Thursday, July 24, 2008

UWO kadang2 tak betul

0h dear, i'm not feeling all too well now. why? cos i'm very very angry at UWO. menyampah syal uni tuh. urghhh. yes, i cant use bad words here. i just use them silently. i dunno if this happens at other uni as well, but even if they do, they dont suck like UWO do!

i was supposed to be enrolled in GIS 1. apparently i can't cos i'm not a geography-major student. so i put my name in the waiting list. even so, i couldnt get in cos the class is full, but izyan dapat cos her registration date is earlier than me. so now, i have to email the prof and see if he could help me. well, this is not why i'm mad. this is all due to unexpected circumstances. but, what i'm mad at is... read below

they offer so many courses in the calendar which some of them caught my interest. i intended to register for those course simply to get the credit. however, i dont want to simply take any courses just because they are 2 hours and no labs, but i want something beneficial! so i search for the classes. apparently, they don't offer them this year. i'm like, damn u, if u dont offer...jangan laaa ngada2 letak dalam calendar. as a consequences, i have to do my "research" all over again to find a class that fits my interest. tapi, hampir semua yg saye suke adelah tak dioffer. saket kann hati. as for now, i have to take astronomy search for life in the universe. that is the closest i can get with what i like. my initial interest was the origin of the universe...malang class tu penuh because class itu 2 hours, and no labs... people pon suka. adoiii....malang sangat sangat! even chemistry pon ade byk courses yg saya suka, tp tak offer. sungguh what the duck!

and now i will be internet and phone-less for 1 week for OBS. itu camp satu hal gak. tak boleh ade connection ngan orang luar. i hate those kinda camp.. i mean the tak kasi contact orang part. apesal pulak tak boleh guna phone? i felt like it is soo yesterday dgn prinsip itu. kerana, dgn handphone, bukannya kite gayut 24/7, i merely need it to deal with so many important things. i have 1 month to go before leaving for canada, so u do expect so many things to show up now. urghhh....! and also trip ke perhentian tu...hehe

this post and all my other post during my summer hols are so negative! mind that. but pls dont take up on my negativity at the moment. i'm just frustrated cos there are so many things that i have to deal this week alone!
ciao ...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

this is very dissapointing!

You know my way to kill my boredom these days? I do work out, vacuum my room, go online AND the newest addition to my activities is playing the piano, which I haven't been playing for 7 years =D I've just started playing the piano again after I heard my dad is going to give away the piano to someone else for FREE. So, I thought if I could play again, he would keep it. We'll see.

Yesterday, I played For Eloise by Beethoven. I sounded OK although I didn't follow the tempo that I was supposed to. The piano is a bit tight, if u know what I mean. Today, I thought of playing Apologize by One Republic. Hah! There is a tutorial on YouTube on how to play that song. I kinda follow the tutorial for few minutes and try it out on my piano. And this is the dissapointing part! My apparently out of tune. Hahaha. I have to tune it back before I can get the proper sound I want it to be. And some keys are beyond repair. lolz. The E flat is somewhat rosak, tekan2 no bunyi. Sad huh. But, I don't care I just wanna play, regardless of how it sounds. I just wanna get my fingers to be familiar to the keys once more and get my brain to be able to read the notes without actually writing down the letter on each note! hehe, maybe then I can play in Canada, because the music room is always empty, I could use the piano there =D and that if I have the courage to play out loud~

Another dissapointing thing, thanks to my sister who is studying human anatomy, I got to know that I didn't do my work out properly, lolz, after all these weeks! Apparently, I'm more focused on my biseps, and not enough on my triceps and that shoulder muscle that I don't know the name~!! So, now I have to get things right so that my arms don't look awkward, cos now they do. Lepas itu, nak kasi kempis sikit ye. I'm setting my goals nih. But whatever work out that I do would not work if I still eat the fatty and junk food. Lolz. Dah duduk Malaysia, kene laa makan banyak2 - this is what I bear in mind. And since the house renovation starts, my dad is a bit lazy to do exercise, so I'm a bit bummed. I have no choice but to control what I eat. Sedih sedih....takkan nak pegi jogging sorang2...huhu

Yet another dissapointing thing, I could not register the elective courses that I want! It's all because they clash with my required courses. Darn! Why is it all the profs love Tuesday and Thursday? All the electives are on Tues and Thurs, and so is my required courses. Now I have to find other courses just to fill things up. It's dissapointing cause I now have to simply take any courses for the sake to fulfill my timetable, NOT the way I want things to be. What's the point kan, if the courses are not benefiting me in any sort. There are 2 electives that I have in mind right now, and now I have to pick any other course that may not even important for me like once I start working. The 2 electives are Glacier and Spatial Analysis. Ok, Glacier would not serve me any good once I start working with Petronas, but I love glacier, that's why AND I like the Prof too! Spatial Analysis is a pre-requisite for GIS 2, so I have to take it. Now, I might run out of time to take it. I'm only praying that they will offer Spatial Analysis in the first sem next year and it doesn't clash with any other subject~!!!!!!!!! That is my only hope!

ok lahhh, saye ni puasa ni. kan banyak kekecewaan yang diceritakan pada hari ini.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

hati manyak suka

I have to give myself a little whip for neglecting my blog. I do hope people are still visiting my blog despite the lack of content, not to mention I fail to "beautify" my blog layout. It was like that ever since I change the background. To you who think I'm such a lazy bum who can't even keep up to her words, I do apologize ok.
For some reasons, summer holidays seem a bit hectic for me. I have tonnes of things to do everyday, namely dealing with the house renovation. I hardly give myself any time to pamper myself or just sitting down and enjoy things I normally do. Since my brother is doing his practical at some place, I practically HAVE to take over his job as the surveyor. Ahh, not a pleasant job I must say. Sitting around watching some dude hammering a nail, is not what I picture to be my "happy summer holidays". Instead, it is a pain in the butt. And to top that, I promised myself to start studying for Watershed Hydrology, a course - I believe - is designed to fail students. I'm starting to read the notes for that course, courtesy of Leah, and all I can say is, I think I will do poorly in this course. However, this factor has led me to be more determine to at least get a 75 in this course. "It's not impossible to get good grades," said Ian Foster, "but, I work my ass off to get that [good] grade". Ian isn't the all party guy I thought he is, then. OK, enough bout my sufferings so far....I just can't keep my heads off from my fave player. haha. sambung new para...

U see, EURO 2008 finals was just few days ago. And yes, I'm having Post-Euro symptoms - something I always had after something I really enjoy finishes. haha. To say the least, I'm glad Spain won :) I'm just so bored of Germany going to the finals, but never won. This will bound to make my brother mad at me. He is such a Germany fanatic! And I hate Germany because they beat Portugal, lolz. Please tell me u know the reasons why I like Portugal. It is kinda obvious. He has been my fave player since 2004. At that time, he was 19 and I told myself, "Gosh, he is just 2 years older than me, but he is already world famous and make himself a big deal" and I wonder, at that time, what will happened to me when I'm 19....well, I got my answers now. He is also the reason how I met a dear friend. See, that is why he is my fave player, he reminds me of so many things on top of being such a great player! I just hope he would stay at Man Utd :)
hehe. He still makes my heart blooms after so many years :)

I know this will occur to u as cliche, that a girl mesti suke Cristiano... :D but don't put that on me ok!