secretary..I have to be active AND I think I might change few things...for example, devote one day for a Malaysian Day :P And, I intend to be an active member of Outcrop Club too. Walaupon dah miss one activity hari tu iaitu Geopub..hah, time for some ethanol lerr (the way Megan put it).

Fine, lets not bore u anymore with my "amazing" first week....
n just skip to the pictures.
Ni pictures on the way to Canada. We flew from KL-NY-Toronto. And amik shuttle to London!

KLIA, as u might already know. Over skit ye baju tuh, siap dgn rantai!
Semua2 tuh baru tuh...
Boeing 777. This is one freaking huge aeroplane. 2 tingkat, I think this is the plane they usually use to fly to London, UK. NY plane is usually smaller than this. 1 tingkat je ...

First meal in the plane. Omelette with sausage.
Note: tu jam tangan baru
This is my breakfast. Sedap laa juga. Better than Izzy's Nasi Lemak. huhuhu

Nasi Lemak Izzy yang ok lerrr rase die... but cant beat my omelette!

Snack yang dimakan after baru bangun tido donggg

Gamba 2 Si comel. U know, we had one very similar picture we took in our first year.
That was on a flight to London....
Expected kann, kami takde keje lain on this 13 hours flight to Stockholm...

Makan lagi..Lunch this time. It's rice with steamed veggies and lemon fish
yang tak sedap! the lemon fish is a bit too sour for my liking
Makanan Izzy yang lagi sedap than mine.
cesss, chicken bbq with potatoes and veggies


Stockholm, Arlando International Airport. Love the floor... We stopped here for 1 hr 30 mins,
and the custom check semua went ok and not that long, so ok lahhh.

Object of attention here is the hot European guy at the back! hahaha, me and Izzy
are always on cute boys hunt :P J is always welcome to join.

Kasut kami pada hari itu. Dua2 pon baru!

Cincin2 kami pada hari itu. That ring on my ring finger was given to me by my late grandmom.
She bought it in Mekkah. Yang middle finger tu, cincin baru....ibu belikan

Chicken Sandwich with 2 jenis air. Satu susu and satu air best...
and it's not apple juice....

Got milk? hehe
somehow stewardess itu rase klakar that we asked for milk and she keeps bugging us with
"sedap ke susu tu?" weirdo...but i know kombinasi air yg dipilih sgt pelikkkk... boo hooo

Cheers, susu... and that's Miley Cyrus on the cover of Cleo...

Cheers, air sedap! dah nak habes dahhhh... Gile pointless dowh duduk dlm plane lama2

Air2 kami yang pelik pada hari tu....

Dinner yang sedap! Black peppe chicken with rice and steamed veggies

Newark Liberty Airport....yeah! kami dah smpai NY after 20 hours flight...rasa lapar lagi! so kami makan lahh di food court die yg best laa juge. ade kedai asian cafe ke ape, situ ade mamat malaysian keje...die tegur kami almost everytime kami di sana....(3 kali dah). ni pizza cheese sodap...
and kami habeskan makanan kami dgn air ini! share je :P
ini perlu cos kami nak stay up seluruh malam sebab takde orang plak nak jage beg.

Since we have to stay up the whole night, we decided to watch some TV shows, luckily, I have the first episode of the new season of OTH. best dong tgk...tak peduli pon pasang speaker kuat2. hehehe. NY airport ade ramai laa juge orang walaupon dah pagi2 buta. but still, barang kene jaga, now kann byk kess orang letak dadah dlm ur bag. and after that, we kinda just take a look at pictures and start to remisnisce...termasuklahh gamba2 kitorang first year dulu. we look kinda dorky back then. haha, but this year....kitorang ade misi yang sgt banyak. tp misi tu semua berthemakan "all out", so go figure!
SO by 4am, kami lapar balek! maka, kene laa sahur bagi yang berpuasa...
inilahh makanan kami.
geez thanks, we know that already :P

dalam ni bukan coffee dong.... :P

haaa, ni sahur saye. agak lame ye name perisa tuhh...
thought might try this one out cos of the dorky flavour.

hehehe....sedap laa gak mee cup nihh. dah lapar, semua pon makan...

waiting for my flight to YYZ (toronto)
Now that I'm back in London, I felt so relieved from all the travel I had to do just to get here. My jetlag this year was pretty bad. After 3 days, I still have jetlags...which is uncommon to me cos my jetlag is normally just 1 day. But it's ok, i just cherish myself with all the much needed sleep. Now pon dah bulan puasa. We have so many plans for this month. One of them pastinye pegi makan wonder sushi yang sedap. Ade laa gak some parties yang mcm nak attend cos kawan2 yang buat. Then dah nak raya.... nak buat open house. dah ajak dah few people...suruh mereka buat some room utk dtg london...hehehe.
pengumuman: kepada kanak2 petronas, elaun kite akan naik! haha. ni bukan fantasy, tp benar. saye pegi chat ngan en aznan hari tu. just that, bile elaun akan naik adelah ragu2 lagi tp die kate pretty soon lah. and saye fikir akan berlaku this january. tp janganlah korang pegi spend all ur money laks...just at the thought die akan naik...tunggu laa dah confirm aite!
k lahh, saye ni rase sgt macam nak shopping yang macam2. sebab duit summer yg banyak. saye ade mcm2 dlm wish list saye... nak tahu ape ke? hehe, saye pon rase nak ckp sbb mana tahu ade orang rase generous pas bace sini and nak belikan saye perkara itu, i will feel very happy bout that. saye mahu: seluar jeans baru, boots baru - mahu suede and flat, bootie from la senza, a lot of sleepwear yang kiut, sunnies baru, clutch lagi utk tambah dlm collection, and ape lagi ek....high heels yg ala2 gladiator-the newest trend yg any girl will fall for it. hari tu kan, nmpak satu budak western ni kat kedai buku, die pakai cardi with a fancy top and high waisted super short shorts, and paired that outfit with a gladiotar sandals AND an oversized handbag....lolz, i was laughing sikit2 dlm hati. alamak, ni semua hot new trends in one go. ape donng, take it easy laa sikit. And pls take note, high waisted pants/shorts/skirts/jeans are not for everyone... tp that's the nature here at Western, everybody nak pakai new trends tu, konon nak jadi trendsetter lerr tuh kat sini. I dont care pon, cos i enjoy ppl watching :) plus budak2 western kann hot, be it laki or perempuan. U might think I'm just full of myself dgn statement itu, tp dtg laa sendiri n tgk.... mmg ONLY IN UWO :)
k guys n girls, ciao dulu yerr...mcm nak buat groceries je nihh! nak gi pasar tau. first time ni nak gi pasar...and nak gi kedai cina skali...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

tired but rewarding

Pardon me for neglecting my dear blog for quite awhile, almost 1 month I must say. That's the longest time ever going on without posting anything. Well, I'm sure you are all very well aware that I've be freaking busy...With what? Duh-uh! Packing of course and shopping too! This time my shopping trip is more like buying people presents and food items yg segera and stationaries etc. No clothes, shoes or jewelleries for that matter. Hehe....percaya ke? lolz, I was hoping u wont. Hahaha. Yeah, I did buy A SHIRT, A PAIR OF FLATS and 2 NECKLACES! but that's it, nothing more. That shirt is to be worn on the day I left Malaysia i.e dlm flight lahhh cos I have to look all very dressed up and glam. hehe. And the flats n necklace would also be included in my flying-to-canada-wardrobe. Hah. I didn't even find any handbags of my taste, which is a huge dissapoinment. Well, bukan takde...tapi mahal. haha. I was aiming for Guess or UCB but, biasalahhh....if you dont have RM300-ish, don't bother yourself. So, to give myself a lil comfort, I thought of buying a bag at Aldo. haha.

Anyways, enough bout that nonsense. lolz. hush, don't tell the rest of the dateenz that I said talking bout fashion n shopping are nonsense, they will freak out! *grin*
As of now, I put on hold my packing duties and focus more on getting a ticket back to Toronto. This u might not know yet, unless u've been talking to me this past few days. Guess what? Our award winning airline, MAS that is, decided to cancel my flight to NY...OMFG huh! and they rescheduled me on Saturday. This is soo unacceptable, not if I got to know about it 2 days before flying. I'm a messed yesterday trying to figure out how the hell am I gonna get my compensation from MAS because I have to pay penalties if I want to change my connecting flight from NY to Toronto. Damn it! However, I have to give myself credit for fighting for my rights (ni EN Aznan cadang)...because MAS decided to pay for the penalties! YESS! I'm all very excited yesterday. Now I'm all very calmed, but I still have to inform SO MANY PEOPLE about this change of date. This is very tiring..... and expensive on the phone bills too!

So, I'm only concentrating on going back right now. I feel a slight feeling of euphoria this time...I just don't know why. All I know, Izzy and I have decided to go shopping for our back to school wardrobe. haha. Mesti ade sale yg best! OK, peace out for now.