Saturday, December 29, 2012

Joyride 2012

2013 is in the next few days.
And I skipped my tradition last year, but I'm not about to do the same this year! It's my so-called-exciting-poll-of-the-year! Lalalalaaaaa

90% similar template as 2010 with some deleted moments cause they are irrelevant (like Best "Whoa, he did not just say my name" moment) and some added moments.

Big teary moment:
A gold ring on my ring finger.
Ok, I didn't cry but I felt overwhelmed by the whole journey from when we got to know each other until today. After two years, we'd say it's time to think of a future together :)

Miss Taken :p 
Best besties moment:
With my girls enjoying brunch at Haven Cafe, Ampang Hilir. Oh mon dieu, we were crazy! We talked and talked non stop for 3 hours! There were just SOOO many things to gossip and share about after sooo many years being away from each other. Simply madness, in a super amazing way.

Best makan-makan moment:
HOMECOOK food. Seriously! You may think I sounded lame, but over the year, I've enjoyed my own cooking cause I got more creative and wanted to try new recipes! Many thanks to the recipe books at home courtesy of Amal and my certain someone (made him buy me one...). And when people complimented and asked for more, that's enough for me to say it's the best moment for me.

Chicken breast in balsamic and apple cider vinegar with sauteed potatoes!
Mouthful name, but taste good in the mouth as well. Haha

Ikan kembung masak kuning. My personal favourite :)

Best mommy-daughter moment:
Much like 2010, it has to be our trip to UK and Paris! Not to mention, the passing-down-recipe moments. But if you ask me to cook you my mom's famous nasi dagang, I would politely decline your request cause I'm no where near good at making them. Nasi tah kemana, gulai ikan lagi lah! Tolong kacau2 nasi dengan santan boleh :)

Best LIVE performance:
We skipped concerts and we do orchestra now! We watched The Beatles, then Peter & the Wolf and Babar the Elephant. It all felt a bit regal, but we enjoyed the experience.

Best PLAY:
Hands down, it was Aliaa's "Indicinelive!". It was hilarious, witty and full with sarcasm, in which I enjoyed thoroughly! She is such a good actress!! Hugs darling!

Best in awe moment:
I was very much in awe with the Eiffel Tower that I decided to spent some time just taking pictures and hanging out at the park with the tower in sight. I must go back! The next time? Off to Paris with my certain someone!!

Not my best self-captured post with the Eiffel Tower

Best thing I drew and crafted:
Bday present for my certain someone. I had this idea of creating a coupon book for him to redeem whenever he wants to. So, with some minor drawing talent, I put up a book for him entitled "Fit for a King" as a present.

Le coupon book for my beau

Some "coupon". Yet to redeem this. Sigh to my busy schedule!

Best new found love:
I once thought yoga was boring cause it is not so heart-pumping like aerokick etc. and I once thought spa is for them girls who are super manja and need to pamper herself each time. Boy was I wrong! I fell in love with yoga in the first 10 mins of trying it! And I wish to keep doing it for as long as I can. And, I was introduced to spa by Izzy. We tried a spa in Bangsar and I felt in love almost immediately. It must be the work stress that I now find it a must for me to wind down and relax in the hands of the experts!

The most expensive thing I bought:
I bought a designer handbag in London and that's after thinking for two days. At last, I said to myself what the heck, I've been working for 2 years and so I need to reward myself with something grand.

Longest days spent offshore:
24 freaking days! In which I spent Aidilfitri offshore again this year. Having spent Aidilfitri in offshore Vietnam last year, I can only say that the celebration was a bit more exciting this year.

All in the same boat. Beraya offshore sajalah.
Worst nervous like a freak moment:
Emcee-ing for the first time! Ok, I lied. I used to emcee back in high school days, but the truth is I hate hearing my voice over the microphone. However, when Harun and Mardiana offered me as the emcee at their wedding, I felt honoured and took it, regardless of the feeling "I may embarassed myself". Sure enough, I made a few mistakes and I sounded "garang" according to Amar. Sigh. Nevertheless, I wrote the script myself with lots of pantuns in it! I felt accomplished on that note!

Doa dibaca tangan ditadah,
Hati tersentuh tiada terguris,
Bismillah pembuka madah,
Selamat datang membuka majlis
Si Puteranya segak ala laksamana,
Si Puterinya cantik tiada terbilang,
Pelamin terhias seindah singgahsana,
Meraikan raja sehari di hari gemilang
Merantau jauh di luar kariah,
Adat tertib dijaga sendiri, 
Majlis yang indah bertambah meriah,
Melihat pengantin berseri-seri

Worst eye bag moment:
Coring job. Set the coring point at 12am, spent the next day in the office, took the 9pm flight to Miri, arrived offshore via chopper very early in the morning the next day, spent the next 48 hours with coring job until I finally close my eyes. Nevertheless, it was such a good experience for me as wellsite and operation geologist. 

and last but not least, the person I miss dearly every day! (cause I'm always away! cheesy skit!)


Bowling time! But I chose to just be a photographer.
Never a good bowler ever...

At Harun & Mardiana's wedding. I was the emcee, he was the one reciting the doa

US! Countdown to 2012. So fitting for this post.

Gosh! Tired faces. Except I have sunglasses to cover my eyes.