Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jauh di Laut China Selatan

I'm leaving everything that is sweet and sour behind because I'm now in MIRI! I can't really describe how I feel at this moment, but if I had to say something I'd say I'm nervous for tomorrow and for the next two weeks. Why? 'Cause my life is taking yet another spin. I'm off to the platform for more than 2 weeks and by that, I mean I'll miss yet another Hari Raya. I guess I can't really ask a lot from my life at the moment 'cause I don't really have a control over it. Right now, I'm just following wherever life is taking me. No worries, no hustle... just do it.

I just got back from a mini tour around Miri with Rok, Faezah and Ariff Shazwan. It was nice of them to take me around. We had kek lapis Cadbury + spider web for bukak puasa. Ahhh! Nak pengsan sedap. Then, we taw-paw nasi lalapan and ate in our hotel room cause the restaurant was full! Right now, I'm not gonna worry about some freaking helicopter ride (yes, I'm nervous for that!) 'cause the kek lapis sangat sedap!

Actually, I've been trying to avoid telling people about me spending two weeks offshore and missing my 5th consecutive Hari Raya this year because I don't want people to feel sorry for me. But I'm writing it right here 'cause I don't want you to feel "Farisa gone MIA". As of now, I have a lot of reading to do and I need my shower. So, till the next time folks.

(mana2 terkasar bahasa, tersalah budi bicara harap maafkan saye)

Me in my baju raya for this year. Lucky to be wearing size S cause that's the only size available at this moment LOL

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Something obvious should be very subtle

There is no point for one to prove something that is obvious. As long as one knows it is there, then it is there. But one seeks for an attention; a chance to be seen because that desperate attempt is all to vie for a pointless point. The deeper this goes, the more important it sounds to thee, but fret not 'cause thy silent aplomb is admirable. It counts to be subtle in your actions. It matters to keep your emotions in line. The bottom line is proving an obvious point is silly and self-belief is the key. What matters is you know it is there.

- FZ

Thursday, August 19, 2010


from 2 weeks of coughing to flu.
is this from working hard everyday?
i sure hope not cause i intend to do this job for quite some time

p/s: my first pay check is next week! i can't stop thinking of the things i can buy hehe

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Past, present and future

At times, I begin to think if I make the right choices
But at 23, regret is not an option eh?
And it's not a life or death matter,
Just a matter of accepting the present.

I need time for this
To go from here to there
And maybe someone can meet me halfway
To remind me why I do this in the first place.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Set the fire to the third bar

This feeling is playing with fire
Toying with it like ignorance, but it is inescapable.
Of that distant dark places only light is the escape.

I just close my eyes and dream. And think
For a second or more …
“When something is so divine, it is the fuel to that fire; the escape from that distant dark places” Then I open my eyes and pray
Pray that I if I fall hard from this dream, an angel would pick me up and hold me.

But this is no peace because this feeling is playing with fire
Words are lingering here and there, shouting and screaming “You fool! You fool!”
And then … I’m here nor there
Confused in my own questions of what and why
Fire is dangerous and it is inescapable.

Monday, August 2, 2010

back to where i begin?

Haha. Are you waiting for an update? Oh well, just a short one. I started working today!!! So, if anybody is around KLCC, give me a shout out 'cause we should go out for lunch or something. Other than that, I'm still looking for a house in KL. LOL! It's not that easy since I'm super picky. I guess now I'm back to living like a student again :( Alone and malas. I just wish this time I have more time to cook!