Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gratefulness and lucky charm

I think I ask a lot from God.
Everyday in my prayer I will repeat wishing for the same thing, and sometimes I add new things too. Most of the time God granted my wish, and I am always thankful that I got what I want. Alhamdulillah!

As I was praying just now, in my doa I asked a lot, more than usual! That's when I realize, OK ke to ask for a lot of things? They all sound too "duniawi". Humff...I don't know. I hope God doesn't mind to grant me my wishes as He would always do. 
Whatever happens, I will always be grateful :)

Next week, I will have my job interview with Petronas. I am definitely looking forward to that; although I'm a lil nervous for it. It looks so real! I AM GOING TO WORK NEXT YEAR! Insya Allah. That's mind boggling. Humff, I guess it makes sense to be nervous, takkan nak overconfident? That would be even worst. Wish me luck people, I need lots of them!

Later gators 
Gotta go back to write my Thesis


ps: Most of my friends bought new suits and all. Huh. I'm wearing a new blazer with "old" stuff. I need to save money now. Hehe. Surprise with the new attitude? I hope not  *wink*

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Long lost

Of all the things you want to take for granted, let it not be the chance to be with somebody you like (or love, in some cases)


I should know kann? haha

Monday, October 26, 2009

Segala apekah....?

Pagi tadi, selamba je ckp dekat cikgu..."I will be late to the lab, gotta go to the post office to pick up something". Cikgu ckp OK. Takde plak die expect saye showed up at 1.30 pm kot. Muka bengang je die. Tapi bile ckp ape ade dalam kotak ini...muka die kate "patutlarrr"

Inilah kotak yang takde laa berat pon ;)

Apekah yang ade dalam kotak ini?

Ada ini! Teman baru untuk bersuka ria hehe.
Tadi dah ade kot amik 12 gamba lol.
Well, guess what? I have a webcam now. That's how lame I was!
All good, all good.

Dalam kotak turut memuatkan Cik Izzy punye Moshi-moshi dan Cik Ainil "iBelong to Ainil" iPod! (tak amik laa plak gamba mereka)

Diucapkan terima kasih kepada Bart :) Kamu terbaik!

Korang dah check out belom photobucket peniaga baju cik Linda? Go check it out! Dengan tamatnye hari ni, maka tamat sudah time saye di lab stable isotope!! Wohoooo! Walaupon sane takde byk keje nak buat sambil tunggu result, tapi best gak. Slalu kot ade orang bawak kek. Haha. Kek petang tadi adelah terbaik! GRRRR! Rase nak buat sendiri plak. U know, I don't know how to bake and I think it's about time for me to learn! Thanks to that cake I had just now in the lab!!! Awww! As far as my thesis lab work goes....things are looking pretty darn interesting! I have a story to tell and I can't wait to tell it! (Next year kot baru bercerita) As of now, I can focus on reading more and more paper on my topic and please please Farisa...write a killer INTRODUCTION! Man, I'm pumped!

So, mana nasik tak masak lagi ni :( Lapau udah. Tadi main ngan laptop baru, lupa masak nasi dulu. Hummm. Makan ayam cili padi nih...Sedap tau Hehe.
Now that Shasha dah dekat UK...die kene laa blaja masak! So, ape lagi...kakak die yang ni laa kene ajar. Tadi dah ajar die gune oven. Humffff

Later yo! If u don't know how to use the oven, let me know. Be glad to teach u Haha


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Grab it!

Hey guys,
I know it's not summer anymore and it's fall, but that's not a reason not to buy clothes. I hate the fact I have to "hide" what I wear that day under my jacket. So, I don't bother to dress up :P Rather, I kinda invest my money of some nice looking jackets Hah!

Well, here's the thing...whatever up there is just me crapping, as always.
Cik Lynn (McMaster U) wants to get rid some of her clothes! Hah! So, she's selling them at some really really good price. If you are her size, that's just lucky. She has a huge collection of JEANS! I can't believe it! I can COUNT how many I have....let me count for a bit....maybe I have 5 or 6. Hurm. Other than that, she's selling some sweaters, hoodies, jackets (really cool ones!) and some beauty products (ade Victoria's Secret, and sebagai expert VS yang perasan, perfume yang die jual, takde jual dlm Canada. And I have the same perfume, I love it!). Too bad she's not selling her DKNY jacket. Hahaha. That would be a steal! LOL

Interested? go here:

I have a new corner to keep track. And it's Western Gazette Fashion blog :)
They have features on style around campus. Love it. Hehe.

....She looks exactly the same! Cheap chic, Good call. Humff Jacob is so overrated! So is Aritzia!
Too cheap or not too cheap … that is the question by Lauren Pelley

Now that Linda is doing what's she's doing...I feel like selling some of my
clothes too. Gile dah bosan dowhh pakai yang sama. Hummffff

Later gators.

Monday, October 19, 2009

of caffeine and cigarettes

Jangan tiru macam saye, ini peringatan awal-awal.

I swear my frenemy, coffee betrayed me that night cause I got an anxiety attack, a mild one if you are concern. That night, I had coffee, as I would normally do when an exam is coming up. I don't think I had too much; maybe because I always limit myself to just 1 cup of coffee per day, but I had 2 that day. Plus, I think I have to figure out how much coffee I should put into my espresso maker now cause I have a feeling I put too much....Hummfff....

That night, I was feeling very weird. My eyes were "heavy" as though I drugged myself, and my chest is so tight that after a few deep breath and some relaxation still didn't do. I was very worried. I know it has something to do with that damn coffee. But, it's not like I can reverse it or take anything to reduce the effects. Then, I got some bad news from my friends that made me go emotionally unstable that night. I wasn't crying or anything, but I felt "sebak" and then, I went completely blank. I didn't bother reading anything for my midterm, cause nothing goes into my brain. All I felt at that moment is I want to run. Somehow in that moment, I think if I run...I will feel free again. Free from all that crappy feelings. Seriously, I want to do that but it was 1am :(

I talked to a friend and he helps me to calm down again by talking about our happy stories, so I went to bed feeling a lil better.

The next day, I went for a run. I never ran that fast ever in my life. Somehow my normal speed doesn't cut it, I want to go faster. I was running at 11.5 km/h and that is pretty fast for me as I don't do 11.5km/h for long distance. But, at that moment, I felt so free that I don't even feel tired or gasping for air and my legs just keep on moving. I felt what I want to feel the night before, but at the same time it felt as though I'm running from something. I still can't explain that. But I like how I felt after the run :) Although my face was very red and all terkeluar2 from tudung, it still feels good.

I was happy yesterday. Plus Kak Asiah masak ketam lemak cili padi, lagi laa kot :P

Hummff, I got an email from my cousin about the best "Stop Smoking" ad. So I just feel like sharing some of the pictures with u guys.

Just ask yourself, do you like what you see here? I don't think so.
Please don't overdose yourself with caffeine. I didn't know about the "anxiety attack" until I was searching why I had chest tightness. I, seriously, could not breathe :(

Later y'all.


ps: Shasha dah pon sampai di York University, Alhamdulillah. And I got this photos thru email, so I dont have the reference link for them.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Soup and Snow

Flurries dah turun :)
Dalam sejuk2 ni, makan sup tulang sedap kan?

Tulang dah beli tadi. Tah nape teringin...korupness. Mari try esok utk buat sup itu. Post ni takde apa2 significance pon. Minggu depan ade satu je midterm, so now tgh study. Sabtu ni pegi Corelle nye outlet untuk memenuhi permintaan ibu dan aunty yang sangat suke pinggan mangkuk Corelle. Saye takde laa suke sangat, taram je lahh.

Since dah flurries turun, saye rase esok saye keluar amik gamba :) Kalau takde snow pon saye dh janji nak amik gamba. Bawa camera daddy laa esok. Hehe.

Bye semua. Good luck Gators! I know October is crunch-time.

- FZ

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fly me to the Moon

Wouldn't it be amazing if I get the chance to fly to the Moon this 2020? Since NASA is planning a manned mission to Moon, I can tag along can I? So, I can be the first MALAYSIAN to step foot on Moon. Mesti boleh dapat Dato Seri terus ;)

As some of you might know, I went to Toronto last week for CMA Hari Raya. I do have a lot of work to do, including an exam on Tuesday. Well, it was just now. And I got 80%, so, I'm happy :) cause I didn't want to compromise my long weekend by just staying in London! This trip is no different than my other "weekend getaway to Toronto", just this time, I spent the night at Sarah J's place. I still went to Eaton Centre and got a freaking nice, satin-finished blazer which I intend to wear to Petronas interview this coming November. The blazer is everything I imagine it to be, and it wasn't that expensive. So, you have one satisfied girl over here! :)

That night I went to check out Mbn's new crib. Hampeh, gile cool. Arif pon ade kat situ. I like the location and everything about it, except decoration kurang...but like he said, budak petronas kan, mana ade duit nak beli decor2 nih. He has a point. Then, the four of us lepak kat Dundas Square while drinking Timmies :)

The next best thing is my Sunday morning. I went to Kensington Market. It was my second visit to the market a.k.a TO Hippy Town (Me and Sarah named it so), my first time was with Ariff and Annas. Surprisingly, this time I like the place. I don't know what happened the first time...I seriously love this place, it's like I belong here (exaggeration included). I bought 14 cookbooks from 1960s for only $20. I don't know if I'm into vintage or not, but I like the 60s era. I'm not big on 60s fashion etc but I love the decorations ala MOD. It's cool, I think. So yeah, the cookbooks are amazing! I can't wait to try the recipes in them.

Sunday lagi...evening time
CMA AIDILFITRI at Scarborough.
The highlight of my event!! Gosh! It feels so good to celebrate Hari Raya just like home. Since it is my last Raya in Canada, lets do it with a BANG! If it takes me to come to Toronto to make my last Raya big, that's what I'm gonna do. Well, I did just that :P
The event was great, ade performances, games and all. Of course, the food was amazing too! Nasi minyak, lontong & sayur lodeh, Maple Lodge BBQ Chicken Wing, sate goreng, rendang and tons of dessert. I was quite full that night. And, the chance to meet long time friends was the best. We just chat all night :) I'm gonna miss them went I go back :(
Well, nuff talking...lets see some pictures. This is by far my most detailed trip review ever!

More pictures here:

Yours truly, Sarah J, Lynn A, Irah MN

Mustaqim and I. Mus, my TO tour guide dulu-dulu

The girls in green performed Tarian Melayu that night

Me and Shafiqah!

Aunty Rahidah! Event planner yo!

Safwan and I :)
That night, paksa Safwan ukur ketinggian with me. Darn, masih pendek. I think I wore a 4" heels dah kot.

Kami-kami bajet best. Reunion West Coast 2008 Trip

Pangkat-pangkat Lynn!!
Kami, assistant saja

On the way back... Jadi gamba myspace plak (according to Sarah J)


Pictures long due.
After almost 10 months, I got pictures from Mbn :(
So, here are some of my faves!!

Kami! Alcatraz Prison in a distance...

Lepaking by some beach with the view of Golden Gate Bridge

Too hot to handle picture

Driving in San Diego. First time driving in a foreign country!

Look her in the eyes.
Couldn't find Nasri's picture and couldn't put up Lynn's pic :(

A bunch of kanak2 excited to be with a fake Hollywood sign :P

Pout as big as you can!

Love everything about this picture, even the flying camera strap!
Everyone is smiling and happy, what more can you capture in a photo? -Muholland Drive-

Ala Rocky

Sierra Nevada in a distance, if I'm not mistaken.

And of course, my favourite pic of all.
Me and the Grand Canyon! Need I say more?

Later gators

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Head over Heels!

Yes, that is how I feel right now!
Cause I just receive an email from Western News. They want to interview me! OMG! I'm very excited about it. I haven't respond to their email yet, but I will soon :) Hehe. Apparently they want to interview me (and Izzy) about our life experience here at UWO since we are from Malaysia. I don't know what to say yet, but I'll say the best things. Well that should be fun!

Tu jer hehehehe
*I still can't stop smiling*


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ahli Kajibumi Bergaya

"Why do you want be a geologist?"
I was asked once by a dear friend. We were sitting by the beach on a starry and cloudless night. I answered him by saying, "cause I want to know what happened just by looking at them. See the rocks over there? (pointing to the headland) I want to know what happened to those rocks and how they formed just by sitting here staring at them."

Yeah. I still didn't know how they form to them until today.

And, the statement up there is just .... over-reaching!
I know now you don't just sit/stand from a distance and BOOM! you got the answer. Apadaaaa....But you go out in the field, work your magic and get the answers (maybe after so many years of research)

The thought of getting it is just exciting. However, my case is slightly different cause if you ask me...what magic huh? Yeah. I find I'm a book smart but not a street smart. You can throw me books, I will read them and try to understand them all...and later memorize them for exams; but in the field, I forgot most of them. So, most of the time...I just shut up. Sometimes, I knew it, just the thought of "I might be wrong" is lingering in my head that I just, again, shut up. Hurm. I hate when I'm a good student, but not good enough, cause what ultimately matters is how you can apply your knowledge to real world stuff. Heh.

Well, I'm happy to say, now I'm getting better. I might have the passion and the "book-knowledge" on all these stuff, but that is not enough. Go get down dirty in mud and friends and really test your knowledge folks!

Actually what I want to say here is...I love fieldtrips, that's all And I love the fact I'm no longer looking like an idiot standing close to the prof/TA/guest guide just to write down EVERYTHING he/she says so that my note is complete; now I am actually contributing towards the understanding and the interpretation of whichever outcrop we are at. That feels good. And it's a teamwork thing :) Oh, and I love to sketch what I saw. (hehe, I got compliments too!)

Just out of boredom. Cape Forchu in both pictures.
I drew the one on the right 'cause I love the left picture so much!

Why this post? you might ask. (so many why(s) tonight!)
cause, I just got back from a field trip! Haha, and I never expressed how much I love it, so I thought I should :)

Today's field trip was so different to me. Cause it was a trip for a second year course which I took 2 years ago. I just wanted to join, for fun. We went to a quarry in Georgetown and then to Hamilton. Well, it feels weird + awesome to be so "senior" cause I know this stuff, but I can't answer them since I should give the second years the chance to figure it out themselves. At one point, the prof said "I want somebody else other than Farisa to answer." I felt bad...cause it is not my time to shine. I should have done it 2 years ago! Nevertheless, I had fun. Mainly cause I'm not being graded haha, so technically I don't even have to take notes. But taking notes and sketching are in my nature lol, so I did it anyways.

And this time, I don't feel lame carrying a huge notebook around when everybody else has a field book :( (I bought that big notebook cause it was made from recycle paper, trying to be green here!) I got a Rite in the Rain Field book from Neil so I used that. Waterproof buku dongg. It's a really cool book. In it, there is a scale bar, geological time scale, some basic rock identification and lots more. Worth buying it! Approximately $18.
Komen tak bersyukur: Now dah guna buku nih, dah rase cool...tapi di hati masih suka buku besarrr rrrrrr rrrrr!!

Clinton Group. Part of Niagara Escarpment
Dominated by limestone

Cool thing to have:
There a lot more cool stuff for fieldtrip, but lets just say pouch is the coolest...

Rite in the Rain Cordura Pouch
Fits your field book (any standard size) and pens.
I also put my swiss army knife and camera in it ;)
$24 dongg. Go buy a belt for it.

Well, it's not mine actually :(
It belongs to Lilliana (on my left). I just used it to put my stuff. This is not from today, but from my Maritimes field trip last September! *my huge notebook is in Joel's bag (on my right)*

I would prefer this to the cordura pouch since this one can carry a water bottle.
From MEC, $22

Semoga terhibur gators sekalian :)
See yahh