Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A tree pose, you say?

It is true. I haven't been updating my blog in ages. Even that one post earlier this month does not count and it almost certainly reflecting how terribly busy and lazy I am. There is no excuse, of course. 

Well, I am still doing the same job. 
But I've picked up something new that I enjoy so much. That is yoga.

I have always wanted to do yoga since I read Ninie Ahmad's blog back in university days. Somehow, I could not bring myself to just go and do it. See, saying and wanting in one thing, but physically doing it is another! While all preps are done, i.e yoga mat and clothes (hehe), I was still looking for a studio nearby to attend the classes. I sure am happy that I finally have a chance at it and yes, I enjoy it very much.

I am still pretty much out and about, but I make myself free to at least attend once a week, if not more. So far after three weeks, I can say I am more aware bout my body, especially my posture. Sit up straight everyone! I always knew I have stiff muscle (errr, is this the correct way to describe it? any medical students around?), meaning to say I am not flexible. Just to prove my point, I cannot bend down and touch my toes. Sigh. I am not flexible at all! Even back in my days of doing Taekwondo I cannot do the split. Embarassing, I know. 

Being the beginner in a bunch of flexible-and-a-bit-more-season-at-this people, I was pretty intimidated at first, but when I see these people are also wobbling like me, I do not feel too bad bout myself. Haha. And if you think you do not sweat while doing yoga 'cause the studio is air conditioned, please come and try for yourself. You do sweat! At times, I would go during lunch hours on weekdays and I find myself awesomely refreshed for the remaining few more hours. Lunch can wait! Nah, I would have a very light lunch afterwards while doing work LOL

Anyways, my point is, I just want my muscle to be stronger and toned! Now, I'm thinking of doing yoga and go jogging on alternate days! Wow! Sure sounds like a plan to me. Now to the execution part....... (warghhh!)

If you are skeptical 'cause it may be spiritual, fret not...no incantation is involved. It is just you stretching your muscle out loud! Maybe one day I can do a headstand, who knows! 
To those yet to try yoga, have it a go! I can bet you will love it as well :)  

p/s: Among my wish list, I'm yet to run a marathon and do wall climbing! 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hansel & Gretel

They say patience is a virtue.
But if we cannot bring ourself grounded to a certain poise and manner, we are nothing near patience. And the thing about patience is it is not in everybody. Just that I believe it will be in everybody if we choose to have it.

Then, take goodness.
Goodness at times is masked by that one mistake one made. You repent from it. You live your life away from it. It does not defines you. Not at all. But one choose to close one's eyes to what is more important. And that very mistake seems to be more obvious than others.

Then, take knowledge.
They say knowledge is power. With knowledge, everything is possible. But knowledge is power. People lost sight at what it means. They think having knowledge to themselves is power. That is where one lost the track. Share the knowledge because that is the power one holds, the ability to be knowledgeable.

Then, take me.
I choose to be patient, I choose to see the good in people and I choose to be knowledgeable.
I am not lost, but maybe I need some bread crumbs to remind me where the right paths are.