Monday, July 27, 2009

Directly from Quebec City

It has been a week now. And it was an amazing first week!
I did a lot of things in that one week : climbed Montagne Blanche (White Mountain), took a dip at Lac Saint Jean, went to a waterpark on a raining+freezing day, chilling at awesome cafes (Cafe Cambio!!), walked around downtown and etc.

oh, and shopping. I bought a pair of new shoes yesterday. Haha. It was a necessary purchase :D
You see, I hiked to the peak of Montagne Blanche in a pair of Nike Cortex. Lol, it was an old pair, so I think you can guess what happened. It was not that bad and it is still wearable, but I just bought a new one, just in case AND it was on sale <-- I`m cheap!

As for the rest of this week, I will be walking around alone :( It might not be as fun, but I enjoyed it so far! I walked along back alleys today - that was scary, but I got to see some very interesting things as I was walking :) Also, I bought tickets to 3 museums, it`s like a package ticket. It was $18 and I think it`s worth it. The biggest museum out of the 3 is currently exhibiting "Fascinating Egyptian Mummies". So I`m going there tomorrow. And Jenn just told me that we might go have dinner at her parents place tomorrow. Hehe.

Well, that`s enough for a quick update.
You know, I just wanna say this so that you will know...Harun is one of the best person to travel with.
To Harun: I enjoyed you company very much. So, I`m dedicating the song "I Got A Feeling" to you. LOLZ!!!! Sorry...terpaksa!


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Telling you something

I will be away for a month ok.
See yah when I get back! I will still check my facebook, email etc but I don't think I will be blogging at all!

Take care gators. Muahxx


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Head Turner


The necklace I bought at Sunfest Festival for only CAD5.
I just adore the deer on the big o button and the velvet ribbon

My stacks of bracelet I bought at Ardene lol. I actually wear them like that!

I bought this just now when I went to the museum with Claudia and Robert.
This miniature is just CAD4.50. Lol. It has a function, so take a guess!

My attempt to look chic. Lol. Honestly, I don't have the guts to wear this out in the open.
I bought the dress 'cause it's cute and it was on sale :)

Hot air balloon! My favourite; although I still don't have the courage to take a ride on it.

Something I drew for my new room :) The theme: JAZZ baby!

My First Camping Trip in Canada
- Here are some of my favourite pictures. Nature speaks for itself here :)

Beautiful sunset. I had to brace the strong wind to witness this!

At the end of the lighthouse trail is a beautiful scenery of the open lake

Plants found at the other trail we went: the Lookout trail

Old tree bark.

Amazing! This place reminded me of the forest during Jurassic age
a.k.a pre-historic time

Finally a picture of yours truly
I was excited??

Me and Linda gossiping after swimming
Lol. I'm slightly tanned now.

5 of us : Me, Linda, Omar, Shafi and Irah!
We were watching the sunset.

The settlers of Catan game. It was an interesting game, took me quite awhile to get the hang of it

The Lighthouse, and Amy.

- No pictures from the wells and all cause I'm saving that for my thesis. These two pictures are of the surrounding area which pretty much covered in wheat, wild flowers, corn or soybean plant. I tasted wheat just as it was not that bad!!

View from the car. Yellow flowers are dandelion! Yellow far behind is the wheat

Wheat, almost ready for harvest. You can harvest them once they started to bend over.

PS: I had a great time this summer! Camping trip was fun, and for more picture go to here:

Thesis project is also looking pretty good so far. Yeay! And this Saturday, I'm leaving for Quebec City :)

PSS: Title takde kaitan haha. It's a song title sang by Joss Stone

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The reason to watch One Tree Hill

This is a fan-made picture

At this moment, there are 6 billion, 4 hundred, 71 million, 8 hundred, 18 thousand, 6 hundred, 71 people in the world.

Some are running scared,
some are coming home,
Some tell lies to make it through the day,
others are just not facing the truth,
Some are evil men at war with good,
and some are good, struggling with evil,

6 billion people in the world,
6 billion souls -- and sometimes....


picture taken from : (

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mana wangku pergi?

I've always known that I'm bad at saving money! I took a look at my credit card statement, and OH BOY! I don't even want to say anything about it! It's too scary. And if you read Annas's post, yeah, I'm struggling with the same thing too! I'm starting to buy gifts for people now since I'm going home next year, and so far I've spend like CAD40 already on other people. Heh. The thing is, that's not enough! I still need more. That CAD4o were spent on Victoria Secret stuff. Haha. Sorry, I love giving people VS things! So what! Utk guy friends belom beli lagi dong and I have no freaking idea what to buy them!

It's 1.12am, and I still need to find 3 gas wells of which I need to get samples from. But what the hell, I can't have my peace of mind if I didn't write something here :(

So Annas, kata2 kamu ade kebenaran nye! We will probably spend A LOT of money on our trip! So far saye kire, transportation dah nak dekat CAD300. Wow, otak pening tgk all the numbers. Mengapekah saye miskin di sini!! I know why, from London to Quebec I'm taking the train! ngade2 ke? Certainly not! Cause the trip will take at least 13 hours! (unless u fly). So, that's why I chose train instead! And from Toronto to Montreal leg, the Economics Supersaver dah habes!! Oh no! Bad luck kan? So I chose Business Supersaver instead, cause it is cheaper in total than if I were to choose Economics Regular. I hope this make sense to u! Plus that trip will be 6hr long and they will serve a full course meal, appetizer + entree + dessert. So I guess it is worth it! Geez. Menyesalnye tak beli last week!!! Cause it was more than CAD60 cheaper! B*** kan? urgh!

OK OK...sudah sangat negative!
Fine. Slalunye mama yang sponsor my ticket..Lol. Not anymore I guess. Kene laa independent sikit kan. Tapi with elaun so ciput, mcm mana nak independent. The thing is, once dah "pinjam" with mama, mesti laa pulang kan. I will do that one day!

SO yeah, I'm waiting for my allowance this Monday. I hope to be happy on that day :) Now pon duduk rumah Kak Asiah, mesti mahu bayar although die ckp tak payah bayar. Isk, duduk free plak. Tak baik nye kann! So, Farisa pon masak2 and kemas rumah laa sikit2. Itu je yang mampu for now :( Sampai masak tadi terpotong jari skit. Isk! Sengal dowh.

Realitinye, takde laa takde duit...just that, I don't like to see my balance reaching a certain level. And the thought that I will spend a lot of money scares a hell of me too! Haha. I'm always conscious about these things. Although I have to say, my principle is simple. If you wanna go, just go. And money should be the last thing u want to worry. It's not like I'm staying here forever! Well, that ought to put a smile on my face.

Well, good thing for my thesis, it seems like everything is paid by Claudia's company. I totally didn't expect that. She was like, "charge everything to my account". Even Neil wants me to do so too. Imagine, to photocopy a piece of paper pon charge to her account. It's okay, I'll pay my part when time comes. This really makes me more motivated to work on my thesis! I'm now really pumped up! Probably if I can get work study, and earn some cash while doing my thesis would be good. Hehe. I'll take a look on that!

Maka, hati sudah tenang sedikit after membebel here. I hope you are not facing the same thing as me :) Cheers tau!

Later all my gators!


ps: I chose green to symbolize Canada CAD20 bill that is green. HAHAHAHA

Thursday, July 2, 2009

So straight... IT'S SCARY!

I'm just bored right now.
I was supposed to go jogging today since it's not raining (damnit!) but I decided to go have ice cream instead at Marble Slab. Huhu! I had Cheesecake with Oreo mixing. Sangat tasty! I normally would have Cheesecake ice cream with strawberries, but lets try something else for a change.

So yeah. Next week is going to be hell lots of fun week cause I'm going CAMPING at Killbear Provincial Park!!!!! So excited for that, but before that I got to finish up some thesis work sigh! Tomorrow, I have a meeting with Neil, Claudia and Joanne. Hopefully it's not so scary! I definitely feel a lil intimidated now! Plus, as of now, I haven't drawn the thing on my map! I'm really lazy these days! yeah. Gotta draw a fault on it :(

Yeah, baik...I better go do my work. One more week and I will be seeing my friends again! Hehe. I miss them dearly now. Omar janji nak gosip. Haha..Ape nihhh???!!! Linda, if you're are invited as well! Nasri, kalau nak jadi mcm kami...boleh laa jugak hehe

Later gators.

p/s: Life can surprise you at times, and I got mine last night. Hehe. But I don't really enjoy it cause I begin to have doubts. It would take awhile to clear that one out!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shoes to die for

Hehe, I watched The Proposal just now! I love it. It's really funny and I can't stop laughing! I highly recommend it to all of you :)

Somehow, today I decided to kill my feet with my stilettos. Sungguh tak pandai!
It hurts till now. Luckily I brought my flip flop too. Lol, I know now I suck at wearing high heels. Geez, I used to be good walking in them.

Killer shoes. Brand new pulak tuh. Do you like it? *wink*

p.s: dah jadi geologist, bile nak pakai kasut ni? hummm.