Monday, May 28, 2012

Dry sip

So many things are happening in Malaysia and elsewhere around the World. From the smallest of things to big issues like human massacre in Al-Houlah, Syria. I can only pray for all these to stop 'cause I simply cannot keep up with 'em all.


They killed mostly children in the Al-Houlah massacre and now I wonder how the future will be. Simply atrocious!

p/s: While I am interesting in what is going on around the Globe, I should not overlook Malaysia. Something is "brewing" here, if you know what I mean. I do not feel all that comfortable.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cheers to love

My quick reality check tells me I like being pampered, in all kinds. Kindness, gifts, treats and all, they are among the many things girls love. For me, I discovered that pretty late. Nevertheless, better late than never. For the past a year or so, this exactly happens. Above all, I just want to be grateful that I'm with someone who pampers me :) I sure hope I pamper him as much as well. Hehe.

Saw Blair Waldorf wanted some Laduree macaroons in Gossip Girl.
Can't resist myself from finding where I can get them. There are available only in a few cities in the world
and Dubai being one of them. Of course, I had to request it from my certain someone. What can I say?
I'm very lucky *head over heels* BTW, these macaroons are delicious! The green one on the left-most
is pistachio-flavoured and oh dear, I cannot even describe how my taste bud felt when I took
that first bite! My favourite! Sure hope to get more in Paris and London later :) Thanks love.
I really appreciate you went all the way to Dubai Mall just to get it for me *hugs*

My birthday gift this year, very well-fitting for a 25 year old lady *cough cough*.
Just smiles whenever I wear the charm bracelet :) One happy girl.

Now on the loser side. I never ever received a flower bouquet in my life. Somehow, I received this
beautiful roses bouquet when I touched down KLIA from Vietnam. So appropriate and I definitely felt
 loved. Thankss! There you go! My first ever bouquet! Although it was not a total surprise cause somebody
 posted my facebook "how do I like the flowers?" when I donn't have a clue I was receiving any.
Haha. Spoil giler!

Cupcakes & coffee at Wondermilk! Among the little things that I can do to ever deserve such a guy.
BTW, this is one of the many coupons I drew for his birthday gift. Maybe it is not all that equivalent to
Tiffany & Co, but I sure hope he likes it. Well, he is yet to claim any of his coupons despite claiming
"I look at them every night sampai dah lunyai dah coupon book tu". LOL.

Cheers to love :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

No free land

I'm no where near land right now >.<

Anyways, eversince I arrived here on Friday I never had proper rest at all. Don't get me wrong, I did get some sleep but I kept waking up (on purpose) to check the operations up on the rigfloor. After 3 days of all that, I finally bring myself to a proper, uninterrupted rest last night. Nevertheless, work is still on. I still have tons of paper work to do haha.

At the end of the day, despite the crazy workload I do here, there are only two things that matter to keep my mind sane: the sunset and great people. Sure work is stressful. Almost all would agree, but if the people you work with are amazing, you'd not say a word about stress. Agree? :) 

Beautiful sunset. A few other platforms afar.

I simply love clouds; and their simply many forms and shapes

Helideck and sunset. At times, the best place to enjoy the sunset is from the helideck. 

Barbeque on Sunday. Good food.
I had lamb, chicken, sausage, mashed potato and a bit of rice.
Yeah, I ate a lot yesterday cause I missed lunch and my tummy was grumbling!
Well, on top of that, the sunset was gorgeous and so I ate even more. LOL

In the wireline doghouse with great people working hand-in-hand.
p/s: Ok, ok. I will watch what I eat. My dad pon dah pesan.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

England + 2

In two months time, I'm off to England for le sister's convocation ceremony. I took 2 weeks off for this occasion and mind you that is very rare for my job. Nevertheless, I know 1 week is all bout London-Bristol-York, but I have 1 week reserve for "other European countries". If possible I might hit 2 countries! Well, I am yet to decide which two countries I should set my foot on. Perhaps France cause it is just next door to England. And my second country is either Switzerland or Italy. What do you think? 

The thing is, I always dream of going to Santorini in Greece. Back when I had this "must go places" list, Greece was the first and Peru was second. I somehow went to Peru first. Nevermind, I will go to Santorini one of these days and I already imagine how that trip will be hehe. I sure fantasize a lot bout trips and "Mamma Mia" sure has something to do with it :) 

Getting back to what I was saying earlier, this time around lets keep it bout le family trip to (parts of) Europe. I think my mom will love Switzerland and I love the Swiss Alps. What is not to love about mountains? I'm more of mountain person than beach. What's more I might even buy myself a Swiss watch there (le me has no watch!). And, what about Italy? I'm eyeing Capri here. Remember "The Lotus Eater"? That story got me jumping bout Capri. In the opening line...
"In 1913, I visited a friend who lived on the island of Capri. Capri is a most beautiful island in the Bay of Naples. From the island, you can see across the water to Mount Vesuvius on the mainland of Italy"
                (by  William Somerset Maugham)

Even that first two sentences got me to say, Capri is a must go place. Ever since then, I read even more stories on how beautiful it is. Anyways, perhaps Rome and Venice are more mommy-appropriate. I remember I took her to many many places in NYC; just so she sees New York City the way I do but after all is done I felt bad cause I made her go to these places at my pace. Ish ish ish. And I know she loves shopping, so maybe I can add more of that this time around.  

Then, London Olympics 2012 is also around the corner. I bet prices of about everything are due to be sky rocket! Sigh. The only best part is I get to buy some kind of Olympics merchandise! And if you know me, some shot glass would be nice :)  

p/s: reserving Santorini for a trip with my-certain-someone *blush*

Monday, May 14, 2012

High Five

May 2012.
Note to self:
Look at the beautiful colours in front of you and put your hands in the pocket, then say, "Hey Gorgeous!" (...whatever gorgeous is to you). Ahhh, content life!

Gerber daisies by my bed. Who knew I have a thing for flowers these days. Oh pretty flowers, what have you done to me?

Almost artificial! I took it to the grill and om nom nom! 

p/s: was listening to Alanis Morissette "Hand in My Pocket"; hence the pocket reference.
"I'm broke but I'm happy; 
I'm poor but I'm kind"
Ahhh, she's content too!!