Saturday, February 2, 2013

In yellow no more

As the saying goes, life goes on! After 2.5 years of dedicating my life to working offshore as a wellsite geologist, I'd say the time has come for me to move on with my career, which can only means, be a permanent office-based staff! Nevertheless, I have no regrets for the past years cause I sure learned a lot and met so many people. I feel my networking circle grew larger by the minute! As if!

Now that I begin to stay put in one place, I wonder what will the challenges be for the next few years? And I think I begin to understand why some men prefer this offshore life. Sure you are away for 28 days straight without your family, but when you get off, that 28 days off is just priceless! Almost all the people here said the same thing. I guess I can't relate cause I go to the office the next day.

For me, it's just time to move on and try something else. I still enjoy offshore though.

Finally, here you go, a picture of me drilling in the Omani desert. It was such a great experience there! Again, met lots of great people as well and seeing this picture reminds me of my long delayed Middle East review. Yikes!

I guess, I'm no longer telling you bout my offshore stories eh? Haha. Maybe more on what 2013 will mean to me :)