Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Whenever I looked up, I want to see something. I know something is there, but it refuses to show itself. As I'm keen on playing Word Mole on my phone now, I use that as my reason to look down when all I wanted is to look up.

Maybe I should spell "confuse" on this Word Mole game.

(I'm getting better at this game)

Monday, November 21, 2011

KL by foot

*Sejuk dohh*

Just out of the blue, I'm reminiscing this mini-walk-around-KL I took with my certain someone sometime ago. We walked pretty much everywhere! Agak berpeluh-peluh juge yerr, Malaysian weather kan. If I can recall, this is the route we took:

LRT to Pasar Seni
(I bought bracelet hehe)
then, walked to Masjid Jamek
Dataran Merdeka
Jalan TAR-Masjid India-Nasi Kandar for lunch
walked along Sungai Kelang or Sungai Gombak
Stesen Keretapi Tanah Melayu
(We even went inside)
Masjid Negara
up,up,up along Taman Burung
Taman Tasik Perdana-Memorial Tun Razak
(Did you know they have Taman Rusa & Kancil at Lake Garden?)
down down down to Masjid Negara
back to Jalan TAR
SOGO, to kill time
Coliseum Cafe, where we enjoyed steak for dinner
(Very old cafe..I believe dated back to British days,
the sizzling steak was very worth it!)

Yes, we walked to all these places. Back when I was still in primary, my dad made us walk everywhere in KL and that's how I got to know & remember these places. Somehow, somewhere in the middle of the desert I craved for the same "adventure" all over again!

I said "we can enjoy steak after that calorie-burn-out-walk we just had all day"

Darn, this is something for me to cherish life-long xx

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Of desert and winter

If you see somebody from Muscat in your blog traffic...Hey, I could be reading your blog! I'm off to the desert in a few days. I miss it a bit. Huacachina in Ica, Peru remains the only desert I've ever been to and surprisingly, I love deserts!

It's gonna be winter soon and I bet winter in Omani desert is gonna be cruel to me. Geared up with only a rather-thick-sweater, I'm praying for my past Canadian-winter-experience to be my saviour. Even day time is only 29 degC in Muscat, and that is pretty low for Middle Eastern countries.

I think I will find some time to write down my Muscat story; although, it's not too elaborative so far :(

It's funny how back in Canada, I would be eating shawarma or briyani cause it is the only Halal option available. Then, I gorged Chinese, Thai or Vietnamese food, too. And now, I'm eating the same kind of food when I'm in Oman and when I was in Vietnam. Sigh...

I'm all on black & white mode; hence all the extra-effort-edited-photos on display:

Fort in Matrah, approximately 20mins from city centre

The beautiful beach near Shangri-La Hotel.

The massive & grand chandelier at Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque.
The panel as my header was also taken at the same mosque.
This mosque definitely exudes the grandeur feeling above everything else!

Al-Zawawi Mosque near to my hotel. The mosque is pretty small, but grand, nevertheless

p/s: far away, again.