Sunday, November 28, 2010


This blog will go on a very long pause. I'll be away until Christmas. Work is calling me and I'm answering it. Hopefully, this time I won't be such a bad luck and I get lots of things done. 'Cause you know, in January something bigger is about to be drilled. So, please welcome me with an open heart wahai Laut China Selatan. I know monsoon is coming but please don't be rough on Mr JackUp, will ya? I don't want to suffer defeat.

Take care my gators.

A day at the beach with friends is the best thing!
I don't mind the heat! It's Malaysia after all.

P/S: I can say I'm off for a work-travel trip this Tuesday!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

“There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart's desire. The other is to gain it.”

George Bernard Shaw

Sunday, November 14, 2010

For crying out loud


CRAP, why must you guys be so far away huh? I miss u guys even more now.

p/s: terasa terlalu banyak makan burger

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Snap snap!

Oh well, some photos from my balik kampung trip to Kuantan. It is against my norm to take pictures of Kuantan, but what the hell kampung sendiri lagikan dikenang kan... So I took lots of snaps :)
After some major harassment from my cousins and work colleagues on my tudung bawal hitam & putih, I decided to give selendang a try to make them happy. The selendang was provided by my cousin. I still think I like tudung bawal more; although I got compliments even from a stranger at a boutique.

NASI DAGANG Mama buat. Acar je hasil tangan tiga orang. LOL

The Goofies.

Orang asal Kuantan yang pulang ke kampung halaman.
Surething TC is much different than so many years ago.
It's cleaner now and you actually want to take a dip.

Small Saturday crowd.

Cousin interested in rocks...

The Goofies are also interested in rocks

Yours Truly doing her suicidal jump that caused her thigh muscle to tear :(
No physical activities for 2 weeks.

To the other side of Teluk Chempedak

I'm waiting for a passerby to jump

Mommy and baby

True nature :p


Sekolah pertama lagikan dikenang ;) Been wanting to go back in ever since 1999.

So folks. Have a great weekend ;)
I dont have anything super exciting for this weekend, other than to finish my presentations! Wahh!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Home sweet home

Happy Deepavali to all!

Five days in Labuan and I swear seafood is the last thing I want to see on a menu. Nevertheless, Labuan trip was amazing 'cause I finally get to see all the tools used in drilling. Nothing beats a first eye view on things. I must say they are all way too high-tech for my comprehension! Goodness! Btw, the food was nothing short of yummeh and I had lots of them. I guess my big appetite, which is my true-nature, is no longer a secret to my colleagues ;) I now have to do countless situps to free my head from guilt. Hahaa

Even so, I bought more sinful treats a.k.a Chocolates! Luckily I carried a 40L backpack; so, that sort of limits my desire to buy more. It was the duty-free trap that got all of us spending few hundred ringgit worth of stuff. As for me, I bought 3 kain batik, 1 bracelet and 3 boxes of chocolate. Money, well-spent. Kuddos!

Upon touched down in KLIA, there is only one thing on my mind: Finally, a break from everything! I don't want to think a thing from the smallest to the biggest of all. My parents drove all the way from Kuantan to pick me up and I was a happy kid to see them. Haha. Hey, I'm not a spoiled kid but I would not resist an offer like that ;) I drove daddy's new beast and it was awesome! Picked my cousins up and Poof! Off to the East Coast! KL life is madness and I was actually counting my days to go back.

It wasn't long enough for me to realize my room is a complete mess! I still have boxes unpacked and I spent the night thinking about all the cleanups I have to do. Baik tidur dulu kan hehe. Oh well, my room is effing clean and tidy now, thanks to the help from my cousins. LOL. Datang jauh2 untuk mengemas pulak. Then, my mom made Nasi Dagang for lunch and it was the best! I can't remember the last time I had Mom's nasi dagang. Probably it was more than five years ago! Sigh :( Terpaksa laa tambah 3 kali kan!

At noon, I went to the mall with my cousins and everywhere I looked, I saw discount tags! Deepavali sale, perhaps? Most of them are 50% discount. I don't know about other cities/towns, but I always see discount tags in Kuantan. Haha. Kuasa membeli rendah skit sini ;) But it's okay. That is a good thing for me. If only I have more time at the mall, I could easily end up with bags of stuff.

I realize the longer I left Kuantan, the more I miss this place. It's just such a nice place to live, with small/no jams, low cost of living and everything is within a short distance. It may not have fancy malls/shops/restaurant, but what's available here is good enough for me. Tomorrow, I'm taking my cousins to the beach! Telok Chempedak rules all the beaches in Malaysia! Whoa! Sape tak pernah pergi TC, mmg loser :p

p/s: I could not find my National Geographic magazines in any of the boxes I brought back from Canada :( I'm really sad.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

When all is loss, all is left to gain

I lost. And I can only pray to be wiser the next time.
I don't know if my defeat is a defeat to another; but, in a war, somebody's defeat is a victory to the other. There should be fireworks already. With that, I'm retreating to base. Just that, in the next battle I would not be too kind.

p/s: Still in Labuan.