Saturday, January 31, 2009

roll the old film

Ariff, I found one picture of us too! I totally forgot this one! This was taken weeks before we left for Canada in 2006! At least this one our faces looked "cleaner" with no jerawat what so ever!

At KLIA, sending off Lynn, CK, Bart, Syahir and Apai! I hate what I was wearing...

Alang2 tu, letak one more pic of me, Harun and Baim~!!
Somehow, I dont look short in this picture.

If u compare the two pictures, I do have 1 smile...It's just the same, even the way I was standing was the same. sigh. I think I pose better now...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

......a friend indeed

Bayangkan all this while I forgot how close I am to this friend. So when we talked on the phone last Sunday, it lasted for almost 2 hours! We had a lot to talk about anyways, some I say are rather important. This friend knows me all too well. could I forgot that we used to be close? Sigh.
......and that alone should be suffice

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just to brag

I, seriously, have nice walls now.
bodo nye statement. ni tgh boring nih. izyan tgh masak, saye pon nak tak nak laa ade 2 org dlm dapur, sempit and mula laa merapu2 ngan izyan. so, kite tulis blog pasal dinding bilik.

dinding yang tgh ngadap right now: ade banyak sekali gamba2 family and friends which i hang them ala2 ampaian. byk gak keje nak maintain sbb now the air is dry, the pics tend to curl outwards and tak lekat dah pd dinding. korup rup. on the same wall, ade message board tajaan London Hall. instead of lekat perkara2 yg patut mcm jadual kelas ke, calendar ke ape ke, saye pegi letak cards yang org kasi. Mostly, card2 itu adelah bday, hari raya and good luck wishes. kawan2 semua tahu sy ske pink, so pink cards merajai board itu. tp now dah ske kuning gak. ade plak 1 card kaler kuning yg kak eyna buat sendiri 3 tahun lepas. wah kak eyna, bace future ek...tahu2 now sy ske kuning dah. ade lagi kad2 daripada fardia, izzy, farah, aliaa, wawey+fuzah, abg li, kak linda and abg tengku. pastu saye lekatkan skali bendera Malaysia yang sgt bersejarah itu (ade lerr sejarahnye) dan juge satu heart shape pillow pemberian kerol. tak lupa juge tasbih saye gantung situ ngan mcm rantai kaabah abg saye beri. haihh, betul2 mesti tgh laa letak situ, gune ler! pastu ade laa plak dream catcher sy gi letak situ...beli kat manitoulin island tu. mahal syal. pastu ade laa postcard fardia kasik dari amsterdam and postcard U of Michigan yg sy beli sndiri (lawa giler). pastu baru laa letak calendar bwh tu and my timetable....

pastu ade plak wall belah kanan sy sekarang. my new favourite wall. dulu die kosong je. pastu sy tambah world map kat situ. kecik je map tu. tak betul pon map tu...more like zaman dulu2 nye map time org tak reti buat betul2 measurement of the Earth. tapi die cantik...die bukan kaler biru ok! haaa...die kaler brown. so die duduk laa situ sorang2 utk beberapa bulan. namum, ketika di US...saye terspark satu idea. why not beli postcard2 and hias dinding now i can call this wall... World Wall Tour. (sebut laju2 rase bunyi macam World War 2) haha. Ni sebab en mbn slalu beli poskad...saye tertiru gak sbb poskad lawa. plus kat Haight Ashbury nye Amoeba Music byk cool postcard size, funky gig and sarah kutip semua...lawa dan seriously lawa.

jap ek...nak gi semayang...


kat haight ashbury yg best (summer of love 1967 nye location), saye beli sticker die yg gedabak besar (4dollar je) dan juge poskad SF kartoon hippy main guitar with golden gate bridge as a background...dan juge poskad beatles yg lawa amat. so, wall ni pon ade laa poskad from grand canyon, hollywood, route 66 (tak pegi pon, tp beli tepi highway), santa monica pier, bendera california state dan coca cola vegas poscard. haha. tah hape2 nak list ade lagi...
then sy add poskad gig invitation tuh, mostly utk gig malam new year. and saye beli plate kereta hollywood and tampal situ...pastu, saye letak tiket stomp out loud kat planet hollywood vegas(tolong pegi tgk yer if diorang dtg) and tiket ferry dan bas SF. hohoho. satu je kad yang tak belong....FCUK nye poskad. lol. saje nak penuhkan ruang. amik fcuk nye poskad kat kedai fcuk ketika shopping barang kak farah yang banyak. seriously, balek dari shopping....tangan dah tak muat. 3 really2 big bags (dan ade bdak2 kecik lagi kat dalam) dan a few medium sized bags. malu org tgk beli banyak!!

itu wall belah kanan...

wall belah kiri: BOSAN! sebab almari cover die dan wall ni ade takde laa hiasan sbb tak byk pon wall yg terexpose. tp, die tepi tingkap itu ku letakkan koleksi shot glass yang lawa2 dan kotak resit :P dan juge hard rock cafe punye radio yg leh main ipodku skali. radio ni serious korup! retro rupe, quality pon macam retro beli gak sbb ngade2 dan murah je. beli radio tu kat HRC vegas...nyusahkan je nak bw dlm beg...haihh...pastu tepi tingkap tu ade buku2...(standard laa kan)....

wall di belakangku kini: wall simple skali. ade art work oleh andy warhol. haiii takkan tak tahu lagi by now im a huge andy warhol fan...his artwork je ok...lain2 hal bout him, i dont care.
ade letak his brooklyn bridge poster kat belakang ni. ade 4 gamba with different colours. so saye potong poster tu dan susun ala2 nmpak mcm artwork mahal. hoho. then atas sikit letak quote dari andy yang berbunyi "life is a series of images that changes as they repeat themselves". true indeed.

namun kecacatan masih ketara pada dinding2 ini dengan penggantungan perkara2. hoho. mcm gantung tuala, seluar jeans, tudung, dan jaket2 yang menanti masa utk di-dry cleaning (korup ar jaket kene dry cleaning, bazir duit eden).

itu je laa rupa paras dinding2 saye. lawa tak ? sorry laa takde picture sbb kamera eden rosak!
korang bayangkan je laa ek.

haa, izyan mcm dah siap masak...
meh kite pegi masuk dapur. hari ni nak masak kangkung belacan. hoho. kebetulan kangkung jual kat kedai thai tu, beli lah :P (mcm cara makcik2 ckp). pastu ade plak skali jual cendol, cakoi, kuih ape tah pon ade. so hari tu terspend 50dollar kat kedai thai. sob sob sob...dah habes cash!!

haa adios korang...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Like Truth, and Actions

This picture is simple. It was taken by coincident by my friend named Muhammad Ibrahim during a rally for Palestine in UK. A very powerful statement with a background to match. I find it a great shot, and Reuters think so too. This picture was featured in Reuters website. That is quite a satisfaction huh for the photographer :) Congrats Momad!

Heard this somewhere, related to the current Palestine massacre (it is a massacre, Dr Finkelstein said it), some people said this "Israel have the right to defend itself; so the bombing is unavoidable and it is a pursuit of self-defense".

But we ask them back, "So, Palestinians have the right to die?". I believe we have an answer to that question. The solution to the occupation was long proposed by PLO back in the 70s - if I'm not mistaken - but Israel government was too stubborn to accept it, and allow this issue to prolong for all we know.

The world is against this occupation, only America and Israel is pro of it. Lets just hope Obama who promises change, hope bla bla bla in his campaign will keep his words on that and provide a better world for the Palestinians. The good thing is, the whole world is now aware of the situation in Gaza and I know they are with us. Let us all hold on to what we know is true. "Truth alone will endure, all the rest will be swept away before the tide of time." (Mahatma Gandhi)

Yes, it is our time to spread out out little voices because they all count. And that is why I'm writing this to you.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nothing new...

And so, I've been tagged.
Whoever feels like doing it, pls do it. But in particular: Kak eyna, Arep and Ainil has to do it cause I know u guys always update ur blog!

Rules: The answer the question by putting up a picture that u googled using the answer. Supposedly it has to be the first picture on the search list.

I used :) and the pictures I chosen are someone the first to come out and the best one to answer my question ...


Picture credit: fionalaughlin

I will be 22 this coming March 30, so pls mark that in your calendar folks!


Picture credit: Giuseppe Finocchiaro

Santorini in Greece.

It's a beautiful island in the Mediterrenean sea. In general, I would love to go to Greece! That is my dream vacation and wouldnt be beautiful to share it with somebody I care. So it seems this trip is for later planning :)


Picture credit: Claydo NYC

Been there 3 times and I want to go back for more. The city never sleeps :)


Picture credit: Yours Truly

Sushi. Nuff said.


Picture credit: Mike G. K.

I have a fascination for one of a kind shot glass. I do not drink, just for the record. As of now, I have 14 shot glasses displaying at my window, 4 shot glasses back in Malaysia and another 2 in UK with Fardia. So the next time if u go blank as to what to buy for my bday, u know now. Make sure it's unique!


Picture credit: adorevie

Paris. My latest nickname. Given to me by Linda!
I was called fritz in high school and feysa in Taylors. But those two names are quite impossible to find, dont u think?


Picture credit: *Merylu* PetiteFraise

Pink and Yellow. My two perfect colour! I was a pink lunatic before, but yellow caught my eyes last year. Anything in yellow is forever stunning!

Picture credit: photolitherland

I'm a geologist in training. I would describe it as a job like no other :)


Picture credit: Tee Secret Garden

I love my family and my friends
Do I even need to elaborate...


Picture Credit: edkohler

Believe it or not, my hobby is to look at random pictures on flickr. One thing about me is I like one word to describe things, so most of the time I will type out the word and so many pictures come out, and I will see how other people define that word. My favourite word is Peace.


Picture credit: That Damn Redhead

So what, my mind is always elsewhere. And this made me hard to study! Because at times, I think about something else. AND, I sometime can create a story. OH Dear... Usually this koya-ing time could last for a very long time. I could even continue my story in my later koya-ing time. DAMN I hate my habit!


Picture credit: incr_foxy

So this is my wish list.

See ya fellas!

Be Young, once

I say this to you
Take a Walk on the Wild Side
(song by Lou Reed)
and what will you say?

Strangely enough, I am reluctant myself. Excuses are not the reasons to hold back. And yet, you have time to create such excuses, why not just go and do it instead. Time does not fly by u twice friends. I don't get to be a 21 yr old girl any other time anymore. I just got to do it once.

So, now that winter is behind us, what does summer holds for most of us?I know some are already planning their summer trip or so. As of now, I do not get any personal invitation to join any party for their summer trip. And so be it. That would allow me to create my own 2009 summer-love. That is what I'm calling it.
And this time, lets make it WILD.

Hush, I'm keeping in my bag what I have in mind. Remember u don't get to be 21 anymore...

Sidenote: I smelled like a guy now with POLO Black EDP sprayed onto my wrist. And this is how I want my man to smell :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A heart of a Palestinian no one knows

Good day.
And so I got all my wish list items today. Nothing too fancy. Just a pair of jeans, a plaid shirt, a vest, suede peace bracelet, rugby jersey-ish shirt, a blazer, and shot glasses of the cities I visited during my trip. I have to say they cost me a lot, but I'm putting my I dont care face forward because I've longing for these items for so long and so, money is not a matter for me.

However, they are for others. Dang!

I was at Kak Asiah house today to enjoy laksa. She made delicious laksa and ketam masak lemak. She is generous enough to let us enjoy her amazing cooking, together with her family. Over the years, we've become very close and I can count on her on so many things, even to seek for advice. She is definitely like a big sister that I never had.

Kak Asiah is married to a Palestinian. Pakcik's name is Ghassan Barzak. In the midst of Israeli attacks on Palestine, everybody in Kak Asiah's house is always sort of on a lookout for the up to date news regarding the attacks. Pakcik still has his mother in Gaza, as well as other relatives. And he told us once that the area where his mother is staying is being bombed. Sarah (their daughter) told me Pakcik even cried. Seriously, who wouldn't?

So, while eating laksa...
Sarah was telling us about her visit to Palestine few years ago. I was jealous of her. She got to step on Palestine land, and I havent had the chance to do so. Right now, lets just hope I will have the chance. As you can imagine it is tough to get in. Malaysians cannot enter because our passport do not allow us to enter Israel. You have to go through Israeli custom to go to Palestine. As for them, they entered through Egypt. Sarah told us how hard it was to just travel from 1 gate to another. The distance between 2 gates are like 500m, but u have to take a bus. They crammed everybody in there, and can suffocate by just being in there. The bus is apparently travelling really slow, so that makes the matter even worse. She said, it seems like the bus is moving at 5km/h or like that. She can walk faster than that! But NO, you cant walk. The military personnel will shoot u if u do because it is a war zone, and any pedestrian will be identified as a "possible threat to the security".

They finally arrived at the second gate which is the Israeli gate, and after long discussion between the driver and the Israeli officer, the officer decided not to open the gate. So can u imagine that, after spending long hours waiting and travelling, ur fate kinda lies whether the officer wants to open the gate that day or not. This is a demonstration of inconsideration and no civility. So they have to come back the next day. To Sarah, she feels the officer just enjoys making people suffer because he knows people will come back. She was drenched in sweat and tiredness from travelling the whole day, and got separated from her dad in the bus. Can u imagine being separated from ur parents when u are 12 in a very, very foreign country? I will cry.

Then we went on to talk about the Palestinians.

All the things I heard today are somewhat new to me.
I bet all of us know how Jewish are pretty darn intelligent. Just look at Albert Einstein. Enough said. Kak Asiah said, it is in the al-Quran, Allah said to Nabi Ibrahim that his boys Nabi Ismail and Ishaq will be smart or soft hearted. Nabi Ismail got to be the soft hearted one and his descendent becomes the Muslims. Nabi Ishaq was blessed by his intelligence and became the Yahudi descendent. I read in wikipedia that Yahudi do acknowledge Nabi Ishaq and Nabi Ibrahim as their Rasul, but they do not acknowledge Nabi Ismail for reasons that I do not know.
So, you can see the proof that Allah has given the descendence of Nabi Ishaq as the smart ones. However, they are not soft hearted and I will give u examples later.

Again, all the things I said here came from Kak Asiah and her family, so I'm giving credits to them.

I cannot confirm myself how Yahudi got to stay at Palestine. Due to this limited knowledge, Kak Asiah urged me to go to a lecture by Dr. Frinkelstein (hope I spell it right), and he will be talking about the history of the settlement. I agree to go.

Now macam nak tulis dalam Bahasa Melayu sebab Bahasa Melayu best~!!

Menurut Kak Asiah, sebenarnye orang Yahudi ini takut. Takut dengan diri mereka sendiri. Sense of security pada diri sendiri adelah sangat lemah. Padahal, ape yang patut mereka takut dengan orang-orang Palestin yang hanya bersenjatakan batu? Mereka sebenarnya lagi takut pada diri sendiri, maka, mereka mahu melabel orang-orang lemah Palestin sebagai orang yang jahat. Walaupon dunia memang dapat lihat siapa yang lebih besar senjatanya. Ini kerana juga, hati mereka lemah. Seperti sy katakan tadi, mereka tidak dikurniakan hati yang lembut. Hati mereka keras, maka, logik utk mereka sukakan kekerasan. Mereka macam susah untuk dapat hidayah drpd Allah. Berapa ramai kah orang Yahudi kita dengar memeluk agama Islam? Jarangkan? Lebih ramai orang Kristian memeluk Islam drpd Yahudi. Nyatalah bahawa Kristian lagi lembut hatinya drpd Yahudi.

Inilah bulan yang paling ditakuti oleh orang Yahudi. Hampir setiap tahun, Zionist akan bomb Palestine dalam bulan Ramadhan. Ini kerana mereka tahu ini lahh antara bulan di mana seluruh umat Islam akan mendoakan keselamatan dan kesejahteraan orang-orang Palestin. Jadi sebenarnye, again, mereka takut dengan orang Islam. Sy rase, kalau kite semua bersatu, pasti mcm kuat kite akan jadi. Saya yakin. Cikgu English saye penah katakan dulu, (die dari Australia) yang kalau Liga Arab bersatu boikot US, Palestin pastinya lebih aman. Tapi tidak, kerana negara masing2 mahu menjaga kepentingan masing2, saudara sendiri diabaikan. Sy pon bersetuju yang negara2 Arab dahulu perlu bersatu sebelum negara2 lain seperti Malaysia boleh join group yang sudah unified ini. Saye pon tahu orang Arab ade sedikit keras kepalanya.

Kita semua mungkin tak penah pergi ke Palestin. Tapi jika kita pergi dan melihat sendiri penduduknya, kita akan tersentuh dgn ketabahan mereka. Mereka sentiasa tersenyum dan masih boleh berjenaka tatkala diri sebenarnya di ambang bahaya setiap hari. U just not gonna know what will happened in the next day. Tapi mereka masih hidup dalam kegembiraan. Hati mereka seperti bercahaya yang seperti hanya menerima perkara2 positif dalam hidup sahaja. Sy mmg suka hidup positif, apetah lagi dikelilingi oleh orang2 positif. Seorang wartawan Yahudi penah masuk dalam Palestin untuk menulis laporan kehidupan orang Palestin. Beliau menyamar utk mendapat berita. Hanya satu die cakap: die tersentuh dgn orang-orang Palestin. And I know why. The reasons are very obvious. Kalau betul mereka susah, pastinya sudah lama mereka tinggalkan Palestin. Namun itu Tanahair mereka! Pastinya susah senang di bumi sendiri! And I have to admire them for that. I wish so bad I have the same courage as they do. Dan wartawan itu berkata lagi yang ikatan kekeluargaan di kalangan orang2 Palestin sangat kuat, korang mmg takkan nmpak ikatan seperti itu di mana2 di dunia ini. Saye boleh bersetuju dgn kenyataan itu. Di sana, tak ada pon pengemis. Bolehkah anda bayangkan hakikat itu? Sedangkan di negara2 maju seperti US berlambak2 pengemis. Bukan itu shj, dah bagi derma kat sorang, kene bagi kat geng mereka semua. Di sana, mereka hanya duduk di depan masjid dan slalunya orang yang beri pada mereka. Sy tak dapat nak terangkan dgn lebih baik, maaf. Di sana juga ada banyak kedai emas, tapi mana ada pak guard ngan senapang utk jaga. Punya lahh hati mereka bersih dan telus. Tuan kedai boleh pegi makan/solat/cakap phone atau apa2 sambil tinggal je kedai terbukak begitu. Takde orang akan datang merompak. Setiap orang pon sudah nampak kejujuran mereka. Bayangkan kalau kita buat begitu di Malaysia atau negara2 lain. Sah2 dah kene rompak! Sedangkan, kalau kita bandingkan, di Palestin lagi ramai orang2 miskin daripada Malaysia. Tapi mereka ingat ajaran Islam atau ajaran mana2 agama lain yang mencuri itu Haram. Ketarakan beza antara dua dunia ini. Kedua2 nya negara Islam, tapi praktisnya berbeza antara penduduk2nya.

Negara Barat sememangnya tidak dibenarkan membuat liputan di Palestin. Nampak sangat mereka bimbang akan kebenaran. Orang2 Yahudi pon tak digalakkan masuk Palestin. Hanya wartawan di atas yang nak masuk dgn cara menyamar. Kan die dpt satu "revelation". Memang akan tersentuh kalau dapat bergaul dgn penduduk Palestin. Saye bercakap ngan Pakcik pon dah tahu hatinya baik dan takkan buat perkara2 korup. Saye mmg tabik Pakcik.

Saye memang harap attack kali ini akan berhenti dalam masa terdekat. Esok saye pegi rally. Ni peace punye rally.

Tadi bercakap ngan Ariff. Harap semua dah sedar yang kita manusia akhir zaman. Dalam bercakap2 dan berfikir, saye ade juga rasa takut. Nampak sangat Iman saye masih goyang. Ariff pon ada berikan satu video. Saye baru tgk part 1, dan dlm itu bercakap dgn kemunculan Dajjal. Since video tu tak banyak sangat ckp, saye google. Wahh, banyak gak info2 baru. I was somewhat surprised. Dajjal memang akan muncul. Cuma saye terfikir, apekah die akan berada dalam fizikal yang didescribekan? Iaitu bermata satu dan ade tulis kafir pada dahinya. Saye merasakan itu terlalu obvious. Maka, pastinya kalau kita nampak orang seperti itu, kita akn terus attack. Tapi ustazah saye penah katakan, what if it is not something as obvious as that, but it is more like a figure of speech. To tell you something indirectly. Allah itu Maha Kuasa. Mungkin Allah tak tunjuk secara terus, tapi itu hanya satu kiasan. Ustazah penah ckp, maybe secara indirect die tunjuk pada US. Kerana, US hanya "bermata satu" iaitu tengok pada perkara2 keduniaan dan sebagainya. Ini adelah satu cara utk melihatnya. Dan ade kebenarannya kalau kita fikirkan. . . . .
Malangnya ada orang dah cakap, Dajjal sudah keluar. Kan kita patut 3o Dajjal. Dajjal mata satu belom kluar, tp die punye small armies dah kluar. Google laa Sathya Sai Baba...orang kate adekah die Dajjal? Entah lahh

You see, I'm still enjoying the finest things in life. Something as simple as satisfaction that I get to buy all my wish list items simply just put a big grin on my face. If possible, I can even dance. However, I forgot that while I'm enjoying my life, others are suffering. Why am I like this?
I feel so selfish.
I can tell you this, all the items I bought are branded. Now that add another guilt on my already guilt-ridden heart. I have a friend who is rich, dead rich he is. But does he care too much about buying the finest things for himself? No he doesnt. I'm impressed by him. I can learn something from that too. Despite being a wealthy kid, he does not seem to be disturb by the fact he doesnt own a pair of Gucci shoes. I know some would be bothered. Gile man, sy tabikk sama lu...

Yea, today I learned a life lesson. Sy sibuk konon nak enjoy life, and that life is too short not to enjoy it and I hold a principle that I'm going to be young just once in my life, but I simply just forgot about the simple things that can also make my life happier. Just by writing some thoughts on it made me smile and brightens my day. Somehow I felt like all I'm trying to do is to "compete" with my invisible competitors. To see who buys what and when. And many other competition may applies as well. As if, my time just chilling at a coffee shop is not ideal enough to make up my day. I hang out a lot during my trip to US. I find it comforting after a long day just walking, we just sat down and talk and take silly pictures. That's enjoying life. Oh well, it took me awhile to see that... Pls dont be mad.

Credits again to Kak Asiah & fam, and Ariff for some of the infos in my post today.
Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes. It's 3.11am and I cant afford to proofread my post.
Thanks for reading. Later gators!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

for the sake of it

winter break is over.

I bought a Beatles notebook as my travelling journal.

And so this time I went to San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. I have no complains at all. Although I somewhat think I became a different person after the trip, simply because the companions I had this time.

All this while, I pretty much have been travelling with people of similar interest as I am; however, my buddies this time have different interest and of course, different personalities. I do appreciate these differences because it actually allows me to explore other options. It feels like liberating yourself in a way, because at times I do feel like stucked just in one view without any other options to discover. Now I know sometimes grass is always greener over the other side :) And because I can read ur mind, I know u r asking yourself what am I talking about right now...


When I travel, it is always one big luggage, a fancy handbag, fancy jacket if I needed one, everything with glitz and glam cause that is how I want to portray myself. I do not like to get "in touch" with anything less than that. Having said so, no offence, but I like to sleep comfortable and so yeah, fancy hotel too laahhh.

Tapi, that's just me. I can't be "that" person when I take into account my other friends. Since I am somewhat kedekut too, I agree to stay at hotel biasa; although I managed to convince my friend to stay at NYNY in Las Vegas :)
To say the least, I am very impressed witht the hotels we stayed in SF and LA. It was a lot better than NYNY. To me, NYNY is a bit overrated with its exterior and all that leaves the so-called awe impression when actually the facilities are crappy. No internet? Can u imagine that? Even the 2 cheap hotels provided internet. Huge dissapointment. I felt bad for choosing this hotel lol. (just cause it is soo New York)

Maybe u don't know this about me, but I'm a control freak. I don't control people, so dont worry dudes. I control myself. I think I like the sense of having control over things. I just dont mind if I have to plan everything, not at all. Because in doing so, I know things and somewhat "have control over them". I talked to my friends before we left, apparently, they just say "ahh, itu nanti2 pon boleh buat, every night plan pon boleh". That is not how I roll, but what the hell. In the past 2 winter breaks, I decided where to go weeks before the holiday. Haha. Call me a freak, I would totally understand. This time, it's different. I can feel the differences, like totally. I just "let go" of being a control freak and let things just flow as nature intended. My oh My how that creeps me out at first, but I have faith in these people. And yes, I enjoyed everything that we planned last minute, like San Diego! It was not on our agenda, but sure glad that we went there cause that is the reason we got to stop at Laguna Beach and enjoy the beautiful sunshine by the beach! This time, I didnt become the human-GPS, instead Nasri and Mubeen became the GPS. It felt awkward relying on people to find directions cause I normally would do it myself. I guess it is by default that they will take that role (?) cause they are guys...this sounds a lil sexist, oh well.

Then again, due to the odd number of travellers (5 people), there is a tendency that people stick 1-2-2, 2-3 or 1-1-3 at times. And I sometimes become that 1 person to be walking alone. Not gonna complain, because that moment of solitude got me to think a lot. It gives me some clarity to ponder on myself, especially on the person I'm turning into. How far I've gone to become me today, somebody people like to view as dateenz la, paris la, ape laa kan. I've gone far. I've made a remark during the trip about who I was in the past, and a friend said, "what happened along the way?". If I have to pick a time, I would say Taylor's changed me, because I know I'm gonna meet new people, strangers that do not know my existence before. I see it as an opportunity to become that person I actually want to be. How far can I go? I can't answer, because somewhere in me right now feels not good. It doesn't feel fake altogether, but part of it does. The problem is, I care too much what people has to say about me and lose my own stand. Anyways, no regrets aite? I still care what ppl say, that's just me.

I think so far, u got my msg. How different this time is. I like it a lot, despite feeling a little vulnerable saying all these things. I do have some observations on my fellow companions, and I bonded with them based on that observations. What I like about them is they don't restrict themselves when they want to say or do smthing. I restrict myself, nmpak macam innocent. So yeah, some of their talks I could get lost in translation. But I gotta give them credits for just say they wanna say and do whatever they wanna do. Sure there are some boundaries, but somehow, I just don't care. Again, keeping myself a little grounded somewhat sounds too old too. Kite kan dah mature, so ape2 buat pon with responsibility laa kan, smthing we all shud have known.

Insights yang tak detail siap satu utk korang bace...This post is weak, I know without any examples or evidence, but I just chose to keep it that way. I feel too vulnerable already...

on Vacation

winter break is over.

I bought a Beatles notebook as my travelling journal.

Here are some pictures:

Old Tram

Union Square - where we chillin' every night

Hehe. I'm not a serious photographer....

Clam chowder break at Fishermen Wharf

On a cruise around the bay, overlooking the golden gate bridge

Houses in Haight Ashbury area.

Hippie town. I love this place! One of my many unexpected excitement

Haight Ashbury has so many murals! and they are gorgeous!

Girly girls at Laguna Beach!

View from Santa Monica beach. As u can see, rain is coming!!

Mubeen + Sarah and sunset

To universal studio, hollywood.

the nyanyi2 session.
-I must say Universal Studio, Orlando is way way better than Hollywood-

Chinese Grauman's Theather.

Rodeo Drive! The ala2 fifth avenue of LA. this is close to Beverly Hills.
So u can expect expensive shops. The one shop that I might afford is Guess. haha
Alang-alang dekat kat sini. I was so much into taking a photo ala a fashion spread...
and mubeen jadi male modelku...haha
tak jadi dongggg....huhu. i need a mirror i think...

Second day di rodeo drive....cuba lagi gamba ala fashion spread.
tandas vaining session....

cuba lagikk....

Muholland Drive....

the scenic grand canyon. finally, i was there! i've been learning bout it all this while!

4 org je...sarah balek kereta cos tak tahan sejukkk

mandalay bay vegas...

the mirage...

credit pictures to Linda, Sarah and Nasri. thanks korang.
Happy New Year korang...