Thursday, August 30, 2007

my last haha

this will be my last post from malaysia!! i cant believe my 4 months dah berlalu just like dat. pop pop.. dah september. oh crap!

anyways, couldnt say it is all so wasteful. i did quite few stuff. which i clearly wrote in my blog since i started blogging once i'm in malaysia.

again, i'm happy to be back here. and i'm happy to go back to canada too.

so people, see u in canada!! adios muah muah

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

k, i couldnt help it

i have to write sumthing juga. cant wait till canada. so happened packing isnt so busy after all. i have another 10% to complete. so lets take a rest and go online.

hehe, i just want to tell u...i've been very happy these past few weeks.

for 4 days only

i will be damn busy for these 4 days.
i will be:

1. packing (durh-uh)
2. talking on the phone with friends like i've never used a phone bfore
3. do some last-minute-shopping . i forgot to buy a selipar lol :P
4. change MYR to CDN
5. ganti puasa lagi 1 hari. hahaha, teruk nye!!
6. packing lagi dan lagi
7. and get all stressful when bag dah tak muat

itulah rangkuman kerja yg perlu dilakukan sepanjang 4 hari ni. di harap anda stay tune utk post seterusnya yg mungkin venue penulisan sudah berpindah ke kanada

ps: jumpe org canada kat pasar kelantan yg beritahu die makan laksa putih every single day for one week and maybe maybe sepanjang tinggal die kelantan. huhuhuhu....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kejadian yg perlu kemaafan

The incident just now sent me feeling extreme shocked!! My heart was pounding very fast and tears are about to run down my cheeks. I walked crossed the road without even looking if there’s a car coming. Like I said, it was freaking shocking…

I was cycling…*like always* then there’s a junction where I wanted to turn right, and there’s a car behind me. The car also intended to turn right, so it stopped and turned. I wanted to stop too. What a twist of fate, the driver just realized that he got the wrong turn, so cut in sharp and knocked me! YES!! I was knocked by a car just now! But, I was lucky that I was able to unclick my sandal from the pedal. Otherwise, I would be lying flat on the road stuck to my bike. Syukur sangat!! I could have gotten some cuts which I certainly don’t want. They will leave scars man…

Then my dad talked his way out with that guy. Apparently, he is not from Kuantan but elsewhere. So that’s why he doesn’t know his way around. Well, he did apologise to my dad for what happened. But sad enough, he didn’t apologise to ME!! which is a hell big deal for me. How can u knocked someone and didn’t not apologise to the person whom u knocked? That’s insane! I was quite furious… I feel like yelling at that guy about it. haha, funny enough…I said it but it was too soft for him to hear it. Somehow, I don’t think I can ever forgive him. He better hope I will some day. I guess he asked forgiveness from my dad to include everything kot including the damage to the bike. But still, I would apologise to the person who suffered (takde la suffer, saje exaggerate)….Well, what do u think?? Sometimes, I’m beginning to question about the attitude we are having right now. This is a sign of plain ignorance. I guess I’m so used to say “sorry” and “thank you” to almost everything. Not to brag, but it is true. I’m that kind of person. I’ll say thanks to kakak tulis resit for writing the resit, also to the person who holds the door for me or even to the waiter for cleaning the table. I believe, this can make one’s day a lot happier. Maybe not much, but a little contribution seems sweet. I remember my tutor, Janice Wilkinson told me so once. For her, she even asked how the cashier was doing. And yea, that’s why, I guess, I was hoping a lot from other parties as well. As much as I say thanks or sorry to people, that is how much I wanted people to say the same to me once I lent my hands to help them. Is it too much to ask for? I wonder that always. Well, I supposed the song “sorry seems to be the hardest word” kinda proves its point.

Tell u something, each time I did my prayers, I would always pray that Allah will spare me from any accidents unless it is fatal since that would be my qada’ dan qadar. This is something my ustazah told me when I was 10 I think. Ever since that, I always pray to Allah for my safety. I guess my prayers were answered. Alhamdulillah….

Sunday, August 19, 2007

ignorance, can we live by it?

i may know some ppl who are ignorant. but sometimes, i asked that question back to myself. am i ignorant myself? i cant decide for that. maybe, if i do, some people would tell me so. something for sure, i cant live by ignorance. but somehow, i dont know how to make people stop being one. i really hate when i did all the work, and some people just think i dont deserve any credit, apetah lagi any reward. i dont really ask for any of that, but a simple thanks is good enough or maybe dont question me why i get such reward. or maybe when i, again, did all the work, but it is not perfect and it is causing serious anger in some people, and so...they blame me. i know i was to be blame, but sometimes i cant avoid that too. it just frustrates me that after the hard work i have to do, all i get is the blame. crappy!! ppl should learn to show gratitude. everybody deserves ur simple "thank you". i know there are times farisa being plain ignorant, but im aware that im being ignorant to him/her, and most of the time, i purposely did that. saje2 je.

all i try to point out is: dont just ditch out ppl who have helped u. or ignore them for God sake! they are in no position to that. i always get ditched, but i just complain to myself. now im letting it all out. cos of few things that happened over and over again without him/her/they even realising it. i dont go tell them simply to jage hati mereka...but in my heart, im like shouting at them...

i say no more, cos it hurts. so many ignorant things happened this weekend. i malas to mention one by one. i may look happy on the surface, tp dalam sebenarnye nak marah. which sometimes i portrayed the anger and so i was called si pemarah up until today =>

p/s: im dying to watch o brother, where art thou?. heard some say it is a funny movie. tp kat kedai dvd ade jual ke?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sabah – Dalam Kenangan

What did I do in Sabah for 12 days??
For all I know I didn’t use up all the money I brought with me. haha

Ok, I don’t feel like writing my trip from day to day. So, let’s just sum up things
Throughout my 12 days, I went to:

1. Around KK town – nice town, not so big and not small either. I took a walk around town alone and I find this is the best way to get around town. Simply cos u can stop and take pics. KK is a town situated by the sea so I chose to walk betul2 di tebing laut and it was a pleasant walk cos tak panas. You’ll get some breeze. i walked from Hyatt Hotel up to the malls (hehe, u know why) and stop at the market for some pics and the jetty. Lots of fisherman boat, but I didn’t get a close up shot of the boats cos nanti org atas boat kacau. To avoid that, amik jauh2 and so my shots ade la skali kereta2 and other things. Since I was walking all alone, and if u want to do so too, make sure of pick pockets or other suspicious kinda ppl. And I stopped at Delifrance Bistro for lunch. I felt so lost that I’m eating all alone. Haha. But hey, I had my book, so I kinda feel occupied a little bit. However, if u want to enjoy Sabah, Delifrance is not the place to dine. Lol :P I would suggest the gerai2 at waterfront but the only catch was it opens at night. I ate my dinner with fardia at one of the shops and the food was GOOD!! I’m surprised… but don’t expect the food mention on the menu like nasi paprik will be the same as Semenanjung. Lain skit, but nevertheless it tastes good.

2. Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park which consists of 5 islands and I went to Mamutik Island and Manukan Island. Boat fare to 2 islands was RM25. I went there with Creski, Asmina and Fardia. I couldn’t describe any better than for u to go and see for yourself. I always love islands. So, this is a must trip for me. but I was a bit disappointed cos the corals are not so pretty. The ones in Tioman are a lot more prettier. and since it is visit Malaysia year, u can expect to see sooo many foreigners as if u are at some island at the carribean or sumthing. So, we went to Mamutik first and spent 2 hours there. The boat ride from Jesselton Point to Mamutik took about 20 minutes. And berenang pun berenang, makan pon skali, and so we left for Manukan which is a bigger island than Mamutik. Spent 1 hour there. Overall: the trip to the islands….Seronok gilers!!

3. some country side where I met berjuta2 anjing kurap dan anjing peliharaan – cycled there and stopped at some gerai sayur. From there we walked through some kampong and man there’s a lot of dogs!! i wanted to jog, but at the sight of dogs kene la slow down and walk. Takut gak pada anjing. The country side of sabah is of no difference with Semenanjung. It almost looks like my kampong back in Besut. So, u don’t miss anything if u didn’t cycle and jog there. But the kampong in Kundasang is a must visit. Cos sgt cantik. I couldn’t get any nice pics cos I was in the van to Poring. But if u can stop, pls do so… cos kundasang is located at the valleys of Gunung Kinabalu, so it is very cold there and u will kinda experience something like Cameron Highlands, termasuk la boleh beli sayur2 segar….tp no strawberry lalalala….

4. Gunung Kinabalu – k, I wont lie…I didn’t reach the summit due to some problems that arose. But first and for most is for me to tell u about the price. Entrance fee RM3, Climbing permit RM30 for local and RM100 of foreigner, Transport to Timpohon Gate (starting point to climb) RM30, Guide RM35, Hostel RM 30. It is a bit pricey, but it is a very valuable experience. The total distance u have to climb is 8km. and another 8km going down. And again, im not going to lie. It is a very tiring thing!! So if u ever going to climb, make sure to do a lot of training to avoid kesemputan and tiredness!! Plus when u are climbing, the altitude can give u a bit of a problem cos of the thin air and lack of oxygen. I forgot the term. But the trick to overcome this is to climb slowly. Don’t stop and just tackle one at a time. I made a mistake by stopping many times. Any mind u about the temperature up there. At laban rata (where the hostels and cafes are), the temperature I recorded was about 16C at noon. And in the morning, it can be around 9C and at the peak, it can be 6C. very low, so make sure laa pakai baju mcm di Canada. Lol :P and make sure u wear gloves!! I think anyone can climb Mount Kinabalu. I’ve seen kids of 7 yrs and 9 yrs old climbed the mountain. So it is actually possible for everybody just as long as u take it one at a time.

5. Poring Hot Spring – indah kabar dari rupa. Lol :P well, not entirely. And again, there’s so many anjing. Hate that. U have to pay RM3 for entrance. And here u can also visit the orchid park, butterfly farm and also the canopy walkway. And all ade price to pay. As for me, I just went to the hot spring. Other spots don’t interest me. and it was my luck I guess, rafflesia was blooming the time I was there. so pegi la tgk. Well, u can choose to stay at the hostels which cost RM30 or u can choose to stay at some other hostel which is about 5 mins walk from the hot spring. I chose to stay at Poring Lodge. Murah beb. RM15 shj. But it is not all that comfy but at least the bathroom is in the hostel. Ok, bout the hot spring. Nice place. And like always, ramai foreigners. Malaysians yg dtg berpicnic makan durian!! the hot spring ok laa...u can rendam ur kaki and there's also a lot of tubs for individual :P i chose one tub and it takes ages to fill it. hehe...

6. Tanjung Aru - went there few minutes bfore going to the airport cos it's quite near. i must say this beach impress a hell out of me. sgt cantik. the development at that area is nicely done. but since it is at night, i cant take a walk at the beach. i reckon mesti best if i could. plus there's this restaurant yg sgt exclusive named the mediterrenean. i want to go there someday. lol :P

yerp, that's about it. and yea, do bring ur student ID. u can get half the price at some places. i didnt bring mine. too bad. and if u have a sabahan friend, bw la die skali jalan2 cos it is easier to spot any scam ppl are using on u .... .