Thursday, December 29, 2011

That end of the year post

My calendar stats for 2011:
Offshore Malaysia & living abroad (Vietnam & Oman): 171 days
On land (in Malaysia that is): 194 days

Judging from this, one may think I have no life. There is a little truth to that because I missed out on a lot of birthdays, Eid celebration, weddings, vacations with family, friends gathering etc. But truth been told, I would not miss any chance at all to go to places even when it is a hostile environment. If I were to put aside the fancy perks from all this, I'd say it is worthwhile to be away for awhile from all the madness in a big city. It's different when I'm out there in a middle of the ocean or desert. One may say, what can you do other than staring the sky for some stars or watching the beautiful sunset/sunrise, but let me tell you it is more than meets the eye. It's just more relaxing in a way because I get to escape the city. Maybe because I come from Kuantan, a rather small town in Malaysia and I went to London, Ontario to study...again, a small town in Canada. Escaping the frenzied and overpriced city for awhile is a blessing.

I'm still young (25 years old in 2012!!) with minimal responsibilities. I believe here is the chance for all this. Having said that, my thoughts are heading towards keeping myself grounded, be more independent and take more responsibilities. I feel it's time, for responsibilities, I mean.

Trust me, I think the future is scary!

p/s: le me is bored. le me is at Dubai Airport waiting for my flight to KL

No joke! I am getting chubbier!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Teasing with Dubai

So far, I have nothing big to write. I'm still compiling my Middle Eastern stories, so that's coming up in January. My work (been working in the desert for few weeks now) has just gotten a bit intense for the past couple of weeks with lack of sleep and all. Until now my head is still throbbing from irregular sleeping pattern. Well, there is always panadol for that!

Anyways, some teaser photos. You know by now I'm addicted to editing photos; so here are a few of Dubai pictures. Somehow, of all the great and amazing architecture in Dubai, I'm very deeply amazed by Burj al-Arab. There is something bout this building that captivates me. Maybe it's the luxury feeling, I don't know.

I spent a few hours by the Umm Suqeim beach, reading "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac and just enjoying the view. From this beach, you get an excellent view of the 7-star hotel. I was a loner in Dubai, so photos of me were all from-my-extended-arm-with-the-help-of-my-flip-about-screen. Whats more, I wanted to enjoy the sunset with Burj al-Arab as the background.

Just so you know, some people find it hard to take that I am 24 years old. In my attempt to look more mature, I decided to try this fancy mancy hijab style people are wearing these days. I actually spent some time watching tutorials on how to get it right! Moving from simple & easy tudung bawal to this? It wasn't that life changing, though. I ended up making a complete "OMG" of myself. Sigh. First take, don't wear this style to the beach cause there is this thing called "wind". They like to sweep things out of order.

First of all, I don't think I got it right. Anyways, it looks all good to go back in the hotel. Snap snap a few pics to prove I got it! Well, that's picture bottom right and middle right. At the beach, the wind blew my tudung and it got so messy. I tried to fix it, but com'on the wind WAS blowing WHILE I was fixing my tudung. Go figure! I ended up taking a brooch and pinned the loose end somewhere over my shoulder...The last picture on the top right was the final result. BIG SIGH.

Other than that mishap, I enjoyed my afternoon at the beach :)
(I was hoping there is a ice cream place nearby. boohoo)

Burj al-Arab thru my perspective.

p/s: I used Picasa to edit my photos. Simple software! I love it

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Moon eclipse :)

Moon eclipsee! I feel fortunate that I get to see it without any restrictions! Subhanallah!
Aaaaa...the many many happy things bout being in a desert :) My camera is no DSLR (Canon G12 jerr), but I tried my best.

You sure can see the Sun partially covering the Moon.

My favourite shot of the night! I played with the aperture and I got this :)

A sense of what I do here. A drilling rig...

The crew :)

And this is a shot of the Moon that I took back when I was in Canada.
I was using my dad's camera with super awesome lens...I wish I have it now :)

:) Yeayy desert!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

2 Blogs

Two things that I would love to do is to have a travel blog and a food blog. All this while my traveling stories are compiled and written here, but I don't feel it is dedicated enough. Meaning to say, I don't share the whole journey. I had this idea back in third year when I was traveling with a friend in Quebec City. Well at that time we were in Chicoutimi and we thought of writing bout the places we went where people hardly travel to. That idea was a hit for few months that we even thought of names for the blog. I came out with "Sidewalk and about" and to tell you how excited I was, I made the header already...2 years ago....tapi the sight of the blog, is not even anywhere close. Big sighh...Maybe this will come true one of these days. I just need to find somebody willing to share this traveling blog with, i.e share their traveling stories and we compile ours in a blog.

The header I was so excited to do.
Most of the pictures were from that one month trip I had back in Summer 2009.
I don't finish the quote I had there, I just forgot who said it >.<

As for food blog, I've always love cooking and all this while I always take pictures of the food I cooked, either I created that dish or just tried others' recipes. Back in my student days, my food was always the lots-of-veggies-towards-healthy-diet kinda food but now I'm more keen on experimenting local dishes, somehow. If I were to choose my signature dish, it would probably the sherperd pie in which I had "asianized" it. Many had tasted this version I made and so far they all love it. LOL. I think my mee bandung recipe which I got from my mom was good too, but I'm yet a pro in making it. It will be exciting to have such blog, to share what I love and what I've made with others. Hmmmm...maybe one day! But I don't do desserts, though. Hehe.


The sherperd pie I made back in Canada.

p/s: I'm craving for noodle soup right now...mana nak cari tengah2 desert.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ticking advice

| and so, I am catching it|

That's engraved at the back of my iPod in which I bought in 2008. Ever since, I never really dig deep to value what I've engraved and somehow these words just slipped by without notice. I do more now and I believe they are strong words. It serves as a reminder to myself that nothing should be taken for granted, let alone letting an opportunity wasted in front of you. Therefore, seize them so that you don't look back at the things you've missed. Three years into it, I still believe in them and any opportunity given or earn is my path to somewhere better because I learn along the way. I am happy that I see things the way I do, but I just need to be more positive about things. That positive mindset will be my forte one day, insya Allah.

Of all the things that I am today, I will never forget how I got here. And I will never forget all the people that helped me get here. I feel blessed. Bless them.

And so, I am catching it. Whatever IT may be.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Whenever I looked up, I want to see something. I know something is there, but it refuses to show itself. As I'm keen on playing Word Mole on my phone now, I use that as my reason to look down when all I wanted is to look up.

Maybe I should spell "confuse" on this Word Mole game.

(I'm getting better at this game)

Monday, November 21, 2011

KL by foot

*Sejuk dohh*

Just out of the blue, I'm reminiscing this mini-walk-around-KL I took with my certain someone sometime ago. We walked pretty much everywhere! Agak berpeluh-peluh juge yerr, Malaysian weather kan. If I can recall, this is the route we took:

LRT to Pasar Seni
(I bought bracelet hehe)
then, walked to Masjid Jamek
Dataran Merdeka
Jalan TAR-Masjid India-Nasi Kandar for lunch
walked along Sungai Kelang or Sungai Gombak
Stesen Keretapi Tanah Melayu
(We even went inside)
Masjid Negara
up,up,up along Taman Burung
Taman Tasik Perdana-Memorial Tun Razak
(Did you know they have Taman Rusa & Kancil at Lake Garden?)
down down down to Masjid Negara
back to Jalan TAR
SOGO, to kill time
Coliseum Cafe, where we enjoyed steak for dinner
(Very old cafe..I believe dated back to British days,
the sizzling steak was very worth it!)

Yes, we walked to all these places. Back when I was still in primary, my dad made us walk everywhere in KL and that's how I got to know & remember these places. Somehow, somewhere in the middle of the desert I craved for the same "adventure" all over again!

I said "we can enjoy steak after that calorie-burn-out-walk we just had all day"

Darn, this is something for me to cherish life-long xx

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Of desert and winter

If you see somebody from Muscat in your blog traffic...Hey, I could be reading your blog! I'm off to the desert in a few days. I miss it a bit. Huacachina in Ica, Peru remains the only desert I've ever been to and surprisingly, I love deserts!

It's gonna be winter soon and I bet winter in Omani desert is gonna be cruel to me. Geared up with only a rather-thick-sweater, I'm praying for my past Canadian-winter-experience to be my saviour. Even day time is only 29 degC in Muscat, and that is pretty low for Middle Eastern countries.

I think I will find some time to write down my Muscat story; although, it's not too elaborative so far :(

It's funny how back in Canada, I would be eating shawarma or briyani cause it is the only Halal option available. Then, I gorged Chinese, Thai or Vietnamese food, too. And now, I'm eating the same kind of food when I'm in Oman and when I was in Vietnam. Sigh...

I'm all on black & white mode; hence all the extra-effort-edited-photos on display:

Fort in Matrah, approximately 20mins from city centre

The beautiful beach near Shangri-La Hotel.

The massive & grand chandelier at Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque.
The panel as my header was also taken at the same mosque.
This mosque definitely exudes the grandeur feeling above everything else!

Al-Zawawi Mosque near to my hotel. The mosque is pretty small, but grand, nevertheless

p/s: far away, again.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

On display

Time: 02:13
Random edited photos for display.
My night is officially occupied!

The view from the balcony of my apartment.
The clouds above the Twin Tower sort of light up!

I almost forgot I had this ring. Been wearing it all week!

Birthday gift from my sister: a bright pink wallet.

Beach or Mountains? Mountains, for sure.
So when's my next adventure?
*my eyes are fixed on a certain location*
(Credit: MBN. The mountains along the Inca Trail, 2009)

Loosen up for a night! New head scarf by the way.
(one boring night back in Vietnam)

p/s: Spotted organic cotton tshirt at ZARA. I think this is my call. I need to get it. Haha. Now, where's my size?


I question willingness. Willingness is like time; the virtue of it is ambiguous because like time, it is treated as a sacrifice. Sacrifice has an extent, the limitation of how far one would go to comply. And when one complies, one lacks sincerity. Sincerity above all is a priority because it adheres all as one. And when all is one, I go back to willingness. I do not see the need for it even when I have time to sacrifice.

I appreciate it, nevertheless.

And I agree with Eleanor Roosevelt, “It is not fair to ask of others
 what you are not willing to do yourself.”

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cheers to Kuala Lumpur

I'm back in KL and all is the same to me.
Despite people's critic/complement of me being too thin (a.k.a tak makan ke dekat Vietnam?), I'm determined to start on rigorous heart pumping activities after this. Why? Cause 2 months of eating out made me sick and I felt I had consumed a lot of junk stuff. I need to shed some kg(s). It all starts tomorrow (in a finger-crossed tone of voice). La la laaa...

p/s: what I eat and what I buy? They all matters!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Messy Love

I've always thought having someone dear to you makes your life wonderful because you are always happy. Little that I know, it's a bumpy ride. As I'm answering "yes" or giggled to all people's Qs on my certain someone, I still have my head throbbing from the bumpy ride. Maybe I can blame my life-long commitment to single life that I'm not so BF-ready for a second person in life. Nevertheless, I always go back to "You & Me" by Dave Matthews Band cause like I always tell him,
"You and I, we're not tied to the ground
Not falling, but rising like rolling around..."
It's perfect. And I sure know we're perfect.

Love you, beau.
Always will & always have.

p/s: m digging on our differences

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I always felt I haven't really found myself yet in HCMC until a couple of weeks ago. Other than shopping and work, I hardly do anything else! I ate at the same places for the most part (due to Halal issues & I can't read the names of the dishes!) and since the past 1 month was Ramadhan I wasn't that much of an "explorer".

This year's Ramadhan felt more blessed somehow; the kind you felt after you've done something extremely virtuous. I tried to "khatam the Quran" but I was not successful (sigh) and I only got to juzuk 16 :( Since I spent my Raya offshore, I got back onshore with a vengeance of some sort. That's when I feel I found myself. I'm not in any ways trying to portray a certain lifestyle, but I just want to share some of the things I love, like JAZZ!

They played great music. We wanted to request Sade's "Smooth Operator" but we were 10 mins too late. They were already playing their last song which was James Brown's "I Feel Good" (cliche dohh!)
(at Sax 'N' Art, HCMC)

The fruit punch was awesome! It was a bit pricey, but nevermind I just got back on land!

...And CAFES!

Back to going around trying out different places but for I always left my camera out most of the time. Sigh.

I like cafes and I guess you probably know/realize that already. I passed by this cafe everyday to work and the only question I had was when oh when! So, I had lunch at Rita Cafe, Nguyen Van Cu. I had Hot & Sour Seafood Noodle and can I say it was freaking good! Anyways, I somehow think the shops in Vietnam are always very well decorated!

I'm loving the paper umbrella decor on the ceiling :)


And it comes down to feeling all good bout your body. I'd go to mani/pedi all the time here and I think I'm getting very comfortable with people doing my nails for me. Now the thoughts of buffing my own nails spelled M.a>laS! Manicure or pedicure is about $3-$5 here so why bother doing your own, right? The thing is, I never went to nail place in Malaysia haha! I have no idea why, but this kind of lifestyle has got to stop cause doing your nails at the nail parlour is expensive in Malaysia tee hee! My favourite here is Armani Spa at Dong Du St, but when I went there last Thursday...the made my my lateral nail fold bleed :(


Since I always berangan to go all-*cough-cough*-organic*, I sort of took the first step: I bought Yves Rocher "Organic Vanilla" shower gel. I know, you would say OMG perlu ker? but it's good to use organic-based product! I thought the L'occitane lip balm I bought was organic-based, but it wasn't. Sigh. I can't read both French & Vietnamese! BTW, I hate the lip balm. Chapstick $1.69 Strawberry flavoured is even better than this!

Love the vanilla smell and I like how the bathroom smells of vanilla afterwards :)
The smell is quite long-lasting.

...and the SEMANGATNESS of things!

The last time I went for a formal dinner event was five years ago. Now I'm in Vietnam, the company celebrated it's 20th year in Vietnam with a dinner for all the staff at one of the hotels here. I'm like, what do I wear? As if there's a lot of options as to what I can wear and where to get them! I don't have something to wear, handbag (I only brought my Lesportsac sling bag to HCMC! Imagine how colourful that is!), no high heels (pakai flats murah yang boleh buang je pasni) and no tudung! I somehow got excited about this dinner and bought almost all the things I don't have. This is me talking about how much I like to waste money in this sense just to look the part.

Anyways, it was a great dinner mainly cause I get to watch traditional Vietnames dance & songs (I didn't get to watch it at any other place). On the more lucky note, I get to mingle around with all the Mr-big-shots. It was nice to listen to their stories, work & off-work related. It makes you feel it is not impossible to be like them one day cause they started pretty much like where I am right now.

Terpaksa beli baju kurung, selendang licin (OMG!) and kasut...
I never tried wearing tudung like this and I only wore it this way for the dinner cause the scarf I bought was too "silky" and it was impossible to wear it!
(satu gamba dinner je lah)

BTW, you bet I have more than just the ones I shared here

I'm going back to Malaysia soon. Now I felt everything came sooner than I anticipated

p/s: has a love*like effect for someone tee hee

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

30 Aug 2011

My Hari Raya, as powered by coffee.

RAYA EVE: Mad at the telephone and internet at 0200 hrs cause it was down and caused lots of communication problems to me. End up sleeping at 0400 hrs. I was able to stay up that late due to coffee.

RAYA MORNING at 0800 hrs: Woke up at 0615 hrs to do report. Internet and phone line were occasionally down. I was still upset about it, but I had my first cup of coffee in the morning in 1 month. I'm all good to go until now at 1645 hrs; although, I was predictably hyper around 1100 hrs. Now, I've mellowed down and sleeping looks pretty good from here... *yawnnn*

On that note fellas,


(fire crackerrrss!! weee! weee!)

all the way from offshore Vietnam.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

30 days and counting

A month into living abroad feels like I've never done this before. If I'm allowed to make one comment bout it, I'd say I've grown to know me. As in, I never know what I really want, until I got here.

and, cheers to that *raise glass!*

p/s: Dreaming of an imagination.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dari dalam hati

Secara zahirnya, lelaki memang saya kira lebih kuat. Kuat fizikalnya kerana itu satu ketentuan. Namun, tidaklah harus kita lupakan yang seseorang itu perlu juga kuat di dalam hatinya. Saya kira, perempuan telah dilahirkan untuk mempunyai kekuatan tertentu dan fokusnya adalah dalam pada hatinya. Saya sebagai perempuan bukanlah mahu membela nasib kaum sendiri, tetapi umum dapat melihat sendiri ketabahan seseorang wanita itu. Kita tidak merungut, apatah lagi menhina diri sendiri apabila ditimpa musibah. Kita bangkit untuk mencari jalan keluar tanpa menunggu bulan jatuh ke riba. Ini lebih benar jika seseorang wanita itu adalah seorang ibu. Tidak salah kalau saya membuat kesimpulan bahawa ibu-ibu dapat berdiri gah dengan kekuatan sendiri kerana mereka tahu kekuatan mereka adalah nadi kepada keluarga. Mereka tahu ada sesuatu yang berharga yang harus dijaga dan dipupuk. Inilah yang dikatakan naluri wanita bergelar seorang ibu. Saya bukan seorang ibu, tetapi sudah pastinya saya dapat kebenaran ini pada mama saya. Saya rasa mama saya sudah melalui pelbagai suka duka dalam kehidupan ini. Walaupun dia senyap dan tidak meluahkan apa yang dirasakan, tetapi saya dapat agak apa yang sedang bermain di fikirannya. Jauh di sudut hatinya, saya pasti dia cuba untuk menjadi tabah untuk kami. Tidak perlulah saya mencungkil satu persatu, tetapi cukuplah untuk kalian tahu dia gembira dengan apa yang dia kecapi dan saya sangatlah bertuah mempunyai dia sebagai mama saya. Saya berharap saya dapat membuat dia gembira selalu. Sayaaanng mama saya!

Mama dan saya. Amirul & Hakim sekali lah!

Tapi itu hanya sedikit.
Tidak kira dimana saya pergi untuk menimba pengalaman, saya akan melihat perkara yang sama. Kaum hawa membanting kudrat mereka untuk mencari rezeki dan saya tahu mereka melakukannya untuk mencari sesuap nasi. Kerana jika suami mereka sudah berharta, masakan mereka perlu membanting tulang? Inilah yang saya kagum. Sudah pasti segala penat lelah mereka berbaloi apabila melihat anak-anak mereka gembira. Tapi saya merasakan tatkala mereka membela orang lain, nasib sendiri tidak terbela. Walaupun acapkali kita katakan inilah "naluri seorang ibu", tetapi sampai bilakah mereka perlu sebegini? Saya cuma berharap anak-anak mereka dapat menghargai pengorbanan ibu mereka dengan sebaiknya. Saya masih kagum.

Mendayung sampan untuk mencari rezeki

Jangan lupa wanita lah secara lazimnya yang dapat buat kerja-kerja sebegini teliti dan halus
(seorang wanita sedang membuat kulit popiah dengan tekunnya)

Oleh itu, kesimpulan saya mudah. Mungkin lelaki yang dapat mempamerkan kekuatan zahir mereka, tetapi kekuatan dalaman adalah sama penting. Lihatlah ibu kamu dan pastinya kamu akan bersetuju.

P/S: Tidak bermaksud untuk membuat karangan ala-ala Tingkatan 5. Hanya ingin memperlihatkan apa yang mungkin kita sudah terlupa.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


A year ago, I wrote "something obvious should be very subtle".
And a year later, I still believe so.
And in 3 months, I still want to believe so.
Because I know, it is there.

"Something obvious should be very subtle"

There is no point for one to prove something that is obvious. As long as one knows it is there, then it is there. But one seeks for an attention; a chance to be seen because that desperate attempt is all to vie for a pointless point. The deeper this goes, the more important it sounds to thee, but fret not 'cause thy silent aplomb is admirable. It counts to be subtle in your actions. It matters to keep your emotions in line. The bottom line is proving an obvious point is silly and self-belief is the key. What matters is you know it is there.

p/s: I had coffee everyday for bukak puasa. Hihi

Wow, duit!

LOL. RM6 sedia diberikan to kanak-kanak riang :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Story telling

If I write a story, will you read it out loud.
Will you be the narrator to my story?

It is about five little birds trying to make a decision to fly away. Three in complete agreement, but two decided to stay. Why stay when there is nothing here? they asked. There is a dream out there waiting for us to land on. An opportunity to grow bigger and stronger, they continued to say.

The two replied, Here is good 'cause this is where we call home. Not there or there. You can always land on some opportunities elsewhere and settle down in a nice house you think is good. But deep down you know, a house is never a home.

p/s: hati kecil terasa pabila hati besar terdetik.

Monday, August 1, 2011

And it gets going

Today is day 1 of Ramadhan. SELAMAT BERPUASA TO ALL.

My heart wept too, today.
Maybe cause Ramadhan to me is different this year. I just tell myself that loneliness is just a feeling that I need to push aside, but being here alone means a whole lot more. Since today was rough anyways, I took the liberty to seek some comfort. And what I found was a conversation I had with a certain someone back in November 2010. My eyes got teary cause it was beautiful. I can feel my heart skipped a beat.

Yes, beautiful.
And you're beautiful, no matter who you are reading this.

p/s: "kalau hati ada sayang..."
and they kept lingering in my head. yes, i have my answer.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Good morning Saturday!
(I like that everything in my room is in white)

I lazed around in bed until 9am. All I know is, as soon as I walk out of my hotel, I want to find a decent coffee shop. Apparently, I live in the "foreigner" zone, meaning things are slightly pricier. No wonder there is a gourmet market just a block away and I went there to get bread & jam. LOL.

Last night my colleague took me on a ride on her motorcycle. There are hundreds of motorcycles on the road at one time and seriously, you need courage to ride a bike here. In between making a turn or braving oneself at the roundabout, you gotta be so alert cause a bike can come out of nowhere. So, I gathered all the courage I can and rode the bike with her. It was exciting, actually, despite getting lots of dust into my eyes. I find it very convenient to maneuver oneself in HCMC with a bike, but again, you need courage! ;) oh yea, people here honk to almost everything. At times, I wonder if one will be alerted by the honks. I mean how do you know that honk is meant for you? <-- I think too much...

Bikes on the road are like ants over a candy

"This coffee shop looks interesting. I'm so trying this cafe!" :)
Regina Coffee at Nguyen Du St.

Iced Cappucino for me!

Yeah, definitely interesting.

My iced cappucino! 55,000 VND (~RM10)
I liked it, but it was a bit too sweet for me.

Notre Dame Cathedral.
One block away from Regina Coffee. It looks pretty much like any other cathedral I've seen ;)

Yours truly, so not photo ready. Behind me is the General Post Office.
I love the architecture of the building, but I'm not too certain of its style. Colonial? Wiki kate gothic... Anyhow, this somehow reminds me of Grand Central Terminal, NYC

Love the interior as well ;)

Typical sight of women selling fruits and snacks.

Reunification Palace. It was still closed when I arrived, so I guess I have to come again someday.

And then, my battery went flat. I had to walk back to my hotel and by then I was hungry.
There are a few halal restaurant near my hotel. One is just next door: Four Seasons Restaurant and this has been my dinner place every since I got here.

Food's good and the price is reasonable. You'll expect to see other Malaysians dining here.

Cho Ben Thanh, or Ben Thanh Market.

It was crazy in here! I swear I can't survive shopping here. First of all, I'm very bad at bargaining and I don't have the patience to go through one by one to find the best deal/pattern etc. I need my mom for this! Just for the record, the fabrics here are pretty darn cheap, but once you send to the tailor in Malaysia, it will still be over RM100 for the total cost. The ones I saw ready made are about USD20 - USD32 for baju kurung or jubah (~RM60). I find that's cheap.

And I prove from this photo, Malaysians go to HCMC to shop! Raya is coming up kan ;)

Since Ben Thanh is a market after all, you still see them selling fruits and other fresh goods as well. And you don't find Malaysians at this part of the market. Hihi.

Coffee beans! Lots of them!
I might get some myself one day. Me love coffee and that you must know!

The club I wanna go to.

now I know Bally is from Switzerland.

HCMC has many parks & squares. Kinda reminds me of Lima, too. At this square I was in, they have lots of bonsai trees. Cute, petite flower trees ;)

Yours truly struggled all day to take a picture of herself :(
Behind me is a government building.

Yea, I wanted to try canned coffee pulak. Highlands Coffee is a franchised coffee shop. They are everywhere and they do look fancy. So I just bought the canned version for 12,000 VND (RM2)

I will wander more. That's a promise.
Saigon is the old name for Ho Chi Minh City.

p/s: esok macam seronok je kalau pergi spa?